New Warriors

New Warriors
New Warriors
NW 8.jpg
Cover art for The New Warriors (vol 4) #9.
Art by Nic Klein.
Group publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Mighty Thor #411 (December 1989)
Created by Tom DeFalco
Ron Frenz
In-story information
Type of organization Team
Agent(s) Current Roster:Currently Inactive
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The New Warriors
Series publication information
Schedule Monthly
Format (vol. 1-2, 4)
Ongoing series
(vol. 3)
Limited series
Genre Superhero
Publication date (vol. 1)
July 1990 – September 1996
(vol. 2)
October 1999 – July 2000
(vol. 3)
August 2005 – February 2006
(vol. 4)
August 2007 – March 2009
Number of issues (vol. 1):
75 + 4 annuals + 1 ashcan
(vol. 2):
10 + 1 Wizard exclusive
(vol. 3):
(vol. 4):
Creative team
Writer(s) (vol. 1):
Fabian Nicieza
Evan Skolnick
(vol. 2):
Jay Faerber
(vol. 3):
Zeb Wells
(vol. 4):
Kevin Grevioux
Penciller(s) (vol. 1):
Mark Bagley
Darick Robertson
Patrick Zircher
(vol. 2):
Steve Scott
Jamal Igle
(vol. 3):
Scottie Young
(vol. 4):
Paco Medina
Reilly Brown
Creator(s) Tom DeFalco
Ron Frenz
Collected editions
New Warriors Classic: Volume 1 ISBN 0-7851-3742-4

The New Warriors is a Marvel Comics superhero team, traditionally consisting of young adult heroes. They first appeared in The Mighty Thor #411 (December 1989).


General publication history

The New Warriors first appeared in issues 411 and 412 of the Marvel Comics title The Mighty Thor. The team was compiled by writer/editor Tom DeFalco, consisting of the young superheroes Nova, Speedball, Namorita, Marvel Boy, and Firestar, all of whom were once featured in solo series or were supporting characters in more established series. To this mix DeFalco added Night Thrasher, an original character to serve as the team's founder and leader. The New Warriors were not sidekicks, as some prior teen superhero teams had been.

The New Warriors were featured in an eponymous series from 1990 until 1996, written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Mark Bagley. Nicieza wrote the series for the first 53 issues. The series lasted for 75 issues and four annuals, spinning off a number of titles, including mini-series featuring Night Thrasher and Marvel Boy (by then renamed Justice) and ongoing series with Nova and Night Thrasher.

A short-lived revival was launched in 1999, lasting for ten issues, and a mini-series followed in 2005. In the mini-series, the New Warriors agreed to star in a reality television show to fund their team. A fourth series was launched in June 2007, spinning off of events in the Civil War crossover.


The New Warriors (vol. 1)

Fictional team history

Dwayne Taylor, the vigilante known as Night Thrasher meticulously researches a group of young heroes to help him wage a war on crime. They are Richard Rider AKA "(Kid) Nova", Angelica Jones AKA Firestar and Vance Astrovik AKA Marvel Boy. During their first battle with Terrax, a former herald of Galactus, they are joined by Namorita and Robbie Baldwin AKA Speedball. They defeat Terrax, but the Avengers unintentionally end up taking the credit. The team decides to stay together and Speedball dubs them the New Warriors after a news report he had seen on the battle.[1]

The newly created team gets involved in a fight between Thor and Juggernaut,[2] helping Thor to send the Juggernaut to another dimension. In the team's second issue Night Thrasher's past comes back to haunt him as the brother and sister team of Midnight's Fire and Silhouette is introduced. Next, the corporation Genetech hires the Mad Thinker to gather information on the New Warriors in order to create their own superhumans, resulting in their battle with Genetech's team of superhumans, Psionex.[3] The Warriors travel to stop a superhuman named Star Thief that is destroying space launches, with Namorita, Marvel Boy and Firestar ending up on the Moon with the Inhumans. The Team minus Night Thrasher travels to Brazil to rescue Speedball's mother from an environmental terrorist group and battle the Force of Nature. Night Thrasher stays behind to patch things up with Silhouette and confronts the Punisher. Upon the Warriors return to New York, their headquarters (the Ambrose building) is trashed in a battle with the Hellions for the claim of Firestar.[4]

