List of animals in The Simpsons

List of animals in The Simpsons

The following is a list of animals appearing in the Fox animated television series "The Simpsons".

Main animals

anta's Little Helper

Snowball II

Recurring Animals


Anastasia is a white tiger owned by Gunter and Ernst. She appears alongside both of them at any time. Like the duo, she appeared in "$pringfield" (her debut episode), "The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons", "Viva Ned Flanders", and had a cameo in "Jazzy and the Pussycats" at Amber Simpson's funeral. She is a parody of Siegfried & Roy's tiger Montecore. On the Season 5 DVD boxset a deleted scene for "$pringfield" showed how Gunter and Ernst first got Anatasia: they went to the jungle where Anastasia lived and shot her with a tranquilizer, and then made her perform at Monty Burns Casino; upon remembering this, she mauls them. She was a part of the Las Vegas casino security in Viva Ned Flanders and was seen at the airport with Gunter and Ernst in "The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons". Her growls are done by Dan Castellaneta.


Simpsons animal
name = Blinky

gender = Unknown
color = Orange
status = Deceased (cooked)
relatives = Similar mutated fish
appearance = "Homer's Odyssey"
voiceactor = None

Blinky is a three-eyed orange fish featured primarily in "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish". Blinky was briefly seen in one of the first full length episodes of the series, "Homer's Odyssey". Blinky, or some other non-eaten member of his species, has made a variety of other cameo appearances since then, such as in "Homer's Paternity Coot". This has been done as a recurring joke about the environmental effects of Mr. Burns's power plant, including appearances of other 3, 4, and 6 eyed fish and a highly mutated muscular humanoid form. A 3-eyed whale similar to Blinky was seen at the end of "Future-Drama". In "Lisa's Wedding" in the future he is shown having six eyes.

In the episode "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish", he was caught by Bart Simpson. Mr. Burns defends the fish, saying that it is the next step in evolution, rather than having been mutated by toxic waste pouring out of the sewers and into the river from the nuclear plant. Mr. Burns later goes to the Simpsons's house for a meal to help his race for governor. Marge deliberately serves Blinky for dinner. Mr. Burns spits the fish out and loses the election to Mary Bailey. Professional wrestler CM Punk has a tattoo of a three eyed koi fish in honor of Blinky.cite web| url =| title = ASK PUNKS| accessdate = 28 September| accessyear = 2006| format = php| work = CM PUNK INFORMATION| publisher = CM Dead link|date=August 2008]

A miniature Blinky fish can be seen in one of the defective bottles of beer when Homer visits the Duff Brewery in "Duffless".

Blinky also made a brief appearance in an underwater section of tube-way Fry travels through in the pilot episode of the animated series Futurama, which was co-created by Simpsons creator Matt Groening.


Usually only seen in the background and only minor characters (with Homer once exclaiming "How long have we had these fish!?") the Simpson family own seven unnamed goldfish, although the Simpson children have been seen burying one of their pet goldfish Goldie. In "Lisa Gets an "A"" Homer pours a large amount of salt in their tank for his lobster Pinchy, almost killing them, much to Lisa's chagrin. In "I, D'oh-Bot", Snowball III drowns in their tank while attempting to eat them. Additionally, a goldfish was featured in the "Behind the Laughter" episode in a scene which depicts the family and their pets rolling in a money filled living room. The camera pans from the family to the main pets and finally to the fish jumping jubilantly outside its bowl.


Simpsons animal
name = Jub-Jub

gender = Male
color = Green
status = Family pet
relatives = None
appearance = "Selma's Choice"
voiceactor = None

Jub-Jub is Selma Bouvier's pet iguana, although he was originally owned by Aunt Gladys. Gladys gives Jub-Jub to Jacqueline Bouvier, who is highly unattached to it, and says that she would have preferred to have Gladys' fatal bowel obstruction. She even tried to stab him with a hat pin, fortunately just as Patty arrived to pick him up. As a result, she later passes it on to Selma. Selma once said that Jub-Jub will eat her remains upon her passing. Jub-Jub is always trying to eat dead things, including roaches, and once it almost ate Selma's foot, because it was asleep. He is also mentioned in the video game The Simpsons Hit & Run; after Homer wins a driving course, Selma says that she finds it so pitiful that she will feed his driver's license to Jub-Jub, and also states that "This is worse than the time Jub-Jub ate my cat."

