Squire Gingivere

Squire Gingivere

Gingivere is a name applying to two characters from the Redwall book series.


The first Gingivere was a wildcat, son of Verdauga Greeneyes, brother of Tsarmina, and nephew of Ungatt Trunn. Gingivere was a gentle, honorable creature, unlike his sister. When Martin the Warrior was captured by a Kotir patrol and brought before Verdauga, Gingivere advised his father to have Martin escorted to the edge of Mossflower Woods and told never to return. Not willing to allow Gingivere to take the throne she coveted, Tsarmina framed him for the poisoning of their father, which she herself orchestrated. Gingivere was locked up, and his name was forbidden from speech in Kotir. Gingivere clearly saw who was truly guilty, and accused his sister of the murder.

In the time that followed, Gingivere became gaunt and despairing. Fortunately, his positivity was restored when he found himself neighbored by the young hedgehogs Ferdy and Coggs. Amused by the little creatures' childishness, and their calling him Uncle, Gingivere soon became hopeful, and even orchestrated an arrangement with his sisters' enemies to escape with the two young hogs. Their escape came in the form of the otter disguise master known as the Mask, who helped them break out. Unfortunately, Mask was fatally wounded, and died before they could make it back. Feeling duty bound to the otter for saving him and his young friends, Gingivere carried the limp form to where it could be put to rest.

After a short time spent with the resistance, Gingivere departed, not wanting to increase Tsarmina's determination to destroy them with his presence. After journeying for a time, he met a beautiful female cat, Sandingomm, and settled down with her. Becoming a farmer, Gingivere sheltered the children and non-fighters of the resistance when they came seeking refuge.


Squire Julian Gingivere was a descendent of the original Gingivere. Living in a barn some distance from Redwall, Julian was odd among cats in the fact that he was a vegetarian. He lived with the owl Captain Snow, but the owl's appetite for meat, his bad table manners and their conflicting personalities led to a disagreement and then separation.

During his search for Snow, young Matthias of Redwall came across Julian. The two became friends, and Julian took Matthias to see Snow. After Matthias learned what he wanted, he set out after Asmodeus. He later came back to see Julian, and brought him along to meet Captain Snow. Extracting an apology from Snow, Matthias soon had the two back together, the disagreement forgotten. Julian later came with Snow to Redwall, where they killed the last members of Cluny the Scourge's horde as they tried to escape. He was voiced by Paul Denemy in the full-cast audiobook, and on the animated TV series by Keith Knight.

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