List of Trinity College, Kandy alumni

List of Trinity College, Kandy alumni

Trinity College, Kandy is an Independent elite private school providing primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka. It is widely considered to be the premier private boys' school in Sri Lanka. This list of eminent Old Trinitians is by no means exhaustive and may contain notable omissions.


Government and Politics

Intergovernmental Organizations

  • Jayantha Dhanapala - Senior Special Advisor to both Presidents Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapakse ,UN Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs and the Government of Sri Lanka's nominee for the office of United Nations Secretary General in 2006. ( Also Trinity Ryde Gold medalist of 1956) (See also Diplomatic Service)
  • Mohamed Muhsin - Vice President and Founder Chief Information Officer of the World Bank (Retired Nov 1 2005)(Also Trinity Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist of 1962)
  • Nihal Rodrigo - Formerly, Secretary-General of SAARC and Sri Lanka's Permanent Representative to the United Nations. (See also Diplomatic Service)
  • Lakshman Kadirgamar - Founder Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Advisor to 36 Foreign Governments. Advisor to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) See also under Diplomats, Ministers and Sportsmen)
  • Dr Sarath Amunugama - Founder Director of the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) at the Paris-based UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). See also Cabinet Ministers
  • Bandula Jayasekera – Former Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations[1]
  • Hiran Herat - former Senior Implementation Specialist and now Consultant- World Bank in Washington (Cricket, Hockey and Athletics Triple Coloursman, Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold medallist of 1970)
  • Dr. Sumith Pilapitiya - Lead Environmental Specialist - South Asia Region, World Bank.
  • Gotabaya (GKB) Dasanayaka - Senior Specialist, Employer Activity- South Asian Region International Labour Organisation, New Delhi. Formerly Director General of the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon and former President TCK OBA Colombo Branch.
  • Colonel Shiam Vidurupola psc. United Nations Security Reform Expert. Technical Advisor on military-rebel integration, reintegration and rehabilitation, United Nations Mission in Nepal,United Nations Planning Consultant on Peace-Building and Recovery. Senior Military Advisor to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • M. Thiruchelvam, Transport Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Afghanistan Resident Mission

Diplomatic Service

  • Sir Velupillai Coomaraswamy CMG - former Ceylonese High Commissioner to Canada,[2] Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Defense & External Affairs, and Senior Civil Servant
  • N.Q. Dias - former High Commissioner to India and Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Defense & External Affairs[2]
  • Nihal Rodrigo - Former Ambassador to the USA and Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (See also Intergovernmental Organizations)
  • Chandra Monerawela - former Chief of Protocol (Sri Lanka) and High Commissioner to the UK
  • Jayantha Dhanapala - Former High Commissioner to New Delhi,London and Ambassador to Washington ( with accreditation to the United Nations and Geneva.He was widely acclaimed for his Presidency of the 1995 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review and Extension Conference, a landmark event in disarmament history, because of his crafting of a package of decisions balancing the twin objectives of nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament and the concerns of the nuclear weapon states and the non-nuclear weapon states which was adopted without a vote.The New York Times observed that Jayantha Dhanapala 'was a diplomat mostly unknown outside the arms-control world until he was elected to preside over this conference.' Dhanapala was hand picked by United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan to take on the challenging job of Under Secretary General to re-establish the Department of Disarmament after the UN reforms of 1997 (1998–2003). During his tenure he piloted the UN role in arresting the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, anti-personnel landmines, conventional weapons, and weapons of mass destruction while reinforcing existing norms and norm-building in other areas such as missiles. He also broke new ground both in-house in taking managerial initiatives in gender mainstreaming and in work-life issues, as well as in the disarmament field by innovating the exchange of weapons for a development programme in Albania and other areas, and also in the cross-sectoral linking of disarmament with development, the environment and peace education programmes. Won a essay at the age of 17 with a contest titled: "The World We want" and travelled up to the United States to meet President Dwight Eisenhower and Senator John F. Kennedy. Special Advisor to both Presidents Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapakse during the period 2005-2007. ( Also Trinity Ryde Gold Medalist of 1956) See also Intergovernmental Organizations)
  • Fredrick E. de Silva - former Ambassador to France,[2] Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya, MP, Mayor and Barrister
  • R.A. Kannangara - former Ambassador to Italy[2]
  • K. Kanagasunderam - former High Commissioner to Malaysia[2]
  • J.C.T. Kotelawela, ("Jack") - former Ambassador to the Soviet Union[2] and former Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) Member of Parliament
  • M.M. Maharoof - former High Commissioner to Pakistan and Malaysia, and Ambassador to the UAR[2]
  • A.C.L. Ratwatte MBE - former High Commissioner to Ghana and Malaysia[2]
  • S.P. Wickremasinghe - former Ambassador to West Germany[2]
  • R.S. Pelpola - High Commissioner to Malaysia[2]
  • Upatissa Pethiyagoda- Ambassador to Rome, Italy.First Trinitian to obtain a First class honours degree in Botany from any University.
  • Adigar TB Panabokke - High Commissioner to New Delhi (India)
  • SCB Walgampaya, PC - High Commissioner to Australia
  • Faiz Mustapha, PC - former High Commissioner to the UK. See also Queen's Counsels / President's Counsels
  • Bandula Jayasekera - former Consul General, Canada.[1] See also intergovernmental organizations
  • Col. Shiam Vidurupola- Defense Advisor to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in London.

