Shawnee Mission School District

Shawnee Mission School District

The Shawnee Mission School District (Kansas Unified School District 512) is one of the major school districts in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Located in northeast Johnson County, Kansas, the school district enrolled 29,389 students in the 2003-2004 school year. As of 2008, the district comprises 5 high schools, 7 middle schools, 39 elementary schools, and 3 instructional centers.

Historical Significance

South Park Elementary school, in Merriam, Kansas played a significant role in school desegregation prior to the unification of the Shawnee Mission School District. South Park opened in 1948 for white students, leaving African-American students in the inadequate Walker Elementary using outdated curriculum. Corinthian Nutter, an African-American teacher, resigned in protest and taught the students from her home. 1949's Webb v. School District 90 case paved the way for Brown v. Topeka Board of Education five years later.

McAuliffe Elementary School in Lenexa, Kansas was the first school in the nation to open named in honor of Christa McAuliffe.

High schools

Shawnee Mission North High School

Shawnee Mission Rural High School opened September 12, 1922, having cost $950,000 to build. It had 12 faculty members and a senior class of 1,200. There had been a vote on September 21, 1921, on a "proposal to organize a rural high school district."

In 1922 the east building was completed and in 1936 the west building, housing a gym and auditorium, was connected to the east building. In 1941 the shop wing was constructed to house agriculture and auto mechanics; it was connected to the west building by a concrete walk. In 1950 a large addition was made, including the south academic wing, the cross hall/offices, library, Field House and music rooms. After 30 years all the buildings were connected by hallways.

The swimming pool and science wing were built in 1969, the Developmental Center in 1978, the Little Theater in 1984 and the "lunch dock" remodeled in 1993. In the summer of 1997, the new library was added as well as air-conditioning. In 1998 the cafeteria and kitchen were remodeled.

As part of a recently-introduced district-wide bond, major improvements will be made to the SM North campus as well as all high schools, middle schools, and many elementary schools. A key project at SM North was the demolition of the original stadium and reconstruction beginning in 2005, followed, in the year 2007, by the addition of a new auxiliary gym, fresh tennis courts, pool and auditorium remodeling, the additions of two Biology rooms, and a significant enlargement of the band and Choir Department.

The school was named Shawnee Mission Rural until 1948, when senior Robert F. Bennett was sent to Topeka to petition the legislature for a name change to more accurately reflect the school's suburban status. It was thought that the job would take several weeks, if it could be accomplished at all, but Bob Bennett brought it home in three days. Later elected Governor of Kansas, Bennett was named North's first 'Distinguished Alumnus' by the class of 1975.

It was thus named Shawnee Mission High School until 1958, when East opened and Shawnee Mission High School became SM North. The student body of Shawnee Mission High had petitioned the school board to name the new school anything other than "Shawnee Mission East" in an attempt to avoid a renaming of their school. This history is reflected in the fact that the North varsity letter remains an "S" to this day. SM West opened in 1962, South in 1966, and Northwest in 1969.

Alma Mater

:Shawnee Mission, Shawnee Mission,:Here's our toast to thee:We will cherish and respect thee:Pledge our loyalty:We will honor, we will love thee:Send our colors forth:Proud and brave our alma mater:Shawnee Mission North!

Fight Song

(tune: On Wisconsin – University of Wisconsin-Madison)

:Onward Shawnee! Onward Shawnee!:Fight for victory!:Press 'em harder, ever harder!:Show them we can fight, fight fight!:Onward Shawnee! Onward Shawnee!:Fight for victory!:Fight, Indians, fight, fight, fight!:We'll win tonight.


There are always two mascots. One is an Indian princess, and the other is an Indian warrior. The students acting as Indian princess and warrior are always a male and female senior. The outfits they wear while playing these parts were crafted by the Shawnee Indians of Oklahoma. The Indian warrior originated in 1975 with a student's Halloween costume, which proved so popular he joined the traditional Indian princess as mascot.

During the alma mater, students stand and hold up their right index fingers while singing.

The Indian head time capsule (in front of the main office), which was gifted to the school by the class of 1965, is roped off and not to be stepped on.

The day before homecoming, Shawnee Mission North stages a large parade. Different clubs, groups, and alumni create floats to parade down Johnson Drive.

SM North is located in northern Overland Park and serves much of northeastern Johnson County. The SM North area has a population of approximately 52,000 and includes the communities of Countryside, Merriam, Mission, northern Overland Park, Roeland Park, and Eastern Shawnee.

