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Secret Invasion

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Art by Steve McNiven.
schedule = Monthly
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publisher = Marvel Comics
date = (The Infiltration) November 2007 - April 2008
(Main Story) April 2008 - November 2008
issues = 8 plus tie-ins
main_char_team = New Avengers
Mighty Avengers
Nick Fury
The Skrulls
writers = Brian Michael Bendis
artists = Leinil Francis Yu
inkers = Mark Morales
colorists = Laura Martin
creative_team_month =
creative_team_year =
creators =
TPB = The Infiltration
ISBN = 0-7851-3231-7
TPB1 = Captain Marvel
ISBN1 = 0-7851-3303-8
TPB2 = Incredible Hercules
ISBN2 = 0-7851-3333-X
subcat = Marvel Comics

"Secret Invasion" is a comic book limited series and crossover storyline that began in April 2008, published by Marvel Comics. It focuses on an alien invasion by shapeshifters known as the Skrulls, who have been secretly posing as various characters in the Marvel Universe.

Production and marketing

Though it is unknown how the Skrull invasion began and for how long it has been going on, writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed in interviews that the motivation is the destruction of the Skrull Empire in "Annihilation"; the Skrulls believe that Planet Earth "is religiously and rightfully theirs." [ [ "New Avengers" #31: Bendis Talks About the Big Twist] , Comic Book Resources, June 14, 2007] Bendis said there have been hints of the Skrull plot placed as far back as "New Avengers" #1, and 2004's "Secret War".

Starting in November 2007 and leading up to April when the event started, several ongoing comics and mini-series were branded as tie-ins to the main "Secret Invasion" storyline, bearing the branding: "Secret Invasion: The Infiltration". The primary story of "Secret Invasion" is told in an eight-issue limited series which will pull all parties involved together, while the current titles of "New Avengers" and "Mighty Avengers" will focus on the past three years' worth of events and how those have been affected by the Skrull invasion, including the return of Nick Fury to the Marvel Universe. Other books such as the "Fantastic Four" will not tie in although their characters will still appear in the "Secret Invasion" books; the main story will mostly stick to Avengers-related books.

When asked about the plot, Bendis stated that the series would not deal with heroes trying to work out how the Invasion had started, but show the reader the details; he stated that "if there's a character on the team who's a Skrull, we will rewind from when they got on that team, or from before they got on that team, so when they infiltrated, how they became who they became and the effects of their actions from their 'point of view' is shown." He also stated that the story has been brewing since 2004's "Avengers Disassembled", and that the limited series will be that story's final end, "and it’s a hell of an end." [ [ Baltimore '07: Brian Bendis Talks "Secret Invasion"] , Newsarama, September 10, 2007]

In addition the Marvel website features two currently Online-Exclusive and free Comics for the event - "Secret Invasion Prologue", a seven page comic that reveals the replacement of a previously unknown Skrull agent, and "Secret Invasion: Home Invasion", a special storyline started via a MySpace video blog and featuring a young teenager named Kinsey Walden and her fears regarding her brother acting strangely, and continuing on with one new comic page by writer Ivan Brandon and artist Nick Postic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, albeit with some exceptions. [ [ Marvel’s Viral Marketing Invasion - 4/7/2008 9:55:00 PM - Publishers Weekly ] ]

Various Marvel titles, even ones not directly tying into the "Secret Invasion" will have variant covers with the characters on them depicted as Skrulls, much like was done for Marvel Zombies and Marvel Apes. [ [ Comic Book Resources > Lying In The Gutters - 4-7-2008] ]

Plot synopsis

Kree-Skrull War aftermath

Shortly after the Kree-Skrull War, a small group of Earth's heroes banded together to secretly confront the Skrull emperor. Informally referenced as the "Illuminati", this group represented the various factions of the Marvel universe and consisted of Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, Professor Charles Xavier, and Doctor Strange. They attacked the capital of the empire, and then threatened the emperor that another attack by the Skrulls would lead to war. However, they were captured, separated, and then experimented upon. The Skrulls analyzed their captives (physiology, genetics, technology, etc) and gleaned information from their behavior, until Iron Man was able to lead an escape. The Illuminati recognized that another attack is inevitable, while the Skrull Empire began to make use of the data they compiled. ["New Avengers: Illuminati" #1] The research resulted in the creation of clones indistinguishable from the originals, having the capacity of duplicating almost any superhuman power, and fully aware of any memories or emotions of the individual that they copied."New Avengers" #40]

