Connection (EP)

Connection (EP)
EP (split) by Home Grown and Limbeck
Released 2000
Genre Punk rock
Pop punk
Length 18:16
Label Utility Records
Producer Craig Nepp, Home Grown, Limbeck
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Connection is a split EP by the Orange County, California rock bands Home Grown and Limbeck, released in 2000 by Utility Records. It resulted from a tour the previous year on which the two bands played together and became friends.

The EP was Home Grown's final recording with guitarist Justin Poyser and drummer Bob Herco, who both left the band in 2000. Herco, who had to leave the group in order to undergo surgery and rehabilitation for a brain tumor, was soon replaced by Darren Reynolds. However, the band was unsuccessful in finding a suitable second guitarist over the next two years and eventually decided to continue on as a trio.

Track listing

  1. Home Grown - "Promise Breaker"
  2. Limbeck - "29 Times"
  3. Home Grown - "Single All the Way"
  4. Limbeck - "Invisible"
  5. Home Grown - "She Don't Care"
  6. Limbeck - "Rush Hour in Logtown"


Home Grown:

  • John "John E. Trash" Tran - vocals, guitar
  • Justin Poyser - guitar, vocals
  • Adam Lohrbach - vocals, bass
  • Bob Herco - drums


Album information

  • Record label: Utility Records
  • Mixed by Craig Nepp at Frontpage Studios and mastered by Charlie at Mono Phonix, both in Glendale, California.
  • Tracks 1, 3 & 5 produced and engineered by Craig Nepp and Home Grown at Frontpage Studios.
  • Tracks 2, 4 & 6 engineered by Kyle Homme at Pool House Audio and Literary Commissions in Fullerton, California and produced by Limbeck.
  • Cover photo and design by Jamie from The Stereo
  • Photo of Matt from Limbeck drumming by Dave Rothenberg
  • All other photography by Dave Lauridsen
  • Layout and art direction by Robb MacLean and Adam Lohrbach

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