List of people from Virginia

List of people from Virginia

This is a list of notable people who were born in the U.S. state of Virginia, were raised or lived in Virginia, or for whom Virginia is a significant part of their identity. Those not born in Virginia are marked with §.


* Alden Aaroe - WRVA talk show host
* Caroline Aaron - actress and producer
* John Aboud - writer, comedian and regular commentator on Best Week Ever and other VH1 shows
* Hunter "Patch" Adams § - doctor, author, and social activist.
* Chris Adler - drummer ( Lamb of God)
* Willie Adler - guitarist ( Lamb of God)
* David Arquette - Born on a commune in Winchester, VA (raised there for 2 years)
* Arthur Ashe (1943-1993), tennis star and social activist
* Kevin Aviance - dancer


* Diedrich Bader - actor.
* Pearl Bailey - Tony award winning actress and singer.
* David Baldacci - author
* Ronde Barber (1975-), Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback
* Tiki Barber (1975-), New York Giants running back
* Joey Baron - musician
* Samuel Barton § , (1749-1810), Explorer, pioneer, Patriot, early settler of Nashville, TN
* Viola Baskerville (1951-), Virginia Secretary of Administration
* David Batista - professional wrestler.
* Warren Beatty (1937-), actor
* Pat Benatar § - 1980s singer (the link says she's born in Brooklyn)
* Antoine Bethea - professional football player for the Indianapolis Colts.
* Rainey Bethea (1909–1936), last person publicly executed in the United States
* Larry Bethea § - late professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys.
* Leslie Bibb § - actress, plays Carley Bobby in
* Jim Bibby-Former Major League Pitcher, Madison Heights, VA
* Adam Birch - former professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment's SmackDown!.
* Tom Bliley - Member of the United States House of Representatives representing the 3rd then 7th District
* Dré Bly - professional football player with the Detroit Lions.
* Randy Blythe - singer of metal band Lamb of God
* Rudy Boesch § - third place finalist on "" (first season).
* Bill Bolling § - Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
* Gary U.S. Bonds § - singer and songwriter.
* J. Evan Bonifant - actor.
* Maria Boren - contestant on the Television show The Apprentice
* Wes Borland - guitarist for Limp Bizkit and other rock bands
* Mary Bowser - Freed slave who worked as a Union spy during the Civil War and was admitted to the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame
* Karen Briggs § - Violinist
* Connie Britton § (1968-) , actress, born in Boston but raised in Lynchburg.
* Dave Brockie - founder of GWAR
* Aaron Brooks - professional football quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.
* Chris Brown (1989-), singer
* Ruth Brown - Grammy-award winning singer and entertainer.
* Bebe Buell, fashion model, famous groupie and mother of Liv Tyler
* Joyce Bulifant - television actress.
* Sandra Bullock (1964-), actress
* Plaxico Burress (1977-) - professional football wide receiver for the New York Giants.
* Curtis Bush - World Champion Kickboxer and Actor.
* Jeff Burton (1967-), NASCAR driver
* Ward Burton (1961-), NASCAR driver
* Charlie Byrd - jazz guitarist.


* James Branch Cabell - author of fantasy fiction and belles lettres
* John Campbell - bassist (Lamb of God)
* Eric Cantor - Member of the United States House of Representatives representing the 7th District
* Robert "King" Carter I - (1663-1732), wealthy colonist businessman
* June Carter Cash (1929-2003) - singer, songwriter, actress and comedian, member of the Carter Family, and second wife of singer Johnny Cash
* George Rogers Clark (1752-1818), Revolutionary War military leader
* Lott Carey - early African-American colonist and missionary to Liberia
* Anthony Clark-Actor Yes Dear!, Boston Common, Lynchburg, VA
* William Clark (1770-1838), explorer (Lewis and Clark Expedition); brother of George Rogers Clark
* Henry Clay (1777-1852) - nineteenth-century American statesman
* Clarence Clemons - saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and former player for the Norfolk Neptunes football team.
* Patsy Cline (1932-1963), singer
* Coko - Former member of SWV and now Gospel Music singer
* Stacy Compton-NASCAR Driver/Team Owner, Grit, VA
* Alex Cosmidis - Minor League baseball player and manager and Major League scout.

