The Mystery of the Third Planet

The Mystery of the Third Planet
The Mystery of the Third Planet
Тайна третьей планеты
Espace Fille Alisa
तीसरा ग्रह का रहस्य
Misteryo ng Ikatlong Planet

DVD cover (Krupnyy Plan)
Directed by Roman Kachanov
Written by Kir Bulychyov (story & screenplay)
Starring Olga Gromova
Yuri Andreyev
Vladimir Druzhnikov
Vladimir Kenigson
Vasily Livanov
Rina Zelyonaya
Music by Aleksandr Zatsepin
Editing by Nadezhda Treshcheva
Olga Vasilenko
Distributed by Soviet Union Soyuzmultfilm
United States Jambre Pictures (1981-1985), Touchstone Pictures (re-release, 1985), Syfy
Japan Nippon Animation, Toei Animation, Toho, TV Asahi (2008)
Italy Italia 1 (1982), Rai Due (2009)
Philippines ABS-CBN TV Production, ABS-CBN, Hero TV (2011)
South Korea Korean Broadcasting System (2005)
Spain Telecinco (1996), TVE (2002)
France France Télévisions, France 3 (2003)
India Tarang TV (oriya dub) (2007), Udaya TV (kannada dub) (2008) , ETV Bangla (bengali dub) (2008), Disney Junior (India) (english dub) (2009), Saam TV (marathi dub) (2010), Pogo TV (hindi dub) (2010), Kushi TV (telugu dub) (2010), Chutti TV (tamil dub) (2010), Asianet (malayalam dub) (2011)
Thailand Channel 3 (Thailand) (2011)
Poland Polsat (2007)
Germany RTL II (2006)
Portugal Canal Panda (2007)
Israel Artuz HeYeladim (2004)
Hong Kong TVB (2002)
Finland MTV3 (2001)
China CCTV-14 (2003)
Sweden SVTB (2006)
Netherlands AVRO (2002)
Brazil SBT (1993)
Canada Teletoon (2005)
SlovakiaHungaryCzech RepublicRomania Animax Eastern Europe (2009)
Pakistan Animax Pakistan (2008)
Switzerland Schweizer Fernsehen (2009)
ChileArgentinaMexico Syfy (Latin America), Azteca 7 (2011)
Turkey TRT (2005)
Bulgaria Disney Channel Bulgaria (2011), Nova TV (1988)
Greece Jetix (Greece) (2007), ET1 (Greece) (2011)
Release date(s) 1981 (USSR), 2008 (Japan), 2000 (China), 1982-2015 (Europe)
Running time 50 min 6 sec (original version), 55 min 5 sec (japanese, mandarian, malayalam, tagalog, telugu version), 49 min 59 sec (french version), 60 min 0 sec (italian version), 65 min 10 sec (thai version), 80 min 4 sec (hindi version), 75 min 0 sec (portuguese, finnish, spainsh version), 130 min 5 sec (catsonese version)
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

The Mystery of the Third Planet (Russian: Тайна третьей планеты, Tayna tretyey planety), aka The Secret of the Third Planet is a 1981 Soviet traditionally-animated feature film directed by Roman Kachanov and produced by the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. It is based on one of a series of stories by well-known writer Kir Bulychyov about Alisa (Alice) Seleznyova, a young girl living in the second half of the 22nd century in a communist society (though no aspects of communism are mentioned or shown in the film).



On June 2, 2181, Alice, her father Professor Seleznyov and Captain Green go on a space expedition to find rare animals for Moscow Zoo. On the way, they visit many planets, meet many interesting denizens of the cosmos (such as a flying cow and a chatterbird) and accidentally uncover and become caught up in a criminal conspiracy.


English Russian
Director Roman Kachanov Роман Качанов
Writer Kir Bulychyov (story & screenplay) Кир Булычёв
Script Editor Natalya Abramova Наталья Абрамова
Art Director Natalya Orlova[Note 1] Наталья Орлова[Note 1]
Artists Alla Goreva
Dmitriy Kulikov
Igor Oleynikov
I. Litovskaya
Irina Svetlitsa
Victor Chuguyevskiy
V. Maksimovich
Geliy Arkadyev
Gennady Morozov
Алла Горева
Дмитрий Куликов
Игорь Олейников
И. Литовская
Ирина Светлица
Виктор Чугуевский
В. Максимович
Гелий Аркадьев
Геннадий Морозов
Animators Marina Voskanyants
Marina Rogova
Vladimir Arbekov
Vladimir Zarubin
Aleksandr Panov
Violetta Kolesnikova
Renata Mirenkova
Vladimir Shevchenko
Antonina Alyoshina
Olga Orlova
Joseph Kuroyan
Yuriy Batanin
Марина Восканьянц
Марина Рогова
Владимир Арбеков
Владимир Зарубин
Александр Панов
Виолетта Колесникова
Рената Миренкова
Владимир Шевченко
Антонина Алешина
Ольга Орлова
Иосиф Куроян
Юрий Батанин
Camera Operators Svetlana Koshcheyeva
Teodor Bunimovich
Светлана Кощеева
Теодор Бунимович
Composer Aleksandr Zatsepin Александр Зацепин
Sound Operator Boris Filchikov Борис Фильчиков
Executive Producer Ninel Lipnitskaya Нинель Липницкая
Voice Actors Olga Gromova (Alice)
Vsevolod Larionov (Seleznyov)
Vasily Livanov (Gromozeka)
Grigory Shpigel (Vesselchuck Oo)
Rina Zelyonaya (Old Lady with a cake)
Yuriy Andreyev (Prof. Verhovtsev)
Vladimir Druzhnikov (Cpt. Kim)
Vladimir Kenigson (Chatterbird)
Yuriy Volyntsev (Cpt. Green)
Yelena Krasnobayeva
Roman Kachanov, Jr (Ushan on the Street)
Ольга Громова (Алиса)
Всеволод Ларионов (Селезнёв)
Василий Ливанов (Громозека)
Григорий Шпигель (Весельчак У)
Рина Зеленая (старушка с тортиком)
Юрий Андреев (профессор Верховцев)
Владимир Дружников (капитан Ким)
Владимир Кенигсон (Говорун)
Юрий Волынцев (капитан Зелёный)
Елена Краснобаева
Роман Качанов-мл.(Ушан на улице)
  1. ^ a b The actress Yekaterina Semyonova, daughter of Orlova, has said that the design of Alice was based on her and that her father served as the prototype of Captain Green.

Home video and English adaptations

The film was adapted twice for the US market. It was first brought over as a video release in 1987, with dubbed voices. The second time, it was released in the 1990s as part of Mikhail Baryshnikov's "Stories from My Childhood" series. This series consisted of films that were bought by California-based company Films by Jove from Soyuzmultfilm for the international market. Over $1.5 million was spent by this company restoring the prints, adding new music and redubbing the films with American actors. This version of the film was named Alice and the Mystery of the Third Planet and has been released on VHS as well as on a 1999 DVD collection with several other films [1]. The film has been released on DVD several times (the latest release, which featured rather misleading cover art, was in October 2005 [2]), but there is currently no version which preserves the original Russian voices and music and also has English subtitles. The Films by Jove version of the film has been criticized by some of those who saw the original for adding many extra dialogue lines, shortening the film, and replacing the unique synthesizer music by Alexander Zatsepin.[3]

The original film has been released on several DVD editions in Russia, including a newly-restored one by Krupnyy Plan.


  • In 2005 an arcade platform game was made by the company Akella based on the film, called "Alice's Space Adventure".
  • An adventure game was released in the same year called "Alice's Journey", also produced by Akella (but developed by "Step Creative Group").

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