List of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands

List of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands

This is a List of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands. Sub-Antarctic islands are islands in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica north of the Antarctic Circle (66° 33' 38"). Antarctic islands are the islands in the Southern Ocean or in the seas around Antarctica south of the Antarctic Circle. According to the terms of the Antarctic Treaty, claims to sovereignty over lands south of 60°S are not asserted. This includes all of the Antarctic islands and some of the sub-Antarctic islands.

List of largest Antarctic islands by size

List of sub-Antarctic islands (north of 60° S)

* Antipodes Islands (coord|49.6666667|S|178.7666667|E| (New Zealand)
** Antipodes Island (coord|49.6916667|S|178.7833333|E|) (New Zealand)
** Bollons Island (coord|49.645|S|178.8191667|E|) (New Zealand)

* Auckland Islands (coord|50|42|S|166|05|E, New Zealand)
** Adams Island, New Zealand
** Adams Rocks
** Amherst Rock
** Archer Rock
** Auckland Island coord|50|42|S|166|05|E
** Beacon Rock
** Blanche Rock
** Chapel Rock
** Column Rocks
** Compadre Rock
** Davis Island
** Disappointment Island
** Dundas Island
** Enderby Island
** Ewing Island
** Fabulous Island
** Figure of Eight I
** Five Sisters Rock
** Frenchs Island
** Friday Island
** Green Island
** Invercauld Rock
** Lantern Rocks
** Masked Island
** Monumental Island
** Ocean Island
** Pillar Rock
** Pinnacle Rocks
** Rose Island
** Shag Rock
** Shoe Island
** Sugar Loaf Rocks
** Yule Island

* Bounty Islands (coord|47|42|S|179|04|E) (New Zealand)

* Bouvet Island (Bouvetøya) (coord|54|26|S|03|24|E) (Norway)

* Campbell Island group (New Zealand)
** Campbell Island, New Zealand (coord|52|32.4|S|169|8.7|E)
** Dent Island (coord|52|31.15|S|169|3.75|E)
** Folly Island or Folly Islands
** Jacquemart Island (coord|52|37|S|169|7.5|E)

* Crozet Islands (French: "Îles Crozet" or officially "Archipel Crozet") (France)
** L'Occidental (Western Group)
*** Île aux Cochons ("Pig Island") (coord|46|06|S|50|14|E)
*** Two major rocks
**** Brisants de l'Héroïne ("Heroine Breakers")
**** Rochers de la Meurthe ("Meurthe Rocks") (coord|46|13|S|50|22|E)
*** Île des Pingouins ("Penguin Island") (coord|46|27|S|50|23|E)
**** Brisant du Tamaris
**** la Chandelle
**** les Chaudrons de l'Enfer (maybe not an island, but a coastal section)
**** Île Riou
**** le Kiosque
**** Rocher de l'Arche
*** Îlots des Apôtres ("Apostle Islets") (coord|45|58|S|50|27|E)
**** le Caillou
**** le Clown
**** le Donjon
**** l'Enclume
**** la Grande Aiguille
**** Grand Île (the biggest island of the Îlots des Apôtres)
**** le Hangar
**** les Jumeaux
**** l'Obélisque
**** Rocher Percé
**** la Petite Aiguille
**** Petite Île (the second biggest island of the Îlots des Apôtres)
**** Rocher Fendu
**** Rocher Nord (the third biggest island of the Îlots des Apôtres)
**** Rocher Sud
**** les Sentinelles du Diable
**** la Sentinelle Perdue
**** le Torpilleur
** L'Oriental (Eastern Group)
*** Île de la Possession ("Possession Island") (coord|46|24|S|51|46|E)
**** Roche Carrée
**** Roche Debout
**** Rochers des Moines
**** Roche Percée
**** Rocher Pyramidal
**** Rochers de la "Fortune"
*** Île de l'Est ("East Island") (coord|46|26|S|52|18|E)
**** la Voile (small rock south of Île de l'Est)

* Diego Ramirez Islands (coord|56|30|S|68|43|W) (Chile)
** Águila Islet

* Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) (coord|53|00|S|73|00|E) (Australia)
** Heard Island (coord|53|06|S|73|31|E)
** McDonald Islands (coord|53|03|S|72|37|E)

* Ildefonso Islands (coord|55|44|S|69|26|W) (Chile)

* Kerguelen Islands (coord|49|15|S|69|35|E) (France)

* Macquarie Island (coord|54|37|S|158|51|E) (Australia)
** Bishop and Clerk Islets (coord|55|00|S|158|42|E)
** Judge and Clerk Islets (coord|54|21|S|159|00|E)