The 2006 population of SM North was 1,966. The mascot is an Indian, and the school colors are cardinal and black.

SM North puts out two publications, a magazine known as "The Mission" and a student-created yearbook known as "Indian". Indian has won numerous publishing awards, including national competitions.

Every year around February a senior male is selected by his fellow classmates as "Northman". This title is much like "Homecoming King" at other schools. Originally called "Big Man on Campus", the winner was crowned at the annual "Women Pay All (WPA)" dance. In 1979 the title was considered outdated and changed to Northman.

North has won 5 state championships in football (1969, 1970, 1971, 1974)under the coaching of Larry Taylor.

Recently, North has ranked high in the NJROTC national competitions as well.

2008-2009 School Year Administration

*Principal - Richard Kramer
*Associate Principal - Eric Rembold
*Associate Principal - John Bartel
*Associate Principal - Brock Wenciker
*Associate Principal - Annette Gonzales

Notable Alumni

*Robert F. Bennett, Governor of Kansas
*General Richard B. Myers
*Dr. Phil McGraw (1968)
*Director Darren Lynn Bousman.
*Michael McShane, Actor
*Kevin Kietzman, Kansas City Sports Radio Personality
*Jane D. Hull, Governor of Arizona
*Ronald Metsker, Kansas House of Representatives
*Bryan Goebel, Pro Bowler

hawnee Mission East High School

Opened in the school year beginning in 1958, SM East is located at Mission Road and 75th Street. SME is unique in the district for featuring the International Baccalaureate program, one of the few in the region. As of 2006, the enrollment at East is 2,012, making it the second-most populated school in the SMSD. The mascot is a Lancer, and the colors are Columbia blue, black, and white. It is located in the suburb of Prairie Village.

The "Eastonian" is an underground newspaper known for its longevity and long lists of editors who all use the pseudonym John Galt, the character in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

chool Newspaper and Yearbook

The Shawnee Mission East school newspaper, "The Harbinger", has won numerous city-wide, state-wide and national awards. The online version of the publication, which began in January 2006, is called [ The Harbinger Online] . The newspaper is currently advised by Dow Tate. During the 2004-2005 school year, Libby Nelson, editor of "The Harbinger", was named National High School Journalist of the Year by the [ Journalism Education Association] . During the 2006-2007 school year, "The Harbinger" editor Amanda Allison was bestowed the same honor. The Harbinger has won two Pacemakers, four Pacemaker nominations and three Gold Crowns since Dow Tate's arrival in 2003. These awards are given to the top 20-30 high school newspapers each year by two separate groups. During the 2006 NSPA fall conference in Nashville, The Harbinger was named Best in Show of all newspapers with 17+ pages.

The school yearbook has also won many awards. In 2007, during the NSPA spring conference in Denver, the yearbook won the prestigious Pacemaker award. Also, in 2008, during the NSPA spring conference in Anaheim, the yearbook won the same award. The Harbinger has won Best in Show at the conference for the past two years.

For the past three years, the Kansas High School Journalist of the Year has been an East student (2005: Libby Nelson, 2006: Allison Quick, 2007: Amanda Allison).

The Lancers are known for their great Athletic programs across the board. Lancer Sports are a favorite of all ages in Prairie Village, as long time residents, alumni, and teachers attend these events daily. Lancer athletics cannot go unmentioned without the name of Dr. Art Newcomer. Art was the driving force in having some of the best teacher-coaches in the district along with quality student-athletes of all talents. The Lancers have won many State Championships in Men & Womens Tennis, Cross Country, Swimming, Soccer, and many more.

Notable coaches who have made an impact in the community and for the students, are::Glenn Percy: All-Time wins in Football, 1971-78 & 1992-1999:Todd Dain: who is now at Olathe Northwest (First Lancer Head Coach in history to win Back-to-back District & Regional Championships):Shawn Hair: All-Time winningest Basketball Coach in team history 1997-08 (13 seasons).:Mens & Womans Tennis: Dr. Phil Berg, Carolyn Howard, Larry Tice & Sue Chipman, all whom have won many League and State Championships for the Lancers:Jim Ricker: SM East Lady Lancer Soccer Champions in 1999 and 2000 going 36-2-3 in 41 games. The Ladies first Championship came in 1997 routing Wichita Northwest 7-0. The 1999 team defeated Olathe East 3-0, and the 2000 Champions defeated BV Northwest 5-0:Dave Rehfeld: Former Lancer Mens & Womens Basketball Coach. Won a State Championship in the 1980s