The Sphinx & The Folding Circle

Their next adventure involves the transforming of the world into an alternate one, at the whim of Meryet Karim, the second Sphinx. This is undone by the New Warriors Nova, Marvel Man (Marvel Boy's alternate counterpart), Firestar, and Dwayne Taylor (who is not Night Thrasher in this reality).[5] The New Warriors, together with a few Psionex members, the Fantastic Four, and the Silver Surfer, fight a revitalized Terrax some time after.[6] Around this time, Silhouette joins, and the New Warriors meet Avenger Rage and solo hero Darkhawk. The Left Hand has also begun collecting random superpowered individuals for a team he names the Folding Circle, one member being Silhouette's brother Midnight's Fire.

The Warriors also fought the Fantastic Four when Marvel Boy, who was under the Puppet Master's control, kidnapped Alicia Masters. Her father, the Puppet Master, knew something was wrong with her. It was later revealed that a Skrull, Lyja had been impersonating Alicia.

Night Thrasher discovers his company, the Taylor Foundation is involved in illegal dealings and sets out to find the truth. In the process, he discovers that his legal guardian, Andrew Chord, has been betraying him for an unidentified period of time. The team confronts the mutant immortal Gideon concerning his involvement and he handily defeats and tortures them before giving them the information they seek. Shortly thereafter, the team comes to a moral crossroads in a mission involving cocaine traffickers, and Thrasher leaves the team. . Night Trasher then comes into contact with the Folding Circle.[7]

Returning home after the confrontation with Gideon, Marvel Boy accidentally kills his father when his father attacks him (as he has done in the past). Marvel Boy is arrested and found guilty of negligent homicide, while Firestar reveals her love for him.[8]

With previously unrevealed abilities, Tai (Thrasher's surrogate mother) confronts and seemingly kills Silhouette. Silhouette survives and assembles the remaining New Warriors. They learn from Chord of a mystical plot to take control of the world in Cambodia, and they recruit Rage and Darkhawk to help them. The Folding Circle also travels to Cambodia. The New Warriors (with later help of the Folding Circle) fight Tai, who reveals her plans for world domination. Tai is defeated and sacrificed in a mystical well along with the Left Hand. In the end, Thrasher rejoins the Warriors.[9]

After the adventure Rage is kicked out of the Avengers and Speedball invites him to join the New Warriors. Meanwhile, just having been convicted of his father's murder, Marvel Boy is being escorted to the Vault via a Guardsman-guarded prison van. Nova, Namorita, and Firestar try to free him from the van, but he refuses, determined to serve his sentence. Firestar and Marvel Boy share one last moment and declare their love for one another.[10]

Namorita as leader

Night Thrasher leaves the team to put the Taylor Foundation in order, and Namorita assumes leadership. The team meet Turbo (Michiko "Mickey" Musashi),[11] and get involved in the civil war in the country Trans-Sabal. Although they eventually retreat, the actions of the Warriors (most notably Namorita) have not helped the country.[12] Meanwhile, Silhouette has gone missing and Speedball's parents split up. Speedball moves to New York with his mother to be closer to the New Warriors.

The team faces the new villain Darkling and meet Cloak and Dagger and a second Turbo (Michael Jeffries).[13] Marvel Boy adapts to prison life and becomes good friends with the guards, most notably the man who would become Hybrid. Marvel Boy helps find a compromise between the inmates and the Vault staff, quelling an inmate uprising.[14] Meanwhile, Carlton LaFroyge (Hindsight Lad), Speedball's new neighbor, blackmails him into giving him Warriors membership after Carlton discovers Speedball's secret identity.[15]

Some time afterward, Namorita has a one-night stand with Kimeiko Ashu, a former adversary of Night Thrasher (unknown to her at that time). Ashu steals Namorita's address book, discovering the secret identities of the Warriors and kidnapping their families. Rage's grandmother, the last member of his family, accidentally dies. In retaliation, Rage kills Ashu.[16] Night Thrasher justifies Rage's actions in court and the judge rules in Rage's favour and he is released into Chord's custody. Namorita leaves the team, feeling guilty.[17]

