Abbey Leader (Redwall)

Abbey Leader (Redwall)

In the fictional Redwall universe created by author Brian Jacques, Redwall Abbey is ruled by an Abbot or Abbess, usually a mouse but in later novels there were also squirrel, otter, and hedgehog Abbey leaders. "Lord Brocktree", "Martin the Warrior", "Mossflower", and Book 2 of "The Legend of Luke" were all set before Redwall Abbey was built, but "Lord Brocktree" is the only novel not to feature an Abbey leader in some capacity. Following is a list of all the Abbots and Abbesses who have appeared or have been mentioned in Redwall novels.


She is the founding Abbess and architect of Redwall Abbey. Originally from Loamhedge, she and the surviving mice fled after a great sickness settled there. She was entombed in a crypt in a passage off the cellars. Her tomb was rediscovered in "Mattimeo" by Redwallers while searching for clues to the location of the ruins of Loamhedge Abbey.

She was voiced by Angela Mounsey in the audiobook for "Mossflower".

("Mossflower", "The Legend of Luke", mentioned in "Outcast of Redwall", "Mattimeo", "The Long Patrol", "Loamhedge", mentioned in "Redwall" as "Sister Germaine")


A normally quiet, proper mouse of middle seasons, Meriam was the Abbess of Redwall around the time when Sunflash the Mace arrived at Salamandastron. She was a close companion and mentor to her eventual successor as Abbess, Bryony.

("Outcast of Redwall")


She was a young mousemaid with a lot of lessons to learn. She raised the ferret Veil from infancy, and when it became apparent he could not escape his blood ties, he was banished from Redwall. This hit Bryony hard, and she went after him. Along the way she became embroiled in the middle of a long-standing conflict between Sunflash the Mace and Swartt Sixclaw, Veil's father. Veil sacrificed his life to save Bryony from Swartt. Afterward, she returned with Sunflash to Redwall. She succeeded Meriam as Abbess in her middle seasons. She apparently developed an interest in birds of prey later in life as well. Bryony was the great-granddaughter of Gonff the Mousethief and is distantly related to Dandin. []

("Outcast of Redwall", mentioned in "High Rhulain")


He was mentioned by Tarquin L. Woodsorrel as the Abbot of Redwall when Tarquin visited there as a leveret. Nothing else is known about him.

(mentioned in "Mariel of Redwall")


He was the Abbot of Redwall when Mariel, daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker, arrived there from the sea. He provided her and her companions with as much assistance as possible, and was left to lead the Abbey during an attack by searats. After Mariel's return, Bernard stepped down, and was replaced by Saxtus.

He was voiced by Gordon Hall.

("Mariel of Redwall", mentioned in "The Bellmaker" and the framing scenes of "Martin the Warrior")


Saxtus was a proper mouse who grew up in Redwall with his friends Dandin, Rufe Brush, and Durry Quill. After Dandin left with Mariel to battle Gabool the Wild, Saxtus remained at Redwall and helped defend it from searats. When Abbot Bernard eventually stepped down, Saxtus was called as his successor. He also eventually took over Recorder duties from Brother Hubert.

Saxtus was a much-beloved Abbot of Redwall, and a close friend of Joseph the Bellmaker. While Joseph and some of the other Redwallers were gone abroad, Redwall had a visit from two searats, Slipp and Blaggut. Slipp wore out his welcome after a while, and while searching for the Redwall "treasure", he managed to kill Mother Mellus, the badger who had raised Saxtus since infancy. Both searats escaped Redwall, Blaggut killed Slipp, and he returned to Redwall, where Saxtus showed mercy on him.

It appears Saxtus was in old age when the mouse Aubretia arrived from Noonvale to spin her tale of Martin the Warrior and her ancestors Brome and Rose, which was depicted in the book "Martin the Warrior".

He was voiced by Roy Carruthers in "Mariel of Redwall" and by Colin Bean in the framing scenes of "Martin the Warrior".