Shawnee Mission East serves as the inspiration for the title school in Rick Gould's satirical book The Leaping Tuna of Kirshenbaum East.

chool Song

:Shawnee Mission, hail to thee. :Lancers we will always be. :We stand beside our colors bright, :Columbia blue, black and white. :High school days too soon are gone, :But fond memories linger on (stomp feet) :May our spirits be increased, :And God watch over SM East! (pump fists in air)


The last school day before the Homecoming Dance, all students are released early from school to celebrate in the Lancer Day Parade. Different clubs and classes organize floats for this special event. The parade starts at the intersection of 75th Street and Mission Road and proceeds down Mission to Prairie Village Shopping Center. Traditionally, the mayor of Prairie Village gives a speech praising SME and changing the name of his/her city for one day from Prairie Village to "Lancer" Village.

The SME Drumline is also famous around the school as being a "crowd-booster" during home football games. The Drumline, who performs at halftime, puts on a great show every week for the students. And many times during a day, they would assemble and play throughout the school. The Drumline is headed by two senior captains each year, and is directed by Mr. Ray DeMarchi.

On the day of the Kansas City Royals' home opener, all the seniors skip class and attend the game.

Notable Alumni

:Sandahl Bergman: Actress, co-star "Conan the Barbarian":W. Bruce Cameron: Author:Nancy Opel: Tony-award nominated singer/actress.:John Andrew (Andy) or (Drew) Myers: Musician with the Grammy-award nominated reggae band "Blue Riddim.":John D. Carmack: Game programmer and id Software co-founder:Donald Fehr: Major League Baseball players union representative:Thomas Frank: founder of The Baffler, Harper's columnist and author of What's the Matter with Kansas?:Will Gates: Bronze Tennis Olympic medal winner in the 2008 :Howard Goller: Reuters Editor, Political & General News, U.S. & Canada:Chris Backus: Model/actor. Married to Mira Sorvino:Soren Petro: Kansas City sports radio talk show host:Stu Stram: Son of former KC Chiefs Head Coach Hank Stram, who was starting quarterback for the Lancer Football team:Kate Scott: Former Lady Lancer Basketball & Soccer player who went on to play for the Oklahome Lady Sooners making it to the NCAA Championship game losing to the UConn Huskies. :Jamie Harrigan: Former Lancer Soccer player who went on to play for the Kansas City Attack in the NPSL:Steven Doerr: Former Lancer Soccer player who played for the old MISL Denver Avalanche in leagues first couple seasons :Harry (Silverglat) Darrow: Art director in motion pictures, television and the theater:Ramesh Ponnuru: National Review, senior editor:Jim Roth: member of Oklahoma Corporation Commission, first openly gay statewide official in Oklahoma:SGT Michael Garrett : US Army, 2005 soldier of the year, class of 2000:John Nickels : Hunky and BAMF:Noahboah Ottinger : an amazingly amazing person, attempted to take over the world, but was stopped by a herd of wild horses.

hawnee Mission South High School

Shawnee Mission South is located on Lamar Avenue near 107th Street in Overland Park, Kansas. The school colors are green and gold and its mascot is the Raiders. The school's mascot was chosen by the first graduating class of 1967. The Raider was chosen as a mascot because of the popular band Paul Revere and the Raiders. Most of the students from South come from the middle school Indian Woods (which was then two separate Junior High Schools - Nallwood and Indian Creek). The school's population in 2006 was 1,805 students, down from a peak around 2400 in 1975.South has a newspaper called "The Patriot".

Notable alumni include former USC and NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member Rob Riggle, now of The Daily Show and Stephen Dolginoff, the New York based playwright-composer of award-winning musical Thrill Me. Additionally, The Who played a concert with the The Buckinghams at Shawnee Mission South on November 17, 1967. The concert was performed in the gymnasium that still stands to this day. The Byrds appeared in concert in the school's gymnasium in March 1969.


SMS is unique in the district for featuring the Engineering Program. Beginning in the 2007-2008 school year, the Shawnee Mission School District is adopting a new program, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), as the district engineering signature program, offered at Shawnee Mission South High School. The classes for the new program include, Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Design and Development. A club at South is the Raider Revolution Robotics which has started in the 2006-2007 school year, where the students build robots and compete with them at national competitions. South is also one of the only schools in the district that has a unique AutoCAD room where all the drafting tables are separated from the computers, allowing for the students to easily maneuver in the room. Former AutoCAD/drafting students redesigned the school's office.

