Skipper of Otters

Skipper of Otters

In the fictional Redwall series of novels by Brian Jacques, the Skipper of Otters is what otters call their leader. In Mossflower, the Skipper is always male, though in some areas there is a High Rhulain, the female equivalent of Skipper. Skippers often choose to help when Redwall is threatened.

In the earlier Redwall books, the Mossflower Skipper of Otters and his tribe appeared to be directly linked to the Squirrel Queen in some form of military alliance, possibly through Firjak's greenstone, a carved stone given by a Skipper to Firjak, the squirrel queen's son, as thanks for saving his daughter's life from pirates; this occurred around the time of "Mossflower" or "Outcast of Redwall" where it is implied to have happened in the last generation. By the later books the title "Squirrel Queen" appears to have died out in Mossflower as squirrels integrated themselves into Redwall society to a greater extent than the otters, who appear to prefer to live by the river Moss and its tributaries. Unlike the squirrels, otters appear to keep their old titles when they live at Redwall rather than take on Abbey titles like squirrels and the other species.

Known Skippers

Each Skipper is described, followed in parentheses by the novel(s) in which he/she appears.


Brogalaw, simply know as Brog, was a Skipper of Otters who led a holt of sea otters driven from their home by Ungatt Trunn and his Blue Hordes. Brogalaw was bent on revenge, and in turn assisted the hares of Salamandastron to escape the mountain and formed the Bark Crew along with them to combat the wildcat's presence. He was one of the few survivors of the ambush for the Bark Crew and later helped Lord Brocktree to take Salamandastron back. He returned to his holt after the final battle.

("Lord Brocktree")

Folgrim and Tungro

Folgrim and Tungro were skippers of the otter clan for a Holt at the southern end of the Northfork Stream near Redwall Abbey.

Folgrim was the son of Bargud, brother of Tungro, nephew of Garraway Bullow, Warthorn and Riverwyte. He was captured by vermin and held for two seasons. When he returned, he had only one eye, crippled paws and a ruined mind. He had sharpened his teeth to points and would kill and eat vermin with them. Later Folgrim befriended the squirell Chugg.

Tungro and his holt are master carpenters and furniture makers. They were responsible for building all of the furniture in Redwall Abbey.

("The Legend of Luke")


One of three brother otters, Warthorn was the largest and most warlike of the three. Skipper in the days when Tsarmina ruled Mossflower, Warthorn led the otters against the enemy vermin, fighting alongside Amber the Squirrel queen and Martin the Warrior. In a later journey, Martin met Skipper's nephews, one of them the otter warrior Folgrim and his brother Tungro. Warthorn was voiced by Liam Tobin.

("Mossflower", "The Legend of Luke")


Skipperjo was the Skipper for the Mossflower and Redwall Abbey otter tribe. He was friends with Heartwood, Sumin, and Redfarl. Skipperjo was responsible for finding Veil Sixclaw in Mossflower, and later imprisoned him in the Cellar.

("Outcast of Redwall")

kipper (The Pearls of Lutra)

Skipper was the leader of the tribe of otters residing in Mossflower Woods, and the father of Rangapaw. He was a hardened warrior, and was friends with Martin II of Redwall Abbey and Log-a-Log of the Guosim.

Skipper joined Martin, Clecky, and Gerul in an attack against the monitors of Lask Frildur and corsairs of Romsca, resulting in grievous injuries. During the melee, Skipper succeeded in killing a monitor without use of a weapon.

Later, along with Rangapaw and Log-a-Log, Skipper assisted in removing jackdaws from Saint Ninian's. Following this he found one of the Tears of all Oceans inside, and burned the building down on orders from Recorder Rollo.

("The Pearls of Lutra")

kipper (The Long Patrol)

Skipper was leader of the Mossflower Woods otters at Redwall Abbey, and a friend of Gurgan Spearback, Log-a-Log and Shad.

He risked his own life battling a giant yellow eel to save Sloey, a Redwall Dibbun.

("The Long Patrol")

kipper (Marlfox)

Skipper was a male, sturdy otter, the leader of the otters in Mossflower Woods. He met Janglur Swifteye and his family and Log-a-Log when they were travelling to Redwall Abbey to warn the dwellers of Abbey about Marlfoxes.

He helped to defend Redwall Abbey against Marlfoxes. Whilst Skipper was scouting around Redwall Abbey, he was wounded by one of the ferrets of Raventail. Skipper nursed himself in the depths of Mossflower and went to get reinforcements, who arrived in Redwall during the final battle against the Marlfoxes.


kipper (The Taggerung)

Skipper was good friends with Rillflag, father of Deyna, and was among the crew that searched for him. When neither Rillflag or Deyna was found, he befriended Mhera and Filorn, the respective daughter and wife of Rillflag.

He was at the hullaballoo while Redwall Abbey was being attacked by vermin. Boorab the hare went and got him and his clan, but they arrived too late to help. When the rest of the vermin led by Ruggan Bor arrived, they helped defend the abbey.

Skipper also saves the life of Deyna when he takes him to Rukky Garge.

("The Taggerung")

kipper (Triss)

Skipper was a male otter of Mossflower Woods directly descended from the Taggerung. He rescued Bikkle and Ruggum from the serpents with Log-a-Log Groo. Skipper was visited by Martin the Warrior in a dream sequence and was told to give Martin's sword to Trisscar Swordmaid. He was involved in battles at Brockhall and Riftgard. Abbot Apodemus once invited him to become Champion of Redwall, but he declined and became Master of Arms.



Bragoon was briefly a Skipper in "Loamhedge", but quickly left the job.


Garfo Trok

Garfo Trok was the otter Skipper who helped Lonna Bowstripe get to Redwall Abbey by sailing down a river in his boat, the "Beetlebutt", in exchange for his favorite food, nutbread. Good-natured and cheeky, Garfo liked to sing about food or the lack of it. He was known to wear a helmet that resembled a cooking-pot.


kipper (Rakkety Tam)

Skipper was a male otter who was very knowledgeable of the geography of Mossflower Woods, and he often served as a scout for the Long Patrol while tracking Gulo the Savage. Skipper was a fearsome fighter, fighting alongside the Long Patrol with practised ease.

He was one of the six Marshals who went out with Rakkety Tam MacBurl to make sure Gulo didn't play any tricks in their duel.

Banjon Wildlough

Banjon Wildlough was the father of Tiria Wildlough and a descendant of High Queen Rhulain Wildlough. Banjon was the Skipper of Otters and friends with Brink Greyspoke and Log-a-Log Urfa.

He killed Groffgut after Brinty was murdered.

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