The heir to the Skrull throne, Princess Veranke, claimed that a prophecy foretold the annihilation of their planet and the need to find a new planet called Earth. King Dorrek exiled her to a prison world for inciting religious extremism. After the destruction of the Skrull Throneworld by Galactus ["Fantastic Four" #257] and the Annihilation Wave, Veranke became queen by lineage, which drew the remainder of the Skrull Empire under her rule. She decided to spearhead an invasion of Earth with the information of the human species obtained from the Illuminati. The plan was to disguise themselves as important people in society and weaken the Earth's defenses from within, thus leaving the planet vulnerable for a military assault. Veranke has decided that she herself would pose as Spider-Woman, reasoning that this is how she could do the most damage.

The Infiltration

After the events of "Secret War", Nick Fury goes into hiding after he discovers that an alien invasion is taking place. He recruits Jessica Drew to be a mole inside both HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D., while secretly reporting to him, and to keep an eye on anything suspicious. ["Mighty Avengers" #12] However, the HYDRA cell she approached to have her powers restored turns out to be a group of Skrull agents, thus giving Veranke the chance to replace Jessica Drew. Afterwards, Nick Fury recruits former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson in order to gather a group of super powered teenagers whose existence is known only to Fury himself. The teens, Yo Yo, Druid, Stonewall, Phobos, and Hellfire, along with Daisy Johnson form Nick Fury's new Howling Commandos. Within the short time of replacing Drew and the space leading up to the events of the Raft Breakout, Queen Veranke's plan successfully goes ahead; but at the same time, she unwillingly and accidentally forms the New Avengers. She subsequently joins to infiltrate the team.

Under orders from the Queen, a group of Skrull infiltrators disguised as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and led by a new Skrull agent disguised as de Fontaine begin mining vibranium in the Savage Land, using natives as slaves. ["New Avengers" #41] They are discovered by Ka-Zar, Sauron and Shanna, who organize a guerrilla force to oppose the impending Skrull invasion. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Skrulls, save for the de Fontaine Skrull, are all destroyed by a blast from the Helicarrier when the New Avengers travelled to the Savage Land.

Some time afterwards, a battle breaks out between the New Avengers and the Hand over the fate of Echo. During the fight, Echo is freed from the Hand's influence, and stabs the Hand's leader Elektra. Moments after her death, Elektra is revealed to be a Skrull. Tensions rise amongst the New Avengers, as no-one was able to detect Elektra's true nature, they surmise any one of them could also be a Skrull. Spider-Woman suggests that they hand over the Skrull corpse to Iron Man, but she is rebuked by Luke Cage, who believes Iron Man to be a Skrull as well. During the crash landing of the ship they are traveling on due to the Ultron Virus occurring at the time, Spider-Woman knocks out Wolverine, the only other conscious team member following impact, and steals the corpse to bring to Iron Man. ["New Avengers" #32]

Iron Man is shocked by the Skrull corpse, realizing it to be a repercussion of the Illuminati's attack years prior. He reassembles the group for the first time since they splintered shortly before the Civil War, and they debate over whether this means an invasion has taken place. The group is caught off guard, however, when Black Bolt uncharacteristically voices his opinion. It is revealed that he is in fact a Skrull as well, and fights the others over the body. This Skrull not only has Black Bolt's powers, but the combined powers of all the members of the Illuminati. After Namor manages to kill him, the Illuminati are attacked by two more Skrulls with one have the powers of Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Colossus and one wielding the techological copy of Thor's hammer Mjolnir. These Skrulls are killed by Iron Man who detonates a small nuclear bomb with his armor. Namor reminds them that any of them could also be a Skrull, and that no one is to be trusted. The five then go their separate ways. ["New Avengers: Illuminati" #5]

The Invasion

Iron Man called in Mister Fantastic and Henry Pym to examine the body of the Elektra-Skrull that Spider-Woman brought to him, knowing it is just the beginning of an invasion. Meanwhile, a Skrull ship enters Earth's atmosphere and crashes into the Savage Land. Tony Stark gets called in by Abigail Brand, leaving Reed and Hank to examine the Skrull. Iron Man orders the Avengers to assemble, and Spider-Woman tells the New Avengers of the incident, setting up the inevidable clash between the two Avengers groups.Simultaneous strikes happen around the globe, such as the SHIELD Helicarrier losing power, supervillians from The Raft are freed, the Baxter Building is sent into the Negative Zone by a Skrull Sue Richards, SWORD's space station is destroyed, and Thunderbolt Mountain is attacked by the Skrull Captain Marvel. During most of these terrorist attacks the Skrull Agents say, "He Loves You."

