List of political scientists

List of political scientists

"This is a list of notable political scientists. See the list of political theorists for those who study politics without using the scientific method.

See also Political Science."

Notable political scientists


* David Abernethy - Comparative Politics, Africa Specialist at Stanford University; author of "The Dynamics of Global Dominance".
* Alan I. Abramowitz - American politics and election forecasting at Emory University; co-author of Senate Elections.
* Christopher H. Achen - Political methodologist at Princeton University, first president of the Society for Political Methodology.
* Prajesh Adhikari - Comparative politics; Eastern Europe specialist at Arizona State University; author of "The Hope Gene".
* John Aldrich - Political parties expert at Duke University, author of "Why Parties?"
* Graham Allison - Early proponent of the bureaucratic politics model, author of Essence of Decision, national security specialist, former Dean of Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
* Gabriel A. Almond - Originator of the culturist movement in Comparative Politics.
* R. Douglas Arnold - Congress scholar, author of "The Logic of Congressional Action".
* Robert Axelrod - Expert on game theory and complexity theory, wrote extensively on the Prisoner's Dilemma, former president of American Political Science Association.


* Stephen Barber - Noted for his work on political strategy and political economy, author of "Political Strategy", member of G3 (tour).
* Benjamin Barber - proponent of participatory democracy and local governance teaching at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland College Park.
* Simion Bărnuţiu - Noted for his work on political strategy in Austria and Romania.
* Larry Bartels - Democracy and voting expert at Princeton University.
* Gad Barzilai - Law and Politics, Human Rights and Politics, Communities and Law at University of Washington .
* Nathaniel Beck - Political methodologist, international relations scholar.
* Jeffrey Berry - American Politics & Political Behavior expert, Professor of Political Science at Tufts University.
* Duncan Black - Responsible for unearthing the work of many early political scientists, including Charles Dodgson.
* Hans T. Blokland - Author of "Freedom and Culture in Western Society" and "Modernization and its political consequences".
* Jean Blondel - Comparative politics at University of Siena, emeritus at European University Institute.
* Catherine Boone - Comparative politics, Africa (University of Texas at Austin).
* Jean-Charles de Borda - 18th century mathematician who devised the Borda count.
* Steven Brams - Expert on voting systems.
* Ahron Bregman - Expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict.
* John Brehm - Public opinion and political psychology expert.
* Ian Bremmer - Political risk specialist.
* Benichou Rachid - Political philosopher, he was number one of world 1969 to date.
* Stephen Brooks - International relations scholar.
* Bruce Bueno de Mesquita - Pioneering game theorist with applications to international relations, author of selectorate theory, seminal book "The War Trap".
* Walter Dean Burnham - Expert in the field of realigning elections, emeritus at University of Texas at Austin.
* Ken Butterworth - Comparative politics, South American (University of South Florida).


* James E. Campbell - American politics, election forecasting, theory of "surge and decline," SUNY-Buffalo, Author of "The American Campaign"
* George Catlin - (1896-1979) was an English political scientist and philosopher. A strong proponent of Anglo-America cooperation, he worked for many years as a professor at Cornell University.
* Edward Hallett Carr - Noted international relations theorist.
* Alfredo Castillero Hoyos - Democracy and Human Rights. Former member of the United Nations's Human Rights Committee.
* James Ceaser - Major scholar of American politics (University of Virginia)
* Partha Chatterjee - Indian postcolonial critic, political and social scientist
* John Coakley - specialist in ethnic conflict and Irish politics
* Benjamin Cohen - leader in the field of International Political Economy
* David Collier (political scientist), - comparativist, Latin Americanist, Methodologist
* Ruth Berins Collier, - comparativist, Latin Americanist, specialist on labor politics and democratization
* Josep Colomer - Institutionalist, comparativist, and game theorist scholar.
* Marquis de Condorcet - 18th century mathematician and philosopher who contributed the often used "Condorcet criterion" and devised the concept of a Condorcet method.
* John Coneybeare - International organizations theorist.
* Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri - International Relations, Indology at Institute of Commonwealth Studies
* Philip Converse - Public opinion scholar, author of "The Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics."
* Clyde Coombs - Voting systems expert, designed "Coombs' method"
* Colm Costigan - Renowned Irish Politician of the 1970s, professor at University of Dublin
* Gary Cox - Noted scholar of comparative and American politics.
* Philip Cowley - Author of "Revolts and Rebellions".
* Ralph W. Conant - Author of "The Prospects for Revolution" and "Toward a More Perfect Union: The Governance of Metropolitan America".