SMS is notable because it hosts the Shawnee Mission School District's Center for International Studies, giving students who attend opportunities to study not only Spanish, French, German and Latin, but also Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian. SMS is notable for its achievements in scholastic competitions such as Academic Decathlon, Categories (a local quiz-bowl type competition) and forensics. South has won the Academic Decathlon title at the state level for eight years in a row.

In 2005, South's Science Olympiad team made district news by winning the state of Kansas competition and advancing to the national level. The team has performed consistently well over the years, nearly always placing within top 3 at state competition. Located on the school grounds is the Shawnee Mission Environmental Science Laboratory (SMESL), a 22 acre plot of land consisting of grasslands, trees, a stream, and a pond for scientific research and study. The school houses a variety of animals, both indoor and outdoor, to be studied by students. The school also has some of the best science classrooms in the district, offering Biology 1 & 2, Biology Honors (to freshmen and upper classmen), Anatomy, Physics 1 & 2, Physics Honors, Physics 2 AP, Chemistry and Chemistry 2 as well as many other science classes. The school offers a wide college mathematics curriculum as well going up to Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Real & Complex Analysis, and Topology.

Students can choose from a variety of classes including Art Foundations, Art 2D, Art 3D, Design, Drawing, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Watercolor Painting, Photography 1 & 2, Printmaking, Fibers, Commercial Art, Graphic Design Technology 1 & 2, as well as Art Seminar.

Fight Song

(tune: Mr. Touchdown, USA)

:We are the Shawnee Mission Raiders!:We have the team that fights to win.:Hail the Raiders, strong and true.:Give us a cheer and a loud "LET'S WIN!":We wear our colors proudly: green, gold, and white.:Cheering our Raiders to fight!:Go, fight, win!:The spirit from within.:Raiders, we're for you!

chool Song

"Alma Mater"

:Hail to Shawnee Mission South as Raiders honor thee:May all in kinship and friendship stand in thy fraternity:Let green and gold of Raiders bold proclaim our loyalty:So the world may know whe'ere we go:That Raiders:We ever:Shall Be!

Notable Alumni

*Mike Wilson - Author/Entrepreneur
*Stephen Dolginoff - Writer/Composer of Thrill Me
*Richard Gilliland - Television/Movie Actor (1968)
*Rodney Peete - USC and NFL Quarterback; sports television broadcaster
*Rob Riggle - comedian on "The Daily Show"
* ((Ryan Greenhaw)- Graduate of University of Kansas reached millionaire status at early age of 24
*Tom Kane - voice actor of - Yoda and The Wild Thornberrys - Darwin the Chimpanzee

hawnee Mission West High School

Shawnee Mission West's mascot is the Viking and the official school colors are black and gold. West opened its doors in 1962; since then, it has been remodeled several times. Additions have also been made to the school, the most famous of which is "the bridge," an actual bridge between halves of the school that later had classrooms added beneath it. As of 2006, its population is 2,042 Fact|date=September 2008. It is located in Overland Park at 85th Street and Antioch Road. Every 3 years the West Pride Marching Band, along with the Golden Girls Dance Team, travel overseas to march in the New Years Day parade in London, England. The Madrigal Singers, currently under direction of Laura VanLeeuwen, were selected to represent West at Carnegie Hall 2006-07 year. The former principal, Dr. Karl Krawitz was the NEA III District Educator of the Year for 2004-2005. SM West is home to both an award-winning school newspaper, the EPIC, and yearbook, SAGA. SM West has twice (1986 and 2007) placed second at the National Forensic League tournament for policy debate.

SM West has a student body population that is 9% African American, which is the highest African American population of any Shawnee Mission high school Fact|date=September 2008. Statistically, SM West is the most ethnically diverse high school in the district. Fact|date=September 2008

SM West draws its student population from both Overland Park and Lenexa.


SM West has a long history of success in sports. SM West won state championships in 1972 and 1985 in football, in addition to runner-up finishes in 1977 and 2006. Of late, the SM West football team, and its "Viking Power" slogan have become a dominant force in class 6A football under head coach Tim Callaghan. In November 2006 the Vikings defeated Lawrence Free-State High School in the Sub-State playoffs, then lost to Hutchinson High School 21-14 in the state title game in Emporia on November 25th. They were the first Shawnee Mission school to reach the state championship game since West won in 1985.