* Joseph Cotten (1905-1994), actor
* Katie Couric (1957-), anchor, "CBS Evening News"
* Patricia Cornwell § - novelist
* Henry Creamer - an American Vaudeville song lyricist of the early 20th century
* Adrian Cronauer § - disc jockey.
* Dell Curry (1964-) - former NBA basketball player


* Chris Daniel - President of Torrid
* D'Angelo - R&B musician
* Colgate Whitehead Darden, Jr. - U.S. Representative, Governor of Virginia, Chancellor of the College of William and Mary and the third President of the University of Virginia.
* Wendy Dascomb - Miss USA 1969
* Chris Daughtry § (1979-), American Idol finalist, attended high school in Charlottesville. Born in North Carolina and relocated to Greensboro.
* Jimmy Dean - singer and "sausage king"
* Junie Donlavey - owner and namesake of the NASCAR "Donlavey" racing team


* Missy Elliott (1971-), rapper


* Frankie Faison - film actor.
* Jerry Falwell (1933–2007), Christian minister, televangelist, and political leader
* James Farrior - NFL linebacker
* William Faulkner § , (1897-1962), Writer-in-Residence at The University of Virginia from 1957 until his death.
* Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996), legendary jazz singer.
* Chip Franklin - comedian and talk show host.
* Jon Foreman- Lead singer for Rock band Switchfoot.
* Tim Foreman- Bass player for Rock band Switchfoot


* Forrest Gander § (1956-) poet, essayist and translator
* Jim Gilmore, former governor of Virginia
* Ellen Glasgow - an early 20th century novelist who was born and lived there
* Lauren Graham - actress, comedy-drama series Gilmore Girls
* Samuel Gravely - an African-American Officer who broke many racial barriers while serving in the U.S. Navy
* David Grohl - Foo Fighters (Born in Ohio, moved to Virginia at age 3)
* Wayne Grubb - NASCAR crew chief and former driver
* Kevin Grubb - NASCAR driver
* Johnny Grubb - Major League Baseball Player


* DeAngelo Hall (1983-), Atlanta Falcons cornerback
* Charles Haley-Pro Football player Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Naruna, VA
* Mark Hamill § - (1951-), actor (attended high school in Annandale, Va.)
* Denny Hamlin (1980-), NASCAR driver of the #11 FedEx Chevrolet, 2006 rookie
* Benjamin Harrison V, signer of the Declaration of Independence, father of President William Henry Harrison
* Benjamin Harrison, President of US, grandson of Wm Henry Harrison
* William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), 9th President of the United States
* Bryan Harvey - musician, noted for his fronting role in House of Freaks, who was brutally murdered with his family in 2006
* Earl Hebner - professional wrestling referee
* William Henderson - NFL fullback
* Ray Hendrick - NASCAR driver
* Patrick Henry (1736-1799), American Revolution figure and first Governor of Virginia after American independence
* Kate Higgins, (1969-), Anime Voice actor
* Grant Hill § (1972-), NBA star
* Bruce Hornsby (1954-), musician
* Chad Hugo (1974-), musician and music producer, one-half of The Neptunes
* Rick Hendrick NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Team Owner for Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Casey Mears. Born in South Hill


* Brandon Inge -Major League Baseball Player, Detroit Tigers, Lynchburg, VA
* Allen Iverson (1975-), NBA star


* Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson (1824-1863), Confederate military leader, born and raised in a part of Virginia that is now West Virginia.
* Mickie James (1979-), WWE Diva
* Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), 3rd President of the United States, author of the Declaration of Independence, founder of the University of Virginia
* Jim Jinkins - cartoonist
* Nicole Johnson (c. 1974-), Miss America 1999
* Julius Jones (1981-), NFL football player, Dallas Cowboys
* Thomas Jones (1978-), NFL football player, Chicago Bears, New York Jets
* Orlando Jordan - professional wrestler
* Samuel Jordan -1621 , earliest Virginia leader at the Jamestown Settlement


* Tim Kaine § , (1958- ), current Governor of Virginia


* Jeffrey M. Lacker - chief executive of the Fifth District Federal Reserve Bank at Richmond
* Jake E. Lee (1957-), guitarist for RATT, Rough Cutt, Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands, and others
* Robert E. Lee (1807-1870), Confederate States of America military leader, commander of Army of Northern Virginia
* Tim Legler, ESPN NBA Analyst
* Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809), explorer with the Lewis and Clark Expedition
* Shaquan Lewis - aka "Skillz" from the Supafriendz, African-American rapper
* David Lowery - lead singer of Cracker and co-founder of Sound of Music Studios