Nova is attacked by Garthan Saal, a Nova centurion, and after a conflict between the Warriors, Saal, Firelord, Air-Walker, and a power-mad Nova, Xandar is restored. Nova is promoted to the rank of Centurion Prime and allowed to return to Earth to continue his activities as a superhero.[18]

Meanwhile, Namorita faces trouble in Atlantis, and is captured. Her body is undergoing a cellular change, as a result of her being a clone, into a blue-skinned Atlantean. After a conversation with Namor, she renames herself Kymaera and decides to rejoin the New Warriors. Later, Marvel Boy is released on parole, but after anti-mutant attacks on his mother, decides not to rejoin the New Warriors, instead joining Shinobi Shaw and the Upstarts (as planned by him and Thrasher) and renaming himself Justice.[19]

"Child's Play"

Soon after, the "Child's Play" arc begins, with the Upstarts going on what is called the Younghunt, a mission to capture all of the surviving New Mutants (who are by then called X-Force) and Hellions. This competition brings the Upstarts into conflict with the Warriors (Firestar is a former Hellion) and X-Force. The Upstarts capture most of their targets, but Paige Guthrie convinces the Gamesmaster to play another game: instead of killing mutants, the Upstarts should try to find and train young mutants like her. The Gamesmaster is intrigued and cancels the competition.[20]

"Time And Time Again"

Shortly thereafter, the original Sphinx returns, stealing a portion of the power held by Meryet Karim whom the New Warriors had earlier encountered in New Warriors (vol. 1) #10-13 and plans his revenge against the Warriors, transporting away its eight active members (Night Thrasher, Nova, Kymaera, Justice, Firestar, Speedball, Silhouette and Rage) to different places in the time-stream. In response, Hindsight Lad and Bandit gather a new team of Warriors (Alex Power - Powerpax, Cloak and Dagger, Darkhawk, Turbo) to go and rescue the others. They succeed and the two teams of Warriors combat the Sphinx together, who surrenders after learning of his own true nature.[21] In New Warriors #51 the team is restructured as the Mad Thinker again advises the team, especially on the difficulties of growing up as individuals as a team. The main team is made up of the six original founders (Thrasher, Nova, Firestar, Justice, Kymaera and Speedball) as well as Rage, while Hindsight Lad, Dagger and Alex Power become reserve members. Bandit and Silhouette leave the team.

Later, they face the Psionex team again and travel to the country of Zäire, where the team is captured by the Soldiers of Misfortune.[22] At the end of the battle Kymeara is brainwashed and teleports away along with the villains.[23] Night Thrasher and Rage leave the team after a falling out over their absence on the team's previous mission, and the team also fights an enraged Namor, who eventually decides to help the team in their search of Kymeara.[24]

The Warriors help out with a UN peace conference, assisted by Sabra. Nova loses his powers and Turbo and Alex Power become full members while Hindsight Lad becomes simply Hindsight. Night Thrasher and Rage decide to start training Psionex.[25] Next, the team involves themselves into "Maximum Clonage", fighting and capturing Helix, and the Scarlet Spider joins the team afterwards.[26]

The team faces Psionex again, now led by former Warrior Night Thrasher, and also deal with a young girl Rina Patel who has seen a vision of the future in which Speedball dies.[27] Speedball has had trouble controlling his powers.[28] They are almost able to retrieve Kymaera from the Soldiers of Misfortune, but fail.[29] The team next deal with an impostor Scarlet Spider after the real Scarlet Spider replaces Spider-Man.[30]

"Future Shock"

Eventually, the team comes into contact with the Guardians of the Galaxy, who are searching for Speedball, calling him a time anomaly, before they disappear again. The Sphinx returns, citing the same reasons, and kills Speedball. Another player, Advent comes into play, killing all of the Warriors but Timeslip. Advent is a time-traveler, trying to alter time so that the future will be molded to his own wish. His son, Darrion Grobe seeks to stop him, and creates a duplicate of Speedball's body from when he was trapped in the kinetic dimension during "Time And Time Again", so that he can travel to the first alteration point, leaving the actual Speedball in the kinetic dimension, meaning that Darrion Grobe replaced Speedball from New Warriors (vol. 1) #50 and onwards. Instead of dying, the New Warriors are transported to the year 2092, where they have seven minutes to save themselves before reality is unmade and stop Advent. Meanwhile, the Sphinx takes care of Advent in 1996, thereby stopping Advent in 2092 as well. The New Warriors are lead into the kinetic dimension by a hologram of Darrion Grobe, and with the help of Timeslip and the real Speedball, are able to return to their proper time.[31]

Volume's end

Cover to New Warriors (vol. 1) #75, the double-sized finale to the series' run. Pencils by Patrick Zircher.

