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For the religious rites of ancient Greece, see Orgia. For the American synth rock band, see Orgy (band)

In modern usage, an orgy is a sex party where guests engage in promiscuous or multifarious sexual activity or group sex. An orgy is similar to debauchery, which refers to excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.

An orgy differs from some swinger's parties by the fact that couples at many swingers party engage in twosome and otherwise conventional sexual activities, though not with their permanent sexual partner.[citation needed] An orgy is actually like other kinds of swingers parties in that couples at some swingers party engage in sex with various other partners as well as just swapping partners.

Participation in an orgy is a common sexual fantasy and orgies are represented in popular literature and films, especially in pornographic films.

The term is also used in expressions to indicate excessive or indiscriminate, such as an "orgy of colour" or an "orgy of destruction".


Ancient Greek and Roman orgia

Bacchanal with a wine vat (c. 1475) by Andrea Mantegna

In ancient Greek religion, orgia (ὄργια, sing. ὄργιον, orgion) were secret nighttime cultic congregations of the Greek mystery religions, overseen by an orgiophant (a teacher or revealer of secret rites) popularly thought to involve sex,[1] which were celebrated with dancing, drunkenness, singing, etc. They were practiced in the worship of Demeter at Eleusis (mentioned in the Homeric Hymn) or in the worship of Dionysus (Herodotus 2.81), the Cabeiri, Demeter Achaia (Herodotus 2.51, 5.61), Orpheus, Eumolpus, or Cybele.

The ancient Romans adopted the Greek orgia practices for the Bacchanalia festivals, which were wild and mystic festivals of the Greco-Roman god Bacchus (or Dionysus), the wine god. At first the secret rites were restricted to women, but eventually men were also permitted.

In popular culture

The 1956 movie The Ten Commandments has the golden calf scene in which the Israelites are shown having an orgy, but not an explicit one, showing drinking, music and adult acts. This is based on the reference to the golden calf in the Bible in Exodus 32:6.

The films Caligula (1979) and Perfume (2006) have a number of orgy scenes, and orgies have been depicted in numerous works of art.

In the 1966 musical-comedy film A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, a Roman general calls for a "sit-down orgy" for his troops while he waits for his virgin bride to be delivered.

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