West has also become a leader in girls tennis. In recent years, the girls tennis team has taken the region by storm. In 2006, the girls won the Sunflower League, which had been largely dominated by SM East for the past eight years. In both 2006 and 2007, the team turned out a state doubles runner-up title.

West has competed in four state title games for basketball, the most recent being in 2005, led by coach Mike Brinsko, but has never been able to come away with the title. The SM West baseball team also has enjoyed their fair share of success, winning state championships in 1977, 1987, and 1988. In 1991, West's soccer team won the 6A state title, defeating two USA Today nationally ranked teams in the process (Wichita South High School, Shawnee Mission South). Also, the SM West girl's soccer team was 2005 and 2006 Sunflower League Champions; 2005 and 2006 Northeast Kansas 6A Regional Champions; 2005 and 2006 Kansas 6A state quarter-finalist; 2005 and 2006 Kansas 6A State runners-up.

School Song

:Alma Mater, hail to thee!:Sing we now so joyfully!:Honor, praise and loyalty!:Ever shall our promise be!:Onward, we are always striving!:For thy colors brave, undying!:Hail to thee, Shawnee Mission West!:Hail to thee, Shawnee Mission West!

Marching Band

The Shawnee Mission West marching band has had lots of success in the music department. It is presently directed by Bill Thomas. The Shawnee Mission West marching band has been invited to play in London for the New Years Parade every three years for the past fifteen years. Also at the end of the regular football season, the Shawnee Mission West marching band has a light show where the band straps glow-sticks and flash lights to themselves. This show is performed each year at the last home football game during the regular season.

Notable Alumni

*Roy Foster - NFL football player
*Matt Freije - NBA basketball player
*Rebecca Kolls - Master Gardener, television host of "Rebecca's Garden", contributor to Good Morning America
*John Lehr - Actor, star of the TV show "10 Items or Less"
*Rob Neyer - Author and baseball columnist
*Kevin Oldham - Composer and pianist
*Ande Parks - comic book artist/writer
*Paul Rudd - Famous actor, and constant visitor to the theater department
*Ron Simonian - Playwright/director
*Kelsey Smith - 2007 Murder victim
*Jason Sudeikis - Comedian (Saturday Night Live)
*Sean Tevis - Politician
*Steve Towle - NFL football player
*Jason Wiles - Actor/director
*Gregory E. Couch - Brig. General U.S. Army Reserves

hawnee Mission Northwest High School

Shawnee Mission Northwest High School's mascot is the Cougar, and the school colors are black and orange. Its principal is Dr. Bill Harrington. As of the 2005-2006 school year, its population was 1,859. Summer school is held here for all of the Shawnee Mission Schools. It is located in Shawnee on 67th Street, between Pflumm Road and Quivira Road.

chool Song

:Stand up we are the Northwest Cougars :Kings of mountain, plain, and shore:We are the Shawnee Mission Cougars:May our minds and hearts triumphant soar:United stand we arm in arm :We raise our banners to the fore!:Remember we are Northwest Cougars:Cougars now and evermore

chool Specialties

The Shawnee Mission Northwest Drumline is consistently a top placer in drumline competitions throughout the marching season. It is under the direction of Britt Haney and Matt Roman. Shawnee Mission Northwest is known in the Kansas City Area for their exceptional music programs, especially their jazz band and orchestra, which hold many talented musicians. The band is under the direction of Penny Snead and Doug Talley. The orchestra is under the direction of Jeffrey Bishop.


As of 2007, Northwest’s boys varsity cross-country team has won the state title for fourteen consecutive years. The softball team won state in 2003.

NW Football won the Sunflower League in 2007. The basketball team is coached by Ben Meseke. The football team, coached by Aaron Barnett, went undefeated in their league, and won a game in the state tournament.

chool Newspaper and Yearbook

The school newspaper is "The Northwest Passage" and the yearbook is "The Lair".

