Tsarmina is an anthropomorphic wildcat, daughter of Verdauga Greeneyes, niece of Ungatt Trunn, and sister to Squire Gingivere. She appears in the book "Mossflower", the second novel in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Tsarmina was a scheming, wicked villain, who lacked her father's honor and her brother's fairness. When Martin the Warrior was brought before them, she demanded his execution, but her father had him imprisoned instead, to be released, escorted to the edge of their territory, and given back his sword at a later time. Tsarmina broke the weapon's blade, tying a rope around the handle and placing it about Martin's neck as a sign of his encounter with them. Enraged, Martin swore to kill her.

Murder was committed soon after, but not by Martin. Tsarmina, conspiring with her father's treacherous advisors, poisoned Verdauga and framed Gingivere for it. Taking over as queen of Kotir, she locked up her brother and sought to enforce her rule. However, she met resistance in the form of the Corim, the organization that was set up to oppose her and her father.

Tsarmina's plans were thwarted time and again by the determined woodlanders. She found herself menaced by them, treacherous members of her own troops, and an old eagle named Argulor. Things were made worse as Martin and Gingivere escaped, leaving her looking foolish. As time went on, her sanity began to decay, and she began thinking that her brother was behind everything. She also kept imagining herself drowning in water, which filled her with terror. Her empire crumbled when her enemies flooded Castle Kotir and destroyed her forces. She met Martin in one-on-one combat, and wounded him drastically. However, he stubbornly refused to submit, and drove her into the lake created by Kotir's flooding, causing her nightmare to become real.

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