Cyborg 009

Cyborg 009
Cyborg 009
Cyborg 009.jpg
Japanese cover of Cyborg 009 volume 1
サイボーグ 009 (ゼロゼロナイン)
(Saibōgu Zero-Zero-Nain)
Genre Science fiction, Action, Adventure
Written by Shotaro Ishinomori
Published by Akita Shoten, Kodansha, Media Factory, Shogakukan, Shueisha
English publisher United States Tokyopop (Original)
Demographic Shōnen (1st - 4th arcs, 6th - 8th arc)
Shōjo (5th arc)
Magazine Monthly Shōnen King, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, Shōnen Big Comic, COM, Shōjo Comic, Weekly Shōnen Sunday, Monthly Shōnen Jump, Monthly Comic Nora
Original run 19641981
Volumes 36
Anime film
Directed by Yugo Serikawa
Studio Toei Animation
Released July 21, 1966
Runtime 65 minutes
Anime film
Kaijuu Sensou (Monster War)
Directed by Yugo Serikawa
Studio Toei Animation
Released March 19, 1967
Runtime 60 minutes
TV anime
Directed by Yugo Serikawa
Studio Toei Animation
Network NET (TV Asahi), Animax
Original run April 5, 1968September 27, 1968
Episodes 26
TV anime
Directed by Masayuki Akebi
Studio Sunrise, Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi, Animax
Original run March 6, 1979March 25, 1980
Episodes 50
Anime film
Chō Ginga Densetsu
Directed by Masayuki Akebi
Studio Toei Animation
Released December 20, 1980
Runtime 130 minutes
TV anime
Directed by Jun Kawagoe
Studio Avex Entertainment & Japan Vistec
Network TV Tokyo, Animax
English network United States Cartoon Network
Original run October 14, 2001October 6, 2002
Episodes 51
CR Cyborg 009
Publisher NewGin
Genre Pachinko
Platform Arcade
Released 2003
Anime film
009 Re: Cyborg
Directed by Kenji Kamiyama
Produced by ?
Written by ?
Music by ?
Studio Production IG
Released 2012
Runtime ?
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Cyborg 009 (サイボーグ 009 Saibōgu Zero-Zero-Nain?) is a manga created by Shotaro Ishinomori. It was serialized in many different magazines, including Monthly Shōnen King, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, Shōnen Big Comic, COM, Shōjo Comic, Weekly Shōnen Sunday, Monthly Shōnen Jump and Monthly Comic Nora in Japan. The first arc of the manga was published in English by Tokyopop with all the sound effects left out untranslated; as of 2006 it is out of print.



Nine regular humans are kidnapped by the evil Black Ghost organization to undergo human experiments which resulted in nine cyborgs with each one having super human powers. The nine cyborgs band together to fight for their freedom and to stop Black Ghost. The evil organization's goal is to start the next world war, by supplying any rich buyers with their choice of countless weapons of war and mass destruction.

After the destruction of Black Ghost,the nine cyborgs also fought a variety of threats, from mad scientists to supernatural beings and ancient civilizations.



  • Joe Shimamura (島村ジョー Shimamura Jō?) - Cyborg 009, and the main character/leader
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Ōta (1966 & 67 Anime films); Katsuji Mori (1968 TV anime); Akira Kamiya (1979 Radio Drama); Kazuhiko Inoue (1980 TV Anime); Adult Role:Takahiro Sakurai in Japan, Chiara Zanni in english. Child Role: Takako Honda in japan and Joshua Seth and Derek Stephen Prince in English. (2001 TV Anime); Takeshi Kusao (2009 Radio Drama)

Joe is originally from Japan, although he is actually half-Japanese. A delinquent youth, he escaped from a juvenile detention facility before being captured by Black Ghost. Although Joe received several body enhancements during the process of being turned into a cyborg, his most prominent ability is his acceleration mode, enabling him to move at a speed so fast that everything else looks like a statue to him; this mode is triggered by a switch embedded in his teeth. However, he cannot touch any normal creatures such as humans in this state; the high speeds would kill or otherwise cause serious injury to the creature through air friction. Other principal abilities include: durable skin and skeleton, superhuman physical strength, self-contained oxygen supply, night vision, and computer assisted brain enhancements. During each of the series, he acts as the field leader of 00 Cyborgs. He appears as a playable character in Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation.

  • Ivan Whisky (イワン·ウイスキー Iwan Uisukī?) - Cyborg 001
Voiced by: Kyoko Toriyama (1966 & 67 Anime Films); Fuyumi Shiraishi (1968 TV Anime); Sachiko Chijimatsu (1979 Radio Drama & TV Anime); Fuyumi Shiraishi (1980 Anime Film); Kana Ueda in japan and Bob Marx in English (2001 TV Anime); Katsue Miwa (2009 Radio Drama)

Ivan is a baby originally from Russia, born with a severe illness. His father Gamo (a famous brain surgeon who went mad after searching for a cure), performed numerous brain enhancement processes on Ivan that allowed his mental capacity to far exceed that of a normal human adult, against the wishes of Ivan's mother Erika (whom he even kills in the manga). Ivan later fell into the custody of Black Ghost, who dubbed him the first member of the organization's 00-Cyborg program. Ivan's enhanced brain gives him several psychic powers, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and extra-sensory perception. However, he inopportunely falls asleep, sometimes for two consecutive weeks, due to the strain of his powers on his infant body. He was one of the 00 Cyborgs who were frozen until more advanced technology and procedures were developed. While still a pacifier sucking infant, he is talented in scientific analysis and can telepathically converse at an adult level; he may be the most powerful member of his group. His role is to provide the 00 Cyborgs communications, speculation, and last-ditch psychokinetic defense.

