Northern Premier League (Tasmania)

Northern Premier League (Tasmania)
Northern Premier League (Tasmania)
Sport Football (soccer)
Founded 1912
No. of teams 9
Country(ies)  Australia
Most recent champion(s) Prospect Knights FC

The Tasmania North Premier League is the highest level of association football (soccer) competition in Northern Tasmania. Nationally, it is one grade lower (technically) than the A-League and is controlled by the Football Federation Tasmania (FFT), the state's governing body. Following the demise of the Tasmanian State League in 2000, the Southern and Northern Premier Leagues have become the state's highest level of Football competition. Instead of a statewide league, the top 4 teams from the Northern Premier League and the top 4 teams from the Southern Premier League, play off in a knock out final series to decide the state champion. This system came into to existence in 2009 and replaced the previous of system whereby the Northern and Southern Champions played off. The Northern Premier League Champion is decided in the typical fashion with the team finishing first being named League Champion.

There is no promotion or relegation in the Tasmanian Northern Premier League.

2011 Premier League Clubs

Team Coach Home Ground Location
Burnie United Sam Cocks Montello Burnie, Tasmania
Devonport City Tom McGinn Valley Road Devonport, Tasmania
Launceston United Mark Egan Birch Avenue Launceston, Tasmania
Launceston City Lino Scuilli Mitsubishi Park Prospect, Tasmania
Northern Rangers Adam Whitemore NTCA Ground Launceston, Tasmania
Riverside Olympic Troy Scott Windsor Park Riverside, Tasmania
Somerset John Wheeler Cardigan Street Somerset, Tasmania
Ulverstone Nick Owen Ulverstone Showgrounds Ulverstone, Tasmania
Prospect Knights FC Dane Hudson Harley Parade Prospect, Tasmania


Season Champions
1912 Tamar
1913 Tamar
1914 Elphin
SUSPENDED 1915-1919 FOR World War I
1920 Elphin
1921 Tamar
1922 North Esk
1923 Elphin
1924 Elphin
1925 Paton & Baldwins
1926 Paton & Baldwins
1927 Elphin
1928 Elphin
1929 Invermay
1930 Paton & Baldwins
1931 Tamar
1932 Tamar
1933 Tamar
1934 Tamar
1935 Thistle
1936 Paton & Baldwins
1937 Invermay
1938 Invermay
1939 Paton & Baldwins
SUSPENDED 1939-1946 FOR World War II
1946 Invermay
1947 Invermay
1948 Invermay
1949 Invermay
1950 Invermay
1951 Invermay
1952 Paton & Baldwins
1953 South Launceston
1954 Paton & Baldwins
1955 Waterside
1956 Paton & Baldwins
1957 Paton & Baldwins
1958 Paton & Baldwins
1959 Launceston Juventus
1960 Launceston Juventus
1961 Launceston Juventus
1962 Launceston Juventus
1963 Launceston Juventus
1964 Launceston United
1965 Launceston Juventus
1966 Launceston Juventus
1967 Launceston Juventus
1968 Launceston Juventus
1969 Launceston Juventus
1970 Georgetown
1971 Launceston Juventus
1972 Launceston Juventus
1973 Riverside Olympic
1974 Devonport
1975 Launceston Juventus
1976 Launceston Juventus
1977 Devonport
1978 Burnie United
1979 Burnie United
1980 St. Leonards Rovers
1981 St. Leonards Rovers
1982 Devonport City
1983 Devonport City
1984 GeorgeTown
1985 GeorgeTown
1986 Ulverstone
1987 Ulverstone
1988 Devonport City
1989 Devonport City
1990 Riverside Olympic
1991 Riverside Olympic
1992 Riverside Olympic
1993 Launceston United
1994 Ulverstone
1995 Ulverstone
1996 Burnie United
1997 Burnie United
1998 Riverside Olympic
1999 Riverside Olympic
2000 Devonport City
2001 Launceston City
2002 Devonport City
2003 Devonport City
2004 Devonport City
2005 Launceston City
2006 Somerset
2007 Somerset
2008 Devonport City
2009 Northern Rangers
2010 Northern Rangers
2011 Prospect Knights FC

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