In the Savage Land, as the two Avenger teams start to fight, an assortment of Marvel superheroes and villians escape the downed Skrull craft, all dressed in costumes from earlier Marvel Eras like the 70's and 80's. Putting many of the present heroes in doubt like Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Wolverine as to who is really a Skrull. The escaped heroes claim to have been held captive on the Skrull Homeworld. At the lab, Reed realizes how the Skrulls become undetectable and turns to tell Hank. Pym pulls out a weapon and shoots Richards which destabilizes him. As Hank transforms into a Skrull, he says "He Even Loves You." [Secret Invasion #1]

In Manhattan, the first wave of Super Skrull shock troops bearing the abilities of Earth's superhumans arrive, as witnessed by the Young Avengers and the Runaways. [Secret Invasion #2] The Savage Land is the battleground between the Mighty and New Avengers, who battle and kill many of the escaped heroes who revert into Skrull forms. The deception is so complete, that the Skrull Mockingbird knows about the stillborn child that she and Hawkeye had, something the two never shared with anyone else. The Skrull Spider-Woman tries to fool the virus-weakened Iron Man into thinking that he is a Skrull as well, before she is driven off.

Whilst all of this is happening, Reed Richards is revealed to being held by Skrull forces up in Earth's orbit on an unidentified armada ship, stretched to his physical limits and surrounded by a crowd of Skrull watchers and scientists, helpless against the threats and torture. Agent Abigail Brand of S.W.O.R.D. manages to free him, allowing him to build a device to counteract the previously undetectable Skrulls.

Down in the chaotic battle in Manhattan, Nick Fury and the new Howling Commandos turn the tide; They rescue all the downed Young Avengers and Initiative cadets before further execution and casualties. Ms. Marvel proceeds to help, but soon after is shot by Fury, whom is unconvinced she is the real Carol Danvers. After being shot back into another street, the Skrull onlookers quickly overrun her. Fury then calls his men to retreat so that they can plan the next move at the new command post. Using generated images of world leaders and celebrities including the Skrulls announce that they intend on assimilating all humans into their culture and way of life, declaring Earth part of the Skrull empire. The only way for the human race to save their planet is to assimilate. The Hood decides to take his rebuilt empire of the New York City criminal roster and battle the Skrulls, as "no more Earth is bad for business".

In the Savage Land, the various superheroes clash again with the remaining escaped heroes, each one declaring who they are or who they believe themselves to be. At this time Reed Richards fires into the center of the crowd of super heroes with a high tech weapon he created. The Skrulls and humans are revealed, with the impostors surprised that their skin turns green, becoming surprised and disoriented. They are immediately killed.

While flying away, Noh-Varr comes across a damaged Skrull ship. He lands to check it out when Captain Marvel stumbles out. Before he dies, Captain Marvel begs Noh-Varr to stop the invasion but Noh-Varr says this isn't his world. Captain Marvel says it doesn't matter and he is here for a reason. He has learned so much from Earth's people and the Skrulls have no honor like the humans or the Kree. Elsewhere, the Skrulls restore the global communication systems and announce their plans. Using the restored systems, they try to convince humanity they only want to enhance, not enslave them.

Queen Veranke arrives at Camp Hammond while the Avengers head to New York only to find it burning. Down on the street, a group of people want to welcome the Skrulls, but are saved by Nick Fury and his troops as the Skrulls start to attack them. Thor makes his presence known and meets up with the new Captain America, the New Avengers, the Mighty Avengers, Nick Fury & his commandos, the Young Avengers, the Initiative, the Hood's crew, and the Thunderbolts. Queen Veranke reveals who "He" is....God, Fury simply retorts "Well... My god has a hammer," and an all out war between the Skrulls and the superhumans of Earth ensues. [Secret Invasion #6]

Known Skrull Agents

This is a list of characters that have been 'replaced' by Skrulls to aid in the invasion. They are characters who have for a while acted as that character rather than duplicated them, as in the 1970's heroes that appeared out of the crashed Skrull space ship [Secret Invasion #1]