The name Jub-Jub was coined by then-writer Conan O'Brien.cite video | people=Stern, David|year=2004|title=The Simpsons The Complete Fourth Season DVD commentary for the episode "Selma's Choice"| medium=DVD|publisher=20th Century Fox] He often said nonsensical things around the office for no apparent reason, one of which was "Jub-Jub".

Conan O'Brien, on October 17th, mentioned his creation of Jub Jub and asked Joe Buck, the play-by-play commentator of the MLB World Series on FOX, to say it during his broadcast. O'Brien promised $1,000.00 to the charity of the announcer's choice. On October 24, 2007, during Game 1 of the 2007 World Series, Buck called field level reporter, Chris Myers, "our own little Jub-Jub."

Mr. Snookums

Mr. Snookums is Moe's pet cat, of whom Moe is incredibly fond. He has red fur, green eyes, and a long bushy tail.

Mr. Snookums first appears in the episode Simpson Tide, where Moe becomes a member of the Naval Reserves serving alongside Barney, Apu, and Homer. Their tenure is on a nuclear submarine that inadvertently ventures into Russian waters due to Homer's bad leadership, nearly precipitating a nuclear war. The cat appears in Moe's flashback when Homer says "Ladies and gentleman, we're in a tough spot and I don't know if we're gonna get out. Please, remain calm and think of your loved ones."

Moe is then shown with Mr. Snookums cradled in his arms like a baby. He says "Oh Mr. Snookums, oh I wuv you so" before turning to the camera and shouting "What are YOU looking at?" Presumably Moe is embarrassed about his love for animals in the same way he is embarrassed about caring for others, as it interferes with his 'tough guy' persona. Mr. Snookums is occasionally seen or mentioned in other episodes.

Mr. Teeny


Nibbles is a hamster that first appears in "Skinner's Sense of Snow". After Principal Skinner is captured by the school kids and bound in a dodgeball sack, he tries to use Nibbles as a last resort of getting help. He places the hamster in a plastic ball with a note and releases him, hoping somebody will receive the note. When he returns, Skinner requests that Nibbles "chew through [his] 'ball sack'", causing a disturbed Nibbles to flee. He later appears in "She of Little Faith" as the astronaut of Homer and Bart's model rocket. The rocket loses control and Nibbles ejects himself from the cockpit, causing the rocket to destroy the church. It is shown he has a "wife" in this episode, whom Bart states ate three of their babies.


Simpsons animal
name = Stampy

gender = Male
color = Grey
status = At wildlife reserve
relatives = None
appearance = "Bart Gets an Elephant"
voiceactor = Frank Welker

Stampy is a male African elephant first appearing in the episode "Bart Gets an Elephant". Bart wins the elephant in a radio contest called "KBBL Wants to Give You Something Stupid". As a prize, Bart was offered either an elephant or $10,000 in cash, with the elephant option as a joke. Bill and Marty had anticipated all winners would opt for the cash and were caught off guard when Bart chose the elephant. With the prospect of being fired looming, they eventually get Bart an elephant.

Bart decides to name the elephant Stampy, who soon starts to cause trouble and costs a large amount of money in upkeep. Anxious to escape this, Homer offers Stampy to a wildlife reserve. However, on his realization that he will get nothing in return, he elects to sell Stampy to local poacher and ivory dealer, Mr. Blackheart. Homer later changes his mind after Stampy rescues him from a tar pit.