Later, a rogue faction of HYDRA reveals that it has been living in the team's basement even before the team moved in, but they are stopped by the combined actions of the Warriors and the Avengers.[32] Helix and Turbo (Michiko) both decide to leave, but Turbo is confronted by a man called Dan Jones, who has come to reclaim the Torpedo suit the Turbos wear. Dan Jones is in fact the last Dire Wraith Volx, an enemy the Warriors fought against before and who killed the other Turbo (Mike). Volx claims the suit and kidnaps Friday (the Kymellian spaceship which is not only an ally of Power Pack, but also of the Warriors).

With the help of the Thinker, Night Thrasher and Rage rescue Namorita from the Soldiers of Misfortune, while the Warriors join forces with Garthan Saal to stop Volx, almost leading to the death of Friday. During the adventure, Firestar asks Justice to marry her, to which he happily agrees. Night Thrasher, Rage, and Namorita join their former teammates, thanks to the Thinker, and Garthan Saal sacrifices himself against Volx, transferring his powers to Nova. Eventually, the reunited New Warriors defeat Volx, at the cost of Timeslip's powers. Timeslip sabotages the power neutralizer Volx meant to use to rid every superhuman on Earth of their powers. Turbo decides to use the suit to continue on in Mike's honor, and Alex Power decides to leave the team, believing that Power Pack could've defeated Volx without nearly destroying Friday. Night Thrasher, Namorita, and Rage rejoin the Warriors as old grudges are mended and the team comes full circle.[33] During a mission involving a Badoon invasion sometime later, Ultragirl and Slapstick help out the Warriors and were made members afterwards.[34]

The New Warriors (vol. 2)

New Warriors (vol. 2) #1 (October, 1999)

Publication history

A short-lived relaunch began in 1999 and ran for 11 issues. It was written by Jay Faerber and pencilled by a variety of artists, including Steve Scott, Karl Kerschl and Jamal Igle. Faerber and Igle would go on to collaborate on several other projects. Original members Namorita, Nova, and Speedball were joined by returning member Turbo and new members Bolt and Aegis. The last was an all-new character, reminiscent of Night Thrasher being the only new character among the original team. A promotional issue #0 was given away with Wizard Magazine.

Fictional team history

Speedball tries to assemble a new team after they disbanded between the first and second volume, but initially fails. Nova and Namorita arrive to cheer him up when they are called in to fight Blastaar, and they are quickly aided by Turbo, Justice, Firestar, Bolt, and new hero Aegis. Although Justice and Firestar decline to rejoin the team, the other heroes agree to reform the New Warriors.[35] Shortly thereafter, they fight the Eugenix group, who try to kill Namorita for being a clone.[36]

They next involve themselves in a gang war, at the behest of Aegis. This leads to their headquarters being destroyed and the team being ambushed by Heavy Mettle. This group of villains had been hired by Joe Silvermane, the former Blackwing. They move into a new headquarters, a firehouse supplied by a firefighter named Dalton Beck (who is actually the villain Firestrike) as a ploy by Silvermane so that he can attain Turbo's suit.[37] They also team up with Generation X to stop the new villain Biohazard.[38] After an adventure in the subway, Turbo decides to trust Dalton with her secret identity, and Firestrike hesitates, but eventually decides to not kill Turbo. She uncovers his identity as Firestrike accidentally, but he surrenders and assists the Warriors in apprehending Silvermane.[39] However, the two lovers are forced to split up as Beck enters the Federal Witness Protection Program.

