Path 64

Path 64

Path 64 or the Marketplace - Adelanto line is a very long 202-mile (325 km) 500-kilovolt power line that runs from the Adelanto substation close to Adelanto, California and the High Desert all the way to the Marketplace substation in Nevada.[1][2] Although the line is called Path 64, the 500 kV wire is actually one part out of the massive Path 46 transmission system in southeastern California.[3][4] This power line is operated by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power or LADWP. This line, along with Path 27 and the other Path 46 wires brings over 10,000 megawatts of electrical power to the Los Angeles area and thus Path 64 is an essential line for powering up Los Angeles.[4]


The 500 kV power line begins in the Adelanto substation, where two 500 kV lines from the San Fernando Valley and Victorville substation terminate. On top of that, this is where the Adelanto inverter station or the southern terminus of the HVDC Intermountain line (Path 27) is located. As the line leaves Adelanto substation, the 500 kV line follows Highway 395 for a distance northwest. At Kramer Junction (intersection with State Route 58), the line abruptly turns east in the Mojave Desert. The power line meets up with the other Path 46 power lines and the Intermountain DC line and the Path 64 wire parallels the transmission corridor for a distance; all of the wires at this point are heading northeast. At a certain point, the line splits off and heads east towards Interstate 15 and parallels the highway closely until Primm across the California-Nevada border, as the line heads northeast. Past the border, the Path 64 wire loosely parallels the now scattered Path 46 wires until all of these wires terminate at the Eldorado - Marketplace - McCullough substation complex. For the Path 64 wire, the line terminates at Marketplace substation, where the long Path 63 wire from Arizona terminates also.[1][3][4]

Power transmission capacity

The lone 500 kV power line is capable of transmitting 1,200 MW of electrical power.[2][3]


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