Stampy is alluded to in other episodes. At Apu's wedding, Bart sees Apu riding an elephant. Bart comments that he wishes that he had an elephant. Lisa responds, "You did. His name was Stampy. You loved him." Bart simply replies, "Oh, yeah." Stampy also appears in "Large Marge", where he was involved in an attempt to restore the public opinion of Krusty the Clown. Stampy also attacks a bear in the final scene of "The Fat and the Furriest" and appears in "The Simpsons Movie", where he cracks the dome that covers Springfield, prompting the government's drastic action.

Stampy likes peanuts and putting people in his mouth. He does not like other elephants, as can be seen when he is first introduced to the wildlife reserve.

One-Time Animals

Chirpy Boy and Bart Junior

In "Bart the Mother", Bart mothers two lizards who hatch from eggs from a bird's nest after shooting the bird which he thought was their mother. The two lizards are called Chirpy Boy and Bart Junior. Bart brings them to the local Bird Watching Association to ask what type of bird they are and Principal Skinner tells him that they are dangerous lizards that eat pigeons and must be killed. Bart attempts to run away with the lizards but they eventually fly away on their own and breed, ending Springfield's pigeon infestation. Bart Junior was also a frog as mentioned below.


Duncan, later renamed Furious D, was Homer and Bart's racehorse in the February 6, 2000 episode "Saddlesore Galactica." Duncan's original job was as a stunt animal, trained to jump into a pool from a diving board (although he was forced to and did not participate willingly). Homer then bought the horse and started training him as a racehorse. As Duncan did not do well (he raced towards the finish line when the race was already over), Homer and Bart decided to give him a bit more attitude. They accomplished this by dying his hair, giving him a nose-ring (among other accessories), and changing his name to "Furious D" (a parody of Dennis Rodman). Although Homer was threatened by the other jockeys (who took him to their world—the pixie world), Furious D still won the race and was allowed to go into retirement as a stud. Duncan's vocal effects were performed by Jim Cummings.


Laddie is a collie owned by Bart in "The Canine Mutiny" and is a parody of Lassie. Bart orders him from a catalog using a fake credit card, because he is designed to be the ultimate dog, able to use a flushing toilet and perform multiple household chores which quickly wins the hearts of the whole family. When Bart's credit card goes unpaid, the repo men come to take the dog away. Bart lies and tells them that Santa's Little Helper was the dog he ordered causing him to be taken away instead. Eventually, Bart feels guilty and decides to give Laddie away to the police force and try to recover Santa's Little Helper.

In "You Kent Always Say What You Want" a dog identical to Laddie appears briefly when Marge travels through the Springfield dog park; whether this was Laddie isn't confirmed.


Mojo was Homer Simpson's helper monkey in "Girly Edition." He eventually adopts Homer's unhealthy lifestyle and becomes incredibly obese.

Homer decides to use his enfeebled father in order to qualify for the services of the highly trained and intelligent Mojo, whom he basically intends to use as a Simian slave. Mojo, however, soon realizes this — as well as the fact he prefers Homer's sedentary lifestyle to the job he has been trained to perform. On one occasion, Homer sends Mojo to steal doughnuts from Lard Lad Donuts and bring them back to him. Mojo steals the doughnuts, but then eats them himself, which leads to a scolding from Homer.

Homer's unhealthy lifestyle soon takes its toll on Mojo, and he becomes bloated and lethargic. Marge becomes upset with Homer because of Mojo's poor health, stating that all he only, "sits there all day, struggling to breathe". He tries to show her that Mojo is still agile with a pathetic dance by the monkey that ends with Mojo collapsing. Seeing that Mojo is no longer of any use and afraid of having to potentially answer for a dead monkey, Homer returns Mojo to the lab, dropping him off anonymously at the door. The lab attendant, alarmed by Mojo's condition, hands him a keyboard to type what was wrong and the monkey enters "PRAY…FOR…MOJO."


Pepito (full name Pepito, the biggest cat in the whole wide world) is an (apparently) Mexican cat. He is the biggest cat in the whole wide world. He was nominated for the award of Best Supporting Performer at the Daytime Emmys, only to lose to Sideshow Bob. It is not known for certain whether or not he is an actual cat.