("Mariel of Redwall", "The Bellmaker", framing scenes of "Martin the Warrior", mentioned in "Salamandastron", mentioned in "Mattimeo" as "Saxus")


A mouse who succeeded Saxtus as Abbess of Redwall. She was Abbess around the time when the disease known as Dryditch Fever afflicted Mossflower, including her and most of the Redwall denizens.

("Salamandastron", mentioned in "Marlfox")


He was mentioned by Methuselah as the Abbot of Redwall who preceded Mortimer. He did not succeed Vale as Abbot. Nothing else is known about him.

(mentioned in "Redwall")


A mouse who was the Abbot of Redwall during the time when it was menaced by Cluny the Scourge. Mortimer was a kind old mouse, and rather fond of Matthias. Not familiar in the ways of war, he left the defense of the Abbey to the most qualified, including Constance the badger mother and Matthias. However, in the final battle for Redwall, he was fatally poisoned by the barb from the end of Cluny's long tail. Before he died, he nominated Brother Alf as his successor and made Matthias the Abbey Warrior.

He was voiced by Chris Wiggins on the animated TV series.



Originally known simply as Brother Alf, Mordalfus was the Abbey Fishermouse, responsible for catching a fish from the pond as part of annual feasts. He was often assisted in this by young Matthias, who added his youthful energy to Mordalfus' expertise. He succeeded Mortimer as Abbot.

Eight seasons later, Mordalfus was still ruler of Redwall when many of the Abbey's children, including Matthias' son Mattimeo, were kidnapped by Slagar the Cruel. After Matthias departed in search of them, Mordalfus was forced to contend with the forces of General Ironbeak. However, thanks to the brave efforts of his Redwallers, the evil raven was defeated, and Mordalfus later welcomed Matthias and his friends home.

Mordalfus was voiced by John Stocker on the animated TV series; in the full-cast audiobooks he was voiced by Nick Baty (as Brother Alf) in "Redwall" and by Gordon Hall in "Mattimeo".

("Redwall", "Mattimeo", mentioned in "Loamhedge" as "Mordalphus")


He was Abbot of Redwall in the time of Martin the Second. He was very fond of baking, and would often help out in Redwall's kitchen. He was later abducted by the forces of Ublaz Mad-Eyes and taken to the island of Sampetra. He was rescued eventually by Martin and his friends, and he made it back to Redwall safe and sound. Following the incident, Durral revealed to all that Martin (the first) had come to him in a dream and told him that the creature who tosses the Pearls in the sea would succeed him as Abbot. Tansy turned out to be the one, and Durral stepped down, becoming a Redwall Friar.

("Pearls of Lutra")


Tansy was a responsible hedgehog maid who was good friends with the Abbey Champion Arven. In her youth, Tansy was one of those who searched for the Tears of All Oceans, which they needed to pay as ransom to recover the kidnapped Abbot Durral. After Durral returned, he revealed that Martin the Warrior had revealed to him that Abbess would be the one who threw the pearls into the sea. Tansy was the one to do so, hence she became the new Abbess. She was the first hedgehog ever to become Abbot or Abbess.

Tansy was still Abbess many seasons later when Russano the Wise came to Redwall Abbey as a babe. Tansy was quite fond of the little fellow, and also helped to investigate the cause of the Abbey's south wall collapse. After the treasure of Kotir was discovered, Tansy had it recast into medals for the brave warriors who fought against the Rapscallion army.

("Pearls of Lutra", "The Long Patrol", mentioned in "Marlfox", "Taggerung")


He succeeded Tansy as Abbot after she passed on. Before serving as Abbot, he was the Abbey Warrior. His tenure as Abbot was very short; he died after a hard winter after serving only three seasons as Abbot. He was the first squirrel to serve as Abbot.

("Pearls of Lutra", "The Long Patrol", mentioned in "Marlfox")


Short for Songbreeze Swifteye. She was the daughter of the squirrel warrior Janglur Swifteye and granddaughter of Gawjo Swifteye. True to her name, she had a very beautiful singing voice. Song wielded a stick with a green stone on the end known as the Leafwood. She came to Redwall with her family when Mossflower was menaced by the Marlfoxes, and became friends with Dann Reguba. When Martin's tapestry was stolen, she set out from Redwall, along with Dann and Dippler the shrew, to recover it. Along the way, she met up with the Mighty Megraw and her long lost grandfather Gawjo. Upon their return to the Abbey, Song was named Abbess of Redwall by Mother Cregga from a prophecy by Martin the Warrior, in effect succeeding Arven.