In Seattle, Night Thrasher and Iron Fist fight the Hand, who is able to kidnap Iron Fist. Night Thrasher calls in the Warriors to help him. They are able to find Iron Fist and their opponent Junzo Muto, but the ritual of stealing Iron Fist's powers has already been completed. Junzo initially defeats them thanks to their lack of teamwork, but finds his match in Night Thrasher. Fatigue strikes however, and the Warriors are forced to retreat.[40] They next face the rogue sentient Iron Man and are promptly defeated, before the rogue Iron Man armor sacrifices its existence to save Tony Stark from dying.[41]

In the last issue of the series (New Warriors (vol. 2) #10) the team (minus Nova and Speedball) travels to Olympus, brought there by Hercules, and meet Zeus. Aegis is accused of stealing his magical breastplate by Hercules, but it was in fact a gift from Athena. During the following battle with Hercules, Aegis proves his worth and he is accepted by both Hercules and Zeus. Bolt also decides to reveal that he is sick with the Legacy Virus to the team, and in the last pages, Night Thrasher, seeing the good the Warriors having been doing lately, decides to return to the team. He is happily accepted.

The New Warriors (vol. 3)

New Warriors (vol. 3) #1 (June, 2005)

Publication history

A six issue mini-series of the title was released starting in June 2005, written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by Skottie Young, and featuring the team as the stars of a reality TV show. The line-up includes previous members Night Thrasher, Speedball, Nova, and Namorita, along with one new character, Microbe. A second new character, Debrii, joined in issue 4. Both characters debuted in the series, much like Night Thrasher shortly before volume 1 and Aegis in volume 2. A trade paperback collection of all six issues was released in January 2006.

Fictional team history

Civil War

The New Warriors, including Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor), Speedball, Namorita, and Microbe (Nova had gone into space to play a part in Marvel's Annihilation storyline), take part in a televised fight with a group of supervillains which include Nitro, Speedfreek, Cobalt Man and Coldheart. During the fight, Nitro explodes killing 612 people in Stamford, CT, including most of the New Warriors and possibly his fellow villains. This serves as the start of the Marvel Civil War story arc.

Throughout the story arc, five former New Warriors (Justice, Silhouette, Debrii, Dagger, and Ultra Girl) join Captain America's Secret Avengers, an underground coalition of anti-registration superheroes.

A listing of the Warriors on, a fictional anti-Warriors website created by Hindsight, showed all of the Warriors involved as killed, as well as cameraman John Fernandez.[42] The explosion throws Speedball hundreds of miles into Upstate New York. Although he survived the blast, he was depowered due to a kinetic overload.[43] Two unfortunate men who found his body after the blast are accidentally killed when his body releases its stored kinetic energy.

Speedball seems to be depowered, and is imprisoned, facing criminal charges for the Stamford disaster. However, he regains his powers, which are now activated whenever he experiences pain. Feeling guilty for his role in the deaths of so many people, Speedball takes on the new identity of Penance and joins the government-funded Thunderbolts. He, Justice, and Nova are the only founding members to still be active superheroes. Firestar decides to retire from the superhero business altogether.[44] Former New Warrior Aegis appears in X-Factor #9, escaping from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Superhuman Restraint Unit with the help of Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man. Justice, Silhouette, Debrii, Rage, Timeslip, Zero-G and Aegis all appear on the cover of Avengers: The Initiative #1 as a part of the 142 registered superheroes.[45] Justice has a prominent role in this series as trainer to the recruits. Turbo and Darkhawk are members of the Loners, and Bolt died some time ago at the hand of his former mentor Agent Zero.

New Warriors (vol. 4)

Publication history

The fourth volume of the New Warriors is one of the new team books debuting out of Civil War.[46] The new team has one returning member from the original group, (Night Thrasher), while everyone else is new to the team.[47][48]