Ping-Ping was a panda at the zoo in the episode Homer vs. Dignity who drags Homer to his cave before having intimate relations with him. Homer later sees Lisa and states "Yes I may be naked and reeking of panda love, but I have to stop this before it goes too far."


Pinchy (full name Mr. Pinchy) is Homer's pet lobster in "Lisa Gets an "A"". Homer buys Pinchy with the intention of fattening and then eating him. However, when Pinchy becomes big enough to be eaten, Homer is too emotionally attached to eat him. The Sea Captain tries to get Homer and Marge to enroll Pinchy into the Sea Captain's lobster boarding school, and also wants any spare change they may have. Pinchy is, in Homer's words, a coward, after being bullied by a hermit crab. When Marge prepares to cook the lobster, Homer refuses but Pinchy is accidentally boiled by a hot bath Homer gives him. Homer simultaneously consumes and mourns Pinchy, weeping inconsolably, and refuses to share because Pinchy would have wanted it that way. While eating Pinchy, Homer says that he wishes that Pinchy were there to enjoy eating him.


Princess was Lisa's pony in "Lisa's Pony". Homer buys her for Lisa, hoping to regain her love again after he disappoints her one time too many. The pony is expensive to own, so Homer gets a second job at the Kwik-E-Mart causing him to become overly tired. Lisa realizes that Homer has made a large sacrifice for the pony, so she gives up Princess.

he's The Fastest

She's The Fastest is Santa's Little Helper's girlfriend which he meets at the greyhound-racetrack in "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds". After she mates with Santa's Little Helper on the track, the Simpsons adopt her. She gives birth to twenty five puppies which are eventually stolen by Mr. Burns to create a tuxedo. After the puppies win Burns' heart by standing on their hind legs (and when he realized that he couldn't even go through with the plan), The Simpsons give She's The Fastest and all 25 pups to Mr. Burns.


Snorky was the leader of an evil group of dolphins. In "Treehouse of Horror XI" Lisa released him from the aquarium and then he and an army of dolphins tried to take over the world. During a town meeting, he explained that dolphins once lived on land but humans then drove them to the ocean. The dolphins and humans fought with the dolphins emerging as the victors. They drove all humans to the sea where most of them died. He was voiced by Harry Shearer. He appears in The Simpsons Game in the level "Day of the Dolphin" in which he gets revived by Kang and Kodos and fights Bart and Lisa.

pace Coyote

Space Coyote, also known as Homer's Spirit Guide is a coyote who appears in the 1997 episode "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)". Homer first encounters him during a hallucinatory trip caused by Guatemalan chili peppers (grown by inmates of an insane asylum) that he ate at a chili cookoff. He makes Homer start to question if Marge really is his soulmate. He also tries to gnaw on Homer's leg, citing the reason (when he is kicked away) that he is still a coyote. After Homer's hallucinatory trip the coyote appears to be a dog who tells Homer to 'Find his soul mate'. Homer notes that dogs can't talk; the dog barks and Homer says 'Damn straight!' He is voiced by Johnny Cash.


Strangles is Bart's pet snake. He appears in "Stop or My Dog Will Shoot". Strangles becomes the Simpson's pet snake after Santa's Little Helper becomes a police dog after a corn maze incident with Homer. Strangles escapes from a show-and-tell class and eventually saves Bart's life with Santa's Little Helper. At the end of the episode, Willie adopts Strangles and keeps him in a fire hose container.