Notable Alumni

* Craig Bolerjack - CBS Sports commentator and announcer for the Utah Jazz
* Ryan Lilja - NFL Player, Super Bowl Champion with the Indianapolis Colts, 2007
* Phill Kline - Former Kansas Attorney General and current Johnson County, KS District Attorney
* Kristin Richardson (formerly Willits) - Film and Television Actress, Dancer
* Sean Wheelock - Soccer television and radio commentator
* Ryan Torain - NFL Player drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 5th Round (139th Overall) of the 2008 NFL Draft

Middle Schools

*Antioch (building was originally Milburn Junior High)
*Hocker Grove
*Indian Hills
*Indian Woods (building was originally Nallwood Junior High)
*Mission Valley (building was originally Meadowbrook Junior High)
*Westridge (building was originally Hillcrest Junior High)

Previous Schools

* Broadmoor Junior High (now known as Broadmoor Technical Center)
* Indian Creek Junior High (building now used for district offices as Indian Creek Technical Center)
* Old Mission Junior High (building now part of Bishop Miege Catholic High School)

Elementary Schools

*Belinder (Frank Belinder)
*Benninghoven (Rhein Benninghoven)
*Bonjour (Don Bonjour)
*Broken Arrow
*Diemer (John Diemer)
*East Antioch
*McAuliffe (Christa McAuliffe)
*Merriam Park
*Mill Creek
*Moody (Dorothy Moody)
*Oak Park-Carpenter
*Overland Park
*Ray Marsh
*Rising Star
*Santa Fe Trail
*Westwood View

Previous Schools

*Bagby (Marsha Bagby)
*Bluejacket (merged into new Bluejacket-Flint school)
*Cherokee (closed 2001)
*Flint (merged into new Bluejacket-Flint school, building is now Wonderscope Children's Museum)
*Greenwood (Mauer & 64th street closed 1990, then was Wonderscope Children's Museum, later demolished. It is now a Wal-Mart)
*Hickory Grove (building originally used as a K-6 grade school before closing and being used for Alternative Education Program {AEP} for problem students and teenage Mothers-To-Be after Skyline, replaced with new facility and renamed Horizons High School)
*Katherine Carpenter (Merged into new Oak Park-Carpenter school, building now houses some special education offices, including the district audiologist.)
*Mohawk (building demolished; now a park at 67th & Lamar)
*Nall Hills (closed 2001)
*Oak Park (New building constructed and merged into Oak Park-Carpenter in 2007)
*Porter (building demolished; site is now Porter Park)
*Ridgeview (Closed. Building reopened as Kansas City Christian Academy)
*Roeland Park
*Roesland (under reconstruction)
*Skyline (Closed 1974. Originally a K-6 Grade School. Next purpose was for the Alternative Education Program {AEP} for problem students and teenage Mothers-To-Be. Used as the Roeland Park Community Center since 1985.)
*South Park (closed 2007 to join with Merriam to make Merriam Park.
*Valley View (building is now Holy Cross Catholic School)
*West Antioch (closed 2004)

District Centers

*Broadmoor Technical Center
*Center for International Studies
*International Baccalaureate at SME
* [ Horizons High School (AEP)]
*Indian Creek Technology Center


As of the census of 2000, the district has a total population of 219,949 with 93,221 households (or occupied housing units) and 59,084 families. 69.0% of the occupied housing units are occupied by the owner. The racial makeup of the district is 91.0% White, 2.6% Black or African American, 0.3% American Indian and Alaska Native, 2.8% Asian, less than 0.1% Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, 1.6% of some other race, and 1.6% of two or more races. 4.3% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

There are 93,221 households out of which 29.9% are individuals living alone, 63.4% are families, and 6.7% are non-families with two or more people. 52.2% of households (or 82.4% of families) are married couples living together and 28.6% (or 45.1%) have their own children (that is persons under the age of 18) living with them. Out of the 11.2% of households that have a householder with no spouse present, 44.4% are women living with their own children. The average household size is 2.33, and the average family size is 2.93.

The 50,632 children residing in the district are 23.0% of the total population, and 13,283 (6.0%) are under the age of 5; 13,605 (6.2%) are from 5 to 9; 14,874 (6.8%) are from 10 to 14; and 8,870 (4.0%) are from 15 to 17. 48.8% of the children are female. For 95.1% of the children in the district the householder is the child's parent and 77.3% live in married-couple families, but 1.1% are not related to the householder. Also 21 householders or spouses are under the age of 18.

See also

* List of unified school districts in Kansas


* [ National Center for Education Statistics] . School district demographic data.

External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Summary of the school district] from the Kansas State Department of Education website
* [ Myers Reports on Military to Oldest Friends] , a September 2005 article about the return of General Richard Myers to Shawnee Mission North
* [ Corinth Elementary School]

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