("Marlfox", mentioned in "Taggerung")


Daughter of Rillflag and Filorn and sister of Deyna, Mhera was a young otter who grew up in Redwall Abbey. After her father's death and Deyna's abduction by the Juska, Mhera moped for a time, but eventually realized that she needed to be strong. Mhera became sort of a protégé of Mother Cregga. Fifteen seasons after her brother disappeared, she became involved in a search for various mysterious scraps of cloth with obscure messages. It was later revealed that they were pieces of advice from the late Abbess Song, and had been hidden by Cregga.

Mhera was overjoyed upon her brother's sudden return, but was impatient for him to return from a journey to receive treatment for an arrow wound. During this time, the dying Cregga, who had been fatally wounded in the same incident as Deyna, appointed Mhera Abbess. Mhera later welcomed her brother home, and greeted Russano the Wise and his hares after they drove off the Juska forces who were seeking the Taggerung. She was the first otter to serve as Abbess.

Mhera was voiced by Rachel Murphy.



Apodemus was a large but pleasant mouse who was rather fond of the Dibbuns. He was good friends with Malbun Grimp, another old mouse. He had a deep love for the Abbey in which he lived. He did not succeed Mhera as Abbot.



An old hedgehog who lived at Redwall, Phredd was Abbot of Redwall before becoming Gatekeeper and retiring. Phredd was a rather amusing presence, constantly having conversations with inanimate objects. He provided assistance to Bragoon and Saro during their efforts to search out Loamhedge to help Martha Braebuck. His successor as Abbot, Carrul, also succeeded him as Gatekeeper after he passed on.

He was voiced by Gordon Hall.



Carrul was an old mouse who was the Abbot when Bragoon and Saro returned to Redwall. Bragoon and Saro were legendary for their mischief as Dibbuns, but it appears Carrul was unruly as well. He succeeded Old Phredd as Abbot and later succeeded him as Abbey Gatekeeper when Fenna took over as Abbess.

He was voiced by Roy Carruthers in the audiobook.



She was a young squirrel who grew up in Redwall. Her best friends were Springald and Horty Braebuck. Before departing on a journey with Bragoon and Saro, Fenna and her friends were troublemakers. However, over the course of the journey Fenna, along with her friends, matured into reasonable creatures. She was later appointed Abbess in an accordance to a prophecy made by Martin the Warrior.

She was voiced by Rachel Murphy.



She was mentioned as the Abbess of Redwall who preceded Humble. Nothing else is known about her.

(mentioned in "Rakkety Tam")


Humble was the cellarhog of Redwall when he was called upon to become Abbot. He accepted but he chose to remain in his beloved cellars. Humble was the Abbot of Redwall when Mossflower was under threat from the wolverine Gulo the Savage. He cooperated with the Long Patrol hares who came to defend the Abbey, as well as with the Borderland squirrel warrior Rakkety Tam MacBurl and his Highland friend Wild Doogy Plumm.

He was voiced by Gordon Hall.

("Rakkety Tam")


Lycian was the young Abbess of Redwall during the events of "High Rhulain". She was friends with Tiria, who became the High Rhulain, or queen, of the otters in Green Isle. They memorably exchanged letters at the end of the tale. There had been numerous incidents in past novels where a young creature became Abbot or Abbess at the end but Lycian is the first creature to be Abbot or Abbess at a young age in an entire novel.

("High Rhulain")


He was the Abbot of Redwall during the events of "Eulalia!". Daucus made the rarest of decisions to impose exile on an Abbey dweller, the hedgehog Orkwil Prink, though that exile was rescinded when Orkwil returned to the Abbey with Gorath and dire news. He was also known as a scholar of badger lore.


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