Disorder (band)

Disorder (band)
Origin Bristol, England
Genres Crust punk
Years active 1980-present
Labels Disorder
Position Chrome
Nick Ellis
Past members
Chris "Boobs" Neil
Steve Allen
Chris Wheelie/Chris Willsher

Disorder are a hardcore punk band that formed in the Bristol area of the United Kingdom in 1980, and has existed with varying line-ups to this day. Faithful to anarcho-punk ethics, Disorder are a band who aligned with politically-charged punk bands like Crass and Conflict.[1]



Disorder formed in 1980 in Bristol.[2][3][4] The original line-up was Steve Curtis (vocals), Steve Allen (guitar), Nick Peters (bass guitar), and Virus (drums), although Steve Robertson soon replaced Peters, and this line-up recorded the first two EP's by the band.[2] The band sent a demo tape to local punk label Riot City Records, but the label opted not to sign them, and instead they formed their own Disorder Records label along with Heartbeat Records and Riot City boss Simon Edwards.[2] A series of events led to line-up changes: Robertson split up with girlfriend Beki Bondage (of Vice Squad) and began glue-sniffing.[5] Virus got into trouble with the police over the ownership of his new drumkit, and Dean also left, later to be employed as a toilet cleaner in Taunton.[5] He was replaced by Taf (Phil Lovering, formerly of The X-Certs), who took over bass guitar duties.[4][5] Taf would be the only constant member of the band in the years that followed, which saw an ever-changing line-up.[2] Disorder were part of the "protest punk" movement, and were one of the bands that spearheaded the Bristol punk scene in the early 1980s.[6] The BBC DJ John Peel described their early singles as sounding like "shit".[citation needed]

The band's debut album, Under the Scalpel Blade, was released in 1984. The band relocated to Norway in the mid-1980s, where they recorded a split album with Kafka Prosess.[7]

The band became popular across Europe, the United States, and Japan.[8] Re-issues of the band's back-catalogue led to renewed interest from fans, and the band issued a new album in 2005, Kamikaze, considered by allmusic's Stewart Mason "as brash and invigorating as any of Disorder's earlier releases".[9]

The longest standing member of the band Taf (bassist/guitarist) normally assembles other musicians to record albums or go on tour. Recent tours have seen the band perform with the line-up consisting of Taffy, Ben (ex Spitroast / Social Parasites / The Diskarded), Nick Elliss (ex Bad Blood).

Previous tours included appearances in Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and of course the UK.

Up and coming tours include Greece November 2009 and a planned USA appearance in February 2010, and more European dates next to tour with Italian friends from Udine "Vivver Merda".


Chart placings shown are from the UK Indie Chart.[10]


  • Complete Disorder EP (Disorder, 1981) (#29)
  • Distortion to Deafness EP (Disorder, 1981) (#9)
  • "Perdition" 12" (Disorder, 1983) (#25)
  • Mental Disorder EP (Disorder, 1983) (#16)
  • Complete Disorder: The Singles 12" EP (Disorder, 1984)
  • More Noize EP (Filthy Fucking Punx, 1988)
  • Pain, Headache, Depression EP (Trujaca Fala, 1994)


  • Under the Scalpel Blade (Disorder, 1984) (#7)
  • Gi Faen I Nasjonaliteten Din Live (Live In Oslo) (Disorder, 1985)
  • One Day Son, All This Will Be Yours (Disorder, 1986) (split with Kafka Prosess)
  • Violent World (Disorder, 1989)
  • Masters of the Glueniverse (Desperate Attempt, 1991) (split with Mushroom Attack)
  • The Rest Home For Senile Old Punks Presents... (Bastards, 1991)
  • Sliced Punx on Meathooks (Anagram, 1997)
  • We're Still Here (Anagram, 1997)
  • 2nd Gen Vol.2 (Position Chrome, 2000)
  • Kamikaze (Anagram, 2005)


  • Under the Scalpel Blade/One Day Son... CD (Anagram, 1995)
  • Senile Punks (Bastard Records , Czech republic circa 1994)
  • Live In Oslo/Violent World CD (Anagram, 1995)
  • Perdition CD (Toys Factory, ?)
  • Driller Killer - The Collection CD (Cleopatra, 1995)
  • The Best of Disorder CD (Anagram, 1998)
  • Riot City Years 81 - 83 (Step 1, 2005)
  • Total Disorder (Dead Ringer,?)

Compilation appearances

  • Punk and Disorderly LP (Abstract/Posh Boy, 1982): "Complete Disorder"
  • Punk and Disorderly vol. 2 LP (Anagram, 1983): "More than Fights
  • UK/DK LP (Cherry Red, 1983): "Life"
  • Blitz Hits 2LP (1989): "Today's World"
  • I Kill What I Eat CD (Eccocentric, 1993): "Violent World"
  • We Are Gonna Fight Back Against The Pig Bastards Until We Are Dead CD (Fight Men, ?): ?


Compilation appearances
  • Burning Britain: The History of UK Punk 1980-1884 - The DVD (2004) Cherry Red: "Life"


Band line-ups

  • 1979 Complete Disorder Stephen Curtis/Steve Allen/Neil Worthington/Nick Peters
  • 1981 Distortion til Deafness Stephen Curtis/Steve Allen/Neil Worthington/Steve Robinson
  • 1982 Perdition Taf (bass), Steve Allen (guitar), Chris Neill (vocals) & Simon Potts (drums)
  • 1984 Under the Scalpel Blade Taf (bass), Steve Allen (guitar), Chris Neil (vocals) & Simon Potts (drums)
  • 1985 Taf (bass), Steve Allen (guitar), Neill (vocals) & Glen ?(drums)
  • 1986 One Day Son... Taf (bass & vocals), Steve Allen (guitar) & Karl Day (drums)
  • 1989 Violent World Taf (bass & vocals), Steve Allen (guitar) & Kenneth ?(drums)
  • 1992 Masters of the Glueniverse Taf, Steve Allen (guitar), Rudy ?(vocals) & Thor(drums), TK ?(other guitars)
  • 2000-2002 Taf (bass/vocals), Goz (guitar), Yaga (guitar) and Chris Wheelie (of The Bus Station Loonies and Oi Polloi) (drums)
  • 2002-2007 Taf (guitar and vocals), Nick Ellis (bass guitar), Jon springer (drums)
  • 2007 Taf (guitar and vocals), Nick Ellis (bass guitar), Tony/Ben (drums)
  • 2008 Taf (guitar/bass, vocals), Nick Ellis (bass guitar), Ben (drums), Nickos (guitar)
  • 2009 Taf (bass guitar and vocals), Nick Ellis (guitar), Ben (drums)
  • 2011 Taf (bass guitar and vocals), Nick Ellis (guitar), John Springer (drums)

See also

  • List of bands from Bristol
  • Disorder Records
  • Heartbeat Productions
  • Riot City Records


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