2006 People's Liberation Army Air Force KJ-200 crash

2006 People's Liberation Army Air Force KJ-200 crash
2006 People's Liberation Army Air Force KJ-200 crash
Accident summary
Date June 3, 2006 (2006-06-03)
Type Poor weather conditions
Site Guangde County, People's Republic of China
Passengers 35
Crew 5
Injuries 0
Fatalities 40
Survivors 0
Aircraft type KJ-200
Operator People's Liberation Army Air Force

On June 3, 2006, a Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force KJ-200 crashed in Guangde County in the Anhui province in the People's Republic of China.[1][2] All 40 people on board were killed. Because of the number of fatalities, early news reports published right after the crash erroneously speculated that the accident involved the larger KJ-2000. However, the exact model of the AEWAC aircraft remains unknown due to lack of information. Although official Chinese media acknowledged that the platform was a Shaanxi Y-8, no further detail was revealed. Many Chinese internet sources have claimed that instead of a KJ-200, the crash involved a Y-8 AWACS which has similar configuration to a KJ-2000.



The aircraft involved was a PRC-produced Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) plane, one of four that were part of the PRC's efforts to expand its air defences.[2] The exact model of aircraft involved was never officially identified, although it is believed to have been a KJ-200.[2][3][4][5][6] The aircraft had been developed in 2002, and have been undergoing extensive tests since then.[7]

The plane was carrying thirty-five electronics and avionics technicians, as well as five crewmembers.[2] It is believed by aviation experts that the large number of people on board the aircraft indicated that some form of test was being conducted. Carrying such a large number of people prevented the plane from transmitting real time data back to the ground, which could be compromised by foreign intelligence services.[2]


The aircraft flew into a hillside, killing all on board.[2] It was one of the worst disasters in the history of the Chinese air force.[2]


The official PRC government explanation was that the accident was due to heavy ice formation on the wings after the aircraft made repeated passes in and out of clouds in bad weather. As a result, the Central Military Committee of the Communist Party of China announced of the investigation result on September 7, 2006.


In the same announcement as the declaration of the investigation result, it was declared that nearly a dozen high ranking military officers were punished by either being demoted/removed from their posts or censured, including:

  • Jiang Jianzen (江建曾), the deputy commander-in-chief of the Nanjing military region and the commander-in-chief of the air force of Nanjing military region, was censured.
  • Wang Wei (王伟), the deputy commissar of the Nanjing military region and the commissar of the air force of Nanjing military region, was censured.
  • Yue Liuan (岳留安) deputy minister of equipment of the air force was censured.
  • Guo Chunguang (郭春广), the deputy chief-of-staff the air force of Nanjing military region was demoted.
  • Zhang Guangjian (张广建) a regimental commander of the air force of Nanjing military region was removed from his post.
  • At least an additional half a dozen military officers were also punished.


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