Runaways (comics)

Runaways (comics)

title = Runaways

caption=Cover art for "Runaways" vol. 2 #25.
Art by Jo Chen.
schedule = Ongoing series
format = Monthly
publisher=Marvel Comics
date = July 2003 - present
issues = Vol. 1: 18
Vol. 2: 30
Vol. 3: 2
past_current_color = background:#5be85b
main_char_team = Karolina Dean
Molly Hayes
Victor Mancha
Nico Minoru
Klara Prast
Chase Stein
Old Lace
----Former Members:
Alex Wilder
Gertrude Yorkes
writers = Terry Moore
pencillers = Humberto Ramos
colorists = Christina Strain
creative_team_month = August
creative_team_year = 2008
creators = Brian K. Vaughan
Adrian Alphona
TPB = Pride & Joy
ISBN = 0-7851-1379-7
TPB1 = Teenage Wasteland
ISBN1 = 0-7851-1415-7

Runaways is a multiple award-winningcite news | author = | title = 2006 Harvey Award Nominees | publisher = HarveyAwards | url =| accessdate=2006-09-28] series of comic books from Marvel Comics. [ Official site] ] Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, the series features a group of teenagers who discover their parents are a part of an evil crime group called the Pride.Comic book reference | Writer = Brian K. Vaughan | Penciller = Adrian Alphona | Inker = David Newbold and Craig Yeung | Story = Pride and Joy | Title = Runaways | Volume = 1 | Issue = 1 | Date = February 2003| Publisher = Marvel Comics ] After discovering their own true heritage, the kids defeated their parents, and attempt to make up for their sins by protecting Los Angeles from the villians attempting to fill the Pride's void.Comic book reference | Writer = Brian K. Vaughan | Penciller = Adrian Alphona | Inker = David Newbold and Craig Yeung | Story = True Believers | Title = Runaways | Volume = 2 | Issue = 1 | Date = April 2005| Publisher = Marvel Comics ] The group features powerful witch Nico Minoru,Comic book reference | Writer = Brian K. Vaughan | Penciller = Adrian Alphona | Inker = David Newbold and Craig Yeung | Story = Pride and Joy | Title = Runaways | Volume = 1 | Issue = 5 | Date = November 2003| Publisher = Marvel Comics ] solar-powered alien Karolina Dean,"Runaways": Volume 1, #3] cyborg Victor Mancha,"Runaways": Volume 2, #6] mutant Molly Hayes,"Runaways": Volume 1, #6] getaway guy Chase Stein,"Runaways": Volume 2, #6] psychic dinosaur Old Lace,"Runaways": Volume 1, #3] plant-manipulator Klara Prast,"Runaways": Volume 2, #28] and shape-shifting Skrull, Xavin."Runaways": Volume 2, #8]

In 2006 alone, the series won the Harvey Award for best continuing/limited series [cite news | author = | title = 2006 Harvey Award Nominees | publisher = HarveyAwards | url =| accessdate=2006-09-28] and an Eisner Award. It was also additionally nominated for a Shuster Award, [ Nominations for Shuster awards] ] and Georgia Peach Award. [ RUNAWAYS nominated for Peach Award] ] Series creators Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona left the series at issue twenty-four of the title's second volume. The second volume was continued by Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan until they departed at issue thirty. Terry Moore, creator of "Strangers in Paradise" currently runs the series with Humberto Ramos on art. [ Terry Moore's run on Runaways] ]


"Runaways" launched in 2002 as part of Marvel Comics' "Tsunami" imprint. [ Barnes and Noble - Runaways Hardcover Collection Volume 1] ] In September 2004, the series ended at issue #18. But due to its large fan base and high quality, Marvel revived the series in February 2005 and it has continued ever since. The series is unusual in its own way, as it does away away with the concepts of regular superhero behaviour, such as aliases, uniforms, and team names. All the characters in volume 1, (except Alex) adopt codenames,"Runaways": Volume 1, #6] but they soon start dropping their names by the end of volume 1."Runaways": Volume 1, #18] "Runaways": Volume 2, #14] Unlike other superheroeteams, the runaways are featured with more girls than guys. At one point, there was only one male on the team with four other females, prompting other groups to refer to him as "the girl's getaway man"."Runaways": Volume 2, #2] Currently the team has two males, four females and one non-gendered shape-shifter, Xavin."Runaways": Volume 2, #30]