The series is written by Kevin Grevioux, writer of the film Underworld, with Paco Medina as the artist. The series made its debut in June 2007. Editor Axel Alonso has further mentioned that the team will be made up of "superheroes you already know, sporting new superhero identities".[49] Nearly everyone in this new incarnation of the team is a depowered mutant and includes Sofia Mantega, (the de-powered mutant formerly known as Wind Dancer), Night Thrasher (who is the original's illegitimate half-brother, Donyell Taylor), and characters Wondra (Jubilation Lee, formerly known as the X-Man Jubilee),[50] Tempest (Angel Salvadore, a former student of the Xavier Institute),[51] Blackwing (Barnell "Barry" Bohusk, formerly known as Beak),[52] Decibel (Jonothan "Jono" Starsmore, formerly known as Chamber), siblings Longstrike (Christine Cord, formerly known as Tattoo)[51] and Phaser (Christian Cord, formerly known as Radian), Skybolt (Vincent "Vin" Stewart, formerly known as Redneck),[53] and Ripcord (Miranda Leevald, formerly known as Stacy X).[54] The group uses stolen and reverse-engineered technology (with the help of supporting teammates Grace and Kaz), such as a shrinking formula based on Bill Foster's derivative of Pym Particles,[51] Spider-Man's webbing, Stilt-Man's telescopic legs and arms, and Wakandan technology in their war on crime.[50] Their current hideout is a former Murderworld location. It is also revealed that Longstrike and Phaser are sister and brother.

Fictional team history


The New Warriors set out on a mission in New York City against the Zodiac. Longstrike is killed by Cancer's powers and her brother Phaser grieves over her corpse.[51] Enraged, Phaser releases an energy blast into Cancer who merely laughs it off. Seconds later, a young boy on a bicycle proclaiming to be part of the New Warriors attempts to attack Cancer, but she attacks him before he has the chance. Sofia Mantega, who had been watching from the crowd, sees this and crosses the Police Tape. She kicks Scorpio and covers his eyes, making him accidentally shoot an energy blast at his teammates. As Sofia attempts to help the kid on his bicycle to safety, she is blasted in the back. The team then attacks, forcing the Zodiac to teleport away. Night Thrasher won't leave a wounded teammate behind, but with law enforcement approaching, he leaves Sofia in the care of the Paramedics who are grateful that the young heroes protected them from the Zodiac. The Warriors teleport back to their hideout, Skybolt and Phaser begin arguing about the death of Longstrike, but are interrupted by Night Thrasher who tells the team that they have disbanded.[55]

Jubilee goes to see Sofia in the hospital to tell her of Night Thrasher's decision to disband the team. She takes her back to their headquarters where Sofia makes an impassioned speech about the losses in her life and what the team means for those who have lost so much from M-Day. Jubilee tells Night Thrasher that the team will go on, with or without him. He finally relents and agrees to keep the Warriors going. Sofia finally agrees to join the team, taking up the codename Renascence.[56]


Former New Warrior Silhouette confronted the mysterious new Night Thrasher, who is revealed to be Bandit, like the original Night Thrasher, a former lover of Silhouette. Her brother, Midnight's Fire, attacked Night Thrasher during their meeting but the New Warriors leader wished to initiate a truce which Midnight's Fire has yet to accept or decline. It is revealed Midnight's Fire is working for a mysterious benefactor who is after Thrasher's alliance with someone described as "The Other".[57]


Meanwhile, Night Thrasher has been increasingly absent during key moments in their missions causing Wondra to become suspicious and hostile towards the leader. Her longtime friend Decibel objects to her suspicions claiming Night Thrasher saved his life by offering him a position on the team after becoming suicidal following his transformation into an Apocalypse-type creature.

It is revealed, however, that Night Thrasher is indeed creating a plan to trick his team into remaining loyal to his cause and has employed the young genius Kaz to execute a currently unrevealed agenda. However, he has also told Kaz he intends to tell the Warriors the truth behind this plan when the time is right.[58]

