List of hundreds of England and Wales

List of hundreds of England and Wales

This is a list of hundreds of England and Wales. Most English counties were divided into hundreds from the late Saxon period and they were effectively abolished under the Local Government Act of 1894.Fact|date=February 2007 In some areas, equivalent districts were known as "wapentakes", "cantrefs" or "wards". The cantref and some wapentakes later became known as hundreds.

Except where stated, lists are from the Victoria County History. This is not an authoritative list, as hundreds were variable and sources differ.


From "The National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" (1868) []





*Kintbury Eagle


From GENUKI []




Aylesbury Hundreds


Chiltern Hundreds



From the "National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" []

*Nant Conway


From GENUKI []



From GENUKI []



*North Witchford
*South Witchford


From Harris, B. E., and Thacker, A. T. (1987). "The Victoria History of the County of Chester. (Volume 1: Physique, Prehistory, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Domesday)." Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0197227619.

Domesday Hundreds

With some variations in the names, the Domesday hundreds were:


Later Hundreds

Atiscross and Exestan were lost to Wales, and a merging and amalgamation of the rest with a renaming led to the following hundreds:



In Cornwall, the name calqued "cantrev"

From GENUKI []


For some purposes, the Isles of Scilly were counted as a tenth hundred.


Cumberland was divided into wards, analogous to hundreds. From the "National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" []



From Vision of Britain []

*Is Aled
*Is Dulas
*Maelor Gymraeg


Divided into hundreds (previously wapentakes) from []

*High Peak
*Morleston and Litchurch
*Repton and Gresley


From GENUKI []

*Black Torrington
*East Budleigh
*North Tawton and Winkleigh
*South Molton
*West Budleigh


:"Main article: List of hundreds in Dorset."

*Beaminster Forum and Redhone
*Bere Regis
*Buckland Newton
*Cerne, Totcombe and Modbury
*Coombs Ditch
*Corfe Castle
*Culliford Tree
*Eggerton (also Eggarton)
*Hasler (also Hasilor)
*Hundredsbarrow (also Barrow)
*Monkton Up Wimborne (also Up Wimborne)
*Redlane (also Redland)
*Rowbarrow (also Rowberrow)
*St George's (also George)
*Sixpenny Handley
*Sturminster Newton
*Whitchurch Canonicorum
*Wimborne St Giles

County Durham

County Durham was divided into wards, analogous to hundreds. From an 1840 map of County Durham [] .



*Barstable (sometimes spelled Barnstable)
*Liberty of Havering, also sometimes known as Romford Hundred

According to [] the 1841 census also recorded Harwich hundred, which the Victoria County History places within Tendring.


From Vision of Britain [] .

*Maelor Saesneg


From the "National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" []
*Barton Regis
*Bishop's Cleeve
*Brightwell's Barrow
*Dudstone (upper, middle and lower divisions)
*Grumbalds Ash
*Kiftsgate (upper and lower divisions)
*Langley and Swinehead
*Lower Slaughter
*Lower Tewkesbury
*Lower Thornbury
*St Briavel's
*Upper Slaughter
*Upper Tewkesbury
*Upper Thornbury
*Whitstone (upper and lower divisions)

The Duchy of Lancaster (Gloucestershire) liberty was sometimes counted as a hundred.


From GENUKI []

*Dinas Powis


*Barton Stacey
*Bishop's Sutton
*Bishop's Waltham
*East Medine (also described as a liberty)
*East Meon
*King's Somborne
*New Forest
*West Medine (also described as a liberty)


From "The National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" (1868) []
*Wormelow (upper and lower divisions)


(Danais & Tring added as per History of Hertfordshire)

*Danais (merged with Tring to form Dacorum)
*Tring (merged with Danais to form Dacorum)


*Norman Cross


From Kent Genealogy [] . Kent was traditionally divided into East and West Kent, and into lathes and hundreds.

East Kent

*Boughton under Blean
*Bridge and Petham
*Chart and Longbridge
*St Martin Pountney

West Kent

*Brenchley and Horsmonden
*Bromley and Beckenham
*Chatham and Gillingham
*Dartford and Wilmington
*Little and Lessness


*West Derby


Leicestershire was originally divided into wapentakes, but these were usually later described as hundreds. From the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica []

*East Goscote
*West Goscote

In the Domesday Book, West Goscote and East Goscote made up just Goscote and Sparkenhoe did not yet exist.


