List of Australian artists

List of Australian artists

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*A Constructed World (founded 1993-): video, painting and installation
*Ian Abdulla (1947-)
*Davida Allen (1951- ): painter, film maker and writer
*Rick Amor (1948- ): artist and figurative painter
*Marisa Angelis (1974): artist painter, designer, writer and poet
*Suzanne Archer (1945-)
*Howard Arkley (1951-1999): painter of houses, architecture, and suburbia
*Ian Armstrong (1923-2005): Classical Modernist painter and print maker.
*Alex Asch
*Julian Ashton (1851-1942): artist and teacher
*David Aspden (1936-2005)
*J. Muir Auld (1879-1942): painter of landscapes and figure subjects, and also did some portraits
*William Outram Anderson (1826-1881)
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*Thomas Baines (1820-1875): English artist and explorer of British colonial southern Africa and Australia
*Marie-Claire Baldenweg (1954-): Swiss/contemporary artist
*John Banks (painter): member of the royal academy
*Badger Bates (1947-)
*Frederick Bates (painter)
*Ferdinand Bauer (1760-1826): Austrian botanical illustrator
*William Barak (1824-1903): Aboriginal artist of traditional Indigenous life and encounters with Europeans
*Linda Barns (Painter) (1947-)
*Del Kathryn Barton (1972-): artist, winner of 2008 Archibald Prize
*Charles Bayliss (1850-1897)
*Paddy Bedford (1922-2007): Indigenous artist and architect
*Marcus Beilby
*Jason Benjamin (1971-): painter, winner of 2005 Archibald Prize
*William Bentley (painter) (1836-1910)
*George Bell (1878-1966): painter who studied in London and Paris
*Richard Bell (1953–): painter who courted controversy
*Jean Bellette (1908/9-1991)
*Anthony Bennett (1966- ): painter, Archibald Prize finalist
*Gordon Bennett (1955- ): Aboriginal artist
*Jan Berg (artist) (1953- )
*Kevin John Best (1932- ): artist, awarded the Order of Australia (OAM)
*Ian Bettinson (1956-)
*Annette Bezor
*Asher Bilu (1936-): painter and sculptor
*Vivienne Binns (1940-): artist, awarded the Order of Australia (OAM)
*Dorrit Black (1891-1951)
*Anthony Breslin
*Charles Blackman (1928- ): landscape artist
*Godfrey Blow (1948-): artist, founder of the Perth Stuckists
*Elise Blumann (1897-1990): German born artist who achieved recognition as an Expressionist painter
*Thomas Bock (1793-1855): portraitist
*Peter Booth (1940-): figurative and abstract painter
*Marion Borgelt (1954-): Contemporary painter and mixed media artist
*Marika Borlase ((1967- )
*Nancy Borlase ((1914-2006): New Zealand-born landscape-based abstract painter and portraitist
*Arthur Boyd (1920-1999): portraitist, member of the Boyd artistic dynasty
*David Boyd (1924- ): artist of symbolic and historical paintings, member of the Boyd artistic dynasty
*Guy Boyd (1923-1988): sculptor, member of the Boyd artistic dynasty
*Merric Boyd (1888-1959): ceramicist, painter, and sculptor, member of the Boyd artistic dynasty
*Penleigh Boyd (1890-1923): landscape painter, member of the Boyd artistic dynasty
*Robert Boynes (1942-)
*John Brack (1920-1999): painter, member of Antipodeans Group
*Joanna Braithwaite
*Mostyn Bramley-Moore
*David Bromley (artist)
*Charles David Jones Bryant (1883–1937): marine artist
*Rupert Bunny (1864-1947): painter of landscapes, figure studies, and scenes drawn from mythology and literature
*Cec Burns
*Charles Bush (1919-1989)
*Louis Buvelot (1814-1888): Swiss-born landscape painter who emigrated to Australia
*Gaye Bonham (1942-1863)
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*Jon Campbell (1961- )
*James Howe Carse (ca. 1819-1900): British-Australian painter who specialized in landscapes
*Judy Cassab (1920- ): painter, twice won the Archibald Prize
*Harold Cazneaux (1878-1953): pictorialist photographer
*Zhong Chen
*Nicholas Chevalier (1828–1902): Russian-born artist, illustrator in lithography and water-colour
*Peter Churcher (1964- ): painter of portraits and figures in a realistic style
*George James Coates (1869–1930): portrait painter
*Charles Conder (1868-1909): English-born painter of the Heidelberg School who emigrated to Australia
*Kevin Connor (1932-): artist, two-time winner of the Archibald Prize]
*William Constable
*Olive Cotton (1911-2003)
*Noel Counihan (1913-1986): social realist painter
*Fred Cress (1938-): artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1988
*Brenda L Croft (1964-)
*Ray Crooke (1922-): portrait artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1969
*Grace Crowley (1890-1979): abstract artist
*Andrew Cruickshank (1982 -)
*Dawn Csutoros (1960-): visual artist
*Adam Cullen (1965-): artist, winner of the Archibald Prize in 2000
*Elisabeth Cummings (1934–): multi-award winning artist and teacher
*Simon Cuthbert
*Janet Agnes Cumbrae Stewart (1883-1960)
*David Edward Conolan
*Clint Cure award winning film maker
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*Lyndon Dadswell (1908-1986)
*John Dahlsen ( - ): contemporary environmental artist
*Roy Dalgarno (1910-2001): social realist artist
*William Dargie (1912-2003): painter especially of portrait paintings
*David Davies (1864-1939)
*Juan Davila (1946-)
*Lawrence Daws (1927-): painter and printmaker of watercolour, drawing, screenprints, etchings and monotypes