Wondra reconciles with the team, and they track down and confront the Machinesmith, under Night Thrasher's intelligence saying that he has designed a techno-organic virus. During the battle, a section of roof comes down and Tempest, Phaser, Decibel and Ripcord are left trapped inside. Meanwhile Sofia is being interviewed by Kat Farrell, who tries to talk her into joining the Initiative and exposing the New Warriors as criminals, but she refuses and leaves her hanging. After a meeting with Sally Bevlins, Rage snaps at Ultra Girl for creating a new Hitler Youth-Like program for the Initiative and tells Justice it is time to form their own New Warriors team.[59] At the New Warriors headquarters, Wondra and Blackwing physically and vocally attack Night Thrasher for abandoning their teammates, but are convinced by the others that he did the right thing. Before the group leaves to rescue the others, Night Thrasher talks with Grace, Kaz and Aja, and prepares to send them on their first mission. Meanwhile, the trapped New Warriors cobble together what little weapons they have to battle Machinesmith, but in the ensuing confrontation the villain grabs Tempest.[60] Night Thrasher, clad in a large battlesuit, and the rest team burst in and attack Machinesmith, while Grace, Kaz and Aja, remote-controlling Destroyer, Nimrod and Hulkbuster Iron Man robots, find his mainframe and shut it down, reducing Machinesmith to his component elements. After the battle, Wondra reveals that Night Thrasher was lying, as Machinesmith had not responded to her mentioning the virus. Night Thrasher admits this, but states that it was for the good of the team. Midnight's Fire later comes to Night Thrasher with one of Diablo's books, and is sent on one last errand.[61]

Secret Invasion

The team is involved in the Marvel crossover Secret Invasion in issues 14 and 15. The team is enjoying a day off when the Secret Invasion occurs. Back at their headquarters, Donyell suspects that the Night Thrasher who was killed in Stamford was really a Skrull and wants to find proof by inspecting his brother Dwayne's remains. Donyell decides to go on his own, but his teammates secretly follow him and later confront him to find out what going on. The former New Warriors, who are now known as Counter Force, also want to know the reason why the Warriors reformed without some of the founding members. After Donyell reveals his true identity and his reasons to both the former and current Warriors, Vance leads all of them to a SHIELD Helicarrier where their teammate's remains were stored. The carrier is attacked by Skrulls and the Warriors fight a Super-Skrull possessing the founding Warriors' powers. During the battle, Donyell confirms that the remains are authentic and has them removed from the carrier for burial.

Blood and Iron

Following a confrontation with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s "capekillers", Skybolt and Ripcord are killed, and Night Thrasher/Donyell revealed that he had been working on a time machine, so that he could save the former New Warriors from their deaths in Stamford, and by extension, the New Warriors who had perished since then.[62] When the machine is activated, it instead sends the New Warriors into a future where Iron Man has taken the Registration Act to the extreme, a future where all superpowered beings have been removed from the general populace, and the people are under a rule of tyranny. Confronting Iron Man, Night Thrasher discovers that it is not Tony Stark in the suit, but Dwayne, returned from the dead.[63] Despite having misgivings about Dwayne's (the original Night Thrasher) totalitarian rule, Donyell's need to reconnect with his brother leads him to betray and capture the other New Warriors.[64] However, after Dwayne kills Tony Stark (who in this timeline had taken on the identity of Night Thrasher) in cold blood, Donyell comes to his senses, rescuing the others and freeing the incarcerated superheroes. Donyell is then attacked by Dwayne, and is forced to kill him. Upon their return to the present, Donyell disbands the New Warriors, believing they will never be able to trust him again.[65] This storyarc is the finale of the series, with the saga (and the series) ending with Issue #20.

Counter Force Team

In the pages of Avengers: The Initiative #6 (January 2008), the team's drill instructor Gauntlet is left battered with 'NW' (the New Warriors tag) sprayed on him.[66] It is revealed that former New Warrior Slapstick attacked Gauntlet out of revenge for the man's comments about his dead friends while drilling the Initiative recruits, unfortunately Rage is suspected of the crime. In Avengers: The Initiative #10 (May 2008) Justice forms a team including former New Warriors Rage, Slapstick, Debrii and Ultra Girl.[67]

In Avengers: The Initiative #12, Justice's team of New Warriors joins forces with the MVP clone and the surviving Scarlet Spiders as a Counter Force of underground registered heroes overseeing the actions of the Fifty State Initiative. Ultra Girl decides to leave the Counter Force, to stay with the Initiative.

The team later partnered with Night Thrasher's new team of Warriors to uncover the truth about the Stamford Incident and the original Night Thrasher' death.

Following the disbandment of the last team of Warriors, Counter Force has reclaimed the New Warriors name and they have added the new Night Thrasher to their ranks. With Norman Osborn taking control of the Initiative, the New Warriors return to Camp Hammond to reveal the truth of MVP's death, but they find themselves forced to defend the Initiative from the reactivated Thor clone (now called Ragnarok). During the battle, the Warriors suffer another casualty when Ragnarok kills one of the Scarlet Spiders.