Cabinet Ministers and Legislators

  • Earnest Michael Kawalya Kaggwa - Prime Minister [Kattikiro] of Buganda[2] and Regent
  • Sri Lankabhimanya Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar PC - former Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time of his assassination on August 12, 2005. President of the Oxford Union, Honorary Master of the Inner Temple in 1996 (only the second Asian to have this after Malaysian Prime Minister Tungku Abdul Rahaman in 1974), and Honorary Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1950. ( Also see underInternational Civil Servants,Diplomats, Sportsmen and Sports Administrators)
  • Hon. T.B.L.Moonemalle - Kandyan Member of the Legislative Council, 1899–1912, Ceylon[2]
  • Adigar Sir T.B.Panabokke - Ceylonese Cabinet Minister and Member of the Legislative Council
  • Hon. Hector Kobbekaduwa - Presidential candidate at the 1982 Presidential Election and former Minister of Agriculture[2] in Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike's United Front Government of 1970-1977
  • Hon. Lionel Gamini Dissanayake PC – Presidential Candidate- United National Party and Leader of the Opposition, Minister of Lands, Land Development and Mahaweli Development, in the JR Jayawardene Government of 1977. Minister of Plantation Industries in the Ranasinghe Premadasa Government of 1989.First MP for Nuwara Eliya in 1970 and 1977. President of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka, Founder President of the Cricket Foundation of Sri Lanka (also Trinity General Lion)
  • Deshamanya Hon. Edward Lionel Senanayake - Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka, 1983–88; Minister of Agriculture, later Minister of Health, and Governor North Central Province in the JR Jayawardene Government of 1977-1988, and Minister of Health in the Dudley SenanayakeGovernment of 1965-1970) See also Provincial Governors.
  • Hon. R.S. Pelpola - Speaker of the Ceylonese House of Representatives (1960–64), Cabinet Minister (1964–65), and later High Commissioner to Malaysia[2]
  • Hon. C. Vanderwall - Burgher Member of the Ceylon Legislative Council, elected in 1916.[2]
  • Hon. W.E. Botejue - Member of the Ceylonese Legislative Council, 1921-24.[2]
  • Hon. G.E. Madawela - Member of the Ceylonese Legislative Council (1924–31) and Ceylon State Council (1931–32).[2]
  • Hon. T.B. Panabokke Adigar - Member of the Legislative Council (1921–24), and Cabinet Minister for Health (1931–36).[2]
  • Hon. P.B. Rambukwelle - Member of the Ceylonese Legislative Council, 1925.[2]
  • Hon. P.B. Nugawela Dissawe - Member of the Ceylon State Council, 1931-32.[2]
  • Hon. P.B. Ranarajah - Member of the Ceylon State Council, 1932.[2]
  • Hon. R.S. Tennakoon - Member of the Ceylon State Council (1931–47) and Deputy Chairman of Committees (1936–1947).[2]
  • Hon. Peri Sunderam - Cabinet Minister (Labour, Industry and Commerce) and Member of the Ceylon State Council.[2]
  • J.C. Ratwatte Adigar - Member of the Ceylon State Council (1931–36).[2]
  • H.L. Ratwatte - Member of the Ceylon State Council (1947–52), Member of the Senate (1947–70).[2]
  • Hon. E.A. Nugawela - Cabinet Minister for Education (1947–52), Member of the Ceylon State Council (1936–47), Member of the Ceylon House of Representatives (1947–56)
  • Hon. P.B. Bulankulame Dissawe - Ceylonese Cabinet Minister for Agriculture and Lands, and Member of the House of Representatives[2]
  • Hon. B.H. Dunuwille - Deputy President of the Senate, Ceylon (1947–70)[2]
  • Hon. B.H. Aluwihare - Ceylonese Cabinet Minister (Education, Cultural Affairs, Labour, Industries and Fisheries, 1960), Member of the Ceylon State Council (1936–47), Member of the House of Representatives (1952–56)[2]
  • Sir Francis De Zoysa KC - Member of the Ceylon State Council (1936–47) and leading barrister
  • J.C.T. Kotelawela - Member of the House of Representatives (1947–60)[2]
  • H.B. Tenne - Member of the House of Representatives (1947–56)[2]
  • T.B. Poholiyadde Dissawe - Member of the House of Representatives (1947–56)[2]