*Janet Dawson (1935-): is an artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1973
*Wolfgang Degenhardt (1924-1993): German-born artist often of religious art
*Johann Nepomuk Degotardi (1823-1882)
*William Delafield-Cook (1936-)
*Roy De Maistre (1894-1968): artist who explored the relationship of colour harmony to musical harmony
*Robert Dickerson (1924-): figurative painter
*Steven Dix (1970-)
*William Dobell (1899-1970): sculptor and painter
*James Dodd
*A.D.S. Donaldson
*Ken Done (1940- ): artist especially of design work
*John Dowie (1915-2008): painter, sculptor and teacher
*Robert Hawker Dowling (1827–1886): colonial artist
*Russell Drysdale (1912-1981): painter of abstract and surrealist art
*Duel (1969-): graffiti artist and break dancer
*Douglas Dundas (1900-1981)
*Brian Dunlop (1938-): still life and figurative painter
*Max Dupain (1911-1992): photographer
*Ella Dwyer (1887-1979)
*Geoffrey Dyer (1947 - ): artist who won the Archibald Prize in 2003
*Mikala Dwyer (1959-)
*Will Dyson (1880–1938): illustrator
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*Augustus Earle (1793-1838): London-born travel artist who spent a lot of time painting in Australia
*Anna Eggert
*Joy Engelman
*Lina Eve
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*Cherine Fahd (1974-)
*Ian Fairweather (1891-1974): painter who combined western and Asian influences in his work
*Adrian Feint (1894-1971)
*Simon Fieldhouse (1956-): painter of Architecture with whimsical characters
*Roy Fluke (1921-)
*Fiona Foley (1964-): indigenous woman artist from Badtjala
*E. Phillips Fox (1865-1915): Naturalist painter
*Dale Frank (1959-): contemporary artist
*Graham Fransella (1950-)
*Kristian Fredrikson (1940-2005): New Zealand-born stage and costume designer
*Russell Freeman (1969-): United Kingdom-born traveling artist who settled in Australia in 1995
*Leonard French (1928-): painter and stained glass artist
*Thomas Friedensen (1879–1931): English-born artist in water-colour and oils, active in Australia
*Donald Friend (1915-1989): artist, writer and diarist
*Ben Frost ( - ): visual and performing artist
*Michael Fromholtz (1963-)
*Douglas Fry (1872–1911): artist especially of animal paintings
*Sam Fullbrook (1922-2004): artist, won the Archibald Prize in 1974
*Albert Henry Fullwood (1863–1930): artist who worked in black and white, oils, and water-colour
*Joe Furlonger (1952-)
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*Rosalie Gascoigne (1917–1999): woman sculptor, primarily of found materials
*Juno Gemes (1944– )
*Luis Geraldes (1957– ): Portuguese-born artist of sculpture, drawing, and murals
*Francis Giacco (1955– ): artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1993/1994
*Harry Pelling Gill (1855–1916): English-born artist and art teacher
*S T Gill (1818–1880): English-born draughtsman, watercolour painter, and photographer
*George Gittoes (1949– ): war artist using painting, drawing, photographs and video
*James Gleeson (1915– ): surrealist artist, poet, critic, writer and curator
*John Glover (1767–1849): English/colonial artist
*Franck Gohier(1968- )
*Agnes Goodsir (1865–1939)
*Anne Graham
*Peter Benjamin Graham (1925-1987): visual artist, printer, and art theorist
*Harold Greenhill
*Henry Gritten (c.1818–1873): English/painter
*Ann Grocott (1938- ): writer and painter
*Elioth Gruner (1882–1939): New Zealand-born painter, winner of the Wynne Prize seven times
*Sugendran Ganess (1982- )
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*Juli Haas
*Benjamin Haddow
*Barbara Hanrahan (1939-1991)
*Albert J. Hanson (1866-1914): landscape painter in both oil and water-colour
*Rew Hanks (1958-)
*Rebecca Hales (1977-)
*Nicholas Harding (1956-): artist who won the Archibald Prize in 2001
*Brent Harris (1956-)
*Pro Hart (1928-2006): father of the Outback painting movement
*Ursula Hayward (1907-1970)
*Elaine Haxton (1909-1999)
*Ivor Hele (1912-1993): war artist for the War Memorial, Archibald Prize winner
*Ash Hempsall
*Peter Hennessey
*Chayni Henry (1983- )
*Bill Henson (1955- ): contemporary photographic artist
*Sali Herman (1898-1993): Swiss-born War Artists artist
*Joy Hester (1920-1960): modernist painter
*Andrew Hewish (1973- ): Founder of the Centre for Recent Drawing
*Hans Heysen (1877-1968): German painter of watercolours of the bush
*Nora Heysen (1911-2003): artist, winner of the Archibald Prize for portraiture and the first women appointed as an official war artist
*Dale Hickey (1937-): painter and teacher
*J J Hilder (1881-1916): watercolourist from the Heidelberg School
*Peta Hill
*G W L Hirst
*Rayner Hoff (1894-1937): Isle of Man-born sculptor who lived and worked in Australia
*Robert Hollingworth (1947-): painter, printmaker, and writer
*Cherry Hood (1960-): portraitist, won the 2002 Archibald Prize]
*Richard Hook (1945-): Abstract Painter and Printmaker [Visit Online Gallery] []
*Tim Horn (1964-)
*Tammy Honey
* [ Chris Howlett] (1974-): contemporary artist
*Simon Hudson (1957-)
*Frank Hurley (1885-1962): photographer, film maker and adventurer
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*Robert Ingpen (1936- ): graphic designer, illustrator, and author
*Kylie InGold (1962- ): painter of the fairy and fantasy genre


