Secret Warriors

Secret Warriors

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The Secret Warriors are a fictional Marvel Comics superhero team. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, the characters were introduced in "Mighty Avengers" #13, and debuted as a team in "Secret Invasion" #3, both published in 2008.

Fictional team biography

While in hiding after the events of "Secret War", Nick Fury uncovers evidence of the "Secret Invasion". Realising that he can't trust any of his former allies, he sends Daisy Johnson to gather a new team of "caterpillars"- young superhumans whose existence is known to Fury alone. All of them accept, except Layla Miller. When the Skrulls invade New York, Nick Fury and the Secret Warriors arrive and rescue the defeated Young Avengers and before withdrawing from the battle. ["Secret invasion" #4]


Upcoming issues of "Mighty Avengers" will flashback to show the team's training. [ [ MIGHTY AVENGERS 18 #18 - Marvel Comics Publishing Catalog ] ] . After Secret Invasion concludes, the team will be featured in their own ongoing series . [ [ IGN: Marvel's New Secret Warriors ] ] .


*Nick Fury - Founder, and leader, of the Secret Warriors
*Quake - Daughter of Mister Hyde. She possesses the power to create earthquake like vibrations.
*Phobos - the ten year old son of Ares. He possesses the power to cause fear in others by looking in their eyes.
*Druid - the son of Doctor Druid who has inherited some of his father's skill with magic
*Yo Yo - the daughter of the Griffin. She can run at superhuman speed and bounces back to the point where she began running.
*Hellfire - the grandson of the Phantom Rider, is able to charge items (notably a chain) with fire and unleash a devastating attack. In his first appearance, he asks if he's "the grandson of a-", and is cut off.
*Stonewall - Daisy Johnson bails him out of jail he is imprisoned for hitting a cop. He possesses superhuman strength. Very little has so far been revealed about the character, but Bendis has revealed that his father is a "major marvel icon". [ [ SPOILERS OF WAR: Secret Invasion #4] , Comic Book Resources, July 10, 2008]


External links

* [ Marvel profile on the Secret warriors]
* [ Johathan Hickman on the secret warriors] , IGN

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