* Elektra - Revealed in "New Avengers" #31. Siri, the original Skrull who impersonated Elektra was killed by the real Natchios when Super Skrull agents tried to abduct her while Pagon takes Elektra's identity after she is captured. Pagon is ordered by Veranke to undertake a suicide mission to reveal the Skrull invasion to the humans by sacrificing himself to be killed by Echo.
* Black Bolt - Revealed in "New Avengers: Illuminati" #5. Killed by Namor.
* Revolutionary (of the Liberteens) - Revealed in "Avengers: The Initiative Annual" #1.
* Cobalt Man - Revealed in "Captain Marvel" #3. Killed by Captain Marvel.
* Cyclone I - Revealed in "Captain Marvel" #4. Killed by Captain Marvel. Skrull identity not public due to destruction of remains.
* Valentina Allegra de Fontaine - Revealed in "Secret Invasion Prologue #1" [ [ Marvel Digital Comics: "Secret Invasion Prologue"] ] The first Skrull that posed as her was killed by Nick Fury. Another Skrull later posed as her in the Savage Land and then assumed the form of Dum Dum Dugan. This Skrull presumably died during a suicide bombing at the S.W.O.R.D. Space Headquarters.
* Edwin Jarvis - Revealed in "Secret Invasion" #1. Supposedly killed by Maria Hill when she self-destructed the downed Helicarrier.
* Henry Pym - Revealed in "Secret Invasion" #1. Been replaced several times by different Skrulls, one of which was identified as Criti Noll in Avengers: The Initiative #14.
* Sir Mortimer Grimsdale (British JIC Chair) - Revealed in #1. Outed by John the Skrull and killed by Pete Wisdom
* Captain Marvel - Revealed in "Captain Marvel" #5. A mistake in the Skrull Khn'nr's conditioning led to Khn'nr's personality being erased and Captain Marvel's remaining, which has caused him to rebel against his species. Killed in a Skrull ship's crash.
* Spider-Woman - Revealed as the Skrull Queen Veranke in "Secret Invasion" #3. It should be pointed out though that Queen Veranke still has not been seen reverting back to her Skrull shape as of "Secret Invasion" #6.
* Magnitude (of the Point Men) - Revealed in "Avengers: The Initiative" #14. Killed by 3-D Man (Delroy Garrett).
* Longshot - Revealed as a Skrull in "X-Factor" #33.
* Kirby the Coyote Pup - Revealed as a Skrull in "Incredible Hercules" #119. Killed by Atum.
* Brother Voodoo - Revealed as a Skrull in "Black Panther" #38. Killed by Cannibal.
* She-Thing - Revealed as a Skrull in "Avengers: The Initiative" #16. Killed by the Skrull Kill Krew.
* Blacksmith (of the Desert Stars) - Revealed in "Avengers: The Initiative" #16. Killed by 3-D Man.
* Ahura - Revealed as a Skrull by Maximus in "Secret Invasion: Inhumans" #2. Defeated by Maximus.


Issue one was generally well received for its strong introduction to the story, good pacing and "slick" art, [ Review of "Secret Invasion" #1] , Comics Bulletin] [ Review of "Secret Invasion" #1] , Comic Book Resources] although some concerns were raised over Bendis' dialogue. [ Review of "Secret Invasion" #1] , Comics Bulletin]

Sales estimates suggested that around 250,200 copies were sold, more than twice as much as the second highest seller. [ Sales Estimates for April, 2008 Books] , Comic Book Resources, May 20, 2008] The "Secret Invasion: The Infiltration" collected volume also topped the trade paperback chart, with an estimated 7,247 sales. The second issue kept the top slot, with estimated sales dropping to 200,344. [ [ Sales Estimates for May, 2008] , Comic Book Resources, June 17, 2008]

Tie-in issues

"Secret Invasion: The Infiltration"

The following issues were released with the "The Infiltration" banner prior to the launch of the "Secret Invasion" series:

* "Avengers: The Initiative Annual" #1
* "New Avengers" #38-39
* "New Avengers: Illuminati" #5
* "Captain Marvel" (vol. 7) #3-5
* "Mighty Avengers" #7
* "Ms. Marvel" (vol. 2) #25-27

"Secret Invasion"

