Chain Reaction (radio)

Chain Reaction (radio)
Chain Reaction
Genre Chat show
Running time 30 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Languages English
Home station BBC Radio 4
Producers Tilusha Ghelani
Sam Bryant (2009)
Lianne Coop (2010)
Ed Morrish (2011)
Air dates since 1991-2 (BBC Radio 5)
2005 (BBC Radio 4)
Opening theme "I Do Not Fear Jazz" by Big Strides
Website Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction (nicknamed "the tag-team talk show") is a hostless chat show first broadcast on BBC Radio 5 in 1991, and then revived on BBC Radio 4 in 2005. Each week an individual from the world of entertainment selects someone that they would like to interview. This interviewee goes on to be the next week's interviewer.

The first series comprised four programmes broadcast on Radio 5 on successive nights starting on New Year's Eve 31 December 1991, with the following guests:

The first revived series comprised six episodes, with the following guests:

The second series comprised six episodes, with the following guests:

The third series comprised six episodes, with the following guests:

(Note that Clive Anderson and John Lloyd both worked with Douglas Adams at different times).

The fourth series comprises four episodes, with the following guests:

(Note that Catherine Tate played the Tenth Doctor's assistant-the tenth doctor being played by David Tennant. Richard Wilson also featured in the series. Both Arabella Weir and Paul Whitehouse were in the Fast Show. Weir also appeared as an alternate Doctor in a Doctor Who audio release, also featuring Tennant as another Time Lord.).

The fifth series comprises six episodes, with the following guests:

(Alistair McGowan impersonated Eddie Izzard, among others).

The sixth series began on Friday 13th August 2010, with the following guests:

The seventh series began on Friday 29th July 2011, with the following guests:

The theme music is 'I Do Not Fear Jazz' by Big Strides.

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