Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube
Cube 2: Hypercube

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Andrzej Sekuła
Produced by Ernie Barbarash
Peter Block
Suzanne Colvin
Written by Sean Hood
Starring Kari Matchett
Geraint Wyn Davies
Grace Lynn Kung
Matthew Ferguson
Neil Crone
Music by Norman Orenstein
Cinematography Andrzej Sekuła
Editing by Mark Sanders
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release date(s) April 15, 2003 (United States)
Running time 95 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Cube 2: Hypercube is a 2003 Canadian psychological thriller/horror film film and the sequel to the psychological thriller/horror film Cube. Released in 2002, Cube 2: Hypercube had a bigger budget than its predecessor, and a new director, Andrzej Sekuła. The industrial-style rooms of the first film are replaced with high-tech, brightly-lit chambers; instead of traps such as flamethrowers and extending spikes, the rooms themselves are the danger as they distort time and move through each other.



The films starts with psychotherapist Kate (Kari Matchett), detective Simon (Geraint Wyn Davies), a blind girl named Sasha (Grace Lynn Kung), engineer Jerry (Neil Crone), game developer Max (Matthew Ferguson), lawyer Julia (Lindsey Connell), and a senile, elderly woman named Mrs. Paley (Barbara Gordon) trapped in a brightly lit cubic room, each with six panels on each side which are doors to other rooms. They come across Colonel Thomas (Bruce Gray), who says that they have to solve the code in order to leave the mysterious place. A trap in the room activates, creating a wall of energy that begins to close in on the group. The group escape while Thomas stays behind and handcuffs himself to a panel, desiccated by the energy wall. As the group travels through various rooms, they find that gravity, space, and time can operate in different directions in each room, while Mrs. Paley and Jerry realize that they may be in a tesseract. Kate begins to notice the numbers "60659" everywhere they go.

The group realize that they are connected to Izon, a weapons industry. Mrs. Paley, since revealed to be a now-insane high-level Izon scientist, opens a panel to reveal her and Simon being killed in the other room. Jerry thinks that it is a parallel universe, while Max and Julia think it is an optical illusion. Later, while the group are sleeping, Simon realizes that he is in the tesseract to look for Becky (Greer Kent), a missing Izon worker. The group awakens when a floating square appears in the middle of the room and shifts into several shifting variations of a tesseract, before expanding into a lethal and rapidly spinning frame.

The group flee into another room, but Jerry is caught and dies after being pulled into the tesseract. Sasha and Kate are separated from the group. Simon starts to suspect that Mrs. Paley is an undercover spy, so he gags and ties her up, but crystal beams start protruding from the walls. Simon tries to save Mrs. Paley, but instead stabs her with his knife and leaves her to die. Max and Julia, disturbed that Simon killed Mrs. Paley, leave him. After losing him through several rooms, they start to have sex, but unbeknownst to them, they are in a room where time speeds up, and they rapidly age, ending up as floating desiccated corpses. Simon, lost, alone, and hungry, goes insane. Along the way, he encounters and kills Becky, and multiple parallel versions of Jerry, taking the Jerrys' watches as trophies, and resorts to eating his victims to survive.

Meanwhile, Kate finds grisly alternate realities in other rooms. Sasha tells Kate that time and space are distorted at where they are and that the tesseract will implode and reality is collapsing. She then reveals that she is really Alex Trusk, a computer hacker who is responsible for the creation of the tesseract. She also reveals that when she discovered that Izon was actually putting people inside the tesseract, she tried to stop their operation, but was pursued so she "fled into the only place they wouldn't follow." Kate, however, still believes that there is a way out. Kate runs into a crazed Simon and stabs him in the eye fending him off. Simon then appears behind Alex, aged and blind in one eye after years of being lost in the cube, proving Alex's time theory. Alex claims that they "are all dead", which causes Simon to snap her neck. The tesseract begins collapsing and Kate kills Simon with his knife. She sees the numerous watches collected by Simon lined up on his arm and realises that "60659" is the time that the tesseract will implode (6:06:59) and remembers that she is there to take back Alex's necklace pendant, filled with confidential information on Izon. The hypercube starts wearing away, and Kate opens a panel in the bottom, revealing a black void. At 6:06:59, she jumps in, just when the Hypercube implodes. Kate wakes up in the hands of Izon authorities. She gives them the necklace and is executed. Izon authorities then report that "Phase 2 is terminated".

Alternate ending

The longer alternate ending included in the special features on the DVD reveals the "owners" to be the government; in the shorter version it is unclear who they are, but it is assumed they are Izon. Kate is executed in both versions, but she is praised for being the first operative to make it out alive. In the alternate ending it is revealed to Kate that she was in the Hypercube for just six minutes and fifty-nine seconds. It was an experiment used for quantum teleportation.

Original screenplay

The original screenplay written by Sean Hood, which was subsequently rewritten by Producer Ernie Barbarash, had substantially different plot, theme and characterization, as well as a set of over 70 production illustrations, which visualized quite different traps, environments and four-dimensional concepts.[1]


The film received mostly mixed to negative reviews. many critics criticized the film for been a dull rehash of the original film, the lack of suspense or logic, poor special effects, flat characters, wooden acting, plot holes and the notorious ending.


  • Kari Matchett as Kate Filmore, who is a psychotherapist. She is portrayed as the most empathetic character in the group.
  • Geraint Wyn Davies as Simon Grady, a private detective hired to locate a young woman named Becky Young who is missing.
  • Grace Lynn Kung as Sasha / Alex Trusk, a blind teenager and hacker.
  • Neil Crone as Jerry Whitehall, an engineer who worked on the hypercube's touch panels for the doors. He is shown to have an understanding of Quantum Physics.
  • Matthew Ferguson as Max Riesler, a computer hacker and game developer.
  • Lindsey Connell as Julia Sewell, an LA defense lawyer representing Izon.
  • Greer Kent as Becky Young, a missing young Izon worker whose parents hired Simon Grady to find her.
  • Bruce Gray as Colonel Thomas H. Maguire, a man who is intimately linked with at least the first Cube.
  • Barbara Gordon as Mrs. Paley, a retired theoretical mathematician who worked for Izon.
  • Andrew Scorer as Dr. Phil Rosenzweig, a Nobel Prize nominee, former colleague of Mrs. Paley and former employee of Izon.
  • Paul Robbins as Tracton.
  • Philip Akin as The General.

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