Movie Animals

Multi-Eyed Squirrel

Simpsons animal
name = Multi-Eyed Squirrel

gender = Male
color = Pink
status = Unknown
relatives = Unknown
appearance = "The Simpsons Movie"
voiceactor = Dan Castellaneta

The Multi-eyed Squirrel, also known as Abomination, is a pink, mutated, multi-eyed squirrel with 38 eyes positioned 360 degrees around his head, tannish-white chipmunk-like markings on his head and back and many sharp, pointy fangs who appears in "The Simpsons Movie", voiced by Dan Castellaneta. He is mutated at Lake Springfield after Homer dumps an overflowing silo filled with pig feces into the already heavily polluted lake, causing it to become highly toxic. When chased into the lake by a raccoon, it emerges a mutant. While on a hike together nearby, Bart and Flanders encounter the mutant before it is captured by the EPA and presented to President Schwarzenegger. A similar, but green creature is seen in a deleted scene of the movie attacking Mayor Quimby. Another deleted scene shows an ID card for the squirrel, revealing it's nickname as "Abomination" (it is also to be noted that this deleted scene incorrectly identifies the creature as a chipmunk). The mutant squirrel is seen in the "Simpsons Movie" figure set "What You Lookin' At?", depicting the scene where he is found by Bart and Ned Flanders during a hike. The squirrel was originally concealed in early pictures of the set, presumably to avoid any leaked plot information, but pictures of the full, unblocked set soon leaked onto the internet before the figure's release.

He also briefly appears in the altered opening sequence of the first episode of the Simpsons 19th season, "He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs", where he is seen attacking Bart and then being hit by a wrecking ball.


Simpsons animal
name = Plopper

gender = Male
color = Pink
status = Family pet
relatives = Unknown
appearance = "The Simpsons Movie"
voiceactor = Tress MacNeille

Plopper, also known as Spider-Pig and later renamed to Harry Plopper, is a pig dressed in a baker's hat, where he appears in a TV ad to promote Krusty's new burger, The Klogger, in "The Simpsons Movie". After filming is completed, Krusty orders the pig to be killed. Homer immediately becomes upset about this, as he believes that animals wearing human clothing shouldn't be killed. In a desperate bid for freedom, the pig runs up to Homer, who immediately adopts him. Later in the movie, Homer is seen making the pig walk on the ceiling while Homer is singing "The Spider-Pig Song", a parody of the Spider-Man theme song. Homer later calls him Harry Plopper, and the pig is seen with glasses and a lightning bolt-shaped scar, based on the character Harry Potter.

At one point in the movie, the Simpsons' house is completely destroyed after being sucked into a sinkhole in their backyard. This may lead to the assumption that the pig is killed in the movie. However, during the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention, an official Simpsons Panel revealed that there was a scene at the end of the movie involving the pig that was cut which later appeared on the DVD [ [ IGN: SDCC 07: The Simpsons Panel ] ] . This removed sequence is a slightly alternate ending of the movie when the townspeople are rebuilding the Simpsons' house and involves Plopper, the Multi-Eyed Creature, and Santa's Little Helper painting a dog house.

During the following TV season, Plopper makes a few more appearances. He is shown in the couch gag for the episode "He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs" where Homer refers to him as his "summer love". Plopper appears again in the "Heck House" segment of the episode "Treehouse of Horror XVIII", in which Bart drops Plopper from the roof onto Homer's head, which becomes stuck in his anus. Plopper proceeds to run around the yard with Homer trailing from his backside. Plopper made an appearance in "Apocalypse Cow" as a wedding present. He also appears on the cover, but not in the story, of "Simpsons Comics" #141. Most recently, Plopper made a brief appearance in "All About Lisa" as a nominee for the 'Entertainer Of The Year' award.

Minor animals

* Bart Junior (frog), "Girls Just Want to Have Sums". This frog was caught by Bart Simpson and kept as a pet. When Bart and Lisa's school was segregated by gender, Bart commented that he could now walk down the hall with Bart Junior "hanging out". He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a frog which he identifies as "Bart Junior". The frog states (through subtitles) that he thought Bart was talking about his personals. Another Bart Junior was one of Bart's two lizards that he mothers in "Bart the Mother", as described above.

* Bitey, "Marge vs. the Monorail", an opossum who lives in the monorail with her babies. Homer's statement "I call the big one Bitey" is Matt Groening's all-time favorite Simpsons line [cite video| people= Matt Groening ("The Simpsons" creator)| date= 2004-06-15| title= "The Simpsons" Complete Fourth season (Disc 1) "A Word from Matt Groening"| medium= DVD, Television Production| publisher= Fox Broadcasting Company| quote= I think it has my all-time favorite Simpsons' line in the history of the show...] .