  • Jet Link (ジェット·リンク Jetto Rinku?) - Cyborg 002
Voiced by: Ryō Ishihara (1966 & 67 Anime Films); Ryō Ishihara (1968 TV Anime); Kazuyuki Sogabe (1979 Radio Drama); Keiichi Noda (1979 TV Anime); Showtaro Morikubo in Japan and Kirk Thornton in English (2001 TV Anime); Hideyuki Hori (2009 Radio Drama)

Jet Link, with his elongated nose and wild, windblown hair, was originally 001, but replaced by Ivan. Jet comes from The Bronx, New York in the United States and was the leader of the Jets gang in New York's West Side. (In the manga, his character is introduced in a scene that parodies the opening scenes of the movie West Side Story). He was intercepted by Black Ghost members when he stabbed a Puerto Rican to death, who took him away from the scene to be made into a cyborg later. Jet has jets built into his feet allowing him to fly at speeds of up to Mach 5. Jet is also equipped with an early form of acceleration module, later refined in 009. Due to disfunctions in his original construction, he was cryogenically frozen for decades before his final form was perfected; although physically about 18, he is actually over 50 years old. He has a brash, street-wise confidence that often conflicts with his peers but nonetheless remains a good-hearted member of the team. He is the group's source of air support and rescue.

  • Françoise Arnoul (フランソワーズ·アルヌール Furansowāzu Arunūru?) - Cyborg 003
Voiced by: Judy Ongg (1966 & 67 Anime Films); Hiroko Suzuki (1968 TV Anime); Kazuko Sugiyama (1979 Radio Drama & TV Anime); Satsuki Yukino in Japan and Midge Mayes in English (2001 TV Anime); Machiko Toyoshima (2009 Radio Drama)

Françoise was originally a ballerina from Paris, France. Her brother Jean-Paul, a member of the French Air Force, returned to Paris on a one-week leave, and Françoise was to meet him at the train station. However, she was kidnapped by Black Ghost despite numerous attempts by her brother to save her along the way. In the third anime series Black Ghost offers a fake professional dancing career so they can kidnap her. She is the only female member of the team, 003 rarely fights though she will when needed and is often seen either directing the battle under Gilmore's guidance or protecting 001. Her cyborg modifications were in her sight and hearing. She possesses telescopic and x-ray vision along with enhanced hearing, enabling her to perceive activity hundreds of miles away. As well, she is an excellent pilot, tactician and a machine whiz. She was one of the 00 Cyborgs who were frozen until more advanced technology and procedures were developed; she's chronologically in her 50s, being 19 when captured. Her role is reconnaissance, morale and nursing 001.

  • Albert Heinrich (アルベルト·ハインリヒ Aruberuto Hainrihi?) - Cyborg 004

Albert was originally from Germany. He and his fiancée Hilda attempted to escape to West Berlin in the guise of circus members. However, because Albert forgot to retrieve his forged identification from a guard, he panicked and sped off. The border guards opened fire on the truck, injuring Albert and killing Hilda in the process. Black Ghost agents arrived on the scene and lied that they would take Albert to a hospital. One of the first 4 00 Cyborgs, Albert's right fingertips contain small machine guns, his left hand has razor-sharp edges, his lower legs and, on occasion his elbows, are cylinders containing missiles launched from his knees. 004 often has a gruff exterior which belies his friendly personality and disgust with war; aside from his mechanical parts, he possesses blank circular eyes (which may be an artistic flourish rather than a mechanical enhancement). He was the last of the 00 Cyborgs who were frozen until more advanced technology and procedures were made and is chronologically the oldest of the group, being already 30 years old when captured. He appears as a playable character in Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation. 004's job is usually first-line attack/artillery.

In the 2001 series, upon waking up as a cyborg, Albert was stricken with despair and developed suicidal tendencies, worsened by the side effects of his modifications which caused him additional physical pain and strain. This ultimately forced Black Ghost to halt the cyborg program for decades, and put the existing cyborgs in suspended animation until technology developed far enough to make future cyborg soldiers more stable.

  • Geronimo Jr. (ジェロニモ·ジュニア Jeronimo Junia?) - Cyborg 005

Also called "G-Junior" for short, he was originally from an undisclosed part of the southwest United States. G-Junior is a Native American who was unable to find work because of widespread racism. At age 26, he was approached to be a Native American chief in a sideshow, but G-Junior simply punched the sideshow owner in the face, refusing to further the stereotypes about his culture. Geronimo was the first created when Black Ghost resumed its cyborg soldier program. At around 8 feet tall, he is the strongest as well as the biggest of the 00 Cyborgs; he also has heavily armored skin. However, he is also a silent man with a deep reverence for nature and life, and it's speculated that he may have a sort of sixth sense that allows him to sense changes in the nature and possibly other people's thoughts. He appears as a playable character in Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation. G.Jr.'s physical strength was estimated in the anime series as "as strong as 50 men"; based on observation and history of battle he may as powerful as one thousand! 005's intense strength and durability make him expert in ground infantry and line defense, usually employing boulders as thrown missiles; his instinctive comprehension of nature makes him a superb tracker.

