Birds in Redwall

Birds in Redwall

Throughout the fictional Redwall series by Brian Jacques, numerous bird characters play key roles in the novels.



An eagle who, for reasons unknown, left the mountains and lived close to Kotir, occasionally picking off various soldiers of the wildcat Queen Tsarmina, whom he hated. He was old, however, and though competent as a flier, travelling higher in the air than any arrow could reach him, and a fierce fighter, his eyesight had deteriorated with age. The Queen, knowing of his one desire to one day eat a pine marten, dressed a scheming fox, Bane, who had fallen out of her favour into a cloak belonging to the pine marten Ashleg. Argulor, supposing the fox indeed to be his most favoured target, swooped down and carried him away. After finally winning a terrible battle against the fox in the air, and killing him, he realised his mistake, and, feeling cheated, his old heart sank, never to beat again.


An owl living near Noonvale, Boldred is an expert mapmaker and friend to many beings in the vicinity. Boldred dwelt on a large mountain, occasionally chastening the Gawtrybe Tribe of young squirrels that lived nearby. She had a mate Hortwingle, or Horty, and a daughter Emalet, and taught the young one all she knew about artistry. Boldred helped Martin the Warrior and his comrades as they traveled to Noonvale, and later flew alongside the Warden of Marshwood Hill in the attack on Marshank. She was voiced by Sherrill Parsons in the full-cast audiobook of "Martin the Warrior".


A barnacle goose, Brantalis was shot down by vermin while flying over Green Isle. He was saved by Leatho Shellhound, and flew to Redwall Abbey to receive treatment for his injuries. He spent quite a while there, his only complaint the presence of Pandion Piketalon. While recovering, he helped the Redwallers search for the coronet of the High Rhulain, and helped fight off an attacking gannet.

Brantalis flew back to Green Isle to deliver the coronet to Tiria Wildlough. Whilst there, he joined forces with Pandion, putting aside their rivalry to save Leatho Shellhound. After the cats where erased from Green Isle, Brantalis was appointed official courier between Green Isle and Redwall Abbey. He was voiced by Roy Carruthers.

King Bull Sparra

Ruler of the Sparra who nest in Redwall Abbey's roof spaces, King Bull was a fierce tyrant, to the point that if he made a joke, or found something amusing, everyone else had to laugh as well. King Bull lost the Sword of Martin to the serpent Asmodeus on a "wormhunt". Since then, he was driven mad by a desire to recover it. His madness led to his end when Matthias, a Redwall mouse, came seeking the sword. After keeping the mouse prisoner, King Bull was tricked into leaving. Upon his return, he saw Matthias escaping. The two became locked in battle, and fell into Redwall Abbey's pond. King Bull drowned, although leaving a fragment of his sharp beak in Matthias' shoulder. His niece Warbeak became the new Sparra Queen. He was voiced by Ben Campbell on the animated TV series and by Billy Maher in the full-cast audiobook.


The mother of Warbeak and sister to King Bull Sparra, Dunwing was the widow of the sparrow who tried to help King Bull recover Martin the Warrior's sword, which had been lost after her late husband and King Bull were frightened off by a giant adder Asmodeus Poisonteeth having taken it out to dig for worms. Matthias was being held prisoner by King Bull and his warriors, but she befriended him, and managed to help him escape by spreading a rumour that Asmodeus was dead or dying and that it would now be safe to recover the sword. In his haste to recover it, the sparrow-king forgot all about Matthias and flew away, leaving Matthias free to escape. She did not appear in any feature books after this.

General Ironbeak

A large raven from the harsh northlands, General Ironbeak came south and attempted to conquer Redwall Abbey. He met opposition in the form of Redwall's hardy residents, most particularly Cornflower and Constance. Not about to give up, General Ironbeak pressed his efforts.

Ironbeak commanded an army of rooks, magpies and similar birds. His closest ally was his crow Seer, Mangiz.

Despite their size and fearsome reputation, Ironbeak and his army actually appear to be physically weak, very poor fighters and inexperienced tacticians. Ironbeak himself is overpowered and wounded by a small mouse maiden, armed with nothing but a basket while he and his subordinates were at one point easily defeated by a handfull of Redwallers armed with nothing but staves. The reason for their mediocre fighting abilities could be that they seem to spend most of their time eating and sleeping without actually training.