The new New Warriors now call themselves the Avengers Resistance and are fugitives, being accused of releasing the clone of Thor. They work alongside Gauntlet and Tigra.[68] The Avengers Resistance later helped the Initiative Team called Heavy Hitters to secede from the program, but with the loss of Night Thrasher being captured and Debrii resigning from the group.[69]

After the events of Siege, the Avengers Resistance becomes obsolete. Justice and Tigra become staff members of Avengers Academy,[70] while Gauntlet returns to the Army.[71]

Other versions

New Warriors (MC2)

In the alternate time line known as MC2, Spider-Girl reforms the New Warriors[72] and fights with them. However, when Spider-Girl makes a truce with supervillains Funny Face and Angel Face, the team shuns her.

The new roster includes the Buzz, Raptor, Darkdevil, the Golden Goblin and the twin crime fighters sharing the identity of Ladyhawk. The team receives support from Normie Osborn, including unlisted cell phones.

Wolfpack (House of M)

Within the House of M reality (created by the Scarlet Witch), Luke Cage, leader of the Human Resistant Movement, makes treaties among the rival gangs. Among them is one called the Wolfpack, and the majority of its members have been New Warriors in the 616 reality. The gang's roster includes Rage, Speedball, Turbo, Darkhawk, Zero-G and Lightspeed.[73]

Collected editions

The series have been collected into a number of trade paperbacks:

  • New Warriors (vol. 1):
    • Beginnings (collects The New Warriors (vol. 1) #1-4 and Thor #411-412, September 1992, ISBN 0-87135-916-2)
    • New Warriors Classic: Volume 1 (collects The New Warriors (vol. 1) #1-6 and Thor #411-412, 208 pages, August 2009, ISBN 0-7851-3742-4)
    • New Warriors Classic: Volume 2 (collects The New Warriors (vol. 1) #7-10, Annual #1; New Mutants (Vol.1) Annual #7, Uncanny X-Men Annual #15 and X-Factor (Vol.1) Annual #6, 256 pages, May 2009, ISBN 0-78514-263-0)
    • New Warriors Classic: Volume 3 (collects The New Warriors (vol. 1) #11-19 and Avengers (Vol.1) #341-342, October 2011)
  • New Warriors: Reality Check (collects The New Warriors (vol. 3) #1-6, 144 pages, March 2006, ISBN 0-7851-1661-3)
  • New Warriors (vol. 4):
    • Defiant (collects New Warriors (vol. 4) #1-6, 144 pages, January 2008, ISBN 0-7851-2674-0)
    • Thrashed (collects New Warriors (vol. 4) #7-13, 168 pages, September 2008, ISBN 0-7851-2675-9)
    • Secret Invasion (collects New Warriors (vol. 4) #14-20, 176 pages, March 2009, ISBN 0-7851-3176-0)

In Other Media


Bolt appears in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, played by Dominic Monaghan.


The New Warriors made very brief cameo appearances in the Fantastic Four cartoon series. Justice, Darkhawk, and Speedball were seen in the episode "To Battle The Living Planet", and Justice, Darkhawk, and Speedball also appeared in "Doomsday".[74]

Video games

Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage

Firestar appears as a character that the player can call on to deal damage to on-screen enemies. She is not playable. Dagger, a New Warrior reserve member, also appears.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Namorita appears briefly in the Atlantis stage, imploring the heroes to rescue her cousin, Namor.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Adverts for the reality show appear in the form of audio logs in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Later, there is a cut scene involving Iron Man watching TV in Stark Tower, and he is tuned into the show. The voice of Speedball is heard, stating how he is going after Coldheart, and how Nitro is making a break. The shot then cuts to Stamford, Connecticut, where Namorita slams Nitro into a bus. After a brief exchange, involving Nitro telling Namorita not to underestimate him, he blows up, destroying most of Stamford, just like in the comic.[75] Speedball, as Penance, is a playable character in the game. Justice and Namorita appear in cameos and Firestar appears as a boss. A few of the news audio clips are about the New Warriors, and some New Warriors have in-game profiles.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Nova is set to appear in the game.


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