* Douglas MacArthur § (1880-1964), World War II and Korean War military leader, mother from Norfolk § , MacArthur always considered Norfolk his home town because he spent more time there as a child than anywhere else and it was a stable force in his life, He and his wife are buried in downtown Norfolk. (born in Arkansas)
* Shirley MacLaine (1934-), actress and author
* James Madison (1751-1836), 4th President of the United States, co-author of Federalist Papers, "father of the United States Constitution"
* William Mahone (1826-1895), Confederate States of America General, founder of Norfolk and Western Railroad, now Norfolk Southern
* Moses Malone (1955-), former NBA star, Basketball Hall of Famer
* Aimee Mann, composer (Midlothian / Richmond area)
* Sally Mann (1951-), photographer (Lexington)
* Chris Marion § , (1962-) musician, member of classic rock band Little River Band
* George Marshall § (1880-1959), World War II military leader, winner of Nobel Peace Prize for developing the Marshall Plan (graduate of Virginia Military Institute)
* John Marshall - lawyer, statesman, and third Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court
* Sean Marshall- Professional Baseball Player, Starting Pitcher, Chicago Cubs
* George Mason (1725-1792), politician, author of Virginia Declaration of Rights, model for the US Bill of Rights.
* Debbie Matenopoulos - television co-host
* Dave Matthews § (1967-), musician, frontman of Dave Matthews Band (has lived most of his adult life in Charlottesville)
* Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806–1873), USN national observatory, naval observatory, astronomer, astrophysicist, historian, oceanographer, meteorologist, cartographer, author, geologist, educator.
* John McCargo (1983-), NFL defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills
* Michael McGlothlin (1951-), former President of the [University of Appalachia] School of Pharmacy, politician, and activist.
* William Holmes McGuffey § (1800-1873), creator of McGuffey Readers (spent his later years as a professor at the University of Virginia)
* Billy McMullen - UVA standout football player now playing for the Minnesota Vikings
* Joseph Meek (1810-1875), explorer and fur trader
* Philip B. Meggs - internationally recognized scholar and design historian, author of the seminal work on graphic design history, Meggs' History of Graphic Design
* Joey Mercury (1979-), former WWE Superstar
* Heath Miller (1982-), NFL Tight End for Pittsburgh Steelers
* James Monroe (1758-1831), 5th President of the United States, namesake of Monroe Doctrine
* Lottie Moon (1840-1912) Christian Missionary to China
* Jim Morrison § (1943-1971), singer and songwriter, frontman of The Doors (attended and graduated from high school in Alexandria)(born in Melbourne Florida)
* Mark Morton - guitarist ( Lamb of God)
* Matt Moses - Minnesota Twins baseball player and first round draft pick in 2003
* John Most (1977-), poet
* Alonzo Mourning (1970-), NBA star
* Jason Mraz (1977-), musician
* Remy Munasifi (1980-), parody musician and video artist known as GoRemy on YouTube


* Thomas Nelson, Jr. - Gov of Virginia, signer of Declaration of Independence
* Diandra Newlin - singer, actor, and model
* Johnny Newman (1963-), former NBA star
* Wayne Newton (1942-), singer, entertainer, and occasional actor.


* Texas Jack Omohundro (1846-1880), American frontier scout, actor, and cowboy
* Patton Oswalt (1969-20-), actor and comedian
* Uncle Charlie Osborne (1890-1992), musician


* George Patton § (1885-1945), World War II military leader, family was from Fredericksburg, attended Virginia Military Institute.
* James Spriggs Payne - fourth and eighth president of Liberia
* Tom Peloso, a former member of the Hackensaw Boys, and a current member of Modest Mouse
* Pocahontas (1595-1617) princess of Powhatan tribe
* Lewis F. Powell - Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court
* Chief Powhatan (1547-1618), ruler of Eastern Virginia at the time of the founding of Jamestown.



* Edmund Randolph (1853-1813) - Gov of Virginia, United States Attorney General, United States Secretary of State
* Peyton Randolph - 1775 , President of the Continental Congress
* J. J. Redick § - (1984-), shooting guard for the Orlando Magic
* Chris Richardson § (1984-), American Idol finalist
* Pat Robertson (1930-), Christian televangelist and political leader
* Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, dancer
* David Robinson § (1965-), former NBA star
* John Rolfe § (c1585-1622) settler at Jamestown Settlement, first developer of cultivated tobacco for the European market.
* J. Sargeant Reynolds - businessman, statesman, and Virginia Lieutenant Governor
* Tom Robbins - author, studied art at Richmond Professional Institute (now VCU) and worked for the Richmond Times Dispatch
* Felipe Rose § - founding member of the Village People
* Bobby Ross § - American football coach