* Prince Edward Islands (coord|46|46|23|S|37|51|09|E) (South Africa)
** Marion Island (coord|46|54|45|S|37|44|37|E)
** Prince Edward Island (coord|46|38|39|S|37|56|36|E)

* Saint-Paul Island (France)

* The Snares (coord|48|01|S|166|32|E) (New Zealand)

* South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (United Kingdom; claimed by Argentina)
** South Georgia and its associated islands
*** the main island (South Georgia Island) and its surrounding (=lying immediately next or close to the main island (South Georgia Island)) islands
**** South Georgia Island, the big main island (coord|54|15|S|36|45|W) (variant names: "Isla San Pedro", "Isle of Georgia", "South Georgia Island", "Süd-Georgien" or "South Georgia Main Island" or historically "Roché Island")
**** Bird Island (coord|54|00|S|38|03|W)
**** Annenkov Island (coord|54|29|S|37|05|W)
**** Cooper Island (coord|54|48|S|35|47|W)
**** Pickersgill Islands (coord|54|37|S|36|45|W)
**** Welcome Islands (coord|53|58|S|37|29|W)
**** Willis Islands (coord|54|00|S|38|11|W)
***** Trinity Island (coord|54|00|S|38|10|W)
**** Black Rocks (coord|54|08|S|36|38|W)
*** The Shag Rocks and the Black Rock
**** Shag Rocks (coord|53|33|S|42|02|W) 185 km west-northwest of South Georgia Island
**** Black Rock (coord|53|39|S|41|48|W) 169 km west-northwest of South Georgia Island and 16 km southeast of the Shag Rocks
*** Clerke Rocks (coord|55|01|S|34|41|W) 56 km east-southeast of South Georgia Island
** South Sandwich Islands (coord|57|45|S|26|30|W)
*** Traversay and Candlemas Islands
**** Traversay Islands (coord|56|36|S|27|43|W)
***** Leskov Island
***** Visokoi Island
***** Zavodovski Island
**** Candlemas Islands (coord|57|03|S|26|43|W)
***** Candlemas Island
***** Vindication Island
*** Bristol Island
*** Montagu Island
*** Saunders Island
*** Southern Thule
**** Bellingshausen Island
**** Cook Island
**** Thule Island

* Archipelago of Tristan da Cunha and its associated islands (United Kingdom)
** Tristan da Cunha (coord|37|06|44|S|12|16|56|W), the relatively big main island (98 km²)
*** Inaccessible Island (coord|37|19|S|12|44|W) (10 km²)
*** Nightingale Islands (2 km²)
**** Nightingale Island (coord|37|25|58|S|12|28|31|W) (1.8 km²)
**** Middle Island (0.1 km²)
**** Stoltenhoff (0.1 km²)
** Gough Island (coord|40|20|S|10|00|W) ("Diego Alvarez") (91 km²)

List of Antarctic islands (south of 60° S)

All these islands fall under the terms of the Antarctic Treaty.


* Adams Island, Antarctica (coord|66|33|S|92|35|E).

* Adelaide Island or Isla Adelaida or Isla Belgrano - west side of the Antarctic Peninsula (coord|67|15|S|68|30|W)

* Aldea Island
* Alexander Island or Alexander I Island or Alexander I Land or Alexander Land or Alexander The First Island or Isla Alejandro I (coord|71|00|S|70|00|W) (claimed by the United Kingdom, Chile and Argentina)
* Amsler Island
* Anvers Island or Antwerp Island or Antwerpen Island or Isla Amberes (coord|64|33|S|63|35|W)


* Balleny Islands (coord|66|55|S|163|45|E) (claimed by New Zealand)
** Buckle Island (coord|66|39|S|163|03|E) (claimed by New Zealand)
** Sabrina Island (coord|66|57|S|163|17|E) (claimed by New Zealand)
** Sturge Island (coord|67|25|S|164|44|E) (claimed by New Zealand)
** Young Island (coord|66|17|S|162|25|E) (claimed by New Zealand)

* Bear Island (coord|68|11|S|67|04|W)
* Bearing Island or Direction Island (coord|64|33|S|62|02|W)
* Berkner Island or Berkner Ice Rise or Hubley Island (coord|79|30|S|49|30|W)
* Biscoe Islands
* Booth Island (coord|65|05|S|64|00|W)
* Bowman Island (coord|65|17|S|103|07|E)
* Brabant Island (coord|64|15|S|62|20|W)
* Breaker Island (coord|64|46|S|64|07|W)
* Bremen Island
* Burke Island (coord|73|08|S|105|06|W)
* Burkett Islands (coord|66|56|S|50|19|E)


