Nove (disambiguation)

Nove (disambiguation)


Nove, Noves, Nové, and Novés may refer to:

  • Nove, town and province in Veneto, Italy
  • Nove Ware, earthenware
  • New (disambiguation), "novo" in Czech, Slovak, and other languages
  • Nine, "novo" in Portuguese


  • Alexander Nove (1915–1994), Russian professor
  • Charles Nove, BBC voiceover announcer
  • Charles W. Noves, owner of Charles W. Noves House, a historic house in Newton, Massachussettes, USA
  • Guy Novès (b. 1954), former footballer and coach
  • Laura de Noves (1310–1348), wife of Count Hugues de Sade and influenced poet Francesco Petrarch
  • Nove, fictional character in the Numbers group of the third season of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha anime television series
  • Nove Aceski (b. 1987), Macedonian footballer



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