* Robert A. Dahl - American politics specialist, author of "On Democracy" (Yale University Press)
* Daniel Deudney - Writer and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University; author of "Bounding Power: Republican Security Theory from the Polis to the Global Village"
* Karl Deutsch - Political scientist, focused on political communication.
* Robert Devigne - Political Theory Expert, professor at Tufts University.
* Larry Diamond - Comparative democratization specialist. Professor at Stanford University.
* Thomas Diez - Chair in International Relations at the University of Birmingham
* John DiIulio - American politics expert at the University of Pennsylvania; first director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Groups
* Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (also known as Lewis Carroll) - Author of "Alice in Wonderland" and professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford; devised Dodgson's method of voting.
* Robert Donaldson - Professor at University of Tulsa and specialist in US/Russian foreign policy.
* Michael Scott Doran - Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University and Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.
* Anthony Downs - has contributed to democratic theory, elections studies.
* Donald Downs - Professor at University of Wisconsin; researcher for Independent Institute
* Maurice Duverger - French lawyer and sociologist responsible for Duverger's law.
* Michael W. Doyle - International Relations theorist, author of "Empires".
* Murray Dry - Professor at Middlebury College, specializing in constitutional law
* John Dunn - Political theorist at the University of Cambridge.
* Rand Dyck - Canadian politics expert and professor at Carleton University.
* Thomas R. Dye - Elite theory vs. Pluralism; author of "The Irony of Democracy" and "Who's Running America?"


* David Easton - Originator of systemic theory
* Harry Eckstein - Noted comparative politics expert in culture and democracy.
* Jon Elster - Norwegian social and political theorist authored works in the philosophy of social science and rational choice theory and a notable proponent of Analytical Marxism.
* Robert S. Erikson - noted for work on the link between public opinion and public policy.


* Peter D. Feaver - International security expert.
* David Fellman - Constitutional scholar
* Richard Fenno - Congress scholar, author of "Home Style: House Members in their Districts"
* Thomas Ferguson - Politics and economics
* Samuel Finer - Academic and author on political science and history of government.
* Martha Finnemore - International organizations and ethics scholar.
* Peter Fishburn - Operations analysis and probability theory expert.
* Keith Fitzgerald - Immigration politics expert.
* James H. Fowler - Expert on political participation, the evolution of cooperation, and social network theory (UCSD)
* Ernst Fraenkel
* Francis Fukuyama - International political theory and biopolitics.


* Gerald Gamm - Political Science Department Chair at the University of Rochester.
* Anthony Giddens - Noted political sociologist originator of the Third Way.
* Anthony Gill - Comparativist, religion and politics specialist. Author of "Rendering Unto Caesar" (University of Chicago Press)
* Robert Gilpin - International political economy specialist.
* James M. Glaser - American Politics & Political Behavior Expert. Professor and Dean of Undergraduate Education at Tufts University. Author of "The Hand of the Past in Contemporary Southern Politics" & "Race, Campaign Politics, and the Realignment in the South".
* Sheldon Goldman - Expert on American federal courts, Professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst
* Joanne Gowa - International political economy expert (democratic peace theory).
* Joseph Grieco - International relations theorist; Duke University professor.
* Amy Gutmann - political theory expert; (2004-present) President of the University of Pennsylvania


