List of transforms

List of transforms

This is a list of transforms in mathematics.

Integral transforms

*Abel transform
*Fourier transform
**Short-time Fourier transform
*Hankel transform
*Hartley transform
*Hilbert transform
**Hilbert-Schmidt integral operator
*Laplace transform
**Inverse Laplace transform
**Two-sided Laplace transform
**Inverse two-sided Laplace transform
*Laplace-Stieltjes transform
*Linear canonical transform
*Mellin transform
**Inverse Mellin transform
**Poisson-Mellin-Newton cycle
*Radon transform
*Stieltjes transformation
*Sumudu transform
*Wavelet transform

Discrete transforms

*Binomial transform
*Discrete Fourier transform
**Fast Fourier transform
*Discrete cosine transform
**Modified discrete cosine transform
*Discrete Hartley transform
*Discrete sine transform
*"Hankel transform", the determinant of the Hankel matrix.
*Irrational base discrete weighted transform
*Number-theoretic transform
*Stirling transform

Data-dependent transforms

*Karhunen-Loève transform

Other transforms

*Bäcklund transform
*Bilinear transform
*Box-Muller transform
*Burrows-Wheeler transform (data compression)
*Wavelet transform
*Distance transform
*Fractal transform
*Hadamard transform
*Hough transform (digital image processing)
*Legendre transform
*Möbius transform
*Perspective transform (computer graphics)
*Y-delta transform (electrical circuits)


*See also: List of Fourier-related transforms
*Transform coding

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* [ Tables of Integral Transforms] at EqWorld: The World of Mathematical Equations.

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