*Robert Jacks (1943-): painter, sculptor and printmaker
*Louis James
*Gil Jamieson (1934-1992): painter of figurative art works, landscape art works, and portraits
* [ Bernd Jansons] (1948-): German-born artist in drawing, photography, and digital art
*George Johnson (1926-): painter of modernist art, especially Geometric Abstraction
*Michael Johnson
*Gabrielle Jones
*Gareth Jones-Roberts
*Robert Juniper (1929-): Western Australian artist who has also been an illustrator, art teacher, sculptor and printmaker
* [ Jacob Janssen] (1779-1856): painter of miniatures, still lifes, landscapes and ships in harbour
*Walter Isaac Jenner (19th century)

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*Louis Kahan (1905-2002): artist born in Vienna who won the Archibald Prize in 1962
*John Kelly
*Franz Kempf (1926–)
*Roger Kemp (1907-1987): artist especially of transcendental abstraction
*Robert Klein Boonschate (1958 - ): Australian-Dutch Artist painter and sculptor
*Ken Knight (1956-)
*Henry King (1855-1923)
*Sir Patrick Kilvington (1922-1990): artist of musters, round-ups and horses in motion
*Peter Kingston
*Robert Klippel
*Michael Kmit
*Emily Kngwarreye (1910-1996): Aboriginal artist from the Utopia community in the Northern Territory
*William Dunn Knox (1820–1945): painter, member of the Victorian Artists Society
*Derek Kreckler (1952–): multi-media visual artist
*Tim Kyle
*KimberlyNic (1973–): multi-media visual artist
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*Nektarios Livisianos (1970-)
*George Lacy (c.1816-1878?)
*George Lambert (1873-1930): artist of portrait paintings and war artist
*Helge Larsen (1929-)
*George Lawrence (1901-1981): painter in the impressionist style
*Alun Leach-Jones (1937-)
*Ian Lean
*Lindy Lee (1956-)
*Rhys Lee
*Fred Leist (1878-1945): muralist and war artist
*Glenn Levine (1981 -)
*Darani Lewers (1936-)
*Gerald Lewers (1905-1962)
*Margo Lewers (1908-1978)
*John Lewin (1770-1819): English-born artist of natural history active in Australia
*Daryl Lindsay (1889-1976): sketcher, illustrator, and art critic
*Joan Lindsay: author
*Lionel Lindsay (1874-1961): artist specializing in etching and engraving
*Norman Lindsay (1879-1969): sculptor, writer, editorial cartoonist and scale modeler
*Percy Lindsay (1870-1952): landscape painter, illustrator and cartoonist
*Ruby Lind
*Anthony Lister (1980- ): artist specializing in street art, expressionism, and pop art
*W. Lister Lister (1859-1943): painter, won the Wynne Prize seven times
*Norman Lloyd (1895-1983): landscape painter
*Gloria Ida Logan (1927-2005): artist and lecturer in arts and crafts
*Patrick Lysaght (1808-1889)
*Sydney Long (1871-1955): painter, etcher, and teacher
*John Longstaff (1861-1941): painter, war artist and a five-time winner of the Archibald Prize
*Will Longstaff (1879-1953): painter and war artist
*Keith Looby (1940-): artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1984
*Tanya Loviz
*Monte Luke (1885-1962)
*Joseph Lycett (ca. 1774-1827): English-born portrait and miniature painter, active in Australia
* [ Francis Lymburner] (1916-1972): draughtsman and painter of dancers, actors and animals
*Elwyn Lynn (1917-1997)
*Patrick Lysaght (1808-1889)
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*Rosemary Madigan (1926- )
*Bea Maddock (1934- ): artist combining printing with encaustic painting and installation art
*Max Mannix (1939- )
*Bob Marchant
*Banduk Marika (1954- )
*Banduwa Marika
*Dhuwarrwarr Marika (1946-)
*Mathaman Marika (1920-1970)
*Mawalan Marika (1) (1908-1967)
*Mawalan Marika (2) (1957-)
*Milirrpum Marika
*Roy Dadaynga Marika (1931-1993)
*Wandjuk Marika (1927-1987): Aboriginal painter, actor, composer and land rights activist
*Wanjubi Marika (1967- )
