Centennial (miniseries)

Centennial (miniseries)

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name = Centennial

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format = Miniseries
runtime = 1256 mins. (12 episodes)
director = Harry Falk (Part 8, 9 & 10)
Paul Krasny (Part 3, 4 & 5)
Bernard McEveety (Part 11)
Virg1845il W. Vogel (Part 1, 2, 6, 7 & 12)
producer = Howard P. Alston
Alex Beaton (Chapter 6)
George E. Crosby
Malcolm R. Harding
writer = James A. Michener (Novel)
Charles Larson (Part 5, 7, 9 & 11)
John Wilder (Part 2, 6 & 12)
Jerry Ziegman (Part 3, 4 & 11)
starring = Richard Chamberlain
Robert Conrad
Richard Crenna
Timothy Dalton
Andy Griffith
Mark Harmon
Gregory Harrison
Alex Karras
Brian Keith
Lynn Redgrave
Robert Vaughn
Anthony Zerbe
Stephanie Zimbalist
editing = Howard Deane
John Elias
Bill Parker
Ralph Schoenfeld
Robert F. Shugrue
Robert Watts
music = John Addison
country = USA
language = English
network = NBC
first_aired = October 1, 1978
last_aired = February 4, 1979
num_episodes = 12

"Centennial" is a 12-episode American television miniseriesthat aired on NBC from October 1978 to February 1979. It was based on the novel of the same name by James A. Michener. The miniseries was produced by John Wilder.

The miniseries follows the history of the area of the fictional town of Centennial, Colorado from the late 18th century to the 1970s. Although Michener began his novel in prehistory, the series itself begins with Chapter 5 of the book which is entitled "The Yellow Apron".

Its star-studded cast includes Richard Chamberlain, Robert Conrad, Richard Crenna, Timothy Dalton, Andy Griffith, Mark Harmon, Gregory Harrison, Alex Karras, Brian Keith, Lynn Redgrave, Robert Vaughn, Anthony Zerbe, Stephanie Zimbalist, and numerous other well-known actors.

The miniseries was one of the longest (26½ hours including commercials) and most ambitious television projects ever attempted at the time. It had a then huge budget of US$25 million, employed four directors and five cinematographers, and featured over 100 speaking parts spanning 26 hours of television viewing time.cite web | title=Centennial:: New York Times Review | Work=New York Times reviews | url=http://movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/movie.html?v_id=160201 |accessdate=2006-07-28 ] Centennial was released on DVD on July 29, 2008.

Episode Guide

Plot summary

The story begins in the mid-18th century among the Indian tribes of what is now northern Colorado. A young Arapaho boy named Lame Beaver grows up and becomes a great warrior after a single handed raid on a local tribe brings horses to the tribe for the first time enabling the Arapaho to become part of the great plains horse culture. By the end of the 18th century, Lame Beaver's band is camped along the South Platte River and encounter white trappers for the first time. The tribe has discovered gold in the streams of northern Colorado, but not knowing the value that whites place on it, they consider it little more than a curiosity.

Pasquinel (Robert Conrad) is a French Canadian fur trader who has gone out to the Rocky Mountains to trade for beaver pelts. The beaver pelts that he acquired from the Arapaho and his remaining trade goods are stolen when he is attacked by members of the Pawnee and he is later left for dead in a fight with river pirates. Pasquinel manages to return to Saint Louis with an arrow in his spine. Without money, he is introduced by a surgeon to Herman Bockweiss (Raymond Burr), a Bavarian immigrant merchant and silversmith, and goes to him looking for backing. Pasquinel later marries Bockweiss's daughter Lise (Sally Kellerman) to gain the merchant's good graces. His financing now secured, Pasquinel heads west and meets up with Alexander McKeag (Richard Chamberlain), a Scottish-born trapper captured by the Pawnee. After Pasquinel saves McKeag's life, the two agree to become partners.

Pasquinel and McKeag return to Lame Beaver's village. Sensing an opportunity both to further his trapping career and to get at the gold, Pasquinel marries Lame Beaver's daughter, Clay Basket (Barbara Carrera), despite the fact that McKeag has fallen in love with her and Pasquinel already has a wife in St. Louis. Clay Basket is not enthusiastic about the match, and loves McKeag, but honors Lame Beaver's direction to marry Pasquinel and remains devoted to her new husband. To Pasquinel, however, the relationship is little more than a marriage of convenience. He fathers two sons, Jacques (or 'Jake') (Stephen McHattie) and Marcel (or 'Mike') (Kario Salem), but spends little time with his family as he is often away trapping, hunting for gold, or in St. Louis. He also continues his double life as he fathers a daughter to Lise in St. Louis.