* Elliot Sadler (1975-), NASCAR driver
* George C. Scott (1927-1999), Actor, Won an Oscar for portraying George Patton in "Patton (film)"
* Wendell Scott (1921-1990), Danville, First African-American to race in NASCAR. He won a race in Jacksonville in 1963.
* Willard Scott (1934-), former weather reporter on "The Today Show"; earlier, was the original Ronald McDonald
* Winfield Scott (1786-1866), United States Army general
* Darren Sharper - safety for the Minnesota Vikings
* Meghann Shaughnessy - professional tennis player.
* Deborah Shelton - actress, Miss USA 1970
* Ricky Van Shelton- Country Music/Gospel Singer, Altavista
* Sam Sloan (1944-), political prisoner, kidnapping victim
* Bruce Smith (1963-), former NFL star and career Sack leader
* John Smith of Jamestown § (1580-1631) co-founder of Jamestown Settlement, 1st English Colony in America 1607.
* John W. Snow - former United States Secretary of the Treasury and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CSX Corporation
* Trey Songz (1984-), singerond
* Ralph Stanley (1927-), musician
* Jessica Mae Stover actor, filmmaker, author
* J.E.B. Stuart (1833-1864), Confederate States of America military leader
* William Styron (1925-2006), novelist
* Hidetaro Suzuki § (1937-), violinist and former Concertmaster of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


* William Taptico (-1719), King of Wicomicco Indians
* Fran Tarkenton, American football player
* Lawrence Taylor (1959-), former NFL star, Football Hall of Fame
* Peter Taylor (1917-1994), writer; born in Tennessee, but spent most of his career teaching at the University of Virginia
* Zachary Taylor (1784-1850), 12th President of the United States
* Lewis Temple - escaped African American slave who invented a new kind of harpoon known as "Temple's Toggle"
* David Terrell - football player
* Timbaland (1974-), music producer/rapper
* Randy Tomlin-Former Major League Pitcher, Madison Heights, VA
* Scott Travis (1961-), drummer for Judas Priest and Racer X
* Cy Twombly (1928-), American abstract artist
* Nat Turner (1800-1831) leader of famous slave rebellion
* John Tyler (1790-1862), 10th President of the United States
* Trey Songz- R&B Singer, born in raised in Petersburg, VA


* Skeet Ulrich, actor, starred in Scream, The Newton Boys, and currently the drama series Jericho on CBS


* Phil Vassar-Country Music Singer/Songwriter, Lynchburg, VA
* Justin Verlander (1983-), MLB pitcher, currently playing for the Detroit Tigers
* Michael Vick (1980-), Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback
* Marcus Vick (1984-), Miami Dolphins wide receiver/punt return/quarterback specialist


* Bobby Wadkins - professional golfer
* Lanny Wadkins - professional golfer
* Amina Wadud - controversial female Islamic VCU professor who led over 100 Muslims in prayer in New York on March 18, 2005
* Billy Wagner (1971-), MLB pitcher, currently playing for the New York Mets
* Richard Wagoner, President of General Motors
* Maggie L. Walker - first woman to found a bank in the United States
* Travis Wall (1971-), reality TV star from So You Think You Can Dance: Season 2
* Ben Wallace - NBA basketball player
* Booker T. Washington (1856-1915), educator, activist, founder of Tuskegee Institute
* George Washington (1732-1799), 1st President of the United States, commander-in-chief of Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War
* Mac Watson - WRVA talk show host
* Paul Wellstone § (1944-2002), Member of the United States Senate from Minnesota
* Jason White - NASCAR driver
* L. Douglas Wilder (1931-), first elected African American governor of a U.S. state (Governor of Virginia, 1990-1994) and current Richmond City Mayor
* Keller Williams (1970-), musician
* Kiely Williams- member of 3LW
* Pharrell Williams (1973-), musician and music producer, one-half of The Neptunes
* Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), 28th President of the United States
* Stan Winston, film special effects designer
* Tom Wolfe (1931-), journalist and novelist and father of the "New Journalism"
* David Wright (1982-), MLB 3rd baseman, currently playing for the New York Mets



* Elliott Yamin § (1978-), American Idol finalist


= Bands From Virginia =
* Alabama Thunderpussy, Southern Metal band (Richmond)
* Arsis, Death/Thrash Metal band (Virginia Beach)
* Avail, Punk Rock band (Richmond)
* Carbon Leaf, Pop-Rock/Folk Rock band (Richmond)
* Clipse, rap group (Virginia Beach)
* Dave Matthews Band, Alt. Rock band (Charlottesville)
* dc Talk, Christian rapcore band (Lynchburg)
* Deceased, Death/Thrash Metal band and first band to sign with Relapse Records (Arlington)
* Far-Less, Post-hardcore (Marion, Pulaski, Blacksburg)
* GWAR, shock rock punk thrash band (Richmond)
* The Hackensaw Boys, bluegrass band (Charlottesville)
* HURT, Art Rock/Hard Rock band
* Lamb of God, contemporary extreme metal band (Richmond)
* Mae, Indie/Indie rock band (Virginia Beach)
* Pig Destroyer, deathgrind band (Northern VA)
* Rosland (Rosland D.C.)
* Twisted Tower Dire, Power metal band (Chantilly)
* Winter Solstice, Christian Metalcore band (Lynchburg)
* While Heaven Wept, Doom metal band (Dale City)

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