  • H.B. Rambukwelle Dissawe - Member of the House of Representatives (1947–56)[2]
  • T.B. Panabokke (Jnr) - Member of the House of Representatives (1947–56)[2]
  • K. Herat - Member of the House of Representatives (1947–56)[2]
  • F.C. De Silva - Member of the House of Representatives (1952–56)[2]
  • W.A. Ratwatte - Member of the House of Representatives (1952–56)[2]
  • U.B. Unamboowe - Member of the House of Representatives (1952–56)[2]
  • Hon. J.H.S.V. Jayawickrema - former Ceylonese Cabinet Minister for Justice (1947–70)[2]
  • Hon. Hon Edwin Loku Banda Hurulle – Minister of Cultural Affairs, Member of the House of Representatives (1956–60).[2]
  • D.H. Ranaweera - Member of the House of Representatives (1960)[2]
  • P.C. Imbulana - Member of the House of Representatives (1960–65)[2]
  • Hon. Alick Aluwihare - Minister of Plantation Industries and later Minister of Ports and Shipping
  • Hon. P.C. Imbulana- former Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister of Labour, Member of the House of Representatives (1960–70)[2] and Governor of the Central & Uva Provinces
  • B. Ratwatte Dissawe - Member of the Senate (1947–70)[2]
  • Dr J.E. Senanayake - Member of the Senate (1970–77)[2]
  • Hon. Lakshman Jayakody - Deputy Minister of Defence in the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Government of 1970-1977 and Minister of Cultural and Religious Affairs in the Chandrika Kumaratunga Government of 1994, MP for Divulapitiya[2] and Kurunegala District MP
  • S.M. Manickarajah - Member of the House of Representatives (1960–68)[2]
  • Dr L.O. Abeyaratne - Member of the House of Representatives (1960–65)[2]
  • Hon. M.D.H. Jayawardene - Minister of Finance (1954–56), Member of the House of Representatives (1952–56), Minister of Health (1965–70),[2] Minister of Plantation Industries (in the JR Jayewardene Government) and MP for Kaduwela
  • D.J. Ranaweera - Member of the House of Representatives (1960–70)[2]
  • S. Mollegoda - Member of the House of Representatives (1965–70)[2]
  • R. Udugama - Member of the House of Representatives (1970–77)[2]
  • T.R. Balalle - Member of the House of Representatives (1970–77)[2]
  • Hon. Sarath Welagedara - former State Minister for Irrigation
  • Hon. Anuruddha Ratwatte - former Minister of Power and Energy and Deputy Minister of Defence and MP for Kandy District
  • Hon. Batty Weerakoon - former Minister of Science and Technology and National List MP, General Secretary of The Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP)
  • Hon. Dr Sarath Amunugama - Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister (Min. of Public Administration & Home Affairs ), Minister of Irrigation prior to becoming independent Sri Lanka’s 16th Finance Minister in the Chandrika Kumaratunga Government, Minister of Public Administration in the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government, Deputy Minister of Finance and now Senior Minister for International Monetary Cooperation and Kandy District MP. (see also under International Civil Servants, Public Servants and Media)
  • Hon. Prof Tissa Vitarana - Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister (Science & Technology) & Professor of Microbiology, former Head of the Medical Research Institute, and Leader of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party
  • Hon. Rohan Abeygoonesekera – Minister of State for Trade and Commerce in the Ranasinghe Premadasa Government of 1989-1993 and Kandy District MP
  • Hon. D P Wickremesinghe – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Cooperatives in the Chandrika Kumaratunga Government
  • Hon. R. Yogarajan- MP, Vice President of The Ceylon Workers Congress, Minister of Youth Empowerment & Socio Economic Development
  • Hon. Kabir Hashim- Minister of Tertiary Education in the abridged Ranil Wickremesinghe Government of 2001- 2003 and MP for Kegalle District
  • Hon. Harindra Dunuwille - former Mayor of Kandy, MP and State Minister for Constitutional Affairs during the Ranasinghe Premadasa Government(Cricket Captain and Lion in 1964)