  • Chang Changku (張々湖 Chanchanko?) - Cyborg 006

Chang was originally from China. He was an impoverished Chinese farmer in his early 40s who once owned a pig farm; almost all of his pigs ran away and he was starving and suffering under heavy taxes. Hopeless, Chang decided to end his misery by hanging himself. However, he was "saved" by a bullet from Black Ghost which cut the noose. Chang fainted and was later delivered to the Black Ghost laboratory (In the 2001 series, he owns a restaurant - explaining why he's such a good cook - but burns it down after doing a fire-breathing trick, then he loses everything else. Black Ghost agents pick him up when he faints.) Chang's power allows him to breathe huge flames which he uses to create tunnels in the earth and attack enemies with underground explosions. He's a jovial fellow who is well-versed in the ways of cooking; his refined cuisine and happy personality always manage to bring his teammates back to good spirits. His proclivity is frontal advancing, anti-personnel, and anti-ballistics; 006's jolly nature and Epicurean cooking skills make him expert at morale.

  • Great Britain (グレート·ブリテン Gurēto Buriten?) - Cyborg 007

Great Britain, whose real name is unknown, was originally from the United Kingdom. He was once a famous and talented stage actor with a broad knowledge of famous shows. 007 has the incredible ability to reshape his cellular structure at will, allowing him to take form of any object, creature, or person he wishes. With his superb acting skills, he can also blend in with the enemy to use sneaky maneuvers and attacks. Great Britain is a very lighthearted and amiable gentleman to boot. Giving credence to his personality as a comic relief, there is a running gag where G.B. often takes the form of a precocious, almost super deformed, spoiled child fearing for his own life. His unusual talent make him ideal at espionage and infiltration; additionally his ability take on gigantic proportions or restructure into a dangerous animal proves useful in field combat.

During the 60's, in an attempt by the producers to appeal to a younger audience, he is depicted as a child rather than an adult. Though Ishinomori initially disapproved of this, he later temporarily mirrored it in the manga version by having Gilmore alter 007's body to make the child form his standard form.

  • Pyunma (ピュンマ?) - Cyborg 008

Pyunma was originally from an undisclosed part of Africa. Originally, 23-years-old Pyunma was to have been made a slave along with the people of his tribe, but he escaped from his chains and ran off. Cornered by the slave drivers, all seemed lost until the slave drivers were shot dead by Black Ghost agents from out of nowhere. Holding Pyunma at gunpoint, they led him to their plane so he could be taken to the cybernetics laboratory. In the 2001 series, Pyunma was a guerrilla fighter who fought against the tyrant ruling his land along with his friends Kabore and Masmado, but was caught in the crossfire during a nocturnal fight, when Black Ghost people kidnapped him. Pyunma, the only member of the team with real combat training, has mechanical lungs that allow him to survive indefinitely underwater at any depth. Pyunma's soldier background make him an outstanding field tactician, possibly the most capable of the group. His mainstay abilities are anti-submarine/sea ordnance and ocean recon.

In the original 1960s and 1970s incarnations, Pyunma's facial design was done in darky iconography, which is considered an outrage in many countries. Despite this exaggeration the character's personality is always presented as intensely no-nonsense and battle-hardened. In the 80s movie Chou Ginga Densetsu, Pyunma was redrawn in a more naturalistic style. The design redeux was further applied for the 2001 series.

  • Dr. Isaac Gilmore (アイザック·ギルモア博士 Aizakku Girumoa Hakase?)

The lead scientist in the 00 Cyborg program, Gilmore was a dutiful worker who hid a deep distrust for Black Ghost's plans. (In the 2001 series, he only begins to have serious misgivings about the time 005 is built - his superiors force him to install a lower-grade part, because it would lead to more revenue - and has a much less prominent role in creating the rest.) After the cybernetic enhancements for the first nine 00 Cyborgs were complete, he intentionally let himself be "taken hostage" by the cyborgs. Since then, he has been the team's advisor and father figure, not only helping to formulate the team's plans but also assisting them with the nuances of their newfound mechanical bodies.

In the 1979 series he and his fellow scientist Reinhardt was captured and forced to work on Operation Superman (possibly the first cyborg project ever) for the Nazi regime during the 1940s. Gilmore when learned of, was disgusted by the fact that he was working on Hitler's secret project decided to escape. He was aided by the chaos created by an Allied strike on the laboratory he was working in and managed to escape in the confusion.

  • Dr. Koizumi (コズミ博士 Kozumi Hakase?)

Calm and perceptive Koizumi is Gilmore's old friend from before he joined Black Ghost, and also is doctor specialized in biochemistry (it's hinted he may be even Nobel Prize level). His mansion in the outskirts of Tokyo became the cyborg's HQ during the first episodes; Koizumi not only helped develop the antidote for a poison that affected the cyborgs, but also aided 004 when he was starting to doubt himself again, and was the first person to notice how Gilmore and the cyborgs were becoming more of a family than merely a group of fighters. He was kidnapped by Black Ghost, and the cyborgs had to rescue him by fighting and defeating 0012 and 0013; after that, he remained a good friend of the team.


