Descendants of Marie de Medici

Descendants of Marie de Medici

Descendants in three generations

Marie de' Medici
Peter Paul Rubens 095.jpg
Queen of France
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Children Grand Children Great-Grand Children
Princess Henriette Marie de France
Sir Peter Lely 001.jpg
Princess of France
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Charles II of England

See Descendants
Henry FitzRoy
Henry FitzRoy 1st Duke of Grafton.jpg
1st Duke of Grafton
See Descendants
Charles Lennox
Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond and Lennox by Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt.jpg
1st Duke of Richmond
See Descendants
James II of England
James II of England face.jpg
See Descendants
James Francis Edward Stuart
King James II by Alexis Simon Belle.jpeg
Old Pretender
See Descendants
Anne of Great Britain
Queen Anne.jpg
Queen Anne of Great Britain
Mary II of England
Queen Mary II.jpg
Queen Mary II, of England,
Scotland and Ireland
Princess Mary of England
Prinses Henriette Maria Stuart.jpg
Princess Royal
Princess of Orange
William III of England
Portrait of William III, (1650-1702).jpg
King of England,
Scotland and Ireland
Princess Henrietta Anne of England
Henriette Anne of England1.jpg
Princess of England
Duchess of Orléans
Princess Marie Louise d'Orléans
Marie Louise Orleans Spain.jpg
Queen Consort of Spain
Princess Anne Marie d'Orléans
Anne Marie d'Orléans, unknown Artist.jpg
Queen of Savoy and Sardinia
Louis XIII of France
Louis XIIIval grace face.jpg
King of France
Prince Philippe de France, Duke of Orléans
Philippe1erOrleans face.jpg
Duke of Orléans
Prince Philippe Charles d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans
Regent-Philippe face.jpg
Regent of France
Louis XIV of France
Louis XIV of France face.jpg
King of France
Prince Louis de France, Dauphin of France
Louis de France 1661 1711 face.jpg
Dauphin of France
Princess Elisabeth de France
IsabellavonBourbon2 face.jpg
Queen of Spain
Infanta Maria Theresa of Spain
Maria Theresa face.jpg
Queen of France
Princess Christine Marie de France
Christine de France.jpg
Regent of Savoy
Charles Emmanuel II of Savoy
Carlo emanuele2.jpg
Duke of Savoy
Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
Vittorio AmedeoII face.jpg
Duke of Savoy
King of Sicily
King of Sardinia
Princess Henriette Adelaide of Savoy
Duchess Maria Anna Christine Victoria of Bavaria
Duchess Maria Anna Christina Victoria of Bavaria, 'la Grande Dauphine'..jpg
Dauphine of France
Maximilian II Emanuel
MaximlianIIEmanuel face.jpg
Elector of Bavaria
Duke Joseph Clemens of Bavaria
Joseph Clemes von Bayern.jpg
Archbishop of Cologne
Prince Gaston Jean Baptiste de France
Gaston de France 1634 face.jpg
Duke of Orléans
Princess Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans
Duchess of Montpensier
End of Line
Princess Marguerite Louise d'Orléans
Marguerite-Louise d'Orleans.jpg
Ferdinando de' Medici
Grand Prince of Tuscany
Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici
Antonio Franchi 001.jpg
Gian Gastone de' Medici
Grand Duke of Tuscany

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