Provincial Governors

  • Hon. Tissa Balalle - Governor of North Western Province
  • Hon. Tikiri Kobbekaduwa - Governor of Central Province (see Media, Corporate)
  • Hon. P.C. Imbulana- Governor of the Central & Uva Provinces (see Ministers)
  • Deshamanya Hon. Edward Lionel Senanayake - Governor of North Central Province. See also Cabinet Ministers and Legislators

Members of Parliament

  • Hon. Dilum Amunugama- MP ,Kandy District
  • Hon. Sujeewa Senasinghe- MP, Colombo District
  • Hon. Neranjan Wickramasinghe - MP, Kurunegala District
  • Hon. Kanaka Herath - MP , Kegalle District
  • Hon. Wasantha Aluwihare - MP, Matale District
  • Hon. Ranjinth Aluwihare - Former MP for Matale District.
  • Hon. Lohan Ratwatte - MP, Kandy District (Rugger Lion and Member/ Prop Forward of the Champion unbeaten Trinity Rugby XV led by Tyrell Rajapaksa which had a record eight Rugger Lions in 1987 and whose team was awarded the coveted Bradby Shield by President J.R. Jayewardene and the Premadasa Trophy by Premier Ranasinghe Premadasa. First XV rugger coach)
  • Hon. Thenuka Vidanagamage - MP, Badulla District

Senior Civil Servants and Heads of Government Departments

  • A. Jayaram - former Chief of the Indian Intelligence Bureau.[2] Personal Advisor to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi - First instance of a Trinitian advising a foreign Head of Government.
  • A.S. Kohobanwickrema - Secretary to the Cabinet of Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike in 1960 (winner of Trinity's richest prize, the Dr Andreas Nell Memorial Prize for Ceylon History)
  • W.T. Jayasinghe - Secretary to the Ministry of Defence ( 1970–1977), Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1978 onwards) (one time staff member of TCK and one of the five Trinitians to obtain a First Class Honours Degree in Classics at the time)
  • A. Ratnavale- Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and External Affairs
  • Dr Nihal Kappagoda - First Ceylonese Rhodes Scholar and later Director-General, External Resources Department, Ministry of Finance & Planning
  • Jayantha Dhanapala-Secretary-General of the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) from 2004 - 2005.
  • Dr Ernest Abeyaratne - former Director of Agriculture.
  • Deshamanya Dr Jayantha Kelegama - Sri Lankan Economist and Senior Civil Servant (Secretary to the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Chancellor of the Rajarata University, First Professor of Economics at Vidyalankara University, now the Kelaniya University)
  • Bertram Tittawela - former Secretary General of Parliament, Sri Lanka
  • Dr H.N.S. Karunatilaka - former Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • W. Tennakoon - former Governor of the Central Bank of Ceylon and Government Agent, Kandy
  • S.M.L. Marikkar CCS - former Permanent Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka
  • Edmund Eramudugolla- former Senior Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.( Donor of the Folk Lore Prize at the Annual Prize Giving)
  • Dr Prathap Ramanujan- Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism and Senior civil servant.
  • M.I. Aziez - former Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board
  • Dr R.L. Balasuriya CCS - former Secretary to the Public Service Commission, Ceylon
  • J.C. Chanmugam - former Surveyor General, Ceylon.
  • M G. (Malcolm) Wright - Conservator of Forests
  • W. T. I. Alagaratnam – Director of Irrigation
  • M.B. Dissanayake - former Commissioner of Excise, Ceylon.
  • B.E. Fernando - former Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Ceylon
  • Brig. C.P. Jayawardena CMG - former Conservator of Forests, Ceylon
  • J.A. de Silva - former Conservator of Forests, Ceylon.
  • Hugh Molagoda - former Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Sri Lanka.
  • LKB (Lalith) Godamunne- Secretary General, Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka
  • Victor Unantenne - Government Agent, Polonnaruwa
  • Dr Sarath Amunugama - Government Agent- Ratnapura and Hambantota (see also under International Civil Servants, Ministers and Media)
  • M. Rajanayagam - former Labour Commissioner, Ceylon.
  • Robin Talwatte – Chairman of the Bank of Ceylon and the State Mortgage and Investment Bank
  • Mudaliyar A.G. Tillekeratne - former Post Master General, Ceylon
  • N.A.D. Weerasinghe - former Head of the Government Analysts' Department, Ceylon
  • G.M. Sparkes CCS - former Tea Commissioner, Ceylon
  • L.W. Madugalle - Secretary to the Ministry of Sports and Parliamentary Affairs and Registrar- University of Peradeniya (father of Ranjan Madugalle )
  • John Albert Aserappa - former Conservator of Forests, Ceylon
  • Dr. Sapumal Bandara Dhanapala - Former Director General of Animal Production and Health Department.
  • Dr. Seevali Ranawana - Former Director General of Animal Production and Health Department.
  • Dr. Abeyrathne Bandaranayake - Former Director General of Animal Production and Health Department.
  • Faiz Mustapha, PC - Chairman of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission, 2000-3. See also Diplomatic Service
  • Susantha Ratnayake- Chairman - Sri Lanka Tea Board
  • Kanchana Ratwatte -former Director- General, Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka


  • Adigar Sir Cuda Ratwatte - The First Kandyan Knight and the first Mayor of Kandy.
  • His Worship. Harindra Dunuwille - former Mayor of Kandy, MP and State Minister for Constitutional Affairs
  • His Worship Kesara Senanayake - former Mayor of Kandy
  • His Worship Frederick E. De Silva - former Mayor of Kandy
  • His Worship Edmund Rajapakse - former Mayor of Nuwara Eliya
  • His Worship Mahen Ratwatte - present Mayor of Kandy

Political Party Leaders


Judges and Senior Counsel

Supreme Court justices

  • His Lordship H.N.G. Fernando - Chief Justice, Ceylon, and Barrister [2]
  • His Lordship NDM (Neville) Samarakoon QC - former Chief Justice, Sri Lanka
  • His Lordship Sarath Nanda Silva,PC - Chief Justice, Sri Lanka
  • His Lordship S. I. Imam - Supreme Court Judge, Sri Lanka
  • His Lordship Barnes S.C. Ratwatte - former President of the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Judge, Ceylon
  • His Lordship Nissanka Udalagama - Judge of the Supreme Court,Director of Sri Lanka Judges' Institute, Sri Lanka.
  • His Lordship Noel Tittawela - former Senior Crown Counsel & Supreme Court Judge
  • His Lordship D.P.S. Gunasekera - Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.
  • His Lordship Andrew Somawansa - Judge of the Supreme Court, Sri Lanka
  • His Lordship Dr. R B Ranaraja - Judge of the Supreme Court, Sri Lanka/Parliamentary Ombudsman.
  • His Lordship C.B. Walgampaya - Judge of the Supreme Court,Sri Lanka and Former Commissioner of Assize

Justices and attorneys

  • Rt. Hon. L. M. D. De Silva KC - Privy Counsellor) and Honorary Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge
  • Sir Desmond Lorenz de Silva QC - Head of one of the foremost and longest established Barristers' Chambers in the UK, former Chief Prosecutor of the International War Crimes Tribunal for Sierra Leone, with rank of United Nations Under-Secretary-General, (knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in the 2007 Honours List. (2 Paper Buildings); he is also married to Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia)
  • D.St.C.B. Jansze QC - former Attorney General, Ceylon
  • R.R. Crossette-Thambiah - former Solicitor General of Ceylon, Commissioner of Assize and Barrister[2]
  • Michael Kabali Kagwa - President of the Ugandan Industrial Court,[2] and son of Sir Apolo Kagwa (Chief Regent of Buganda,; The second African to be Knighted in 1905). Later assassinated by President Idi Amin.
  • Serwano Kityaba Kulubya - Famous Ugandan Nationalist, Barrister and Judge


  • HRH Capt. Prince (Kiweewa) George William Mawanda Chwa - ADC to the King and son of HRH Kabaka Sir Daudi Chwa II, King of Buganda)
  • HRH Prince Hasan Farid Didi- Maldivian Minister for the Interior and son of HRH the Sultan Elect of the Maldives (1945)


Sri Lanka Army

  • Major General A. R. Udugama MBE - former Commander of the Army, Ceylon[2]
  • Lieutenant General Denzil Lakshman Kobbekaduwa RWP, RSP, VSV, USP, rcds( Royal College of Defence Studies), psc( Passed Staff College), Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC)   - One of the greatest Generals in modern Sri Lankan history & General Officer Commanding Northern Province. Assassinated at Araly Point, Kayts on August 8, 1992
  • Lieutenant General Parami Kulatunga RSP,VSV, USAWC (United States Army War College) GW   - former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army, Security Forces Commander- Vanni and General Officer Commanding 22 Division )
  • Colonel A.F. ( Fazli) Lafir PWV, RWP, RSP, USP PWV ( Second of the two Trinitians among six others to be awarded the Parama Weera Vibhushanaya, the highest gallantry Medal and equivalent to the Victoria Cross of the UK and the Param Weer Chakra (PWC) of India )
  • Lt. Saliya Aladeniya- (PWV, WWV) {KIA} First Sri Lankan and First Trinitian among seven others to be awarded the Parama Weera Vibushanaya, the highest gallantry medal in Sri Lanka (and equivalent to the Victoria Cross in the UK and Param Weer Chakra in India) for refusing to abandon the injured under his command, fighting bravely until the Kokavil camp was overrun.
  • Major General Mano Perera.