* Harry Harding - China specialist.
* Thomas Hare - Devised Single Transferable Vote (also known as Hare's method).
* Jeremy Harris - American Politics Specialist
* Michael Hart - British twentieth century politics specialist.
* Louis Hartz - American author of "The Liberal Tradition in America" (1955).
* Colin Hay - influential British political scientist
* Marc Hetherington - Author of "Why Trust Matters" and offered new participation paradigm.
* Christopher J. Hill - International Relations scholar, Professor and Director of the Cambridge Centre of International Studies.
* Roger Hilsman - JFK Aid, Columbia University Professor, and prolific author.
* Thomas Holbrook - Public Opinion and Elections Research, author "Do Campaigns Matter?"
* Donald Horowitz - Pioneered political science models for assessing ethnic conflict.
* Michael P. Howlett - Canadian political economy.
* Samuel P. Huntington - Author of "Clash of Civilizations" and a noted comparativist.


*Kancha Ilaiah - Dalit scholar and social scientist


* Larry Jacobs - Presidential and legislative politics
* Gary Jacobsohn - Comparative constitutional theory
* Gary C. Jacobson - Congressional politics expert
* M. Kent Jennings - Grandfather of political socialization.
* Robert Jervis - International security specialist.
* Chalmers Johnson - Comparative theorist.
* Loch K. Johnson - United States intelligence expert.
* Bertrand de Jouvenel - French political scientist. Co-founder of Mont Pelerin Society


* Peter Katzenstein
* Dennis Kavanagh
* Michael Keating - Specialist in nationalism, European integration and regionalism
* Robert O. Keohane - Interdependence theory author.
* V.O. Key, Jr. - Elections, parties and public opinion scholar.
* Kan Kimura - Professor at Kobe University, Specialist in nationalism, East Asian Politics.
* Gary King - Professor at Harvard, political methodologist.
* Henry Kissinger - Former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to President Richard M. Nixon.
*Herbert Kitschelt - author on new radical right parties
* Ruud Koole - Professor at Leiden University, Netherlands and former labour party president.
* Stephen D. Krasner - International regimes author, Director of Policy Planning under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and professor at Stanford University.
* Michael Krassa - Elections, social context, architecture and society. Lobbyist, consultant, political sociologist and Chair of Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems department at University of Illinois at Urbana.
* Keith Krehbiel - Congress scholar and formal theorist.
* Oskar Krejčí - Theory of international relations, elections and political psychology, former advisor to two Czechoslovak premieres.
* James Kurth
* Will Kymlicka - Originated the theoretical foundations of multiculturalism.


* Guy Laforest -Liberalism (John Locke) scholar and Quebec and Canadian politics specialist
* David A. Lake - International Relations Theorist
* Richard Ned Lebow - Noted constructivist, Cold War expert, author of "Tragic Vision of Politics".
* Michael Leifer - International Relations, South Asian Studies, London School of Economics
* Michael S. Lewis-Beck - Comparative and American political behavior and election forecasting, University of Iowa, author of Economics and Elections.
* Arend Lijphart - Originator of consociationalism.
* Dan Lipinski - US House of Representatives (IL-D, 3rd)
* Juan Linz - Democracy specialist
* Seymour Martin Lipset - Renowned political theorist on democracy and development and parties. Taught at Stanford University.
* Ramon Llull - Discoverer of Condorcet Criterion and Borda Count
* Theodore Lowi - Major scholar of American politics at Cornell
* Ian Lustick - State territioriality ethnic conflict and computer modelling in political science; University of Pennsylvania
* Rodrigo Losada Lora - political behavior from a sociopsychological framework. Works on Colombia's political participation. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana,Bogotá, Colombia