McKeag breaks his partnership with Pasquinel due to his love for Clay Basket, and the disappointment with Pasquinel's double life -- including the rumors of Pasquinel has other wives in Montreal, Detroit, and New Orleans. Jacques, now a teenager, tries to kill McKeag, and this causes the final break between Pasquinel and McKeag. They are reunited years later at a rendezvous of mountain men (based on a real event).

When Pasquinel is killed shortly after discovering the gold vein he has long sought, McKeag takes in Clay Basket and becomes a suttler at a frontier fort. He adopts Pasquinel and Clay Basket's infant daughter Lucinda (Cristina Raines), but the two Pasquinel brothers prove to be wild and unmanageable and soon go off on their own way. They eventually become tribal leaders.

In 1845, Levi Zendt (Gregory Harrison) is the son of a wealthy Mennonite farmer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. While taking a local girl out to deliver food to the orphanage, the couple kiss. When they are discovered, the girl claims that Zendt forced himself on her and Zendt stands accused of sexual assault. Zendt is shunned by his family and his fellow Mennonites.

Zendt decides to flee Pennsylvania for the Oregon country and purchases a Conestoga wagon. Before he leaves, he goes to the local orphanage and picks up Elly Zahm (Stephanie Zimbalist), a teenage orphan who has always been smitten with Zendt. Elly has witnessed the "assault" and is one of the few people in the county who believes that Zendt is innocent. The two marry and head west.

Making their way to St. Louis overland and by steamboat, they join a wagon train heading for the Oregon country, guided by the unsavory Sam Purchas (Donald Pleasance). In St. Louis they meet English writer Oliver Seccombe (Timothy Dalton) and Army Captain Maxwell Mercy (Chad Everett). Seccombe is a romantic looking for adventure. Mercy is an army negotiator sent to forge treaties with the tribes of the west. He is well meaning but underestimates the demand Americans have for western lands and the animosity the plains tribes have for all whites. Mercy is married to Lisette, Pasquinel's daughter in St. Louis, and unsuccessfully tries to use this relationship to try to gain the Pasquinel brothers' favor.

After stopping at the fort and meeting McKeag, the Zendts continue into the Rocky Mountains. When the guide, Sam Purchas, tries to rape Elly, they decide to turn back. They return to the fort defeated. McKeag offers to partner with the Zendts in a trading post near the South Platte River that had been the primary site of the Arapaho village of Lame Beaver. Elly also realizes that she has become pregnant. They agree to stay and settle, but before they can reach the site Elly is bitten by a rattlesnake and dies.

Devastated by his wife's death, Zendt heads into the mountains and lives alone as a hermit in the cabin once occupied by McKeag. Lucinda McKeag, now a grown woman, takes pity on Zendt and goes to his cabin to nurse him back to health. The couple begin a romantic relationship and return to McKeag's trading post. Zendt marries Lucinda and takes over the trading post when McKeag dies.

Hans Brumbaugh (Alex Karras), a Wolgadeutsche immigrant seeking his fortune, passes through the trading post. While panning in a stream near Zendt's trading post, he rediscovers the gold vein that Pasquinel found before he died. To defend his claim, however, Brumbaugh kills a fellow prospector. He becomes so distraught about the killing that he leaves the claim without taking any of the gold. Returning to Zendt's trading post, he purchases land and becomes a farmer. By using irrigation, he turns marginal land into rich cropland and becomes such a success he is given the nickname of "Potato Brumbaugh." He later switches to sugar beets and becomes wealthy when he opens a food processing plant.

By this time, the Civil War has broken out in the east and the Indian tribes take advantage of the lack of a strong military presence in the territory to commence raids on white settlements, redressing past grievances. The tribes are led by the Pasquinel brothers.

