Redwall Champion

Redwall Champion

In the Redwall book series by Brian Jacques, there are a number of characters who serve as Champion of Redwall Abbey. These characters often serve as the chief protagonists of the book.

Redwall Champions

Each Redwall Champion is described, followed in parentheses by the novel(s) in which he/she appears.

Martin the Warrior

("Martin the Warrior, Mossflower, Luke the Warrior")

Dandin the Sword Carrier

The great-grandson of Gonff the Mousethief, Dandin grew up in Redwall Abbey. Like his ancestor, he was rather rebellious, but also good-natured. Due to his prestigious lineage, he was very interested in battles and fighting. However, it seemed as though he would never get a chance to prove himself.

Dandin's adventures began upon the arrival of Mariel Gullwhacker at Redwall. Dandin became good friends with the young mousemaid, and wanted to join her in her quest against Gabool the Wild. However, he was forbidden to go by the elders of the Abbey. Unbeknownst to them, the spirit of Martin the Warrior had other plans, entrusting Dandin with the Sword of Martin.

Dandin journeyed with Mariel and other companions to Terramort, where he led the Trag resistance alongside Mariel, her father Joseph the Bellmaker, and the Badger Lord of Salamandastron, Rawnblade Widestripe. They then brought Joseph's masterpiece, the Joseph Bell, to Redwall. Dandin surrendered Martin's sword, and then departed with Mariel for the south.

Whilst in the south, Dandin and Mariel worked together with other warriors to battle the evil Urgan Nagru. They were briefly held prisoner, but then liberated. They continued to do battle in the kingdom of Southsward until the threat of Foxwolf was ended by Finnbarr Galedeep. Dandin returned to Redwall for a time, then set off again with Mariel for parts unknown. His final fate is a mystery, but it is likely that he continued having adventures with Mariel and maybe even started a family with her.

Dandin's weapons consisted of the Sword of Martin in Mariel of Redwall. Later in The Bellmaker he used a very long dagger and a sling.

("Mariel of Redwall","The Bellmaker")


Samkim was a squirrel orphan of Redwall Abbey, and good friends with Arula the molemaid. One night during a thunderstorm, he narrowly avoided being skewered by the sword of Martin the Warrior as it fell off the weathervane. All the Redwallers were very puzzled by this incident. Brother Hal the Recorder worked through the night, searching for old volumes to find the reason why the sword would be on the weathervane. When he finally found the answer, he was anxious to tell Samkim and Arula, but he was killed by an arrow accidentally shot by the stoats Dingeye and Thura before he could let anyone know.

An excited Samkim got up early that morning, and raced downstairs to see the sword. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the young squirrel stared in horror at the body whilst holding the bow, Friar Bellows walked in and immediately jumped to the conclusion that Samkim had killed Brother Hal.

In order to prove that he wasn't the killer, Samkim went out into Mossflower Woods with Arula to find the stoats who had also taken Martin's sword. Samkim finally retrieved the sword from the evil fox Dethbrush after a duel at the Great Inland Lake, however he lost it again after killing the Deepcoiler. The sword was later retrieved by Mara, who gave it to Samkim on Marlfox Island, which was un-named at that time. He was able to bring the sword back safely to Redwall.

It is usually assumed that Samkim became the next Abbey warrior, but that fact has never been confirmed. He also wrote a riddle containing the way to Marlfox Island, which was used by Songbreeze Swifteye, Dannflower Reguba and Dippler to go retrieve the tapestry of Martin the Warrior.

Samkim's weapons consisted of the Sword of Martin and his bow and arrows.



Matthias is a young mouse who became a hero when he took up arms against the evil rat Cluny the Scourge, using the legendary Sword of Martin the Warrior. Matthias was the husband of Cornflower Fieldmouse, the father of Mattimeo and the grandfather of Martin the Second.

When Cluny the Scourge stole the tapestry of Martin the Warrior during the Late Rose Summer Wars, Matthias and his friend, the old mouse Methuselah, discovered a riddle beneath it. It was this riddle which took them on a quest throughout the Abbey to find the location of Martin's sword.

Even after Methuselah was killed, Matthias carried on in his mission, and was able to retrieve the sword in the lair of Asmodeus the snake. When he returned to the Abbey, he defeated Cluny and became the first Abbey Warrior or Redwall Champion. Matthias and Cornflower were soon married and soon they had a son, Mattimeo. In the Summer of the Golden Plain, Mattimeo and his friends were taken by Slagar the Cruel, an evil fox who wanted revenge on the Abbey and its Warrior. Matthias vowed that he would find his son and all the missing young ones. He followed the slave trail to the underground kingdom of Malkariss.