* Carney Island (coord|73|57|S|121|00|W)
* Charcot Island or Charcot Land (coord|69|45|S|75|15|W)
* Christine Island (coord|64|48|S|64|02|W)
* Cockburn Island (Antarctica)
* Cormorant Island (coord|64|48|S|63|58|W)
* Coulman Island (coord|73|05|S|169|06|E) (inside of Ross Sea, claimed by New Zealand)

* Cuverville Island (coord|64|41|S|62|38|W) - west side of the Antarctic Peninsula


* Danco Island or Isla Dedo (coord|64|44|S|62|37|W) - west side of the Antarctic Peninsula

* Debenham Islands (coord|68|08|S|67|07|W)
** Barry Island (coord|68|08|S|67|07|W)

* Deception Island
* DeLaca Island (coord|64|47|S|64|07|W)
* Direction Island or Bearing Island (coord|64|33|S|62|02|W)
* Doumer Island
* Dream Island (coord|64|44|S|64|14|W)
* Drygalski Island (coord|65|45|S|92|30|E)
* Dundee Island (coord|63|30|S|55|55|W) - off tip of the Antarctic Peninsula


* Eichorst Island (coord|64|47|S|64|04|W)
* Elephant Rocks (coord|64|46|S|64|05|W)
* Enterprise Island or Isla Lientur or Isla Nansen Norte or North Nansen Island (coord|64|32|S|62|00|W)


* Fisher Island (coord|77|08|S|154|00|W)
* Flat Islands (coord|67|36|S|62|49|E)
* Fletcher Islands (coord|66|53|S|143|05|E)


* Grant Island (coord|74|28|S|131|35|W)


* Halfway Island (coord|64|45|S|64|12|W)
* Henderson Island (coord|66|22|S|97|10|E)
* Hermit Island (coord|64|48|S|64|02|W)
* Hovgaard Island coord|65|8|S|64|8|W|
* Humble Island (coord|64|46|S|64|06|W)


* Inaccessible Island (coord|77|39|S|166|21|E)
* Inexpressible Island (coord|74|54|S|163|43|E)


* James Ross Island - east side of the Antarctic Peninsula
* Janus Island (coord|64|47|S|64|06|W)
* Jenny Island (coord|67|44|S|68|24|W)

* Joinville Island group
** Joinville Island (coord|63|15|S|55|45|W) - off tip of the Antarctic Peninsula
** D'Urville Island (coord|63|05|S|56|20|W) - off tip of the Antarctic Peninsula



* Laggard Island (coord|64|49|S|64|02|W)
* Latady Island (coord|70|45|S|74|35|W)
* Liège Island (coord|64.02|S|61.91|W)
* Limitrophe Island (coord|64|48|S|64|01|W)
* Lipps Island (coord|64|46|S|64|07|W)
* Litchfield Island (coord|64|46|S|64|06|W)
* Livingston Island (coord|62|36|S|60|30|W)


* Manning Island (coord|69|21|S|76|20|E)
* Masson Island or Mission Island (coord|66|08|S|96|35|E)
* Mill Island (coord|65|30|S|100|40|E)
* Millerand Island (coord|68|09|S|67|13|W)


* Nansen Island or Isla Nansen Sur (coord|64|35|S|62|06|W)
* Nelson Rock (coord|67|23|S|62|45|E)
* North Nansen Island or Enterprise Island or Isla Lientur or Isla Nansen Norte (coord|64|32|S|62|00|W)
* Neny Island or Neny Islands (coord|68|12|S|67|03|W)


* Ohlin Island or Bailys Island (coord|63|30|S|60|07|W)
* Outcast Islands (coord|64|49|S|64|08|W)


* Paulet Island (coord|63|35|S|55|47|W) - tiny island southeast of Dundee Island
* Peter I Island (claimed by Norway)
* Petermann Island (Territory of [ New Oscland] )
* Pobeda Ice Island

* Possession Islands (coord|71|56|S|171|10|E)
** Possession Island (coord|71|52|S|171|12|E)



* Renaud Island
* Robertson Island (coord|65|10|S|59|37|W)
* Rongé Island (coord|64|43|S|62|41|W)
* Roosevelt Island (inside of Ross Sea) (coord|79|25|S|162|00|W, claimed by New Zealand)
* Ross Island (inside of Ross Sea) (coord|77|40|S|168|00|E) (claimed by New Zealand)
* Rouse Islands (coord|67|34|48|S|62|57|00|E)

* Scott Island (coord|67|24|S|179|55|W) (claimed by New Zealand)
* Seymour Island
* Shepard Island (coord|74|25|S|132|30|W)
* Shortcut Island
* Siple Island (coord|73|39|S|125|00|W)
* South Orkney Islands (coord|60|35|S|45|30|W), Argentina "de facto" claimed by the United Kingdom)
** Coronation Island
** Larsen Islands (coord|60|36|S|46|04|W)
** Laurie Island
** Inaccessible Islands (coord|60|34|S|46|44|W)
** Powell Island
** Robertson Islands or Robertsons Islands (coord|60|46|S|45|09|W)
** Signy Island