Early in the series, Molly is the only character who makes a costume but creates it from old bed sheets and clothes,"Runaways": Volume 1, #7] not the traditional spandex of superhero costumes; she never wears the costume again."Runaways": Volume 1, #8] During battle, the runaways mainly fight in their street clothes and call each other by their given names."Runaways": Volume 2, #1] Furthermore, the children almost never refer to themselves as "the Runaways" as the series' title might suggest; their team simply goes unnamed, except for one brief instance, when Nico calls them "the Runaways", and tells them to "run away"."Runaways": Volume 2, #26] Other Marvel characters usually refer to the nameless team as "the Pride's kids" or "those kids in L.A.""Runaways": Volume 2, #23] Vaughan even mocks the notion of superhero catchphrases such as "Hulk smash!", "It's Clobberin' Time", or "Avengers assemble!"."Runaways": Volume 2, #7] During a battle with Swarm, Nico semi-sarcastically tells Victor the team's rallying call is "Try not to die". However, despite Vaughan's efforts to break down the superhero clichés within "Runaways", Marvel's handbooks and website still refer to the characters by their codenames. The Marvel miniseries Mystic Arcana features Nico Minoru under her superhero alias "Sister Grimm," a name she has not answered to since "Runaways" vol. two began. [ Sister Grimm's Mystic Arcana] ]

Character histories

"Original members"

*Nico Minoru - Daughter of dark wizards Robert and Tina Minoru, Nico was discovered to be a witch after her mother jammed the spell-casting mystical Staff of One into her chest. To use the Staff, she must shed blood. She later discovered she could never use the same spell twice. She is the group's leader."Runaways": Volume 1, #18]
*Karolina Dean - Daughter of alien invaders Frank and Leslie Dean, Karolina discovered her alien race when she took off the bracelet which inhibited her powers for the first time since she was a child. It revealed in her alien form, she can fly, manipulate solar energy, and her skin glows with a fluid, rainbow-like light."Runaways": Volume 1, #3]
*Molly Hayes - Daughter of evil telepathic mutants Gene and Alice Hayes, Molly's mutant powers include super-strength and invulnerability. Use of her powers originally caused her to tire quickly, but this stopped with repeated usage of her powers. In her mutant state, her eyes and the outline of her hair turn pink."Runaways": Volume 1, #5]
*Chase Stein - Son of mad scientists Victor and Janet Stein, Chase had stolen his father's flame generating/manipulating gauntlets called "the Fistigons". He also gained a telepathic and empathic link with the dinosaur, Old Lace. After having the Fistigons destroyed by Nico, Chase regained newer ones."Runaways: Volume 2, #30]
*Old Lace - A genetically engineered dinosaur (deinonychus) from the 87th century, the dinosaur formerly had an empathic link to Gert, but now shares a bond with Chase and obeys his mental commands. Despite being used for commands, Old Lace has shown her own will and disobeyed commands."Runaways: Volume 2, #18]
*Alex Wilder ("deceased") - Son of organized crime mafia bosses Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, Alex was a child prodigy at strategic thinking and planning. He was the group's original leader until he outed himself as a mole for the Pride. Alex was killed by a huge fireball that had been issued from the Gibborim."Runaways: Volume 1, #4]
*Gertrude Yorkes ("deceased") - Daughter of time-traveling criminals Dale and Stacey Yorkes, Gert had discovered she had empathic and telepathic links with Old Lace after searching through a secret room in her basement. Before Gert was killed by a resurrected Geoffrey Wilder, she transfers the links to Chase.