* Niccolò Machiavelli - considered to be the originator of historically based political science. Author of "The Prince"
* Harvey C. Mansfield - Political philosophy (Harvard University)
* Donald Manzullo - Congressional Representative of Illinois' 16th District.
* Zeev Maoz - Arab-Israeli Conflict and international relations expert
* Jose M. Maravall - Political economist.
* David Marsh - influential British political scientist
* Pierre Martin - French parties and elections scholar.
* Juraj Marusiak - Slovak expert for Central and Eastern Europe
* David R. Mayhew - US legislative behavior and political parties expert.
* Mathew McCubbins - Formal theorist. U.S. Congress and bureaucracy specialist.
* Michael McFaul - Russia specialist, professor and director of the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University
* John McGarry - Ethnic conflict specialist
* John Mearsheimer - Noted international relations theorist and national security expert.
* Uday Mehta - Political theorist and author of Liberalism and Empire
* Thierry Meyssan - Political theorist of anti-imperialism
* Samuel Merrill III - Voting behavior and party competition.
* George Michael - specialist in right-wing extremism.
* Peter Middlebrook - political economist specialising in transition economies.
* David Miller - Political Philosopher specialized in theories of social justice
* Terry Moe - American politics specialist and game theorist, teaches at Stanford University.
* Hans Morgenthau - Noted realist, international relations specialist.
* James Morrow - International relations expert and game theorist.
* Michael Munger - trained as an economist, chair of political science at Duke University, running for governor of North Carolina as a Libertarian


* Douglass North - Nobel laureate
* Philip Norton - British politics expert
* Pippa Norris - Harvard comparative political scientist
* Joseph Nye - "Soft power" international security specialist; Kennedy School Dean.


* Brendan O'Leary - Ethnic conflict specialist
* Cornelius O'Leary - Irish historian and political scientist
* Mancur Olson - International political economy specialist. Expert on collective action problems. Taught at the University of Maryland, College Park.
* A.F.K. Organski - Developed power transition theory in his 1958 book "World Politics".


* Thomas Pangle - Political theorist at University of Texas at Austin
* Michael Parenti - Political Scientist and Author
* Gianfranco Pasquino Italian political scientist. Electoral systems, comparative politics.
* Gleb Pavlovsky - Russian political scientist.
* Miroslav Pekník - Director of the Institute of Political Science of SAS.
* Nelson W. Polsby - American politics scholar.
* Karl Popper - Theorist who invented the "Open Society"
* Samuel L. Popkin - Early expert on rational choice theory.
* G. Bingham Powell - Leader in the field of comparative politics, professor at the University of Rochester.
* Sergei M. Plekhanov - Russia relations expert
* Adam Przeworski - Democratic transitions theorist, author of "Democracy and Development". Member of the September Group.
* Robert D. Putnam - Social capital theorist, author of "Bowling Alone".


* Condoleezza Rice - Former National Security Advisor now Secretary of State. Professor at Stanford University.
* Floyd M. Riddick - Parliamentarian of the United States Senate from 1964 to 1974, and developer of Riddick's Senate procedure.
* William H. Riker - 20th century political scientist who applied game theory to political science.
* Douglas Rivers - Political econometrician, quantitative methods expert at Stanford University.
* David Rohde - Congress scholar
* Stein Rokkan - Expert on political parties and movements, founder of the Institute for Comparative Politics.
* Richard Rose - American political scientist, Professor of Politics at the University of Aberdeen
* Richard Rosecrance - International relations and political economy expert.
* Clinton Rossiter - American government and constitutional history theorist.
* John Ruggie - International relations theorist, social constructivist.
* John Rawls - Political philosopher.
* William D. Richardson - Political philosopher.
* Malaya C. Ronas - Filipino political scientist, professor at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.
* Jordan Renaud - Canadian Political Scientist, writer and Socialist.

