List of home computers by category

List of home computers by category

This is a list of home and office computers by category where the main category is the home computer's CPU wordlength (8/16/32/64 bits) and the subcategory is the specific CPU used in each machine. Computers with more than one CPU are listed under each of their optional CPUs.

For an uncategorized list, see the list of home computers, which gives an alphabetic list sorted by computer manufacturer name and subsorted by introduction year. For a home computer list categorized by Video Hardware capabilities , see the List of home computers by video hardware. For a list of microcomputers of the pre-home computer era, see the list of early microcomputers.

Home computers using 8-bit processors

MOS Technology 6502

*Acorn Computers Ltd
**Acorn Atom
**Acorn Electron
**BBC Micro (plus an optional, faster, 65SC02 in external coprocessor module)
**BBC Master (65SC12)

*Apple Inc.
**Apple I
**Apple II, II+ (incl Bell & Howell), IIe
**Apple IIe Enhanced, IIe Platinum (65C02)
**Apple IIc, IIc+ (65C02)
**Apple III, III+ (Synertek 6502A)

**Atari 400 & 800
** Atari 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, 65XE, 130XE, XEGS (6502C)

*Commodore International
**CBM-II, aka B range (6509)
**Commodore 64, SX-64 (6510)
**C64C (6510 / 8500)
**C16 and Plus/4 (7501 / 8501)
**C128, 128D (8502)

** UK101 'clone' of Superboard from Ohio Scientific

*Franklin Computer Corp.
**Franklin ACE 100 (clone of the Apple II)
**Franklin ACE 1000 (clone of the Apple IIe)
**Franklin ACE 1200 (6502 as well as a Z80)
**Franklin ACE 500 (65C02)
**Franklin ACE 2000, 2100, 2200 (clones of Apple IIe/IIc) (65SC02)

*Oric Int'l/Tangerine
**Tangerine MICROTAN 65 (6502A)
**Oric-1 (6502A)
**Oric Atmos (6502A)

*PEL Varaždin

**Aim 65
**Aim 65/40

*Video Technology
**Laser 2001
**Laser 3000

= Zilog Z80 and clones =

*ABC 80, ABC 800, ABC 802, etc.
*AI Electronics ABC24 / ABC26
*Altos 580-2
**Amstrad CPC 464, 664, 6128
**Amstrad PCW 8256, 8512, 9512
*Aster CT-80 (TRS-80 and CP/M compatible)
*Aval AVC777
*Bally Astrocade
*BBC Micro (in optional second processor external module added to built-in 6502)
*Cambridge Computers Z88
*Camputers Lynx48, Lynx96, and Lynx128
*Canon V-20, V-25
*Casio FP1000 / FP1100 / MX10 / PV7
*Ce-Tec MPC-80
*Coleco Adam
*CoBra (Computer Braşov - running BASIC and OPUS) [] []
*Colour Genie EACA EG2000
*Commodore 128 (two CPUs: Z80 and 6502-compatible 8502)
*Daewoo CPC300 / CPC400 / CPC400S / DPC-200 / DPH-64 / IQ-1000 / MX64
*Data Science XOR
*DAI used the 8080A.
*Didaktik Gama, Didaktik M, Didaktik Kompakt (modified ZX Spectrum clones)
*Dick Smith System 80 (TRS-80 compatible, see Video Genie)
*Digital Group
*Enterprise 128
*Epson PX-4, PX-8, QX-10, and QX-16
*Exidy Sorcerer
*Franklin ACE 1200 (two CPUs: Z80 and 6502)
*Goldstar FC-100 and FC-200
*Gradiente Expert 1.0, Expert 1.1, and Expert DD Plus
*Grundy NewBrain
*Hitachi H80, MB-H1, MB-H2, and MB-H80
*Jupiter Ace
*KC85 (U880 CPU: East German Z80 clone)
*Kyocera YC-100 and YC-64
*Lambda 8300
*Luxor ABC 80 (see ABC 80 above)
*Mattel Aquarius and Aquarius II
*Memotech MTX series
*Microdigital TK 85 and TK 90X
*Microprofessor I
*Miles Gordon Technology (MGT) SAM Coupé
*Mitsubishi MLF80, MLFX1, and MLFX2
*MSX-standard home computers
*Nascom 1 and Nascom 2
*Nintendo Game Boy
*Philips G7400, NMS8245, NMS8280, P2000, VG5000
*Pioneer PX-7
*Plantron PT-80
*Plessey PC 60
*PMC-80 (TRS-80 compatible, see Video Genie)
*Research Machines 380Z
*Regency Systems R2C
*SAM Coupé
*Sega Master System
*Sharp MZ range including MZ-80, MZ-700 and MZ-800 series (Z80 clone: Sharp LH-0080)
**Sinclair ZX80 (used Z80 clone: NEC 780C-1)
**Sinclair ZX81
**ZX Spectrum 16/48K, Spectrum+, +128, +2 (Amstrad) and +3 (Amstrad)
**M68 (dual 68000 and Z80 cpus)
*Spectravideo 318, 328 and successors
*Tatung Einstein
*Tiki 100
**Timex Computers 2048 (slightly improved ZX Spectrum)
**Timex Sinclair 1000 and 1500 (U.S. versions of ZX81)
**Timex Sinclair 2068 (U.S. improved ZX Spectrum)
*Video Genie (TRS-80 compatible)
*Video Technology Laser 110 / 200 / 210 / 310 / 350 / 500 (Dick Smith VZ-200, VZ-300)
*Videoton TVC

= Motorola 6803 =

*Matra Alice (French clone of the TRS-80 MC-10)
*Newbear 77/68
*TRS-80 MC-10

= Motorola 6809 (8/16-bit) =

*Commodore SuperPET/SP9000 (6809 as well as 6502)
*Dragon 32/64 (Welsh TRS-80 "CoCo" clones)
*Thomson MO5 (6809E)
*TRS-80 Color Computer ("CoCo") 1 and 2 (6809E)

Signetics 2650

*Elektor TV Games Computer

Home computers using 16-bit processors

Intel x86 architecture

*IBM PCjr (8088)
*BBC Master 512 (80186 in addition to 65C02 main processor)

=Texas Instruments TMS9900=

*Texas Instruments TI-99/4
*Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
*Tomy Tutor aka Grandstand Tutor (TMS9995)

=Western Design Center 65C816=

*Apple IIGS

Home computers using 32-bit processors

Motorola 68k family

*Apple Macintosh series
*Atari ST series
*Commodore Amiga series
*Sharp X68000
*Sinclair QL (68008)

=National Semiconductor NS32016=

*BBC Micro (in optional second processor external module added to built-in 6502)


*BBC Micro (ARM1 in optional second processor external module added to built-in 6502)
*Acorn Archimedes (ARM2, ARM3, ARM250)

Intel x86 architecture

*Apple Macintosh series

Intel XScale architecture



*Apple Macintosh series

Home computers using 64-bit processors

x86-64 (Intel64 and AMD64) architecture

*Apple Macintosh series


*Apple Macintosh series

ee also

* List of home computers by video hardware

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