* South Shetland Islands (coord|62|00|S|58|00|W) (claimed by Argentina/Chile/United Kingdom
** Bridgeman Island (minor) (coord|62|04|S|56|44|W|)
** Clarence Island (coord|61|12|S|54|05|W|)
** Cornwallis Island (coord|61|04|S|54|28|W) (minor)
** Deception Island (coord|62|57|S|60|36|W|)
** Elephant Island (coord|61|01|S|54|54|W|)
** Gibbs Island (coord|61|28|S|55|34|W|)
** Greenwich Island (coord|62|31|S|59|47|W)
** Half Moon Island (minor)
** King George Island or Île du Roi Georges or Isla 25 de Mayo or Isla Rey George or Isla Veinticinco de Mayo or King George's Island or König Georg Insel or Waterloo Island (the largest of the South Shetland Islands) (coord|62|23|S|58|67|W|)
** Livingston Island (coord|62|36|S|60|30|W|)
** Low Island (coord|63|17|S|62|09|W)
** Nelson Island (coord|62|18|S|59|03|W)
** Penguin Island (coord|62|06|S|57|54|W) (minor - one of several Penguin Islands in the Antarctic region)
** Robert Island (coord|62|24|S|59|30|W)
** Rowett Island (coord|61|17|S|55|13|W) (minor)
** Rugged Island (coord|62|38|S|61|15|W) (minor - one of several in the Antarctic region)
** Seal Island (coord|60|58|S|55|24|W)
** Smith Island (coord|63|00|S|62|30|W)
** Snow Island (coord|62|47|S|61|23|W|)

* Spaatz Island (coord|73|00|S|75|00|W)
* Split Rock (coord|64|47|S|64|03|W)
* Spume Island (coord|64|48|S|64|07|W)
* Stepping Stones (coord|64|47|S|64|00|W)
* Stonington Island (coord|68|11|S|67|00|W)
* Surge Rocks (coord|64|47|S|64|04|W)


* Thurston Island (coord|72|06|S|99|00|W)
* Torgersen Island (coord|64|46|S|64|05|W)
* Tower Island (coord|63|33|S|59|51|W)
* Trinity Island (coord|63|45|S|60|44|W)



*Vega Island


* Welch Island (coord|67|34|S|62|56|E)
* Wiencke Island (coord|64|54|S|63|43|W)
* Williams Rocks (coord|67|26|S|62|46|E)

* Windmill Islands (coord|66|20|S|110|28|E)
** Allison Islands (coord|66|21|S|110|29|E)
** Ardery Island (coord|66|22|S|110|27|E)
** Austral Island (coord|66|30|S|110|39|E)
** Bailey Rocks (coord|66|17|S|110|32|E)
** Beall Island (coord|66|18|S|110|29|E)
** Birkenhauer Island (coord|66|29|S|110|37|E
** Boffa Island (coord|66|28|S|110|37|E)
** Borrello Island (coord|66|19|S|110|22|E)
** Bosner Island (coord|66|27|S|110|36|E)
** Bousquet Island (coord|66|25|S|110|41|E)
** Boving Island (coord|66|17|S|110|31|E)
** Cloyd Island (coord|66|25|S|110|33|E)
** Cronk Islands (coord|66|19|S|110|25|E)
** Denison Island (coord|66|18|S|110|27|E)
** Fitzpatrick Rock (coord|66|16|S|110|30|E)
** Ford Island (coord|66|24|S|110|31|E)
** Gibney Reef (coord|66|15|S|110|30|E)
** Griffith Island (coord|66|20|S|110|29|E)
** Hemphill Island (coord|66|23|S|110|34|E)
** Herring Island (coord|66|24|S|110|38|E)
** Holl Island (coord|66|25|S|110|25|E)
** Hollin Island (coord|66|19|S|110|24|E)
** Kilby Island (coord|66|16|S|110|31|E)
** McIntyre Island (coord|66|14|S|110|34|E)
** Odbert Island (coord|66|22|S|110|33|E)
** Peterson Island (coord|66|28|S|110|30|E)
** Pidgeon Island (coord|66|19|S|110|27|E
** Shirley Island (coord|66|17|S|110|30|E)
** Smith Islands (coord|66|18|S|110|27|E)





* New Zealand sub-antarctic islands

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* Extreme points of the Antarctic

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* [ U.S. Geological Survey, Atlas of Antarctic Research]

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