A recent Colorado settler named Frank Skimmerhorn (Richard Crenna) forms a volunteer militia to deal with the tribes. Skimmerhorn, a survivor of tribal wars in Minnesota, has a pathological hatred of all native Americans. He leads an attack on a group of peaceful Indians, ordering a slaughter of everyone in the camp including women and children. Captain John McIntosh (Mark Harmon), a young officer under Skimmerhorn's command, refuses to join in the massacre and is court martialed. At the trial, graphic testimony from a young soldier turns public opinion against Skimmerhorn and he is forced to leave the territory in disgrace. [Skimmerhorn is loosely based on John Chivington and his infamous Sand Creek Massacre, McIntosh on Silas Soule.]

Oliver Seccombe returns to the area as an agent of several British investors who want to start a cattle ranch. By claiming watering holes under the Homestead Act and utilizing the open range, they can monopolize thousands of square miles with a very small investment. The ranch would eventually control nearly six million acres (9,300 square miles or 24,000 km²), an area nearly the size of Vermont.

They hire John Skimmerhorn (Cliff De Young), son of the disgraced general, to acquire longhorn cattle in Texas and drive them to Colorado. For the cattle drive, the young Skimmerhorn hires several cowboys, including the experienced cow hand R.J. Poteet (Dennis Weaver) and young Jim Lloyd (played by Michael LeClair as a teen during the cattle-drive episode, and William Atherton as the older Lloyd). At first Skimmerhorn encounters resistance because of his father's actions with the Indians, but he distances himself from his father's shadow and quickly earns the respect of the cowhands. The epic cattle drive across the tractless Llano Estacado is successful and the new ranch, named Venneford, becomes one of the largest ranches in the west. In 1876, Colorado becomes a state and the small community that has grown up around Zendt's trading post is renamed "Centennial" in honor of the American centennial.

Seccombe stays on to manage the ranch and Jim Lloyd becomes a regular hand at the ranch. Lloyd falls in love with Levi Zendt's beautiful but wild daughter, Clemma (Adrienne Larussa). Clemma, however, merely toys with Jim. Then Charlotte Buckland (Lynn Redgrave), daughter of one of Venneford's wealthy British investors, comes to Colorado to find adventure. Clemma leaves town, leaving Jim heartbroken. Charlotte falls in love with Seccombe and the two are married.

A range war develops between the cattle ranchers led by the Venneford cowboys, farmers led by Hans Brumbaugh, and sheep herders led by new settler, Messmore Garrett (Clint Ritchie). New town sheriff Axel Dumire (Brian Keith) tries to settle the conflict peacefully but it soon escalates into violence.

Mervin Wendell (Anthony Zerbe), his wife Maude (Lois Nettleton), and young son Philip (Doug McKeon) come to town. The Wendells are charlatans and con-artists working their way across the new railroad towns one step ahead of the law. Their favorite con is called the "badger game". The con works on the local pastor and the Wendells reap large blackmail proceeds. Their plan turns sour when they try it on a worldwise businessman, Soren Sorenson (Sandy McPeak). He recognizes their trick, too late, and threatens to expose them. Wendell attacks him, the two struggle and Sorenson is killed by Maude Wendell. While looking through his belongings, they find a large fortune in cash. They keep the money and Philip hides the body in a subterranean cave along the riverbank.

Sheriff Dumire has suspected the Wendells of shady activities since their arrival and questions them about the missing salesman. The Wendells won't crack, and without a body, the sheriff can do nothing. The Wendells' young son, Philip, admires the sheriff and has no respect for his father. He wants to tell him the truth but cannot bring himself to betray his own flesh and blood. The sheriff is soon killed by remnants of the gang hired to drive the farmers out in the range war, and Philip begins to reveal the secret only as Dumire dies. The Wendells parlay their stolen fortune into a local real estate empire.

Seccombe proves to be a poor businessman with somewhat questionable morals and the finances of the ranch are soon called into question by the Venneford's British investors. They dispatch Finlay Perkin (Clive Revill), a dour Scottish accountant, to audit Venneford's books. While there, a terrible blizzard hits the region killing many of the ranch's cattle. Levi Zendt dies in an accident, leaving Lucinda, and their two grown children, Clemma and Martin. Perkin becomes convinced Seccombe is skimming money from the ranch. The fraud accusations and the large loss of cattle, combine to take a toll on Seccombe's health. In despair Seccombe kills himself leaving Charlotte a widow.

Charlotte travels to England briefly, but returns to Venneford after inheriting a majority interest in the ranch. She falls in love with ranch foreman Jim Lloyd, but things begin to fall apart when Clemma Zendt returns. Charlotte goes to Clemma and convinces her to leave town--or she will use all her resources to investigate what Clemma has been up to in her time away. Clemma gets on the next train to Chicago, and Jim and Charlotte wed.

