Ternary signal

Ternary signal

In telecommunication, a ternary signal is a signal that can assume, at any given instant, one of three significant conditions, such as power level, phase position, pulse duration, or frequency.

"Note:" Examples of ternary signals are (a) a pulse that can have a positive, zero, or negative voltage value at any given instant (PAM-3), (b) a sine wave that can assume phases of 0°, 120°, or 240° relative to a clock pulse (3-PSK), and (c) a carrier wave that can assume any one of three different frequencies depending on three different modulation signal significant conditions (3-FM).

Some examples of PAM-3 line codes that use ternary signals are:
* hybrid ternary code
* bipolar encoding
* MLT-3 encoding used in 100BASE-TX Ethernet
* B3ZS
* 4B3T used in some ISDN basic rate interface
* 8B6T used in 100BASE-T4 Ethernet
* return-to-zero
* SOQPSK-TG uses ternary continuous phase modulation [https://dspace.byu.edu/handle/1877/58]

3-PSK can be seen as falling between "binary phase-shift keying" (BPSK) which uses two phases, and "quadrature phase-shift keying" (QPSK) which uses four phases.

"Source: Portions of this article were taken from Federal Standard 1037C"

ee also

* balanced ternary
* digital signal
* Fast Ethernet#100BASE-T2 uses PAM-5, which, like ternary, is one of the few modulation schemes that does not use a power-of-two number of symbols.
* three-phase electric power, like 3-PSK, uses 3 phases at a single frequency and amplitude.

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