Stalingrad (disambiguation)

Stalingrad (disambiguation)

Stalingrad is the former name of:

* Volgograd, city in Russia
* Nové Město, a district of Karviná, near Ostrava, in the north-east of the Czech Republic

Stalingrad may also refer to:
* Battle of Stalingrad, a 1942–1943 World War II battle, considered as the turning-point of the European theater of the war
* Stalingrad Madonna, an artwork produced during the battle
* "Stalingrad" (film), a 1993 German film directed by Joseph Vilsmaier, set during the Battle of Stalingrad
* Stalingrad (Paris Metro), a metro station in Paris, France
* Stalingrad (district), a district of city Žďár nad Sázavou "(German: Saar)", in the middle of the Czech Republic
* "Stalingrad" (book), a non-fiction book by Antony Beevor
* Stalingrad Class Battlecruiser, a cancelled Soviet dreadnought warship
* SS "Stalingrad", a Soviet steamship active in the Arctic convoys, and sunk in 1942.
* "Stalingrad" (2005 video game), a Real-time strategy computer game

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*List of places named after Stalin

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