Sri Lanka Police

Sri Lanka Air Force

  • Group Captain Tikiri Marambe
  • Wing Commander Jayantha Pathikirikorale

Sportsmen and Administrators


  • Balaratnam Dilip Kumar - former Chairman of the Australian Rugby Union and Member International Rugby Board (Athletics Lion in 1969)
  • Lt Gen. Denzil Lakshman Kobbekaduwa - former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain and Secretary General of the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union in 1974 (Trinity Rugger Captain and Lion in 1959, 1st XV rugby coach of 1969. Also Captained Kandy Sports Club and Army SC. As Secretary General of the SLRFU, he hand-picked Trinity Coach Bertie Dias to coach the Sri Lanka National Rugby XV for the 1974 Colombo Rugby Asiad on the strength of coaching the invincible Trinity Rugby XV that year which has four inter-school rugby records that are still unbroken and which comprised 5 rugger Lions. The only rugby personality of any school in Sri Lanka to play, captain, coach, referee and administer the game.)
  • M.G. (Malcolm) Wright- former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (Rugby Lion in 1943. Last Trinity Captain in the Pre-Bradby Series in 1944. First Trinity Captain in the two-leg series also in 1944. Also captained Kandy SC, Dimbula-Dickoya SC, Upcountry Clubs, CR & FC. One of the two distinguished Trinity rugby personalities to referee the Bradby along with Lt Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa)
  • Mike de Alwis- former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (a member of DN (David) Frank's invincible Trinity XV of 1956 which subsequently produced a record 9 Sri Lanka jerseys and two Sri Lanka captains)
  • Armstrong Nimal Maralande- former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain in 1964 (a member of DN (David) Frank's invincible Trinity XV of 1956 which subsequently produced a record 9 Sri Lanka jerseys and two Sri Lanka captains)
  • Y. C. Chang - former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain
  • Senarath Bandara Pilapitiya- former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (Rugger Captain in 1946, Rugger and Cricket Double Lion)
  • Irwin Howie- former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (Rugger Lion in 1971; also Captained Kandy Sports Club)
  • Lanil Tennakoon- former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain
  • Tikiri Marambe- former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (Rugger Lion in 1971; also Captained both Air Force and the Defence Services XV. Played his first Club rugger match for CR & FC as a Trinity schoolboy, scrum half and Lion which was a CR- Police Clifford Cup Final which CR won 22/3).
  • Harris Omar - former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (Trinity Captain and Rugger Lion 1996)
  • Pradeep Basnayake- former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (Trinity Vice-Captain and Rugger Lion 1996)
  • Imthie Marikkar - former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (Winger/ Rugger Lion in Tyrrell Rajapaksa’s unbeaten team of 1987)
  • Dr KB Sangakkara, Sri Lanka Rugger Captain (Trinity Rugger Captain, Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist)
  • Dr Willie Ratnavale - former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain (Trinity Rugby Captain)
  • Ajith Abeyaratne – Sri Lanka Rugby Coach, Chairman of National Selectors, Captain of the Ceylonese Rugby and & Football Club. Trinity Rugger Captain and Lion in 1967 which had the then Bradby series record of 16/3 and 17/3. Also Cricket Captain and Lion in 1968. Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1968)
  • Lt. Col. SAB (Bertie) Dias - Sri Lanka National Rugby Coach for the 1974 Colombo Rugby Asiad when Sri Lanka came up to the finals with winners Japan (Rugger and Hockey Double Lionsman)
  • Rohan Abeykoon – former Sri Lanka Rugby Captain and Captain of Ceylonese Hockey and Football Club (Trinity Rugger Lion in 1983)
  • RN (Ravi) Balasuriya- Former President of the Ceylonese Rugby and & Football Club (Trinity Rugger Captain and Lion in 1977.Regained the Bradby Shield after three years, won the Philip Buultjens Trophy for Inter-schools Sevens a side Rugby for the third year running which was the last occasion that Trinity won it. Captained Trinity as the first-ever Sri Lankan schoolboy rugby team to be invited for the Asian Schools Rugby Football Championships in Bangkok in 1977. Beat St. Andrew College of Singapore but lost narrowly to Wajirawood College of Thailand where the foreign teams were Under 21 and Trinity was Under 19. Only schoolboy in the National Pool in both 1976 and 1977. Represented Sri Lanka vs visiting Paris Universities XV as a schoolboy in 1977)
  • S.J. Thambugala - President, Kandy Sports Club