By the turn of the 20th century, Mervin Wendell has grown rich selling marginal land to naive immigrants and easterners for dryland farming. Though the secret of his family's success still haunts Philip, he continues the family real estate business often mercilessly foreclosing on unsuccessful farmers. The marginal land soon turns disastrous as the Dust Bowl years of the 1920s and 1930s set in. Dust storms kill several townspeople and cause some to go insane.

The shrinking of the prairie and the closing of the open range leave Venneford Ranch a shadow of its former glory. Still, the ranch is large and successful and Charlotte, again a widow, uses her wealth and clout to defend Hispanic victims of local bigots.

By the 1970s, the two leading citizens in town are Charlotte's grandson Paul Garrett (David Janssen), the current owner of Venneford Ranch, and Morgan Wendell (Robert Vaughn), Philip's son. Both men are in their 50s, but any similarity ends there. Garrett is thoughtful, introspective, and interested in preserving the natural beauty of Colorado for future generations. Wendell is a naked opportunist looking to advance his own personal and financial interests at any cost.

Professor Lew Vernor (Andy Griffith) and writer Sidney Enderman (Sharon Gless) arrive in town to do research on the history of Centennial. Vernor goes to Paul Garrett to learn the history of the region. Later while exploring the town Vernor discovers a washed-out cave with human remains on the Wendell's property. Morgan, recognizing the scene from his father's tales, orders Vernor out and hides the evidence of the century-old murder that made his family wealthy.

Wendell is a candidate for the new statewide office of Commissioner of Resources, an elected office that will balance economic growth with environmental and historical preservation. Wendell is running on a platform that emphasizes economic growth. Paul Garrett and other civic leaders hope for a more balanced approach. While telling Vernor and Enderman the story of Centennial, Garrett is persuaded to run against Wendell in the election.

During the election, Wendell runs a dirty campaign and smears Garrett by any means possible. He plays the race card, pointing out the widower Garrett plans to marry a young Hispanic woman. In the end, Garrett appears to win the election (though the final outcome is never actually revealed). Professor Vernor and Sidney Enderman write the history of Centennial.

Location and filming

The novel places the town at the junction of the South Platte River and the Cache la Poudre River which would place it roughly halfway between the Colorado towns of Greeley and Kersey. This is consistent with Michener's description of the town's location [http://www.greeleytribune.com/article/20071004/NEWS/110030140] however no real town exists in this area. This location would place the spot of the fictional town in central Weld County on the High Plains about 25 miles east of the base of the Rockies. Author James A. Michener lived in Greeley during the late 1930s and was familiar with the area. Michener used a variety of source material for his fictional town taken from various areas in eastern Colorado and Centennial is not meant to represent a single settlement. There is a city called Centennial, Colorado, but it did not exist until 2001 and its location and history are not similar to the town described in either the book or miniseries.

Principle filming occurred in 1978. There were numerous filming locations in several parts of the United States. Colorado filming locations included Greeley [http://www.greeleytribune.com/article/20071004/NEWS/110030140] , the Pawnee National Grasslands [http://www.colorado.com/city.php?id=47] , Denver, Central City, Orchard, Bent's Old Fort National Monument and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Several of the mountain men era scenes were filmed in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The scenes representing St. Louis in the late 18th and early 19th century were filmed in Bracken County, Kentucky. The White Hall State Historic Site in Richmond, Kentucky served as the Bockweiss mansion. Scenes representing the Zendt farm and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania were filmed in Ohio.

Critical Reception

Nominated for several awards, including a Best Actor Golden Globe for Chamberlain and Best Television Series Golden Globe Drama in 1979.cite web | title=Centennial:: New York Times Review | Work=New York Times reviews | url=http://movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/movie.html?v_id=160201 |accessdate=2006-07-28 ] It was referred to by some critics as 'the white man's "Roots"cite news | title=Centennial review | first=Clive | last=James | authorlink=Clive James|Work=The Observer|date=2006-03-01 | accessdate=2006-07-28 , and in narrative style is very similar to the earlier production, covering several generations of a group of families.