*Conrad Martens (1801-1878): English born landscape artist active in Australia
*Mandy Martin (1952- )
*Jan Matson (1952- ): artist who specializes in landscapes and streetscapes
*John Mawurndjul (1952- ): indigenous artist in a traditional painting technique "rarrk"
*Frederick McCubbin (1855-1917): painter of the Heidelberg School
*Euan MacLeod (1956- ): New Zealand artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1999
*Herbert McClintock (1906-1985): social realist Artist
*W B McIness (1889-1939): portrait painter, winner of the Archibald Prize seven times
*Noel McKenna
*Queenie McKenzie (1930-1998): artist
*Charles Meere (1890-1961)
*James Meldrum Australian) painter who won the Archibald Prize in 1939 and 1940
*Max Meldrum (1875-1955)
*Bill Meyer (1942- ): artist who uses photography, film and music in his work
*mez (Mary-Anne Breeze) ( - ): Australian-based Internet artist
*(Geoff Michel) - Bushy -(1946-) Heritage Artist ( Impressionist )
*Micky (-1891)
*Godfrey Miller (1893-1964)
*Lewis Miller (1959- ): painter and visual artist, known for his portraits and figurative works
*Clem Millwood
*Robert Boyed Mitchell (1919-2002): Abstract Expressionism artist
*Allan Mitelman
*Jon Molvig (1923-1970): expressionist artist
*John Montefiore
*David Moore
*May and Minna Moore
*Robert Moore
*Victor Morrison
*VR Morrison
*Tracey Moffat (1960- ): artist using primarily photography and video
*Sally Morgan (1951- ): Aboriginal author, scriptwriter and artist
*Idris Murphy
*Vali Myers (1930–2003): artist who specialized in fine pen and ink drawings
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*Clinton Nain
*Albert Namatjira (1902-1959): Indigenous Australian visual artist
*Rosella Namok
*G B Nerli
*Helmut Newton (1920-2004): German-Australian fashion photographer noted for his nude studies of women
*Paul Newton (1961- ): portrait artist who has twice won the Archibald Prize
*Stephen Newton
*Lorna Nimmo
*Sophia Niven
*Angus Nivision
*Sandro Nocentini (1966- ): painter
*Sidney Nolan (1917-1992): painter and printmaker
*Robin Norling
*James Northfield (1887-1973)
*Stephen Nothling
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*Justin O'Brien
*Peter O'Doherty (1958- ): musician and artist specializing in still life
*Edward Officer
*Alan Oldfield
*Bronwyn Oliver
*Margaret Olley (1923- ): painter specializing in still life
*John Olsen (1928- ): landscape painter
*Lin Onus (1948-1996): Scottish-Aboriginal Koori Artist
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*John Paine (1834-1915)
*Paisley Janelle (1937- )
*Colin Parker (1941- )
*Mike Parr (1945– ): performance artist and printmaker
*Port Jackson Painter (active 1788–1790s): Unknown plant and animal watercolour artist(s)
*John Peart (1945- )
*Wesley Penberthy
*L Scott Pendlebury
*John Perceval (1923–2000): artist of drawings, paintings, and ceramics
*Wykeham Perry (1936- )
*Gloria Petyarre (1945– ): Aboriginal artist
*Patricia Piccinini (1965– ): mixed media artist
*William Pidgeon (1909–1981): painter who won the Archibald Prize three times
*W. C. Piguenit (1836–1914): landscape painter
*Fernando Pizzani (1957– )
*Evert Ploeg (1963- ): portrait painter
*Axel Poignant(1906–1986)
*Peter Powditch
*Margaret Preston (1875–1963): artist of modernist works as a painter and printmaker
*Geoffrey Proud (1946– ): artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1990
*John Skinner Prout (1805–1876): English-born painter of lithographs, watercolours and oils
*Clifton Pugh (1924–1990): painter of landscapes and portraiture
*Peter Purves-Smith
*Minnie Pwerle(1910–2006): Aboriginal artist
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*Ben Quilty (1973- ): artist specializing in paintings of cars