  • Kumar Choksanada Sangakkara - Captain of Sri Lankan National Cricket Team, co-holder of the world record in Test Cricket for the highest partnership of 624 runs for any wicket where his personal score was 287 against South Africa at the SSC in 2008. ( Trinity Cricket Lion, Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist of 1996)
  • Joseph Ravindran (Ravi) Ratnayeke - former Sri Lanka Vice Captain of Cricket -Opening bowler, part time opening batsman. Played 22 Tests and 78 One Day Internationals for Sri Lanka and is the only Trinitian behind Kumar Sangakkara in international cricket who has now played 94 Tests and 287 One Day Internationals and still continuing. Awarded coveted Trinity Cricket Lion after his career best 8/83 for Sri Lanka vs Pakistan in the second Test at the Jinnah Stadium, Sialkot, Pakistan on the second day of the Test on October 28, 1985 in the 1985 away series which was a then Sri Lanka Test record for a bowler.(Trinity Cricket Captain in 1980, Lock forward and Rugby Coloursman 1977, 1978, 1979. Also member of Ravi Balasuriya's unbeaten Trinity Rugby XV in 1977)
  • Ranjan Senarath Madugalle - former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain and, presently, Chief Match Referee of the International Cricket Council ( Captained Trinity Under 12 and Under 14 Cricket. Best All Rounder in the Trinity Junior School in 1969.)
  • Graeme Labrooy - former Sri Lanka National Cricketer
  • N.L.K. (Nilantha) Ratnayake - former Sri Lanka National Cricketer (triple coloursman in Cricket, Rugby and Athletics)
  • Kaushalya Weeraratne - Sri Lanka National Cricketer
  • Narendra Ekanayake - Captain of Bahamas National Cricket Team
  • Lakshman Kadirgamar - Oxford University Cricket Blue. (Trinity Cricket Captain in 1949 where he also had his namesake and subsequent Cabinet Colleague Lakshman Jayakody as his Vice Captain. Centre three quarter and Rugby coloursman in 1948 and 1949 where Lakshman Jayakody was the Hooker. Kadirgamar was also the winner of the Senior batting Prize in 1948 and Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1950.)
  • Malsri Kurukulasuriya - former Canadian national cricket coach (Trinity cricket Lion)
  • Chaminda Unnantenne - Represented Sri Lanka U-19 Cricket. Had the distinction of being the only Sri Lankan Under 19 batsman to score a century against Australia in Australia. (Trinity Cricket Lion 1987)
  • Denham Madena - Captained the Sri Lanka U-19 Cricket team which had subsequent Sri Lanka skippers Sanath Jayasuriya and Marvan Atapattu and Sri Lanka Cricketer Roshan Jurangpathy. Also in that team were Trinitians -Chaminda Unantenne, NLK Rathnayake ( later Sri Lanka Cricketer) and Mevan Ballale ( third generation Trinitian to be wicket keeper/ batsman) in the same team. (Trinity Cricket Lion in 1987)


  • D.L. White. Duncan White MBE - Olympic Silver Medallist, Ceylon and Leader of the Sri Lankan contingent to the London Olympics in 1948. (Trinity captain of Athletics and Lion in 1937).
  • Lakshman Kadirgamar - holder of the All India Inter University Hurdles Record both at Ahmedabad and Allahabad (Winner of the coveted Athletics Lion and the inaugural winner of the Duncan White Challenge Cup for Athletics in 1948.


  • Leslie (DL) Handunge- Leader of the Sri Lankan contingent to the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. (Trinity captain of Boxing in 1939 and Coloursman in 1940. Was awarded the coveted Boxing Lion in 1952.)


  • Dilantha Malagamuwa - Sri Lanka's only international racer, Champion of the Malaysian Super-Car Series, Winner of the Aston Martin Asia Cup, Sri Lankan Sports Ambassador in Japan, President of the Sri Lanka Association of Japan.


  • Rohan Perera- President of the Squash Federation of Sri Lanka. (Trinity Cricket Captain 1974 and 1975, and Cricket Lion in 1975. Lock Forward and Rugger Lion of the Champion unbeaten Rugby XV led by Chan Ye Ching which has three unbroken records in schools rugby in 1974- 70/8 vs S. Thomas' College, 64/3 vs St Anthony's College and 53/3 vs Wesley. Observer Outstation Schoolboy Cricketer in 1974. Winner of the Observer Shield. Was one of the three Kandy schoolboy cricket captains to represent the Sri Lanka Board President’s XI in 1975 vs the visiting Indian National Team led by Ajit Wadekar,whose team, then had the world’s best spin quartet, comprising : Sirinivasaraghavan Venkatraghavan,( later member of the International Cricket Council elite panel of umpires) Bishen Singh Bedi, Erapalli Prasanna and Bhagawat Chandrasekhar. Clobbered a hurricane 14 runs in one over off Venkatraghavan in that match in a personal score of 21 inclusive of two fleeting cover drives whipped through the square leg boundary and a towering six lofted over mid wicket where the ball landed on the grass terraces in front of the spectator stands at Katugastota! )