Principal Cast

* Michael Ansara - Lame Beaver
* William Atherton - Jim Lloyd
* Raymond Burr - Herman Bockweiss
* Barbara Carrera - Clay Basket
* Richard Chamberlain - Alexander McKeag
* Robert Conrad - Pasquinel
* Richard Crenna - Col. Frank Skimmerhorn
* Timothy Dalton - Oliver Secombe
* Cliff De Young - John Skimmerhorn
* Chad Everett - Capt. Maxwell Mercy
* Sharon Gless - Sidney Andermann
* Andy Griffith - Prof. Lewis Vernor
* Merle Haggard - Cisco Calendar
* Mark Harmon - John McIntosh
* Gregory Harrison - Levi Zendt
* David Janssen - Paul Garrett (Narrator)
* Alex Karras - Hans Brumbaugh
* Brian Keith - Sheriff Axel Dumire
* Sally Kellerman - Lise Bockweiss
* A. Martinez - Tranquilino Marquez
* Stephen McHattie - Jacques Pasquinel
* Lois Nettleton - Maude Wendell
* Donald Pleasence - Samuel Purchase
* Cristina Raines - Lucinda McKeag Zendt
* Lynn Redgrave - Charlotte Buckland
* Clive Revill - Finlay Perkins
* Kario Salem - Marcel Pasquinel
* Clint Walker - Joe Bean
* Dennis Weaver - R. J. Poteet
* Robert Vaughn - Morgan Wendell
* Anthony Zerbe - Mervin Wendell
* Stephanie Zimbalist - Elly Zendt