*John Radecki (1865–1955): stained glass artist working in Australia
*David Rankin (1946– ): New York-based artist who works predominantly in oil and acrylic on canvas
*Arthur Even Read
*Geraldine Rede (c.1874–1943)
*John and Sunday Reed
*Lloyd Rees (1895–1988): landscape painter
*Ken Reinhard
*Allyson Reynolds
*John Rigby (1922– ): painter of tropical and bush landscapes, genre works and portraits
*Luke Roberts
*Tom Roberts (1856–1931): artist and a key member of the Heidelberg School
*William Robinson (1936– ): award-winning painter and lithographer
*Herbert Rose (1890–1937): painter and etcher
*Keith Rout (1942- )
*Ellis Rowan (1847–1922): naturalist and well-known illustrator
*Mark Rowden (1979- ): Artist of portraiture and the human interaction drawing printmaker
*George Rowe (1796–1864)
*Dattilo Rubbo (1870–1955): Italian-born artist and art teacher
*Craig Ruddy (1968– ): painter of portraits, nudes and self studies
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*Andrew Shepherdson (1964- ) : Born & based in Tasmania, sculptor,
*Jenny Sages (1933- ): Chinese-born painter, freelance writer, and illustrator
*Hugh Sawrey (1919-1999): landscape artist and stockman
*Loudon Sainthill (1919-1969)
*Peter Schell (1952- )
*Peter Schipperheyn
*Johannes Karl Schulz, Count of Strassinizky
*Martin Sharp (1944- ): artist, underground cartoonist, songwriter and film-maker
*Wendy Sharpe (1960- ): Award-winning portraitist and war artist
*Gary Shead (1942- ): artist and filmmaker who won the Archibald Prize in 1992/1993
*Ben Shearer (1941- ): artist who specializes in watercolor painting of the Outback
*Gordon Shepherdson (1934- )
*Arnold Shore (1897-1963)
*Wolfgang Sievers (1913-2007): photographer who specialised in architectural and industrial photography
*Jeffrey Smart (1921- ): painter, who is known for his modernist depictions of urban landscapes
*Bernard Smith (1916- ): art historian, art critic and academic
*Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984): artist and pioneer of modernist painting
*J Carrington Smith ( - ): artist from Tasmania who won the Archibald Prize in 1963
*Eric Smith (1919- ): Award-winning portraitist
*Joshua Smith (1905-1995): artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1944
*Lance Solomon
*Clara Southern (1861-1940): painter
*Ben Stack (1959- )
*Stelarc (1946- ):performance artist
*Ronald Hewison Steuart (1898-)
*Andrew Stewart (1976- )
*Andrew Stark (realist street photographer) (1964- )
*Nancy Stilianos
*Tim Storrier (1949- )
*David Strachan (1919-1970)
*Arthur Streeton (1867-1943): landscape painter
*Thomas Strutt
*William Strutt (1825-1915): English-born artist of figurative and history paintings
*Josef L. Stejskal
*Roger Swainston (1960- ): painter, naturalist and zoologist specialising in works of the underwater world
*Ricky Swallow (1974- ): sculptor
*Samuel White Sweet (1825-1886)
*Wayne Strickland 1949- ): Painter and Sculptor Widely regarded as Australia’s greatest living equestrian artist.
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*Maria Tafilias (1982- )
*Violet Teague
*Ann Thomson
*Nigel Thomson (1945-1999): artist of satirical paintings of society
*Tomasz Talaj (1964-)
*Anatjari Tjampitjinpa
*Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa
*Maxie Tjampitjinpa (1927-1999)
*Ronnie Tjampitjinpa
*Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri (1932-2002): painter, Aboriginal artist
*Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri
*Walala Tjapaltjarri
*Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri
*George Tjungurrayi
*Aida Tomescu (1955-)
*Jessie Traill (1881-1967)
*Zoja Trofimiuk (1952- ): printmaker and sculptor, especially cast glass
*Albert Tucker (1914-1999): Expressionist painter
*Tony Tuckson (1921-1973): war-time pilot turned abstract expressionist painter
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*Bernd Ullrich (1949-)