Nevertheless he fought long and hard, determined to claim his "red stone house." However, most of his plans, such as kidnapping several Redwallers, stealing the Redwall tapestry, and imprisoning Constance proved useless.

The main reason for the repeated thwarting of Ironbeak's plans was the Redwallers' ingenious tactics. Diversionary operations, sneak attacks, sleeping potions, and the repeated appearance of the 'ghost' of Martin the Warrior served to demoralize the invaders and push Ironbeak into fits of rage. His bird soldiers continued to infuriate him with tales that he did not believe, having not witnessed them himself.

Eventually, Ironbeak managed to break through the Redwallers' last defenses and capture most of them. Threatening the Abbot, he was attacked by a Sister of Redwall. About to kill her, he received a great shock: out of Redwall's cellars came flying the "earthcrawlers'" newest ally and Ironbeak's worst nightmare, a massive bird named Stryk Redkite. Overwhelmed by her superior size and power, Ironbeak was soon slain.

Ironbeak was voiced by Wayne Best on the animated TV series and by Paul Greene in the full-cast audiobook.


A barn owl who came to Redwall Abbey, Gerul was the companion of a hare named Clecky. Upon taking up residence, he helped fight off the forces of Emperor Ublaz Mad-Eyes. Gerul enjoys eating as much as his hare companion Clecky, but is a fierce warrior and nearly dies on two occasions while defending the Abbey.


A fierce shrike from the kingdom of Southsward, Glokkpod made the mistake of flying into the dungeons of Castle Floret as the windows were being repaired. Locked in, he was tormented by the minions of Urgan Nagru, the Foxwolf. Escape later came for him in the form of a group led by Dandin the Sword Carrier and Mariel. He helped them escape, but due to insults from one of the party members, he flew off in a huff, never to return.

ir Harry the Muse

A poetic owl who lived near the highlands where sat the ruins of Loamhedge Abbey. Nearly everything he said was spoken in rhyme. Sir Harry met up with the company of Matthias the Warrior as he pursued Slagar the Cruel and his minions. Helping them out, Sir Harry departed, feeling that it was not his business. However, Harry later returned, helping to save a member of the group from a pair of buzzards.

Sir Harry had heard of Redwall, and decided that he wanted to live there. After helping the group get to their destination, he accompanied them on their return. He was elected leader and poetry instructor to the sparrows who lived at Redwall. Due to his frustration with their language, he retired several times, but his love of leading the Sparra led him to take up the position time and time again. He was voiced by Andrew Gillies on the animated TV series and by Ron Delacruz in the full-cast audiobook.

Wild King MacPhearsome

A massive golden eagle and king of the mountains north of Redwall, MacPhearsome was also the sole owner of the Flowers of Icetor. When Thrugg the otter came seeking the flowers for an antidote needed for his sick friends, MacPhearsome was impressed by the otter's audacity. He was even more astonished when he met Dumble, Thrugg's baby dormouse companion, who was ready to fight the massive bird. He was voiced by Simon Smithies.

Carrying Dumble and the flowers to Redwall, MacPhearsome met the Redwallers and became friends with many. Dumble was so friendly with him that, adopting MacPhearsome's Scottish accent, he suggested that the new season be named the "H'autumn of the H'eagle." For many years afterward, Dumble would sleep outside, waiting for a visit from his old friend.

Laird Mactalon

The falcon Laird of the High Crags. Like MacPhearsome, he had a heavy Scottish accent. He was also the father of Rocangus and the husband of another deceased female falcon. He led the battle (which took place in the air, of course) against the crows along with Tammbeak, Winghye, Rantaclaw, and two others.

Mighty Megraw

An osprey with a Scottish accent, Megraw had his wing dislocated by a band of magpies living on the isle that was home to the Marlfoxes. After some time of living with the wing, he met Songbreeze Swifteye and her companions, including the warrior Dannflor Reguba. Recruited by Song's grandfather, Gawjo Swifteye, Megraw had his wing healed and helped them storm the island. After dispatching the magpies, he took over the isle, though he promised to come and visit Redwall.