Each 00 member (except 001) is outfitted with a ray-blasting multipurpose weapon called a "needle-nose", kept in a holster at the side of the uniform. Other weapons may be dispensed to the group when needed. The team's principal source of transportation is a flying submarine vehicle called "The Dolphin", capable of supersonic flight, as well as surface or below-surface sea navigation.



Skull (スカール Sukāru?) is the tyrannical leader of an evil organization called the Black Ghost Organization (its main mission is to cause war between two global powers by dealing weapons). His true identity is not known because he wears a helmet, which looks like a skull, and an all-black suit (which appears to have what looks like ribs) followed by a red cape. His given name is, according to some sources, Skull. A possible origin for him exists in the 2007 anime adaptation of The Skull Man in which main character Hayato is revived and takes up an appearance almost exactly like that of Skull.



The first Arc was serialized in Weekly Shōnen King (Shōnen Gahosha). It depicts the 009 origin story, the escape from Black Ghost, and running from cyborg assassins. It was briefly ended with the battle with the Mythos Cyborgs story.

The second Arc called The Underground Empire Yomi Arc. Appeared in Weekly Shōnen Magazine (Kodansha) alongside the release of the film version. The story is highly influenced by Edgar Rice Burroughs' Earth's Core series, including an expedition to the center of the Earth with a drill tank and a reptile race who can use telepathy and grow wings. The story ends with the final battle against Black Ghost. The final scene has 009 and 002 falling into the Earth's atmosphere and being seen as a shooting star by two small children, one who wishes for a toy gun the other for world peace (a scene reminiscent of Ray Bradbury's Kaleidoscope). This point was the intended finish for the series and many fans consider it the true end; however popular demand necessitated the two heroes be rescued. As such, 001 was able at the last minute of using his telekinetic power to retrieve 002 and 009 from their plummet before death.

Thus began third Arc Serialized in Shōnen Big Comic (Akita Shoten). It contained 6 story arcs, including the Monster Island Arc, the Middle East Arc, and the Angels Arc. The series abruptly ended during the Angels Arc.

The Fourth Arc called The Battle of the Gods Arc was serialized in COM (Mushi Production). Ishinomori resumed and retold the interrupted Angels Arc with a new plot, but the series once again ended abruptly. Ishinomori would not resume the series for a few years after this.

The fifth Arc was serialized in Shōjo Comic (Shogakukan). Included the Wind City Arc, the Snow Carnival Arc, and the Edda Arc. The story deals with legendary and mythical like characters challenging the 00 Number Cyborgs.

The sixth Arc connected to the 5th work. Arcs such as the Deinonychus Arc (appeared in Monthly Shōnen Jump (Shueisha)) and Green Hole Arc (appeared in Play Comic (Akita Shoten)) were depicted, then after a long time the Underwater Pyramid Arc was serialized in Monthly Manga Shōnen (Asahi Sonorama).

The seventh Arc was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday (Shogakukan) to go with the revival anime. A long arc consisting of many short arcs, this series dealt with the battle against Neo Black Ghost as well as the emotional trauma of the 00 Number Cyborgs. The story is set approximately 20 years after the Yomi Arc, and the personalities and conduct of the cyborgs are depicted as more adult.

The eighth Arc was serialized in Monthly Comic Nora (Gakken). A long arc called People Drifting Through Time and Space Arc. A sequel to the Immigration Arc. The Count of St. Germain from the Underwater Pyramid Arc appears, but his design is different.

Ishinomori's death made this the last work of the series, although it is not the final chapter.

Written and illustrated by Shotaro Ishinomori; serialized in Monthly Shōnen King; published in Japan by Akita Shoten; published in North America by Tokyopop. The most speculated reason among American fans for the discontinuation of Cyborg 009 in America at volume 10 was due to Ishinomori's intent to have volume 10 be the end of the series, but he eventually continued the series because of its popularity in Japan.

No. Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
01 July 1966[1] ISBN 978-4-25-306001-1 September 9, 2003[2] ISBN 978-1-59182-676-7
  • Prologue
  • 001. "Merchants of Death"
  • 002. "The Cyborg Laboratory"
  • 003. "The Men in Black"
  • 004. "Number 00, The Guinea Pigs"
  • 005. "Birth of 009"
  • 006. "Rebellion"
  • 007. "10,000 vs. 10 Warriors"
  • 008. "Escape by Sea (Part 1)"
02 August 1966[3] ISBN 978-4-25-306002-8 November 11, 2003[2] ISBN 978-1-59182-677-4
  • 008. "Escape by Sea (Part 2)"
  • Cyborg 009 Part II: The Black Ghost
  • Prologue
  • 009. "Assassins"
  • 010. "Man-Eating Mansion"
  • 011. "0013"
03 October 1966[4] ISBN 978-4-25-306003-5 January 13, 2004[2] ISBN 978-1-59182-678-1
  • 011. "0013"
  • Cyborg 009 Part III: The Journey
  • 012. "Man and Machine"
  • 013. "The Journey Begins"
  • 014. "The Man with the Expensive Castle"
04 November 1966[5] ISBN 978-4-25-306004-2 March 2, 2004[2] ISBN 978-1-59182-679-8
  • Cyborg 009 Part III: The Journey (Continued)
  • 015. "Empty War"
  • 016. "A New Type of Bomb (Thunder and Lightning)"
  • 017. "Deep Sea Wanderer"
  • Cyborg 009 Part IV: A Vietnam Story
  • Prologue
  • 018. "Mud and Blood (Part 1)"
05 February 1967[6] ISBN 978-4-25-306005-9 May 4, 2004[2] ISBN 978-1-59182-680-4
  • Cyborg 009 Part IV: Vietnam Story
  • 018. "Mud and Blood (Part 2)"
  • 019. "Cyborgman"
  • 020. "The Mole and the Moon"
  • 021. "Before the Dawn"
06 August 1968[7] ISBN 978-4-25-306006-6 July 6, 2004[2] ISBN 978-1-59182-681-1
  • Cyborg 009 Part V: The Myutos Cyborgs
  • Prologue
  • 022. "The Gods of Mount Olympus"
  • 023. "The Ocean Tunnel"
  • 024. "Achilles' Heel"
  • 025. "Helena and Apollo"
  • 026. "Atlas Invasion (Part 1)"
07 September 1967[8] ISBN 978-4-25-306007-3 September 7, 2004[2] ISBN 978-1-59182-682-9
  • Cyborg 009 Part V: The Myutos Cyborgs Story
  • 026. "Atlas Invasion (Part Two)"
  • 027. "The Final Chapter"
  • Cyborg 009 Side Stories
  • "Cyborg Soldiers: The Golden Lion"
  • "Cyborg Soldiers: The Phantom Dog"
08 April 1968[9] ISBN 978-4-25-306008-0 November 2, 2004[2] ISBN 978-1-59182-683-5
  • Cyborg 009 Part VI: The Underground Empire of Hades Story
  • Prologue
  • 028. "Hurricane Joe"
  • 029. "Reunion"
  • 030. "The Gathering"
  • 031. "Defying Black Ghost"
  • 032. "Silence and Compromise"
09 January 1986[10] ISBN 978-4-25-306009-7 January 11, 2005[2] ISBN 978-1-59532-393-4
  • Cyborg 009 Part VI: The Underground Empire of Hades Story (continued)
  • 032. "Mistrust and Compromise"
  • 033. "Commence Attack"
  • 034. "Into the Underground Lair"
10 April 1970[11] ISBN 978-4-25-306010-3 March 8, 2005[2] ISBN 978-1-59532-394-1
  • Cyborg 009 Part VI: The Underground Empire of Hades Story (continued)
  • 035. "The Evil Underground Empire of Hades"
  • 036. "Decisive Battle"
  • 037. "From the Surface to Quick Freeze..."
  • Afterword


The first Cyborg 009 film was released on July 21, 1966. It was produced by: Hiroshi Ōkawa (uncredited) and directed by Yugo Serikawa

Cyborg 009: Monster Wars (サイボーグ009 怪獣戦争 Saiboogu Zero-Zero-Nain Kaijuu Sensou?) was the second film for Cyborg 009 and released on March 19, 1967. It was produced by Hiroshi Ōkawa and Directed by Yugo Serikawa

The theme Song for the films was Song of Cyborg 009 (サイボーグ009の歌 Saibōgu Zero Zero Nain no Uta?) (Lyrics: Masahisa Urushibara, Composer, Arrangement: Taichirō Kosugi, Singer: Tokyo Meister Singer)


TV Anime

An Anime adaptation was released on April 5, 1968 on NET-TV and ended on September 27, 1968 with a total of 26 episodes. Directed by Yugo Serikawa, Takeshi Tamiya, Tomoharu Katsumata, Toshio Katsuda, Taiji Yabushita, Ryōzō Tanaka, Yoshikata Nitta, Kazuya Miyazaki, Fusahiro Nagaki, Minoru Okazaki, Yoshio Takami

The opening theme song for the anime series was (Lyrics: Masahisa Urushibara, Composer, Arrangement: Taichirō Kosugi, Vocals: Tokyo Meister Singer. the ending theme was End the Battle (戦いおわって Tatakai Owatte?) (Lyrics: Shotaro Ishinomori, Composer, Arrangement: Taichirō Kosugi, Singer: Vocal Shop)



The "サイボーグ009 モノクロ DVD BOX" was released on January 2006 from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.
The low-priced edition "サイボーグ009 1968 DVD-COLLECTION" was released in July 2009 from TOEI COMPANY,LTD.

Radio Drama

A radio drama was produced for NBS's Kirin Radio Theater from January 29 to February 23, 1979.


Second TV Anime

Another anime for Cyborg 009 was released on March 6, 1979 on TV Asahi and ended on March 25, 1980 with a total of 50 episodes.

The opening theme song for the anime was For Whose Sake (誰がために Taga tame ni?). The lyrics were by Shotaro Ishinomori, the composer was Masaaki Harao, the arrangement was done by Koichi Sugiyama and vocals were provided by Ken Narita and Koorogi '73); the ending theme was Someday (いつの日か Itsu no Hi ka?). The lyrics were by Saburō Yatsude while the composer was Masaaki Harao, the arrangement was done by Koichi Sugiyama and vocals were provided by Koorogi '73.



An anime film for the second TV anime was released on December 20, 1980 called Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Vortex (サイボーグ009 超銀河伝説 Saibōgu Zero Zero Nain: Chou Ginga Densetsu?) It should be noted that this title is frequently mistranslated by fans who opt for the first definition in a Japanese-English dictionary; the word ginga can mean 'galaxy' but is usually used for 'vortex', which is the purpose of the word in the film (there's a weapon called the Super Vortex, but no weapon dealing with a Super Galaxy).