* Buttercup, "Jazzy and the Pussycats", a former circus tiger adopted by Lisa; after being startled, Buttercup bites into Bart's "drumming arm", causing nerve damage and leaving him unable to play the drums. Buttercup is later sent to live in a wildlife preserve.

* Buttercup (Pony), "Springfield Up", A pony mentioned by Lisa that can jump very high and was owned by her when Homer borrowed Mr. Burns' mansion in order to pretend to be rich and impress Declan Desmond.

* Canary a canary that becomes part of Homer's art.

* Canary M. Burns, "C.E. D'oh", a canary that Mr. Burns uses as the legal owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to take punishment for any crimes the powerplant is responsible for.

* Captain Jack, "Kill the Alligator and Run", an alligator that is a "famous resident" of Florida and is said to have designed the town flag. The Simpsons appear to kill him after ramming him with a boat but it turns out he is alive in the end.

* Cinnamon, "I, D'oh-Bot", Marge's childhood pet guinea pig, who died after chewing through an extension cord. She is apparently still quite tearful about the incident. Mentioned by Marge when Snowball II dies. It is also the name of a rat, amongst many others, two of which are named "Lefty" and "Rizzo", being forced out of the nuclear power plant by Chief Wiggum in preparation for the Olympics, as seen in "The Old Man and the "C" Student".

* Control hamster, "Bart the Genius", Bart cheats his way to be in a school with no boundaries, at which a legitimate student is running a test with one hamster which has a staphylococci virus and another with no virus, 'the control'.

* Esquilax, "Lisa's Wedding", that is described by Chief Wiggum as a legendary chimera, a horse bearing the head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit, to Lisa when she visits a medieval-themed fair run by the townsfolk. Lisa is shown a live "esquilax", which she chases when it "gallops" away, causing her to find the fortune tent.

* Fantastipotamus, "Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder", a fictional animal that Ron Howard's daughter claims will only sing twice per day. They see this animal because they state that they "don't go to the regular zoo".

* Furious George, "The Mansion Family", a monkey owned by Mr. Burns who is injured in a monkey knife fight started by Homer. His name is a play on the fictional monkey character, Curious George.

* General Sherman, "The War of the Simpsons", a legendary catfish. He lives in Catfish Lake, which is the place where Marge's and Homer's marriage counseling is being held. Homer catches him, but Marge sees him thinking he doesn't care about their marriage. To prove this is not the case, he releases him. He springs back to life and swims away. He is named after the Civil War era Union general.

* Homer Simpson (Tiger), "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore" When Lenny and Carl go to India to see Homer's promotion to God they ask a man where is Homer. The man then replies one of two doors contains Homer Simpson the other has a man-eating tiger. Both doors then contain tigers and the man replies one of them is named Homer Simpson.

* Henry, "Jazzy and the Pussycats", a yellow bird briefly adopted by Lisa after she sees the animal shelter manager threaten to put him down. This is due to the bird's knowledge of the manager's darkest secret: she likes putting animals to sleep. He is later adopted by Professor Frink.

* Lab Rat a rat Homer brings into the lab when he becomes a human guinnea pig, he proves to have faster reflexes than Homer.

* Lincoln Squirrel, "Radio Bart", As Dave Shutton writes a story about Bart being trapped in the well, he discovers a bigger story. Kent Brockman announces that a squirrel that resembles Abraham Lincoln has been found. Later in the episode, the townspeople hurry with shovels to dig Bart out. Simultaneously, it is announced that the squirrel has been assassinated, with Kent saying that they will stay with the story all night. The Lincoln Squirrel also makes a cameo appearance on a newspaper in "The Simpsons Hit & Run".