The following issues tie into the "Secret Invasion" mini-series: [ Marvel and CBR talk tie-ins] ] [ Brevoort talks "Secret Invasion" Page 3] , IGN]
* "" #14-19
* "Black Panther" (vol. 4) #39-41
* "" #1-4 [ [ Cornell & Lowe talk "Captain Britain and MI:13"] , Comic Book Resources, February 18, 2008] [ [ The British Invasion: Paul Cornell on "Captain Britain and MI: 13"] , Comics Bulletin, April 10, 2008]
* "Deadpool" (vol. 4) #1-3
* "Guardians of the Galaxy" (vol. 2) #4-6 [ NYCC: DnA talk "Nova" & "Guardians of the Galaxy" tie-ins to "Secret Invasion"] , Comic Book Resources, April 19, 2008]
* "" #33-35
* "Incredible Hercules" #117-120
* "The Mighty Avengers" #12-20
* "Ms. Marvel" (vol. 2) #28-30
* "" #1
* "The New Avengers" #40-47
* "New Warriors" (vol. 4) #14-15
* "Nova" (vol. 4) #16-18
* "Punisher War Journal" #24-25
* "Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four" #1-3
* "Secret Invasion: Front Line" #1-5
* "Secret Invasion: Home Invasion" (Digital Comic available at
* "Secret Invasion: Inhumans" #1-4 [ Tuesday QA: Joe Pokaski - News ] ]
* "Secret Invasion: Prologue" (Digital Comic available at or in "Secret Invasion #1 Director's Cut")
* "Secret Invasion: Runaways & Young Avengers" #1-3 [cite web|url=|title= Exclusive "Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers" Interview|accessdate=2008-03-16 |author= Richard George|date= March 13, 2008|publisher=IGN]
* "Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man" #1-3 [ Secret Invasion Amazing Spider-Man #1] ]
* "Secret Invasion: Thor" #1-3
* "Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?" one-shot
* "Secret Invasion: X-Men" #1-4 [ EXCLUSIVE—Secret Invaders: Mike Carey] ] [ [ Mike Carey's "Secret Invasion" Plans] , Comic Book Resources, May 7, 2008]
* "Skrulls!" one-shot
* "She-Hulk" (vol. 2) #31-33
* "Thunderbolts" #122-125
* "X-Factor" (vol. 3) #33-34

Dark Reign

Dark Reign will deal with the aftermath of Secret Invasion, as described by Bendis: "something pretty bad happens in "Secret Invasion" to members of Mighty Avengers. And I did one more issue to deal with that on an emotional level. And that's "Mighty Avengers" #20. It also sets up Dark Avengers" [ Getting Dark: Brian Bendis on Dark Avengers & Dark Reign] , Newsarama, September 29, 2008] At the same time he will also be releasing a one-shot "Secret Invasion: Dark Reign Special" with artist Alex Maleev, which will "bookend" the series. Marvel is keeping nearly all details about Dark Reign classified until the conclusion of Secret Invasion, as evidenced on their December 2008 solicitations list, however Bendis and Mike Deodato have been confirmed as the writer and artist for the upcoming "Dark Avengers" ongoing series.

Collected editions

The stories are being collected into volumes:

Comics TPB table
Comics TPB line|1|Secret Invasion: The Infiltration|Marvel Comics|April 2008|0-7851-3231-7|*"Fantastic Four #2"
*"New Avengers: Illuminati" #1 & 5
*"New Avengers" #31–32, 38–39
*"Mighty Avengers" #7
*"material from "Avengers: The Initiative Annual" #1
writers=Stan LeeBrian Michael Bendis
Comics TPB line|2|Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion|Marvel Comics|August 2008|0-7851-3303-8|*"Captain Marvel" #1–5
*"Civil War: The Return" #1
Comics TPB line|3|Incredible Hercules: Secret Invasion|Marvel Comics|November 2008|0-7851-3333-X|*"Incredible Hercules" #116–120
notes=This volume has yet to be published.
Comics TPB line|4|Ms Marvel vol. 5: Secret Invasion|Marvel Comics|November 2008|0-7851-3019-5|*"Ms Marvel" vol. 2 #25–30
notes=This volume has yet to be published.
Comics TPB line|5|Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers|Marvel Comics|December 2008|0-7851-3266-X|*"Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers" #1–3
notes=This volume has yet to be published.
Comics TPB line|6|New Avengers vol. 8: Secret Invasion|Marvel Comics|December 2008|0-7851-2946-4|*"New Avengers" #38–43
notes=This volume has yet to be published.
Comics TPB line|7|Mighty Avengers vol. 3: Secret Invasion|Marvel Comics|January 2009|0-7851-3009-8|*"Mighty Avengers" #12–19
notes=This volume has yet to be published.
Comics TPB line|8|Captain Britain and MI13 vol. 1: Secret Invasion|Marvel Comics|January 2009|1846534070|*"Captain Britain and MI: 13" #1–4
writers=Paul Cornell
pencillers=Leonard Kirk
notes=This volume has yet to be published.

lead= Secret Invasion


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