The centre-right is a political term commonly used to describe or denote individuals, political parties or organizations (such as think tanks) whose views stretch from the centre to the right on the left-right spectrum, excluding far right stances. Centre-right can also describe a coalition of centrist and right-wing parties. Many political parties of the centre-right are known to have various factions and members who advocate right-wing policies.

Ideological definition of the centre-right

A definition of the term "centre-right" is necessarily broad and approximate because political terms have varying meanings in different countries. Parties of the centre-right generally support liberal democracy, capitalism, the market economy, private property rights and the existence of the welfare state in some form. They generally oppose socialism, extreme secularism and the use of violence as a political tool. Such a definition generally includes political parties that base their ideology and policies upon Conservatism and economic liberalism.

However, parties that subscribe to social liberalism are often associated with the centre-left. Centre-right parties often ground themselves in traditional values; as such, most predominantly Christian states possess a competitive centre-right Christian democratic party.

The use of centre-right is sometimes expanded to include populist right-wing parties such as the Freedom Party of Austria, the Danish People's Party, and the Law and Justice (PiS) party in Poland. While the Freedom Party and the Danish People's Party would generally be classified as right-wing, parties like Law and Justice are both populist and conservative, and so are sometimes classified centre-right.

Examples of centre-right parties

* Examples of centre-right political parties include:
* In Australia:
** The Coalition including:
*** Liberal Party of Australia
*** National Party of Australia
** Liberal National Party of Queensland formed after Lib/Nat merger at State level.
* In Canada:
** Conservative Party of Canada
* In the Republic of China:
** The Pan-Blue Coalition including:
*** Kuomintang (KMT)
* In Chile:
** Renovación Nacional
* In The Czech Republic:
** Civic Democratic Party
* In Denmark:
** Conservative People's Party
** Venstre, Liberal Party of Denmark
* In the European Parliament:
** European People's Party
* In Finland:
** National Coalition Party
** Christian Democrats
** Swedish People's Party
* In France:
** Union for a Popular Movement
** New Centre
* In Germany:
** Christian Democratic Union
** Christian Social Union of Bavaria
** Free Democratic Party
* In Greece:
**New Democracy
*In Iceland:
**Independence Party
**Liberal Party
* In India:
**Bharatiya Janata Party
* In Ireland:
** Fianna Fáil
** Fine Gael
* In Italy:
** The People of Freedom
* In Japan:
**The Liberal Democratic Party
* In Republic of Korea
** The Liberty Forward Party
** Grand National Party
* In Luxembourg:
** Christian Social People's Party
* In The Netherlands:
** Christian Democratic Appeal
** People's Party for Freedom and Democracy
* In "'New Zealand
** New Zealand National Party
*In Northern Ireland:
**Democratic Unionist Party
**Ulster Unionist Party
*In Norway:
** Conservative Party of Norway
** Christian Democratic Party
** Liberal Party of Norway
*In Pakistan:
** The Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
*In the Philippines:
** The Nacionalista Party
*In Portugal:
** The Social Democratic Party
** Democratic and Social Center / People's Party
*In Romania:
** Democratic Liberal Party
** National Liberal Party
* In Russia:
** Union of Right Forces
*In Slovakia:
**Slovak Democratic and Christian Union - Democratic Party
**Christian Democratic Movement
* In Slovenia:
**Slovenian Democratic Party
**Slovenian People's Party
**New Slovenia
*In Spain:
**People's Party
*In Sri Lanka:
**United National Party
* In Sweden:
**The Alliance for Sweden coalition including:
***Moderate Party
***Centre Party
***Christian Democrats
***Liberal People's Party
* In Turkey:
** Democratic Party
** Justice and Development Party
** Motherland Party
** Young Party
* In the United Kingdom:
**The Conservative Party
* In the United States:
**The United States Republican Party
*In Ghana:
** The New Patriotic Party

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