Liberal Democracy (France)

Liberal Democracy (France)
Liberal Democracy
Démocratie libérale
President Alain Madelin
Founded 1998
Dissolved 2002
Preceded by Republican Party
Merged into Union for a Popular Movement
Ideology Liberal conservatism,
Economic liberalism
Political position Centre-right
European Parliament Group European People's Party
Official colours Blue
Politics of France
Political parties

Liberal Democracy (Démocratie Libérale, DL) was a French political party that advocated conservative liberalism and liberal conservatism, headed by Alain Madelin. The party replaced in 1997 the Republican Party, which was the classical liberal component of the Union for French Democracy (UDF).

It became independent in 1998, after a split from the UDF. The cause of this departure was the election of four UDF president of regional councils with the votes of the National Front elects, which the Liberals refused to condemn. Those who refused to break ranks with UDF launched the Republican Independent and Liberal Pole, which later merged with Democratic Force and the so-called "Direct Adherents", in the New UDF.[1]

In the 1999 EU elections DL ran with the RPR list led by Nicolas Sarkozy. However, the pro-European tone of the RPR-DL campaign deceived and the list was placed in third, behind the eurosceptic RPF list led by Charles Pasqua and Philippe de Villiers. DL obtained 4 MEPs: Alain Madelin, Françoise Grossetête, Thierry Jean-Pierre and Hervé Novelli.

In the 2002 presidential election, Alain Madelin obtained only 3.91% of the votes. On September 21, 2002, DL merged with the RPR and a majority of UDF members to form the Union for the Presidential Majority (UMP), which was renamed Union for a Popular Movement (Union pour un mouvement populaire or UMP).

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