Matthias and the woodlanders attacked the Blackrobe Rats of Malkariss. After what was meant to be a one on one battle with the Wearet, Matthias fell from a great ledge in the underground kingdom and was believed to be dead. Down below the fighting Matthias freed Malkariss' slaves and turned them into his own army. While he worked his way back up to the ledge Matthias heard his son, Mattimeo, calling to him. In a mad charge to be reunited with him it says Matthias fought like a berserker, and that nothing could stand in his way. This could be evidence that Matthias was overcome by the Bloodwrath, something that is only known to have come upon a very small number of other creatures that were not badgers. Matthias was reunited with Mattimeo.

Outside, the group was confronted by Slagar, who had survived the massive cave-in of Malkariss. In a rage, Matthias and Orlando the Axe ran after him. Neither were able to kill him though, as Slagar stumbled and fell to his death in an old well.

Matthias was a skilled warrior, who wielded the Sword of Martin as his main weapon. He also used a sling, and before obtaining the sword, a stave.

He eventually died of old age and his position was passed on to his son Mattimeo who in turn passed it on to Martin the Second.

("Redwall", "Mattimeo")


Mattimeo was the son of Matthias and Cornflower at Redwall Abbey. His full name was "Matthias Methuselah Mortimer". He was mischievous and considered to be spoiled in his youth; Mattimeo was always misbehaving, and often got into fights with a young rat staying at the Abbey named Vitch. This caused friction between Mattimeo and his elders, though Mattimeo tried to behave.

Mattimeo was later kidnapped, along with several other young Redwallers, by the evil fox Slagar. The fox, seeking vengeance on Matthias and to procure slaves for his employer, took Mattimeo captive and told him his version of events that led to the horrible disfiguration of his face. Whilst traveling south with the slave band, Mattimeo became good friends with the young badger Auma, daughter of Orlando the Axe.

During the journey, Mattimeo changed from the spoiled brat he had been into a true warrior, ready to do anything to help his friends. This showed as he vowed to kill Slagar and encouraged the less hardy captives. Mattimeo later fought alongside his friends and father against the evil armies of Malkariss. They triumphed and returned to Redwall. Some seasons later, Mattimeo became Champion of Redwall and married his childhood friend Tess Churchmouse. They named their son Martin the Second after being advised by Cornflower Fieldmouse. After his father retired, Mattimeo took up the sword of Martin the Warrior and became the new Abbey Warrior.

It is said he died peacefully of old age, but this is unconfirmed.


Martin the Second

Born the son of Mattimeo and Tess Churchmouse, grandson of Matthias, Martin the Second was named for the first great warrior of Redwall. A tall, kindly mouse, Martin is a friend to all residents of Redwall Abbey. He spent many years honing his skills by aiding local woodlanders, including helping the Guosim shrews fend off robber foxes.

Martin later journeyed to do battle with Ublaz Mad-Eyes, the pine marten emperor who sought the Tears of All Oceans. Ublaz's troops had made the major mistake of kidnapping Redwall's Abbot, and Martin came hot on their heels with a group of companions. He engaged Ublaz to a mortal duel, and soundly defeated him. Upon returning home, Martin swore fealty to Redwall's new Abbess, Tansy.

Like his namesake, Martin the Second never married or had children. He presumably died of old age, and his position was passed down to Arven the squirrel.

("Mattimeo", "The Pearls of Lutra")


Originally a Dibbun at Redwall Abbey, Arven was a friend to Abbess Tansy. One of the various troublemaking youngsters Redwall has seen over the years, Arven proved both a hindrance and a help in the search for the Tears of All Oceans.

Many seasons later, Arven succeeded Martin the Second as Abbey Warrior. A skilled fighter, he aided the Long Patrol led by Cregga Rose Eyes as they did battle with the Rapscallions under Damug Warfang.

As Abbey champion, Arven wielded the Sword of Martin in battle. Being a squirrel, he was a proficient climber. He was a kind personality, always trying to cheer up those who were unhappy, for example Pasque Valerian before the battle at the climax of "The Long Patrol".

After Tansy went on to her rest, Arven took up the position of Abbot. However, he only reigned for three seasons before dying after a hard winter. During his brief term, he befriended fellow squirrel warrior Rusvul, the father of Dannflor Reguba.

