Controversy Creates Cash

Controversy Creates Cash
Controversy Creates Ca$h  
Author(s) Eric Bischoff
Jeremy Roberts
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Autobiography
Publisher WWE Books
Pocket Books
Publication date November 2006
Media type Hardcover and paperback
Pages 400
ISBN 141652729X
OCLC Number 70708122
Dewey Decimal 796.81209 22
LC Classification GV1195 .B52 2006

Controversy Creates Cash (own spelling: Controversy Creates Ca$h) is the autobiography of professional wrestling promoter and personality Eric Bischoff, written with Jeremy Roberts. It debuted at #16 on the New York Times Best Seller list.[1] Making it the highest ranked WWE book since To Be the Man in 2004. The book was also #83 on USA Today’s Best-selling Books for the week of it's release.[2]



In late 2005, Bischoff was "removed" as General Manager of Raw, when Vince McMahon tossed him into a garbage truck - following a "trial" where his history of unscrupulous actions were listed. Bischoff then sat out the remainder of the year and spent the start of 2006 writing a book that would become Controversy Creates Ca$h.[citation needed]

On the September 25, 2006 edition of Raw, Bischoff appeared to deliver a worked shoot, claiming that before being unceremoniously and unjustly fired, he signed a book deal with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and that his book was finished. Reflecting on the Monday Night Wars, he stated, "I tell the truth about a lot of things, most of which will piss off Vincent Kennedy McMahon". He then claimed that Raw in its current form wouldn't be possible without him and that D-Generation X wouldn't exist without the New World Order. Jonathan Coachman (in kayfabe) then cut off Bischoff and had him escorted out as he hinted at "the truth about Vince McMahon".[3] featured shoot-comments from past World Championship Wrestling (WCW) employees regarding their relationship with Bischoff and feelings on his upcoming book. Talent such as Dave Finlay and William Regal shared respectful comments while others like Chavo Guerrero, Jr. were more scathing, declaring that "controversy creates an asshole".


The book's prologue details Bischoff's July 15, 2002 debut on Raw as its new General Manager, and it offers a bit of background on how Raw came to be influenced by his work on WCW Monday Nitro.[4] Topics that are covered in the book include Bischoff's childhood, his involvement in the American Wrestling Association, his involvement as vice president and president of WCW, his take on the Monday Night Wars and working for WWE. The book focuses more on the business side of WCW behind the scenes as opposed to details regarding the on-camera actions. Bischoff also addresses the problems and politics within WCW and how he believes that "dirtsheets" have blown them out of proportion and misguided some readers.


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