*Andrew Vu
*Rosemary Valadon
*Hossein Valamanesh
*Elefteria Vlavianos
*Jacques (Jac) van Rees (c.1920-1989) Dutch-born painter of abstract expressionist and figurative works in Mount Barker South Australia from early 1970s; South-east Asian infuences; exh. Lidum's Gallery.
*David Voigt
*Eugene von Guerard (1811-1901): Austrian-born painter of landscapes and miniatures active in Australia
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*John Walker (1939- ): English-born painter and printmaker producing native Oceanic art
*Anne Wallace
*Christian Waller (1894-1954)
*John Waller
*Craig Walsh
*Wes Walters (1928- ): realist portrait painter and abstract artist
*Guy Warren (1921- ): painter who won the Archibald Prize in 1985
*Jenny Watson
*Julie Wecker
*Guan Wei
*Barbara Wier
*William Westall (1781-1850): English-born landscape and botanical artist
*Bryan Westwood (1930-2000): portrait artist who won the Archibald Prize twice
*Charles Wheeler (1881-1977): painter who won the Archibald Prize in 1933
*Ken Whisson
*James S White
*Brett Whiteley (1939-1992): Prolific, multi-award winning painter
*James V Wigley (1918-1999): painter of Aboriginal camp scenes and desert landscapes
*Julian Wigley
*Donna Williams (1963- )
*Fred Williams (1927-1982): painter and printmaker
*Jan Williamson ( - ): Award winning portraitist
*Shaun Wilson (1972- ): artist, film maker, academic, teacher, and curator
*Leslie Wilkie (1878–1935): artist, curator, and member of Victorian Artists Society
*Henry Winkles (1800-1860)
*Walter Withers : landscape artist and a member of the Heidelberg School of impressionists
*Philip Wolfhagen (1963- )
*Noel Wood (1912-2001): painter
*Margaret Woodward
*J C Wright
*Peter Wright
*Susan Wright
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*Xersa (Artist)


*John Young


*Michael Zavros
*Salvatore Zofrea (1946- ): Italian-born painter of literary, historical and religious sources
*Reinis Zusters

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*Antipodeans Group
*Aktion surreal
*Heidelberg School
*Heide Circle
*Hermannsburg School
*Merioola Group

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*Edmund Capon (arts administrator)
*Betty Churcher (arts administrator)
*Pat Corrigan (collector and arts patron)
*Sasha Grishin (art historian)
*Ursula Hoff (art historian)
*Robert Hughes (author and critic)
*Susan McCulloch (author and critic)
*Keith Packer (art patron and collector)
*Ron Radford (arts administrator)
*Andrew Sayers (curator and arts administrator)
*Win Schubert (gallerist and arts patron)
*Gene Sherman (gallerist and arts patron)
*Ted Snell (arts administrator and writer)
*Marjorie Tipping (author and art historian)
*Brian Tucker (collector and arts patron)
*Agent Samson (art patron and dealer)
*Sydney Ure Smith (publisher and arts patron)

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