The theme song was Love of 1 Billion Lightyears (10億光年の愛 Juu-oku Kounen no Ai?) (Lyrics: Michio Yamagami, Composer: Kōichi Morita, Arrangement: Reijirō Koroku, Singer: Yoshito Machida).


Third TV Anime

A third Anime for Cyborg 009 was released on October 14, 2001 on TV Tokyo and ended on October 13, 2002 with a total of 51 Episodes Sundays at 6:30 pm

The Opening theme song for the third TV anime series was "What's the Justice?" by Globe. The First ending theme was "Genesis of Next" by Globe followed by "Starting from Here" by Globe and later by "I Do" by Fayray.



Season 1 (BATTLE ALIVE (バトルアライブ Batoru Araibu?))
# Title Original airdate (TV Tokyo 1st. run)
01 "The Birth"
"Tanjō" (誕生) 
When an ordinary boy wakes up in a mysterious laboratory, he discovers he has incredible powers and escapes to find others like him. 
02 "The Escape"
"Dasshutsu" (脱出) 
The nine rebel Cyborgs return to their base to destroy their evil creator - Black Ghost. 
03 "The Assassin of Flash"
"Senkō no Ansatsusha" (閃光の暗殺者) 
The team meets Cyborg 0010 - but he's no friend. Instead, this incredibly powerful foe is programmed to eliminate the band of rebels. 
04 "At the End of the Battle"
"Shitō no Hate ni" (死闘の果てに) 
When Cyborg 0010 turns out to be twice the opponent they expected, the cyborgs' only hope is to combine powers before he defeats them. 
05 "Tears of Steel"
"Kōtetsu no Namida" (鋼鉄の涙) 
When Black Ghost sends Cyborg 0011 to terminate the rebels, he's got powers and a presence beyond imagination. 
06 "Search for the Professor"
"Kieta Hakase o Oe!" (消えた博士を追え!) 
In the search for kidnapped Professor Kozumi, the cyborgs find a beautiful woman in a magnificent mansion. But neither is quite what they seem. 
07 "Defeat the Invisible Opponent"
"Mienai Teki o Ute" (見えない敵を撃て) 
The hunt continues for Professor Kozumi in Tokyo, 009's hometown, where painful and puzzling memories from his past deepen the mystery. 
08 "Friend"
"Tomodachi" (トモダチ) 
Using his unseen power, Cyborg 0013 devastates Tokyo with catastrophic force, and 009 finds a hero in the most unlikely place. 
09 "Satan of the Deep Sea"
"Shinkai no Akuma" (深海の悪魔) 
After 0013 and his invisible robot are destroyed, the race is on between the rebels and Black Ghost to recover the robot's computer brain. 
10 "Operation Auroras"
"Ōrora Sakusen" (オーロラ作戦) 
When Cyborg 007 brings down an enemy transport, they discover Black Ghost's latest secret. 
11 "Christmas Eve Mirage"
"Gen'ei no Ibu" (幻影の聖夜(イブ)) 
While in Paris for Christmas, Cyborg 003 is injected with a drug that sends her into a dream world where past and present collide. 
12 "Mystical Island"
"Nazo no Mujintō" (なぞの無人島) 
When Cyborgs 005, 006 and 007 crash land on a deserted island, they stumble upon a loyal new friend determined to save their lives. 
13 "London Fogs"
"Rondon no Kiri" (倫敦(ロンドン) の霧) 
Memories of 007's former life as an actor resurface when he sees his ex-girlfriend's daughter Rosa in a production of their old play. But when Black Ghost attacks, 007 will have to make sure that the show goes on as planned. 
14 "The Land of Reunions"
"Saikai no Chi de" (再会の地で) 
Cyborgs 002 and 009 join 008 in his homeland of Mwanba in a fight to overthrow Unbaba, the dictatorial President. 
15 "Goodbye, My Friend"
"Saraba Tomo yo" (さらば友よ) 
As the fighting in Mwanba continues, 008 discovers his old friend Mamado has been turned into a Black Ghost cyborg warrior. 
16 "Breaking In"
"Totsunyū" (突入) 
Black Ghost orders Fuerge to capture the zero-zero cyborgs to study the source of their incredible powers. 
17 "The Final Battle"
"Kessen" (決戦) 
Tricking Fuerge into thinking his magnatron weapon has left them powerless, the cyborgs allow themselves to be taken aboard the Black Ghost's base and destroy it from within. 
18 "The Story of a Struggling Restaurant"
"Chanchanku Hanten Funtōki" (張々湖飯店奮闘記) 
Having finally defeated Black Ghost, 006 cooks up a scheme to woo a food critic at the grand opening of his new Tokyo restaurant. 
19 "The Hero"
"Hīrō no Jōken" (英雄(ヒーロー) の条件) 
On a visit to his hometown of New York, 002 proves he's the hero he claims to be when he uses his powers to save a young boy's mother. 
20 "A Phantom Dog"
"Maboroshi no Inu" (まぼろしの犬) 
When a series of mysterious and deadly fires ignite throughout Tokyo, suspicions rise that 009's dog Kubikuro may be to blame. 
21 "The Fossils of Evil"
"Aku no Kaseki" (悪の化石) 
The cyborgs get more than they bargain for on an expedition to capture a dinosaur, when they discover the prehistoric monsters are actually robots. 
22 "Attack of the Gods (Mythos Arc)"
"Kamigami no Raishū (Myūtosu Hen)" (神々の来襲(ミュートス編)) 
When terrible earthquakes and storms threaten mankind, Gilmore and the cyborgs discover just how angry the gods can get. 
23 "Mythology Arises (Mythos Arc)"
"Sobietatsu Shinwa (Myūtosu Hen)" (そびえたつ神話(ミュートス編)) 
The Greek gods continue their battle with the cyborgs as 009's showdown with Apollo rages on. 
24 "Artemis (Mythos Arc)"
"Arutemisu (Myūtosu Hen)" (アルテミス(ミュートス編)) 


