List of brand name confectionery products

List of brand name confectionery products

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This article is an alphabetic list of brand name confectionery products.


*After Eight
**After Eight Eggs
**After Eight Grand Marnier Straws
**After Eight Bitesize
*Amazin' Fruit
*Amazin' Raisin bar
*Anglo Bubbly
**Ashbury Mintsations
*Atomic Head
*Atomic Sourball


*Bamse Mums
*Bar 6
*Bassett's (Trebor Bassett)
**Bassett's Aniseed Imperials
**Bassett's Dessert Allsorts
**Bassett's Fruit Allsorts
**Bassett's Licorice Allsorts
**Bassett's Party Babies
**Bassett's Fruity Babies
**Bassett's Milky Babies
**Bassett's Sour Squirms
*Black and Red
*Black Jack
*Black Jack
*Blue Rave
*Blue Riband
*Bone Shakers


**Cadbury Creme Egg
**Curly Wurly
**Dairy Milk
*Chewy Louie
*Cola bar
*Crown Mints
*Cyber Sticks


*Dib Dabs
*Double Bubble
*Double Dip Sherbet


*Eerie Eyes
*Eye Poppers


*Fisherman's Friend
*Fizzy Lizzies
*Floral Gums
*Flying Saucers
*Freshen Up Gum
*Fruit Salad


*Galaxy Counters
*Ghoulish Gums (Trebor Bassett)
*Giant Sour
*Giant Tutti Fruitti
*Gold Mine
*Gold Rush
*Gooey Logs
*Grand Seville
*Gummi Roadkill


*Hanky Panky
*Highland Toffee
*Hubba Bubba


*Ice Bombs
*Ice Breaker
*Irn Bru Bar


*Jelly Tots (Rowntree's)


*Kinder Egg


*Laban Seig Damer (Norwegian)
*Licorice Allsorts
*Life Savers
*Lippy Chicks
*Liquorice Imps
*Lockets Caring Clowns


*M & M's
**McCowans Toffee

**Mars Delight
** Irish Cream Matchmakers
**Lion Original Sports Mixture
**Maynards Wine Gums
**Maynards Wine Gums Light [ [ Maynards Wine Gums Light ] ]
**Maynards Wine Sours*Mega Vimto bar
*Mega Wham! bar
*Mint Cracknel
*Mr Tom
*Murray Mints


**Nestle Double Berry


*Opal Fruits
*Opal Mints


*Polo mints
*Polo Smoothie Sunshine Fruits (NB Nestle)
*Porky Pigs




*Refreshers Gums (Trebor Bassett?)
*Rocky RUKs
*Rowntree Mackintosh
*Nestle Rowntree
*Nestle Rowntree Mackintosh
**Rowntrees Bursting Bugs
**Rowntrees Jelly Babies (aka Peace Babies)


*Skull Crushers
*Snot Shots
*Space Dust
*Spanish Gold
*Sports Mixture
*Sundora Real Fruit Bars
*Summerfruits and Cream Campinos
*Swiss Delice


*Terror Eyes
*Terry's Caramel Bite
*Terry's Chocolate Orange
*Terry's Chocolate Raspberry
*Terry's Chocotoff
**Toblerone Snowtop
*Tom's Sweet'n'Sour Jelly Babies
*Tootsie Roll
*Tooty Footies
*Topps Juicy Drop Chews
*Toxic Waste
*Traffic Lights (lollipop)
*Trebor Bassett (Cadbury Trebor Bassett)
**Trebor Extra Cool Sugar Free
**Trebor Mini Softmints
*Twix White
*Twix Choc+Orange


*Uncle Joes Mint Balls
*Unibev Chew'ems - "to be confirmed"
*Unibev Fruit Delights


*Victory V
*Virgin Sours


*Wawel Royal
**Wham! Brew
**Wham Itty Bittys
*Whistle Pops
**Whitworth Sunny Raisin Nuggets
**Whitworth's Wow
*Wild Berry Skittles
*Wrigley's Chewing Gum


*Xstals - [ [ Xstals Sweet Stimulation ] ]


* Yorkie (Nestle)
* Yorkie pink (Nestle)





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