Other cast

* Phyllis Applegate - Clerk
* Alan Vint - Beeley Garrett (adult)
* Robert Walden - Dr. Richard Butler
* Leslie Winston - Laura Lou Booker
* Morgan Woodward - Gen. Wade
* Alan Caillou - Booth Cilbborn
* Darrell - Fetty Burns
* Carl Franklin - Jim Beckworth
* Steve Shaw - Paul Garrett (as a boy)
* Jesse Vint - Amos Calendar
* Dennis Dimster - Timmy Grebe
* Ray Tracey - Lame Beaver (young)
* Sterling Swanson - Hunter
* Steven Andrade - 1st Arapaho
* Morris Jones - 1st Reporter
* Duane Loken - 1st Cheyenne
* Ivan Naranjo - Gray Wolf
* Stuart Silbar - Col. Hanley
* David Yanez - Lame Beaver (age 9)
* Chief Dan George - Old Sioux
* Jay W. MacIntosh - Emma Lloyd
* Monika Ramirez - Blue Leaf (age 14)
* Debi Richter - Rebecca Stolfitz
* Van Williams - George
* Dave Cass - Frank Pettis
* Michael K. Osborn - Mr. Kellen
* Joella Deffenbaugh - Fat Laura
* Vincent Roberts - Jacques Pascinel
* Robby Weaver - Gompert
* Christopher Lowell - Keefe
* Steve Burns - Pvt. James Clark
* Maria Yolanda Aguayo - Blue Leaf (child)
* Marta Brennan - Mary Sibley
* Jim Bridger - Reb Brown
* Joan Carey - Miss Kruger
* Bob Davis - Bank Manager
* Jeremy Duke - Trunifador Marquez
* H.P. Evetts - Orvid Pettis
* Byron Gilbert - Elmo Pearce
* Michael Goodrow - Ethan Grebe
* Lani Grant - Mrs. Takemoto
* Jacques Hampton - Doctor
* Allan Hunt - Stanford
* John Kings - Englishman
* James Kisicki - Rev. Fenstermacher
* Tony LaTorre - Marcel (age 7)
* Ralph Davies Lewis - Tom Ragland
* Jaimie MacDonald - Jacques (ages 6-9)
* Rory Dennis MacDonald - Cisco Calender (age 9)
* Barney McFadden - Abel Tanner
* Gloria McMillan - Clara Brumbaugh
* Mari Michener - Janice Welch
*Rachel Orr - Victoria Grebe
* Terry Phillips - Newscaster
* Maria Potts - Blue Leaf
* Steven Rapp - Kurt Brumbaugh
* Gordon Steel - Donald McPherson
* Takashi - Mr. Takemoto
* Deborah Trissell - Miss Keller
* Ken Yellow Moon - 2nd Arapaho
* Royce D. Applegate - Mr. Holmes
* Ed Bakey - Floyd Calendar
* James Best - Hank Garvey
* William Bogert - William Bellamy
* Lynn Borden - Vesta Volkema
* Bo Brundin - Magnes Volkema
* Barry Cahill - Maj. O'Neil
* Rafael Campos - Nacho Gomez
* Karen Carlson - Lisette Mercy
* Annette Charles - Senor Alvarez
* Alex Colon - Truinfador Marquez
* Henry Darrow- Alvarez
* Robert DoQui - Nate Person III
* Burt Douglas - Capt. William Ketchum
* Damon Douglas - William Savage
* Robert Douglas - Claude Richards
* Robert Easton - Maj. George Sibley
* Dana Elcar - Judge Hart
* Rene Enriquez - Manolo Marquez
* Dennis Fimple - Buck
* Lou Frizzell - Mr. Norriss
* Silvana Gillardo - Serafina Marquez
* James Hampton - Defense Atty. Prescott
* Alex Henteloff - Bradley Finch
* Gordon Hurst - Clay
* Scott Hylands - Laseter
* Richard Jaeckel - Sgt. Lykes
* Claude Jarman, Jr. - Earl Grebe
* Claude Earl Jones - Matt
* Eric Lalich - Jake Calendar
* Les Lannom - Bufe Coker
* William Lanteau - Flagg
* Adrienne Larussa - Clemma Zendt
* Michael Le Clair - Jim Lloyd (young)
* Geoffrey Lewis - Sheriff Bogardus
* Joaquin Martinez - Col. Salcedo
* Doug McKeon - Philip Wendell
* Jim McMullan - Prosecutor
* Sandy McPeak - Soren Sorenson
* Julio Medina - Father Gravez
* Art Metrano - Maurice Cartwright
* Greg Mullavey - Mule Canby
* Karmin Murcelo - Flor Marquez
* Alan Napier - Lord Venneford
* Mark Neely - Martin Zendt
* Richard O'Brien - Judge
* Gene Otis - Stringer
* Morgan Paull - Philip Wendell (adult)
* John Bennett Perry - Maylon Zendt
* Robert Phalen - Rev. Holly
* Nick Ramus - Lost Eagle
* Clint Ritchie - Messmore Garrett
* Jorge Rivero - Broken Thumb
* Pernell Roberts - Gen. Asher
* Frank S. Salsedo - Sam Lopez
* Steve Sandor - Charley Kin
* Eric Server - Young Truinfador
* Steve Shemayne - Pawnee Chief
* James J. Sloyan - Spade Larkin
* Robert Somers - Sergeant
* Julie Sommars - Alice Grebe
* Gale Sondergaard - Aunt Agatha
* Irene Tedrow - Mother Zendt
* Robert Tessier - Rude Water
* Marshall Thompson - Dennis
* Tiger Thompson - Young Beeley Garrett
* Bill Thurman - Uncle Dick
* Glynn E. Turman - Nate Person
* Mina Vasquez - Soledad Marquez
*George Clooney - an extra in the Indian village scene (his TV debut)



* Harry Falk
* Paul Krasny
* Bernard McEveety
* Virgil Vogelcite web | title=Centennial:: New York Times Review | Work=New York Times reviews | url=http://movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/movie.html?v_id=160201 |accessdate=2006-07-28 ]


* Alex Beaton - Producer
* George E. Crosby - Producer
* Howard Alston - Producer
* Malcolm R. Harding - Producer
* Richard Caffey - Producer

Other Crew

* Charles Larson - Screenwriter
* Jerry Ziegman - Screenwriter
* John Wilder - Screenwriter & Executive Producer
* John Addison - Composer (Music Score)
* Charles W. Short - Cinematographer
* Duke Callaghan - Cinematographer
* Jacques Marquette - Cinematographer
* Ronald W. Browne - Cinematographer
* John P. Bruce - Art Director
* John W. Corso - Art Director
* Lloyd S. Papez - Art Director
* Louis Montejano - Art Director
* Mark Mansbridge - Art Director
* Seymour Klate - Art Director
* Sherman Loudermilk - Art Director
* James Michener - Author
* Helen Colvig - Costume Designer
* Bill Parker - Editor
* Howard S. Deane - Editor
* John Elias - Editor
* Ralph Schoenfeld - Editor
* Robert F. Shugrue - Editor
* Robert Watts - Editor
* Jack Senter - Production Designer

Awards and nominations



# Clive James, "The Observer", 1 March, 1981

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