Orocca, Taunoc, Nutwing, Nutclaw, and Nutbeak

A family of Little Owls who came to live at Redwall. Orocca and Taunoc were forcibly ejected from their former home when a powerful storm knocked down their tree, which at the time contained Orocca and her three eggs. Fortunately, the tree landed on the crumbling south wall of Redwall Abbey, and the workers-led by champion Arven-helped rescue the nest. Orocca and her eggs took up residence in the kitchens, followed shortly afterward by Taunoc.

The three eggs hatched just before the arrival of the Salamandastron Long Patrol, bearing the badgerbabe Russano the Wise. The four young creatures were close companions, being the youngest ones at Redwall at the time. It was because of Russano that the young owls learned to speak. In the tradition of Little Owls, they later chose their own names, which all contained "Nut" because that was the first word they had learned, taught to Russano by Redwall's otter gatekeeper.

Many seasons later, Nutwing was the only one of the five still living at Redwall. Old and alone, he still served as a valuable member of the community. However, tragedy struck shortly after he befriended newcomer Songbreeze Swifteye. The Abbey was invaded by several Marlfoxes, and they took Nutwing hostage as a distraction. In order to ward off the young defenders, they killed Nutwing, thrusting his body onto young Song before knocking her out.

Pandion Piketalon

An osprey native to Green Isle, Pandion was caught in a trap that caught an iron barbed star in his mouth. Despite this, Pandion was still a fearsome opponent, and before escaping tore off part of the face of the wildcat who tried to kill him, Riggu Felis. As a result, Felis ordered the death of all birds on Green Isle. Pandion, injured, flew into a storm which took him to Mossflower, where he was found and tormented by a gang of water rats. Fortunately, he was saved by a group of Redwallers led by Tiria Wildlough.

While he was recovering, Pandion told Tiria of Green Isle's plight. When she set out to liberate her otter brethren on the island and take up her position as queen, Pandion accompanied her, acting as eyes and ears. He later teamed up with the goose Brantalis to save the otter Leatho Shellhound by flying him away from Felis' burning fortress, but so burdened, was cut down by Riggu's thrown battleaxe. However, his death was quickly avenged as Tiria slew the wildcat with her sling, the load the same star that had been stuck in Pandion's mouth. The body of the brave osprey was then laid to rest in a lake on Green Isle. He was voiced by Greg Longridge.

tryk Redkite

One of the great red kites who live in the mountains, Stryk is wounded in a rockslide. With an injured wing, she flies to Redwall, seeking help. Upon arriving, she is set upon by the invading forces of General Ironbeak, but saved by the Redwallers. The stubborn bird refuses to let herself be treated, but is drugged by Sister May, a Redwall mouse she grows to be quite fond of and called "Sissimay."

Stryk recovers just in time to save the captured Redwallers from General Ironbeak. Flying into battle, she slays the General himself by striking at him,(hence her name) and helps drive away his remaining forces. She later, departs, but comes back with a mate named Skine and an eggchick. To Sister May's delight, the female is to be named after her, but she insists that her name be May and not "Sissimay."

Stryk is voiced by Ellen-Ray Hennessy on the animated TV series and by Nicky Mackay in the full-cast audiobook.


Son of Laird Mactalon (his mother presumably deceased), Rocangus is a Falcon. During one of his flights, he is attacked by crows who then injure his wing, and meets up with Thrugg the otter and Dumble the dormouse. Traveling towards Rocangus' mountain home, they are attacked by crows. They put up a good fight, but are about to be defeated when a band of Rocangus' kin showed up and saves them. After fulfilling Thrugg's quest, Rocangus and a band of his friends travel by land back to Redwall with the otter. He is voiced by Roy Carruthers, and has a thick Scottish accent.