"Later members"

*Victor Mancha - Creation of android Avengers' foe Ultron and the DNA of human Marianella Mancha, Victor discovered his powers after his first encounter with superheroes (the Runaways). He has the power to conduct and control electricity, and also use metal to fly. He can also use metal to explode things."Runaways": Volume 2, #3]
*Xavin - Child of Skrull warlords, due to her Super Skrull training Xavin can manifest all the powers of the Fantastic Four, but only one at a time. She also utilizes the Skrull ability to shapeshift. Xavin arrived on Earth to take Karolina to wed and end their planets' war, only to return with her after a wedding incident."Runaways": Volume 2, #8]
*Klara Prast - Child of a religious German farm couple, Klara had been married away to an older man moving to America after her parents had found out about her power to control plants. Suffering abuse from her husband, Klara ran into the time-displaced Runaways in 1907, who brought her back to the present."Runaways": Volume 2, #30]

Plot summary

Main series

The Pride is the head of an organized crime syndicate that runs L.A. Their children (Alex Wilder, Chase Stein, Gertrude Yorkes, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, and Nico Minoru) witness them making a sacrifice to the Gibborim, who are responsible for the Pride's creation. As the story progresses, the children learn of their heritage and abilities, and they decide to remove their parents from control of L.A. At the end of the first arc, it is revealed Alex is still loyal to the parents. He betrays the others so that the Gibborim will save only his and Nico's families. After the remaining children defeat Alex and their parents, they vow to prevent other villains from filling the void left by their parents. Eventually, they meet Victor Mancha, the son of Ultron the robot, who joins them under the pretense that he has suffered a similar tragedy. Xavin, a Skrull who plans to marry Karolina, arrives to take her with him in order to help stop the ongoing war between their races, but both return to the Runaways after their wedding causes tension. When Alex's online friend realize that he has gone missing, and, after assuming that the Pride were heroes, attempt to resurrect him. This goes awry and results in Geoffrey Wilder being summoned from a point in his past. After two failed sacrifices, Geoffrey fatally wounds Gertrude, who transfers control of Old Lace to Chase. Chase briefly leaves the group and takes Old Lace with him, but later returns. Geoffrey has his memory of the time travel erased and is returned to his time.

Joss Whedon conducts his run on the series by having the Runaways—in a run plagued with delays—travel back to 1907. Chase proves he has accepted Gert's death, Victor is involved in a Romeo/Juliet love affair, Xavin's identity is proven, and they encounter Gertrude Yorkes' parents.Runaways #25-30, the Joss Whedon run] After defeating the Yorkes and a deadly gang war, as a result of the entire time twist, Chase has obtained newer deadly Fistigon gloves, Nico has a new Staff of One, and they have a new team member, Klara Prast, a plant manipulator.

Civil War

The Young Avengers travel to Los Angeles to help the Runaways with pro-registration forces. The two teams encounter Noh-Varr, who works for S.H.I.E.L.D. and attempts to capture the teenagers."Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways" #1] His handlers manage to capture Wiccan, Hulkling, Karolina and Xavin to a high-security meta-human prison."Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways" #4]

ecret Invasion

After their return from 1907, the Runaways find themselves in New York, where the Skrull Armada has invaded, seeking Hulkling. After being attacked, with Xavin pretending to be loyal to the Skrulls to protect her friends, they retreat away from the battle while Xavin helps Hulkling escape his pursuers.cite web
title= Exclusive Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers Interview
author= Richard George
date= March 13, 2008
publisher= IGN

Current series

The series is currently being written by Terry Moore, and drawn by Humberto Ramos. The duo's pilot issue (August 27, 2008) had the Runaways find a third hiding place at Chase's parent's former Malibu home. Klara also saves her first life, Chase's radio station manager boss, Bob, who mysteriously falls off the tower during a heart attack. Chase befriends Val Rhymin, his idol at the station."Runaways": Volume 3, #1] When returning home, the Runaways discover that the remaining Majesdanians (Karolina's alien race) have arrived, with the desire to hunt Karolina down for the problems caused on their planet. They meet vaDanti, Lieutenant vaRikk, Sergeant deHalle, and the General. [ Third series, first issue] ]

With the help of a spell from Nico ("Scatter") she manages to separate the Majesdanians, sending vaRikk to Africa, deHalle to Antartica, and the General to China (September 24, 2008). Her spell fails to work on vaDanti, and the others wonder what is different about vaDanti from the other three."Runaways": Volume 3, #2] Karolina becomes depressed about how the Majesdanians loath her. Meanwhile, Val kills Bob, the station manager.

