Cube (disambiguation)

Cube (disambiguation)

A cube is a shape in three dimensions. It may also refer to:



  • Ice Cube (born 1969), rapper, often referred to simply as "Cube"
  • Irma von Cube (1899–1977), German-American screenwriter

Math and science

  • Cube (algebra), the third power of a number
  • CuBe, an alloy of copper and beryllium
  • Data cube, a three- (or higher) dimensional array of values
    • OLAP cube, an extension to the two-dimensional array of a spreadsheet, optimized to quickly answer multi-dimensional analytical queries
  • The lambda cube is a framework of constructive logic


  • The Cube (game show), a British TV game show where tasks are completed from inside a cube
    • The Cube (U.S. game show), an American game show based on the UK show
  • Cube Records, a record label
  • Borg starships, in Star Trek, the most common of which is a cube
  • Cosmic Cube, the name of a fictional object in media published by Marvel Comics
  • Cube (comics), the name of a prison in Marvel Comics
  • BBC Two 'Cube' ident, a 1967 television ident for BBC Two






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  • Cubic (disambiguation)

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