A young kestrel who becomes frozen to a tree, Skarlath is an intended victim of Swartt Sixclaw. However, he is saved by fellow captive Sunflash the Mace, and helps him escape in turn. Skarlath advises Sunflash against his chosen course of action, which is to attack Swarrt head on. He suggests to Sunflash that the pair should work together, using hit and run tactics to weaken Swartt until he can be killed. Skarlath is also the one to propose Sunflash's name, unwittingly using the one that the young Badger Lord had been given at birth by his own mother, Bella of Brockhall.

The pair travels together for many seasons. It is unknown how long they traveled for, but when Sunflash reaches Salamandastron, they are probably in their late teens or young adults. Skarlath serves as Sunflash's messenger, eyes, and ears. The badger can summon Skarlath by folding a leaf and blowing it like a whistle, perfectly audible to Skarlath's sensitive ears.

He continues to serve Sunflash when he comes to Salamandastron, acting as courier to the badger's various allies. He later flies alongside his friend in a final chase after Swartt, but is sadly brought down by Nightshade, Swartt's Seer Vixen, when she finds out Skarlath was the one spying on them.

Captain Snow

A snowy owl who lived quite a distance from Redwall, and who had been on good terms with Squire Gingivere, until he alienated him with his appalling diet and table manners. He was, however, instrumental in assisting Matthias in his quest to find Martin the Warrior's sword, which was hidden in the den of the giant adder Asmodeus Poisonteeth, and was so skeptical of the idea of Matthias ever coming out alive, that he promised never to eat another mouse or shrew again. This presumably brought about the reconciliation of himself with Squire Gingivere, because the last we hear of him is when he is waiting with his former feline rival, helping to pick off the last of Cluny the Scourge's army.


A goshawk who lived in Mossflower woods, Tergen met and became friends with Rakkety Tam MacBurl. Due to taking a vermin arrow in his wing sometime beforehand, Tergen was unable to fly for a time. He accompanied Tam and his Long Patrol allies to Redwall Abbey, where he received treatment for this injury. In order to keep his mind off the fact that he could not fight, the leader of the Long Patrol assigned him wall guard duty due to his keen eyes, which he used to scout out vermin serving under Gulo the Savage. Many seasons later, after his wings healed, Tergen accompanied Tam and his family on a trip to Salamandastron. Tergen then stayed there with his Long Patrol friends, serving as lookout for the mountain. He was voiced by Greg Longridge.


A sparrow warrior who befriends Matthias, Warbeak is a vicious fighter. The two bicker at first, but in time establish a friendship. Following the death of King Bull Sparra, Warbeak takes his place as queen. She leads the Sparra against the forces of Cluny the Scourge. Sadly, she later falls in battle against a horde of rats led by Stonefleck Slagar the Cruel had vacated the area. (Originally named Chickenhound, son of Sela the Vixen.) Chickenhound and Sela both play a role in "Redwall". Warbeak dies while delivering a significant message engraved on the top of the roof of redwall. After her death she is put to rest by her friends.

Warbeak's only living family is her mother, Dunwing, who made no appearance in Mattimeo. On the animated TV series, she is voiced by Tracey Moore; in the audiobooks, she is played by Eithne Brown in "Redwall" and by Keddy Sutton in "Mattimeo".

The Warden

The Warden of Marshwood Hill is a massive heron who patrols the region from which he takes his name. He is a fierce opponent to lizards, snakes, and other foul creatures who invade his territory. The Warden is incredibly dedicated, and has a set of rules. He also is constantly repeating, to the amusement of those who know him, "I am the law!" Despite his ferocity, the Warden is vulnerable while asleep and had it not been for Martin the Warrior he would have been killed by two snakes.

The Warden aided Martin the Warrior and his companions when they had to travel through his domain to get to the town of Noonvale. Afterwards, he aided the army that stormed Marshank, fortress of Badrang the Tyrant. He was voiced in the full-cast audiobook by Colin Bean.

Krar Woodwatcher

A powerful goshawk living in Mossflower Woods, Krar Woodwatcher is a formidable enemy. He first met Martin and his comrades, most particularly Gonff the Mousethief, while they were on their quest to learn the fate of Luke the Warrior.With a little persuasion from Gonff the Mousethief pledged his friendship, he watched over them as they traveled to the coast, even fighting off a massive swan. He later accompanied them home to Redwall when they came back that way.

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