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image_caption = UK 1st Edition Cover
author = Brian Jacques
illustrator = Gary Chalk
cover_artist = Chris Baker
country = United Kingdom
language = English
series = Redwall
genre = Fantasy novel
publisher = Hutchinson (UK) & Philomel (US)
release_date = 1992
media_type = Print (Hardback & Paperback)
pages = 336 (UK Hardback) & 391 (US Hardback)
isbn = ISBN 0-09-176433-5 (UK Hardback) & ISBN 0-399-21992-7 (US Hardback)
preceded_by = Mariel of Redwall
followed_by = Martin the Warrior

"Salamandastron" is a fantasy novel by Brian Jacques, published in 1992. It is the fifth book in the Redwall series.

Plot introduction

Ferahgo the Assassin, a terrible weasel warlord, and his son Klitch lead their army of Corpsemakers to Salamandastron, to take over from the Badger Lord, Urthstripe the Strong. Meanwhile at Redwall Abbey, two stoats run off with the Sword of Martin the Warrior, and young Samkim, a mischievous squirrel, and his partner Arula the molemaid set off to claim back the sword. At the same time, Mara, the badgermaid leaves Salamandastron with Pikkle Ffolger, her friend the gluttunous hare, only to be tricked by Ferahgo's horde.........

Plot summary

The book follows the tale of the Badger Lord, Urthstripe the Strong, and his battle against Ferahgo the Assassin, the weasel leader of the infamous "Corpsemakers." Mara, Urthstripe's young adopted daughter, and her hare friend, Pikkle, decide to leave the great mountain stronghold, Mara having become tired of the way Urthstripe treats her.

Meanwhile, two stoats, Dingeye and Thura, have recently deserted Ferahgo's army. They manage to find their way to Redwall Abbey and are taken in by the kind beasts that reside there. While tension mounts as to their presence, the ruling beasts of the Abbey decide they may stay: the two stoats, while rude, have done no harm.

Meanwhile, a young squirrel named Samkim and his mole sidekick Arula are wreaking havoc, as will happen with youngbeasts. They start playing with bows and arrows and frighten one of the Redwall abbey dwellers. One night, a lightning bolt strikes the weathervane of Redwall, and the sword of Martin the Warrior falls from its resting place high above the Abbey grounds and falls at the feet of Samkim, who is dumbfounded by his discovery.

Dingeye and Thura's stay is cut short when they are forced to flee the Abbey after accidentally killing one of the Redwallers (Brother Hal) with the same bows and arrows that Samkim and Arula had used. Dingeye and Thura head towards the countryside, with Martin's stolen sword in hand. Samkim and Arula pursue the two beasts, intent on not only rescuing the legendary sword of their Abbey Champion, but exacting vengeance upon the murdering vermin.

Back at Redwall, a terrible disease has begun ravaging the Abbey. A local woodvole hermit determines that it is Dryditch Fever. There is an old wives' tale saying that the Flowers of Icetor from the Mountains of the North can cure Dryditch Fever, so the brave otter Thrugg sets off to find them. With the mousebabe Dumble along for the ride and an injured falcon who they meet on the road, Thrugg succeeds in securing the flowers from the ruler of the mountain: the mighty Golden Eagle, Wild King MacPhearsome.

Mara and Samkin's paths eventually cross, and together they manage to retrieve the sword of Martin the Warrior. Along their way, they meet a badger named Urthwyte, the long-lost brother of Mara's father, Urthstripe. Heading back to Salamandastron, the group arrives in time to find Urthstripe seized by the Bloodwrath, leaping from the towering mountain with Feragho in his grasp.

Soon after Thrugg returns with his haversack full of flowers, Samkim and Arula, along with Mara and Pikkle, return to Redwall Abbey. Mara becomes the Badger Mother of Redwall. Urthwyte remains behind as Lord of Salamandastron, along with the surviving members of the Long Patrol.

The epilogue shows Klitch, son of Ferhago, still trapped within Salamandastron. After wandering some way, he gets thirsty and thinks that it is his 'Lucky Day' when he finds some barrels with some water in it. He has promptly forgotten the fact that the Poisoner, hired by Feragho, has poisoned everything he saw while on his last mission before his death. Klitch drinks the dregs, and is eventually beset by lances of pain and numbness. He wedges himself on a mountainside opening, and dies of the powerful poison.

Major Characters in "Salamandastron"

*Urthstripe the Strong
*Ferahgo the Assassin
*Thrugg the Otter
*Wild King MacPhearsome
*Urthwyte the Mighty
*Furgle the Hermit

Book Divisions (English)

*Book 1: Questors and Runaways
*Book 2: Warriors and Monsters
*Book 3: Destinies and Homecomers


*(Finnish) "Salamandastronin aarre"
*(French) "Rougemuraille : Salamandastron"
**"Tome 1 : Ferrago l'Assassin"
**"Tome 2 : La Fièvre du fossé tari"
**"Tome 3 : Le Serpentissime"
**"Tome 4 : Mara de Rougemuraille"
*(German) "Die Jagd nach dem Schatz"
**"Von Abenteurern und Ausreißern"
**"Von Kriegern und Ungeheurern"
**"Von Shicksalen und Heimkehrern"
*(Russian) old version - "Мара, или Война с Горкостаем", new version - "Саламандастрон"

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