("The Pearls of Lutra", "The Long Patrol")

Dannflor Reguba

Dannflor, or Dann as he prefers to go by, has the full name of Dannflower, though his father wanted to call him Dannblood. Dann lived in Mossflower Wood with his parents, until his mother died. His father Rusvul took Dann to live at Redwall Abbey. Rusvul always encouraged Dann, reminding him of his name of Reguba, the name of a great squirrel warrior. However, Dann never considered himself a warrior because he had never fought in battle.

Dann's uncertainty came to an end with the arrival of the Marlfoxes. One of three young creatures assigned to sentry duty, (the others being Songbreeze, or just Song, as well as a young shrew named Dippler), Dann was knocked unconscious by a band of Marlfoxes, who also killed an old owl Abbey resident (Nutwing) and stole the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. Upon regaining consciousness, Dann was yelled at by his father, who claimed that Dann had disgraced the Reguba name. Dann and his friends, eager to make up for their mistake, and Dann trying to prove himself to his father, set out after the Marlfoxes to reclaim the tapestry.

As he traveled to the island of the Marlfoxes, Dann proved himself many times over as a warrior. He fought with a fury rivaling the Bloodwrath of the Badger Lords, overcoming every foe he fought against. Finally, he and his companions defeated the Marlfoxes and brought the tapestry home. Rusvul, repentant, apologized to his son. Cregga Rose Eyes then appointed Dann Abbey Warrior.

Dann's chosen weapon, initially borrowed, was the Sword of Martin.



Deyna was born in Redwall Abbey, with a flower birthmark on his paw. The young infant was taken by his father Rillflag to a ford in otter tradition, to have his back touched by running water. Tragedy struck, as Deyna's brave father was murdered by the ferret, Vallug Bowbeast, and the young otter was abducted by the forces of the Juskarath.

According to Juska legend, Deyna's birthmark indicated him as a legendary warrior known as "the Taggerung". With unmatched speed, strength, and skill, the Taggerung would bring glory to the Juska. Thus, Deyna was adopted into the Juskarath, given the tattoo of the tribe, and renamed Zann Juskarath Taggerung, or Tagg for short.

For fifteen seasons Tagg was raised by the vermin horde. However, despite his deadly skill, he never took the life of anyone. This angered the tribe leader, Sawney Rath (Tagg's adoptive father), causing Tagg to run off with his adoptive father's dagger. Traveling towards the mountains, he came upon a brave harvest mouse named Nimbalo the Slayer. The two became friends, and shared many adventures. However, their good times came to an end when a pack of Juska led by Gruven the stoat, caught up with them, only to be driven off. Seeking vengeance for injured and slain friends, the duo pursued.

While chasing his adversaries, Tagg dreamed of Martin the Warrior and Redwall Abbey. He saw the faces of his father, mother, and sister from out of the past. Martin constantly repeated his old name to him, but Tagg thought the mouse was introducing himself. Later, after interrogating a Juska, he learned the truth. Seeking Redwall, right along the path of the vermin, they were both captured. Nimbalo by the vermin and Deyna (Tagg) by the Redwallers (because of his barbarious appearance, they thought he was a vermin on initial sight).

Locked in the cellars of Redwall, Tagg told his story to several Abbey beasts. When he heard that Nimbalo had been captured, he begged release. His wish granted, he took up the sword of Martin the Warrior, inadvertently bumping into his mother on the way out. Attacking with all his might, Tagg slew two Juska, but suffered a bad wound from an arrow shot by Vallug Bowbeast and almost dies.

With the Redwallers unable to do anything for him, Skipper of Otters took Tagg to see an old otter healer, Rukky Garge. She was successful, and even removed the birthmark and tattoos. Taggerung disappeared, replaced by Deyna, now Warrior of Redwall and wielder of the Sword of Martin. He came home to the Abbey, just in time to help defend it from the vermin hordes led by Ruggan Bor, the lord of the Southern Coast and the Juskabor tribe. However, he was not forced to harm anybeast, as the Long Patrol, led by Russano the Wise, appeared.

Russano faced down the current Juska leader, a golden fox named Ruggan Bor, who surrendered reluctantly but willingly. Russano told him that the Juska tribe, now called the Juskabor, must go back to where they came from and never return to Redwall or Mossflower Woods again; the Juska turned and left. The Long Patrol told the Juska they must travel on all fours until sundown; they'd be following them with 500 Long Patrol Hare to make sure they did. The Juska obeyed, leaving peacefully with no harm done. Afterwards, Russano the Wise, who came here to honor Cregga's grave, put the medallion of Salamandastron on the grave and stayed at Redwall with his hares. Deyna,who is still the Redwall Warrior, guarded Redwall abbey until he died.