* Scott Sagan - Stanford professor and notable critic of deterrence theory.
* Slobodan Samardžić - Research includes political ideas and institutions, federalism, constitutionalism, and European Union.
* David Samuels - Comparativist scholar of Brazilian politics and political institutions.
* Giovanni Sartori - Comparativist, expert on constitutional theory and party systems; author of "Parties and Party Systems".
* E.E. Schattschneider - Early political parties expert, author of "Party Government" and "The Semisovereign People: A Realist's View of Democracy in America"
* Sanford Schram - Research includes welfare reform, race, poverty, and research methodology.
* Gesine Schwan – Political scientist, president of the Viadrina European University, and nominated twice as a candidate for the federal presidential elections of Germany.
* James C. Scott - political economist, Southeast Asia area specialist
* Hossein Seifzadeh - Iranian Professor of Political Science at University of Tehran and expert on strategic and security issues in the Middle East
* Mitchell A. Seligson - Centennial Professor of Political Science Vanderbilt University and founder of Latin American Public Opinion Project and AmericasBarometer
* Randolph M. Siverson - Research includes studies of international conflict, comparative political leadership, and foreign policy decision-making. See: selectorate theory.
* Theda Skocpol - Comparative sociologist, former president of American Political Science Association, (Harvard University)
* Stephen Skowronek - Presidency and American political development scholar (Yale University)
* Matthew Soberg Shugart - Scholar of constitutional design and electoral systems.
* Daniel Šmihula - Specialist for international and European law and security studies.
* Jean Edward Smith - political economist, biographer, international relations, constitutional law.
* Rogers Smith - Pulitzer Prize finalist, American politics expert at the University of Pennsylvania
* Steven S. Smith - American politics, congressional politics, Russian politics; Director, Weidenbaum Center
* Herbert Simon - Nobel Prize winning professor at Carnegie Mellon. A founder of artificial intelligence research, he received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Chicago
* Peverill Squire - Americanist
* Wayne Steger - Americanist, presidential politics specialist, DePaul University
* Alfred Stepan - Comaparativist, Wallace S. Sayre Professor of Government at Columbia University
* Zeev Sternhell - Theorist, political historian of political ideology.
* James A. Stimson - Americanist, former editor of Political Analysis.
* John G. Stoessinger - International relations theorist, author of "The Might of Nations: World Politics in our Time".
* Donald Stokes -- Former Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, expert on elections.
* Herbert Storing - American politics expert.
* Surain Subramaniam - professor and prolific author, realist school of international relations
* Prithi Pal Singh Sohi - Professor and Ph.d on International Politics, Political Analyst and Free lance writer on National and International issues. Book: Foreign Policy of Communists. Hosting political shows and debates on Indian Television.


* Rein Taagepera - Comparativist, expert on electoral systems and history of government.
* Dennis Thompson - Political theorist at Harvard University
* Charles Tilly - Professor at Columbia University, his work includes contentious politics and evolution of modern states
* Herbert Tingsten - Professor of political science at Stockholm University
* James Tong - Comparativist, with interests in Chinese Politics and political violence.
* David B. Truman
* Jeffrey K. Tulis - Author of "The Rhetorical Presidency"
* J. Ann Tickner - Feminist international relations theorist and current president of the International Studies Association(ISA).
* George Tsebelis - Game theorist notable for his general theory of "Veto players" and for describing the "Robinson Crusoe fallacy".



* Stephen Van Evera - MIT international relations expert, known for proposing Offense-Defense theory
* Sidney Verba
* Eric Voegelin - Major work, "Order and History" in five volumes, he rejected the notion that political science should become a positivistic social science.


*Helen Wallace - International relations specialist.
*Stephen Walt - International relations specialist.
*Kenneth N. Waltz - Founder of the neorealist international relations school
*Michael Walzer - International relations, just war theory
*Ken Ward - Constitutional Law, Texas State University
*Alexander Wendt - Social constructivism proponent
*Darrell M. West - Specialist in electronic government, Brookings Institution director of Governance Studies
*John Henry Whyte - Specialist in Northern Irish politics
*Alan Whaites - States/State-building theorist, DFID []
*Aaron Wildavsky - Author of "Risk and Culture"
*James Q. Wilson - Former President of the American Political Science Association
*Woodrow Wilson - Former Professor of Politics at Princeton University and former U.S. President
*William Wohlforth - International relations scholar
*Susan L. Woodward - Balkans specialist


* Atilla Yayla – Professor of Politics, Political Economy and Political Philosophy at Gazi University in Turkey, and president of the Association for Liberal Thinking.
* Crawford Young - Noted comparativist, Africa scholar.


* Fareed Zakaria - International Relations Expert
* John Zaller - Author of "The Nature and Origins of Mass Opinion," at UCLA.

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