As the war between the cyborgs and the gods continues, 007's reconnaissance mission reveals the truth about their belligerent enemies, while Artemis risks the wrath of Apollo to save 009's life. 
25 "Mythos, the Final Chapter (Mythos Arc)"
"Myūtosu, Shūshō (Myūtosu Hen)" (ミュートス、終章(ミュートス編)) 
The battle between the gods and cyborgs come to a violent end when Apollo turns on Dr. Gaya and makes the ultimate sacrifice. 
26 "Gilmore's Notes"
"Girumoa Nōto" (ギルモアノート) 
A recap episode that follows the notes Dr. Gilmore is writing on each 00 cyborg about their pasts and personalities. 
Season 2 (Chapter 2 WHEN YOU WISH UPON A SHOOTING STAR (第2章 地上(ここ)より永遠(とわ)に?))
# Title Original airdate (TV Tokyo 1st. run)
27 "Little Visitors"
"Chiisana Raihōsha" (小さな来訪者) 
Three alien children arrive on earth to save themselves from the invaders that are destroying their race. The 00 cyborgs will help them. 
28 "The Awakening"
"Tatakai no Ashita" (闘いの未来(あした)) 
The fight to save the alien children goes on while 002 encourages them to use their psychic powers and fight for themselves. 
29 "The Blue Earth"
"Aoi Kemono" (青いけもの) 
A powerful blue beast is attacking construction sites and factories, causing death and destruction. 005 sets out to stop its rampage. 
30 "Computoia"
"Conpyūtopia" (未来都市(コンピュートピア)) 
The 00 Cyborgs visit Computopia, an avveniristic city run by a super computer. The machine falls in love with 003 and tries to eliminate whoever it perceives as an obstacle to their love. 
31 "Monster Island"
"Monsutā Airando" (怪物島(モンスターアイランド)) 
32 "Man or Machine?"
"Kiki Kaikai" (機々械々) 
004 is sent to investigate strange activities in an abandoned castle. There he'll have to battle a replica of himself. 
33 "Frozen Time"
"Kesshō Jikan" (結晶時間) 
009 undergoes regular maintenance when something goes haywire with his acceleration switch. 
34 "The Pharaoh's Curse"
"Farao Wirusu" (ファラオウィルス) 
Dr. Gilmore, 003 and 009 visit Egypt to meet Dr. Gilmore's old friend Dr. Herschl, when the scientists, including Dr. Herschl exploring Tutankhamen's tomb fell ill. They wonder if the Pharoah's curse really is true. 
35 "The City of Wind"
"Kaze no To" (風の都) 
007 and the gang travel to Egypt in search for Sir Van Allen, 007's old friend only to find out he was in the brink of dying. Could it be related to the strong wind that reveals a golden pyramid and a singing maiden named Ishukik? 
36 "The Frozen Land"
"Kōru Daichi" (凍る大地) 
37 "The Night of the Star Festival"
"Hoshimatsuri no Yoru" (星祭の夜) 
009 goes soul-searching and meets a girl named 'Alice', who can jump time and takes him to the person he wishes to see the most. 
38 "Black Ghost Lives"
"Burakku Gōsuto" (黒い幽霊団(ブラックゴースト)) 
We see the birth of the cyborg project and Dr. Gilmor's involvement in the operations that created all the 00 series. 
39 "The New Assassins (Mutant Warriors Arc)"
"Aratanaru Shikaku (Myūtanto Senshi Hen)" (新たなる刺客(ミュータント戦士編)) 
The 00 cyborgs are attacked by four new cyborgs who all possess psychic powers similar to 001. 
40 "Gamo's Revenge (Mutant Warriors Arc)"
"Shinkurowāpu -Dōchō Chōyaku- (Myūtanto Senshi Hen)" (シンクロワープ ―同調跳躍―(ミュータント戦士編)) 
The four psychic cyborgs are revealed to be acting under doctor Gamo's order. The scientist, who is 001's biological father and creator, wishes to prove the value of his research to Black Ghost by destroying the 00 series. 
41 "Future Fury (Mutant Warriors Arc)"
"Akumu no Mirai (Myūtanto Senshi Hen)" (悪夢の未来(ミュータント戦士編)) 