Alternate versions

At one point, Gertrude's future self travels back in time."Runaways": Volume 2, #1] She is in her thirties, and without Old Lace, and her superhero name is Heroine at this time. Nico reveals, with the aid of magic, that this version of Gertrude is the leader of the Avengers of her time line."Runaways": Volume 2, #2] Superheroes in her time includes characters to yet make an official appearance in the regular Marvel Universe, including an "Iron Woman", a heroic Scorpion, the "Fantastic Fourteen", and multiple "Captain Americas". She, the rest of her team, the X-Men (led by Armor), and the Fantastic Fourteen are killed by Victor's future self, a villain called Victorious.

Goofy versions of the original team, including Alex Wilder, are seen in the "What, Huh?" one shot as part of a joke about Wolverine appearing in every comic including Archie, Yu-gi-oh, and Pokémon. [ [ What, Huh? volume one, issue one] ]

What If?: 2008

For the 2008 series of "What If", a story which sees the Runaways become the Young Avengers will run as a back-up story though all five issues.cite news | author = Jim Beard | title = WW Chicago 08: What If? 2008 | publisher = Marvel Comics | date = 2008-06-27 | url = | accessdate=2008-09-18] The five-part back-up feature illustrates what would've happened if Iron Lad never finds out about the Avengers Fail-Safe Program.cite news | author = Richard George | title = What If? Returns in 2008 | publisher = IGN | date = 2008-06-28 | url = | accessdate=2008-09-17] Instead, he recruits the Runaways, forcing them to be an actual super-hero team with costumes. There will be lots of "twists and turns with some cool bad guys". It will be written by C.B. Cebulski, and drawn by Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante. Originally, the story had been called "What If the Runaways didn't run away?" It wasn't until author Cebulski accidently fallen on the "Young Avengers" storyline did he actually decide to merge the two stories.

House of M

In the House of M reality warp, the Pride is mentioned in ruling not only Los Angeles, but all of Southern California. Unlike the normal mainstream reality, their children stay with their parents. ["House of M: Avengers" #4]

In other media

Awards and nominations

*In 2006, the series won a Harvey Award.
*In 2006, Brian K. Vaughan won an Eisner Award for Runaways.cite news | author = | title = The 2006 Eisner Awards: Master List | publisher = Comic-Con | date = 2006-09-11 | url = | accessdate=2008-09-14]
*In 2006, the series was also nominated for a Shuster Award.
*In 2007, the series was nominated for the prestigious Georgia Peach Award.


As of May 2008, a film version of the comic is in the scripting state, with Brian K. Vaughan writing and Kevin Feige producing. [ Project 'Runaways' in works at Marvel ] ] A 2011 release is tentative.


* "Runaways" vol. 1 #1-18 (April 2003 - September 2004)
* "Runaways" vol. 2 #1-30 (February 2005 - June 2008)
* "Runaways" vol. 3 #1-Current (August 2008 - present)
* "X-Men/Runaways" (Free Comic Book Day 2006 offering)
* "Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways" #1-4 (July 2006 - October 2006)
* "Daily Bugle: Civil War Edition"cite news | author = | title = Daily Bugle: Civil War Special Edition Comics | publisher = IGN | date = 2007-08-16 | url = | accessdate=2008-09-14]
* "Runaways Saga" (March 2007)cite news | author = Lawrance M. Bernabo | title = Lawrance M. Bernabo's review of Runaways | publisher = | date = 2007-05-14 | url = | accessdate=2008-09-14]
* "Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers" #1-3 (June 2008 - August 2008)cite news | author = Eric Sunde | title = Secret Invasion: Runaways / Young Avengers #3 Review | publisher = IGN | date = 2008-09-11 | url = | accessdate=2008-09-14]

Collected editions

"Runaways" has been collected in the following digest-sized comic book collections trade paperbacks:

"Runaways" has also been collected in the following oversized hardcovers:


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*comicbookdb|type=title|id=8602|title="Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways"

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