List of textbooks in statistical mechanics

List of textbooks in statistical mechanics

A list of notable textbooks in statistical mechanics, arranged by date.

Equilibrium statistical mechanics, and statistical mechanics as a whole

*; (1981) Woodbridge, CT: Ox Bow Press ISBN 0-918024-20-X
* German Encyclopedia of Mathematical Sciences:translated by Michael J. Moravcsik (1959) Ithaca: Cornell University Press; (1990) New York: Dover ISBN 0-486-66250-0
*:2e (1936) Cambridge: University Press; (1980) Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-09377-5
*; (1979) New York: Dover ISBN 0-486-63896-0
* Vol. 5 of the Course of Theoretical Physics.:translated by D. Shoenberg (1938) Oxford:Clarendon Press.:translated by E. Peierls and R.F. Peierls (1958) Oxford: Pergamon Press.:2e (1951) Translated by J.B. Sykes and M.J. Kearsley (1968) Oxford : Pergamon Press. ISBN 0-08-009103-2:3e (1976) Translated by J.B. Sykes and M.J. Kearsley (1980) Oxford : Pergamon Press. ISBN 0-7506-3372-7
*:translated by G. Gamow (1949) New York: Dover ISBN 0-486-60147-1
*:translated by J. Kestin (1956) New York:Academic Press.
*:2e (1966) New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston:3e (1995) Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann ISBN 0-7506-2347-0
*:2e (1987) New York: Wiley ISBN 0-471-81518-7
*:2e (1988) Amsterdam: North-Holland ISBN 0-444-87103-9:2e (1991) Berlin: Springer Verlag ISBN 0-387-53662-0 ISBN 3-540-53662-0
*:2e Kittel, Charles; and Kroemer, Herbert (1980) New York: W.H. Freeman ISBN 0-7167-1088-9
* ISBN 0805383611:reissued (1974), (1989); (1999) Singapore: World Scientific ISBN 981-02-3862-2
*; (2005) New York: Dover ISBN 0-486-43870-8
*:2e (1988) Chichester: Wiley ISBN 0-471-91532-7 ISBN 0-471-91533-5
*:2e (1996) Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann (now Elsevier) ISBN 0750624698
*:2e (2000) Sausalito, Calif.: University Science ISBN 1-891389-15-7
*; (1990) New York: Dover ISBN 0-486-66493-7
*; (1984) Cambridge: University Press ISBN 0-521-30225-0:2e (2004) Cambridge: University Press ISBN 0-521-54649-4
*:2e (1998) Chichester: Wiley ISBN 0-471-59520-9
* (available online [ here] )

Kinetic theory

*:translated by Stephen G. Brush (1964) Berkeley: University of California Press; (1995) New York: Dover ISBN 0-486-68455-5
* Vol. 10 of the Course of Theoretical Physics (3rd Ed).:translated by J.B. Sykes and R.N. Franklin (1981) London: Pergamon ISBN 0-08-026480-8 ISBN 0-7506-2635-6

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* [ Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Texts] Clark University curriculum development project

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