Curve Lake First Nation

Curve Lake First Nation
Curve Lake 35A reserve

The Curve Lake First Nation is Mississauga Ojibway First Nation located in Peterborough County of Ontario. The Curve Lake First Nation occupies three reserves; Curve Lake First Nation 35 Reserve, Curve Lake 35A Reserve, and Islands in the Trent Waters Indian Reserve 36A. The last of these reserves is shared with the Hiawatha First Nation and the Scugog First Nation. The Curve Lake First Nation registered a population on these three reserves of 741, with an additional 1,050 registered band members living off-reserve.



The Curve Lake Anishinaabe (Ojibway) community trace their origins to 1882 when a small band settled around Curve Lake and Mud Lake. The community officially became a reserve in 1889. Mud Lake Band #35, became Curve Lake First Nation in 1964, with the Mud Lake 35 Indian Reserve becoming the Curve Lake First Nation 35 Indian Reserve.


The people of Curve Lake First Nation elect their leadership through the Act Electoral System for a two-year term. The First Nation's council consists of a chief and eight councillors. The current chief is Irving "Keith" Knott. The councillors are Courtney Taylor, Crystal Cummings, Debbie Irons, Ian Knott, Jeffrey Jacobs, Lorenzo Whetung, Ted Coppaway, and Vanessa Boudreault. Their two-year term began in June 2010.


  • Education
  • Health and Family Services
  • Economic Development
  • Capital Projects
  • Public Works
  • Membership
  • Lands
  • Curve Lake Community Gaming Revenue Fund
  • Employment Resource Centre

Famous people

  • Drew Hayden Taylor - Canadian journalist and playwright
  • Norman Knott - Canadian Painter
  • Elsie Knott - First Woman Chief in Canada

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