Lincolnshire was divided into three Parts, each of which was divided into wapentakes, analogous to hundreds. From map on Lincolnshire County Council website []




*Boothby Graffoe (Higher and Lower divisions)
*Langoe (First and Second divisions)
*Winnibriggs and Threo


North Riding of Lindsey

*Walshcroft (North and South divisions)

outh Riding of Lindsey

*Calceworth (Marsh and Wold divisions)
*Candleshoe (Marsh and Wold divisions)
*Gartree (North and South divisions)
*Louth-Eske (Marsh and Wold divisions)
*Wraggoe (East and West divisions)

West Riding of Lindsey

*Aslacoe (East and West divisions)
*Manley (East, North, and West divisions)


From the "National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" []

*Talybont with Mowddu


*Isleworth (recorded in 1086 as Hounslow) [" [ The hundred of Isleworth] ", A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 3, (1962), Date accessed: 6 January 2008.]


From Genuki [] .All split into Upper and Lower divisions.



From the "National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" [] .

*Montgomery (also Kerry)


From GENUKI []

*North Erpingham
*North Greenhoe
*South Erpingham
*South Greenhoe
*West Flegg


From the Northamptonshire Family History Society []

*Chipping Warden
*Greens Norton
*Higham Ferrers
*Kings Sutton
*Nobottle Grove

The liberty and Soke of Peterborough (now in Cambridgeshire) was sometimes called Nassaburgh hundred.


Northumberland was divided into wards, analogous to hundreds. From the "National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" (1868) []



Nottinghamshire was divided into wapentakes, analogous to hundreds. From the Thoroton Society []



From []


Outside any hundred were the areas of Oxford City & University, Oxford City and Oxford Liberty.


From GENUKI []



From GENUKI [] .

*Llanbedr Painscastle




From GENUKI []

*Bradford (North & South)
*Munslow (Upper & Lower)
*Overs (in two parts)


From the "National Gazetteer of Britain and Ireland" []

*Abdick and Bulstone
*Bath Forum
*Glaston Twelve Hides
*Huntspill and Puriton
*North Curry
*North Petherton
*Norton Ferris
*South Petherton
*Taunton (also Taunton Dean)
*Wells Forum
*Williton and Freemanners



From GENUKI []



From GENUKI []

*Bosemere and Claydon


There are thirteen hundreds and one half hundred:
*Effingham half hundred


Sussex was divided into rapes, and then hundreds.

Arundel Rape

From []

*West Easwrith

Bramber Rape

*East Easwrith
*West Grinstead

Parts of Wyndham and Fishergate hundreds.

Chichester Rape

*Box and Stockbridge
*Westbourne and Singleton

Hastings Rape


Lewes Rape

*Younsmere (also Falmer)

Parts of Fishergate and Wyndham hundreds.

Pevensey Rape

From []

*Burley-Arches (also Burarches
*East Grinstead




Westmorland was divided into four wards, analogous to hundreds. Pairs of wards made up the two Baronies. From "Magna Britannica et Hibernia" (1736) []

Barony of Kendal


Barony of Westmorland

*East Ward
*West Ward


From GENUKI []

* Alderbury
* Amesbury
* Bradford
* Branch and Dole
* Calne
* Cawden and Cadworth
* Chalk
* Chippenham
* Damersham
* Downton
* Dunworth
* Elstub and Everley
* Frustfield
* Heytesbury
* Highworth
* Kingsbridge
* Kinwardstone
* Malmesbury
* Melksham
* Mere
* North Damerham
* Potterne and Cannings
* Ramsbury
* Selkley
* South Damerham
* Swanborough
* Underditch
* Warminster
* Westbury
* Whorwelsdon




:"Main article: list of wapentakes in Yorkshire"

Yorkshire has three Ridings, East, North and West. Each of these was divided into wapentakes, analogous to hundreds.

The Ainsty wapentake, at time associated with either the East Riding or West Riding, came to be associated with the City of York, outside the Riding system.

The hundreds of Amourdness and Lonsdale in Lancashire plus part of Westmorlandwere considered as part of Yorkshire in the Domesday Book.

East Riding of Yorkshire

From GENUKI []

*Harthill (Bainton Beacon, Holme Beacon, Hunsley Beacon and Wilton Beacon divisions)
*Holderness (North, Middle and South divisions)
*Ouse and Derwent

The other division of the riding was Hullshire.

North Riding of Yorkshire

*Gilling East
*Gilling West
*Hang East
*Hang West
*Langbaurgh (West and East divisions)
*Pickering Lythe
*Whitby Strand

West Riding of Yorkshire

From GENUKI []

*Agbrigg and Morley (Agbrigg and Morley divisions)
*Barkston Ash
*Claro (Upper and Lower divisions)
*Skyrack (Upper and Lower divisions)
*Staincliffe (East and West divisions)
*Strafforth and Tickhill (Upper and Lower divisions)


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