("The Taggerung")

Trisscar Swordmaid

Daughter of the great squirrel swordbeast Rocc Arrem, Trisscar, or "Triss", spent all her life in slavery following her father's death at the hands of vermin controlled by the Pure Ferrets. She was raised by an old friend of her father named Drufo, who told her time and again of her father's bravery and skill. Secretly, Triss began planning with her close friends Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog to escape. Their escape plot was discovered, and they were imprisoned, but they managed to escape their cage and flee on a single boat belonging to the Riftgard royal family. Sadly, Drufo was killed while preventing vermin from pursuing them.

Triss and her companions drifted at sea for a time, lost and without anything to nourish them. While this was going on, Triss received a dream of her father and Martin the Warrior. Her father revealed to her her full name, and Martin chose her as the next Champion of Redwall Abbey. Finally, the three friends landed at the concealed Peace Island, home to a large colony of hedgehogs. After recovering, Triss and Shogg departed, leaving Welfo to a peaceful life.

Triss and Shogg had many close calls as they fled the Pure Ferrets and their Freebooter allies. Eventually they made landfall, and after evading a tracking party of vermin, met and rescued the young Badger Lord Sagaxus and his friends Kroova Wavedog and Bescarum. Together, the group journeyed to Redwall Abbey, where Triss took up the Sword of Martin. Leading a group to attack the vermin, Triss came to the ancient stronghold of Brockhall.

Triss' chance for vengeance came when she found the Pure Ferret Princess, Kurda, who had escaped the carnage within Brockhall that claimed the noble Shogg. She dueled Kurda, easily breaking the ferret's sword, which Kurda later fell upon, killing her. Afterwards, she returned to Redwall Abbey, taking up the position as its Champion. Triss later fulfilled her promise and led an army to attack Riftgard, freeing the slaves and deposing the tyrannical king. Triss was one of the very few squirrels who used Martin's sword, as well as the first and only maid so far, to have the position of Abbey Warrior.


Rakkety Tam MacBurl

Born in the Borderlands north of Mossflower Woods, Rakkety Tam met and became friends with Wild Doogy Plumm, a fellow squirrel from the northern highlands. Traveling south, the two squirrel warriors pledged their services to a pair of squirrel monarchs, whom they soon grew to detest for their lazy, selfish manner. Eventually, the two rebelled, and were imprisoned. However, they were released when Gulo the Savage stole the monarchs' royal banner. In order to be released from the monarchs' service, Tam and Doogy went after it. Along the way, they joined forces with the Long Patrol, who helped them pursue the vermin band.

Tam and his comrades fought long and hard against Gulo's forces, eventually coming to Redwall Abbey. Along the way, Tam met and fell in love with Redwall's Sister Armel,who worked in the infirmery, and came to wield the sword of Martin the Warrior. Taking half the Long Patrol out of the Abbey, he set off in pursuit of Gulo.

After many confrontations, Tam met Gulo on the field of battle in one-on-one combat. The massive wolverine was too much for Tam, but the squirrel launched the cannibal onto his shield. The edge, sharpened by Tam at the advice of Martin the Warrior, beheaded Gulo. Tam returned to Redwall, becoming the Abbey Warrior. Some time later, he and Armel wed and had a daughter named Melanda, who became as skilled with weapons as her father and was eventually made the abbey recorder. Despite pleas from both Tam and Doogy, Sister Armel made the family travel back to the two monarchs and return the banner, ending Tam's service to the monarchs forever. Upon doing this, the King and Queen's former supporters (they had rebelled immediately upon Tam's return) asked Sister Armel and Tam to be the new king and queen. They refused, casting the former monarchs' crowns out to sea.

Rakkety Tam was a master of blades. He carried a claymore, a dirk, a sgian dhu, and of course later acquired the Sword of Martin. He often wore a tartan and a feathered cap.

("Rakkety Tam")


*Dandin was voiced by Tim Lynsky in the full-cast audiobook of "Mariel of Redwall".
*Matthias was voiced by Marc Jacques in the full-cast audiobooks of "Redwall" and "Mattimeo".
*Mattimeo was voiced by Greg Longridge in the full-cast audiobook.
*Deyna was voiced by Greg Longridge in the full-cast audiobook.
*Triss was voiced by Rachel Murphy in the full-cast audiobook.
*Tam was voiced by Paul Braithwaite in the full-cast audiobook.
* There are three Martins, the first who was either Luke's father or grandsire, the second who was a founder of Redwall, and the third, who is a son of Mattimeo.

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