* Loch Ness Monster, "Monty Can't Buy Me Love", Mr. Burns tries to capture the Loch Ness monster to become more popular with the public. The camera flashes of the press drive Burns insane and sends him on a rampage, scaring the townspeople. Nessie is currently working at a casino.

* Meat Ducks, "Bart Has Two Mommies", a mother duck and her babies ruin Homer's chances at winning a computer in a rubber duck river race, which he later gets anyway from Ned Flanders.

* Mittens, "Lisa's Rival", Ralph Wiggum's pet cat. In "Children of a Lesser Clod", he uses 'mitten' as a swearword.

* Mr. Mooch, "The Haw-Hawed Couple", Nelson's pet cat whose eyes are runny.

* NASA Chimp "Deep Space Homer", a chimpanzee member of the NASA board of supervisors (and by implication, astronaut). He vetoes a suggestion to reveal the "big secret" that all chimps sent to space returned super-intelligent.

*Octo parrot, HOMR, a resident of the lab that removes the crayon in Homer's brain, which Homer uses as an example of how they play God.

* Peruvian fighting frogs, "Brake My Wife, Please", Bart and Milhouse both got them as a school project.

* Queenie, "Homer's Barbershop Quartet", A chicken who temporary replaces Homer at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Later consumed by Homer.

* Radioactive Ape, The ape appeared in Worst Episode Ever. Thanks to Homer, it has taken residence in Ned Flanders' house, having taken over the top floor. Bart claims the creature tricked his dad into doing so. It was last seen in Ned Flander's car, continually hitting him.

* Rosa Barks, Dr. Hibbert's pet poodle, who has babies after "making a booty call" to Santa's Little Helper. Her name is a pun on African American civil rights figure Rosa Parks, and is ironically white.

* Shifty-eyed dog, "Beyond Blunderdome", Homer is pitching a movie idea to Mel Gibson, who says to put a dog with eyes that shift back and forth, to make it look like the dog was behind the incident. Mel detests the idea, but at the very end of the episode there is dog shifting its eyes back and forth.

* Sir Oinks-a-lot,"Homer Goes to College", The pig mascot of the Springfield A&M University. He is kidnapped and intoxicated with malt liquor by Homer.

* Smiley, "Jazzy and the Pussycats", A dog who is very sick and is about to be put to sleep by a pound lady. Lisa then adopts him.

* Snuffy, "Bart vs. Thanksgiving", Lisa's late hamster, the subject of the second verse of "Meditations on Turning Eight".

* Stuart, a duck who works for Mr. Burns. His main job at the plant is to tug around a small wagon carrying a glowing uranium rod, which requires him to wear a hardhat. He is shown to lack "team spirit" when he pecks the head of a passed-out coworker.

* Superdude, a gerbil that belongs to a class at Springfield Elementary School, who is found dead by Principal Skinner at the beginning of "Who Shot Mr. Burns?".

* The Raven, "Treehouse of Horror", Bart is a Raven which torments Homer. The skit is a send-up on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe of the same name.

* Toot-Toot, "Bart Has Two Mommies", Mr. Teeny's mother who adopts Bart as a son, only to be replaced by Mr. Teeny afterwards.

* The Tortoise, "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)", is another creature encountered during Homer's "spirit journey". The tortoise is supposed to lead Homer to a place where all his questions will be answered. The tortoise however moves too slow for Homer, so he gives it a helpful yet violent kick in the direction it is moving, and then runs after it. The tortoise then wordlessly instructs Homer to climb a small platform that turns into a giant pyramid when Homer walks towards it. Homer asks if it has grown because he kicked him, and the tortoise simply nods with a smug look on its face.

* Unknown Doberman, "Homer's Enemy", The heroic dog made executive vice-president in lieu of previous choice, Frank Grimes in lieu of previous choice, Waylon Smithers.

* Unknown Dog, "Homer Goes to College", A dog trained to abort the core destruct sequence whenever Homer pushes the button while napping.

* Wiggle Puppy, "This Little Wiggy", As Chief Wiggum explains to Marge, he is "Ralphie's" imaginary friend who flies around by wagging his tail.



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