Gelatinous cube

Gelatinous cube

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A gelatinous cube is a fictional monster from the "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game. It is a ten-foot cube of transparent gelatin, which is able to absorb organic matter.

Creative origins

Because of its obviously fantastic, unrealistic nature, the gelatinous cube is one of the most well-known monsters created especially for role-playing games.Or|date=August 2008 Although it resembles other fictional monsters, it is an invention of Gary Gygax, and first appeared in the Monster Manual (1977) [ [ Monster Manual] ] , rather than being lifted from outside sources and adapted to a roleplaying setting, as were many mythological monsters like the minotaur and dryad.

Like the flumph, the gelatinous cube is commonly considered one of the sillier role-playing game monsters.Fact|date=August 2008 Being a cube that is a perfect ten feet on each side, it is specifically and perfectly adapted to its native environment, the standard, convert|10|ft|m|sing=on by convert|10|ft|m|sing=on dungeon corridors which were ubiquitous in the earliest "Dungeons & Dragons" modules, particularly the randomly-generated ones created using the rules in the "Dungeon Master's Guide". Its existence is also something of a commentary on the ubiquity of treasure-laden dungeons in the roleplaying universe itself.Or|date=August 2008


A gelatinous cube looks like a transparent ooze of mindless, gelatinous matter in the shape of a cube.

A gelatinous cube slides through dungeon corridors, absorbing everything in its path, digesting everything organic and secreting non-digestible matter in its wake. Contact with its exterior can result in a paralyzing electric shock, after which the cube will proceed to slowly digest its stunned and helpless prey.

Reproduction is through a form of asexual 'budding', in which a smaller, stub cube is left behind in a side corridor to grow into full-sized cubes, although these stub cubes run the risk of being absorbed by their own parent on its next trip down the corridor. Scholars have determined that juvenile gelatinous cubes grow to fit their own natural environment, adapting their exterior proportions to the size of the corridors they most commonly sweep.

Gelatinous cubes typically live underground. Some legends whisper of monstrous, "legendary" gelatinous cubes in the deep and secret places beneath the earth that have grown to several hundred thousand cubic feet of volume.


Gelatinous cubes, being mindless, are always neutral.

In other media

*In "Ultima I" a gelatinous cube is commonly encountered in the dungeon levels.
*In "Castle of the Winds" there is a "gelatinous glob."
*In the virtual pet game "Psypets," the gelatinous cube is one of the many monsters the player's pet can defeat.
*On the "Neopets" website, there are jelly blobs named "gelatinous non-cubes."
*Gelatinous cubes are one of the many types of monsters in "NetHack".
*The ASCII based game "Moria" features a treasure rich gelatinous cube.
*On the "Giga Pets" handheld games, Gelatinous cubes are one of the many food items.
*In the massively multiplayer online game "Dofus", the Jellies' Peninsula and Jellith Dimension are devoted to cube shaped Jelly monsters of various flavors and colors.
*In one episode of the absurdist comic "Bob the Angry Flower" the title character's marketing pitch is nearly ruined by a gelatinous cube which repeatedly yells "Cube!" as it attempts to consume him. After this episode the author Stephen Notley received a number of messages from D&D players who had incorporated cubes which yelled "Cube!" into their games. [cite web |url=|title=Everybody Loves Jello |accessdate=2007-02-19 |last=Notley |first=Stephen ]
*Gelatinous cubes occur both in "Everquest" and "Everquest 2".
*In the 1992 movie "Wayne's World", arcade owner Noah Vanderhoff talks about a fictional game in which a gelatinous cube consumes villages.
*The Hordes of the Underdark expansion for Neverwinter Nights included an ambush by a gelatinous cube while in the Underdark.


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* [ The gelatinous cube] in Neverwinter Nights

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