Nova (disambiguation)

Nova (disambiguation)


A nova is an exploding star.

Nova or NOVA may also refer to:


Motor vehicles

  • Nova (kit car)
  • Nova Bus, a bus manufacturing company
  • Chevrolet Nova, an American car produced 1962–1979 and 1985–1988
  • Dacia Nova, a Romanian car produced 1995–2000
  • Holden Nova, an Australian car produced 1989–1996
  • Lada Nova, a Russian car produced 1982–present
  • Vauxhall Nova, a British car produced 1982–1993


Music and radio




  • Nova (wrestler)
  • Aldo Nova (born 1956), Canadian musician
  • Ana Nova, (born 1975) German pornographic actress
  • Heather Nova (born 1967), Bermudan singer
  • Iván Nova (born 1987), Dominican baseball player
  • Nikki Nova (born 1978), American pornographic actress

Fictional characters

Other uses

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