Mutant Warriors, Part3

A mishap occurs during a fight resulting in 009 and one of the psychic cyborgs to be transported to the future. 
42 "To Tomorrow (Mutant Warriors Arc)"
"Ashita e... (Myūtanto Senshi Hen)" (明日へ...(ミュータント戦士編)) 
Mutant Warriors, Part4, To Tomorrow 
43 "Old Friends (Underground Empire "Yomi" Arc)"
"Ihen (Chika Teikoku "Yomi" Hen)" (異変(地下帝国「ヨミ」編)) 
The Underground Empire Yomi, Part1, Catastrophe 
44 "Nightmare of Van Bogoot (Underground Empire "Yomi" Arc)"
"Ban Bogūto (Chika Teikoku "Yomi" Hen)" (バン·ボグート(地下帝国「ヨミ」編)) 
45 "Good-Bye, My Dolphin (Underground Empire "Yomi" Arc)"
"Sayonara, Dorufin (Chika Teikoku "Yomi" Hen)" (さよなら、ドルフィン(地下帝国「ヨミ」編)) 
46 "Go Underground! (Underground Empire "Yomi" Arc)"
"Chitei e! (Chika Teikoku "Yomi" Hen)" (地底へ!(地下帝国「ヨミ」編)) 
47 "Rise of the Demon (Underground Empire "Yomi" Arc)"
"Majin, Hatsudō (Chika Teikoku "Yomi" Hen)" (魔神、発動(地下帝国「ヨミ」編)) 
Recap "Yomi Group (Underground Empire "Yomi" Arc)"
"Yomi no Gunzō (Chika Teikoku "Yomi" Hen)" (黄泉の群像(地下帝国「ヨミ」編)) 
48 "When You Wish Upon a Shooting Star... (Underground Empire "Yomi" Arc)"
"Koko yori Towa ni (Chika Teikoku "Yomi" Hen)" (地上(ここ) より永遠(とわ) に(地下帝国「ヨミ」編)) 
(Conclusion God's War -Prelude- (完結編〜Conclusion God's War〜序章〜?))
# Title Original airdate (TV Tokyo 1st. run)
49 "The Goddess Scheme"
"Megami no Hakarigoto" (女神の陰謀(はかりごと)) 
50 "The Fluttering Australia"
"Hikari no Haneoto" (光の羽音(はねおと)) 
51 "The Birth of A New Universal"
"Kami no Ubugoe" (宇宙(かみ) の産声) 
Not Broadcast, DVD-release only

Second Radio Drama

A second radio drama, entitled Cyborg 009: Birth, was aired in two parts on September 21 and 28, 2009.


Part 1
  • Gamo Whiskey: Hirohiko Kakegawa
  • Erika: Kyoko Terase
  • Dancer: Isao Teramoto
  • Hilda: Akiko Sekina
  • Slave Trader: Keiichirō Yamamoto
  • Boy: Kohta Nemoto
  • Jailer: Masaru Suzuki
Part 2
  • Scientist C: Yasuhiko Tokuyama
  • Crewman A: Masaru Suzuki
  • Crewman B: Kohta Nemoto
  • Crewman C: Keiichirō Yamamoto
  • Robot: Isao Teramoto

International releases

The 1979 version aired in Italy and became popular with Italian viewers.

The 2001 version aired on MBC 3 several times starting from 2005 and became extremely popular with Arab viewers.

The 1967 movie was aried in Mexico, and years later, the 2001 version aried on Toonami in 2004, and was later replayed on Cadena Tres in 2007, and was quite popular with Mexican viewers.

North American releases

The 1979 series was broadcast with English subtitles on Japanese-language television in Hawaii, California, and the New York City area. The English subtitles were produced by San Francisco-based, Fuji Television, which did not broadcast the series as part of its Japanese programming on KEMO-TV. Chou Ginga Densetsu had a little-known direct-to-video English release in 1995 by Best Film and Video Corporation. Before that, it had been released stateside in 1988 by Celebrity Home Entertainment as Defenders of the Vortex that featured a poorly received English dub. More recently, the 2001 version was licensed by Avex Inc. (the North American branch of Avex Mode, the 2001 series' original distributor in Japan) and dubbed into English by Animaze and ZRO Limit Productions. The first 8 episodes of the 2000s version of the show are currently available on DVD from Columbia TriStar Entertainment in both an uncut bilingual and a dub-only "cut" broadcast version, though as of 2009, none of the other episodes have become available in the US. Japanese and Hong Kong releases remain the only way to see the entire series on DVD.

Video games

Two video games based on the series were released only in Japan. One of them was an action platformer released for the Super Famicom by BEC, in which each level one of the eight adult cyborgs (001 is not playable) is selected as the leader of a strike force for a particular mission and the player is allowed to choose two others to accompany them. This formula is quite similar to the NES G.I. Joe videogame. The other game (released by Telenet Japan's subsidiary Riot) was for the Sega CD and is also a side scroller.


In the 1990s manga The Skull Man, Joe/009 makes an appearance in Chapter 36 in a chance meeting with Ryuusei Chisato, the Skull Man. Both discuss the nature of evil and humanity over coffee, and meet (again by chance) when the Skull Man stops a dirty deal by politicians going on at the docks. In the 2007 anime, The Skull Man was set up as a pseudo prequel of Cyborg 009. Joe/009 appears in the last episode, as Hayato Mikogami and Kiriko Mamiya's son. Also, Hayato himself was turned into the Black Skull after the final battle with a human attempting to usher a new humanity. In the 1997 anime King of Braves GaoGaiGar, the character Soldato J is a tribute to Jet Link/002, sharing his love of flight, acceleration mode, and characteristic nose. J's number in the Corps to which he belongs is 002, further reinforcing this link.

2010 Movie: 009 RE:CYBORG

Production I.G. and Ishimori Productions will be releasing a 3DCG movie in 2012.


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