Medicine & Dentistry

  • Dr. George Rajanayagam Handy OBE- Eminent Sri Lankan cardiologist, Founder President of the Sri Lanka Heart Association, and President of the Sri Lanka Medical Association.
  • Prof. Derek Frewin AO - former Executive Dean of the University of Adelaide's School of Medicine, Australia
  • Prof. Arjuna Aluvihare - Hunterian Professor of Surgery and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya
  • Dr. David Ratnavale - former Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA; Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association; and former Chairman of the Human Disaster Management Council, Sri Lanka.
  • Prof. Ralph Panabokke - former Professor of Pathology and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya
  • Prof. Seneka Bibile - former Professor of Pharmacology,[2] Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and founder of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  • Prof. Valentine Basnayake - Professor of Physiology and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya
  • Dr L.O. (Lloyd) Abeyaratne MP - Founder and Director of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo and personal Physician to Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike and his family. (Donor of the Dr L.O. Abeyaratne Challenge Cup for Athletics at the annual prize day )
  • Prof. S.B. Dissanayake - former Professor of Dentistry, University of Peradeniya[2]
  • Prof. K. Bambaradeniya - former Professor of Dentistry, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • Prof. S.B. Ellepola - former Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya
  • Prof. Kemal Ismail Deen - Professor of Surgery and Head of Surgery, University of Kelaniya.[3] Current President of the Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy Society of Sri Lanka. Executive Council Member of the Stoma Rehabilitation. Member of the American College of Colorectal Surgeons and Member of the National Science and Technology Commission of Sri Lanka. Awards for outstanding Research includes the H.K.T. Fernando Memorial Award, Sir Nicholas Attygalle Memorial Award- 1998, President of Sri Lanka Award for recognition of Sri Lanka Research- 1999, 2000 and 2001. Daphne Attygalle Award for Cancer Research-2003, Young Inventor's Award - 2003 and 2004, Researcher of the Year Award- 2003 and British Society of Gastroenterology Award Travel Fellowship -1998- 2007, Member of the Indian Journal of Colorectal diseases and peer reviewer of the International College of Surgery, Ceylon Medical Journal and Sri Lanka College of Surgery. Has contributed to healthcare in Sri Lanka by integrating basic science with clinical surgery. Carl E. Christensen Outstanding Resident Scholar of the University of Minnesota, USA. (Trinity Centre three quarter/ Trinity Rugby Lion in Ravi Balasuriya's champion team of 1977 and Athletics Coloursman also in 1977. Represented Sri Lanka Colts XV vs the Dubai Exiles in 1977)
  • Prof. J.T. Labrooy - Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Adelaide; formerly Professor of Medicine at James Cook University; and Vice President of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine.
  • Prof. Tissa Vitharana – Professor of Medical Microbiology and Director of the Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka (MRI). See also Cabinet Ministers and Legislators
  • Prof. Ananda Wijekoon - Professor of Paediatrics and Former Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • Prof. AG Buthpitiya – Professor in Surgery and Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya (Senior Prefect of 1968)
  • Prof. Asiri Abeygunawardena - Professor of Paediatrics, University of Peradeniya
  • Prof. H. Ranasinghe - Professor of Forensic Medicine, University of Peradeniya[2]
  • Prof. Basil Seneviratne - former Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Queensland, Australia, and Director of Medicine at the Greenslopes Hospital, Australia's largest private hospital.
  • Dr Rohan de Silva - Reader in Neuroscience, UCL Institute of Neurology, University College London.
  • Dr Ruvan Ekanayaka. MBBS,MD,FRCP,FCCP - Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Institute of Cardiology, National Hospital, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Dr Nalaka Jayaratne - Fulbright Fellow, Harvard Medical School, USA.
  • Dr Rishi Ramaesh BMedSci MBChB - Honorary Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Specialist in Sexual Problems

Science & Agriculture

  • Prof. Stanley Wijesundera - former Professor of Bio-Chemistry and Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo
  • Dr. Sarath Ilangantileke- former Professor of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Peradeniya, former head of Agriculture Dept, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and former Regional Programme Leader at CIP (International Potato Centre), South West Asia.
  • Prof. Jayendran C. Rasaiah - Professor of Chemistry at the University of Maine, USA, and Fellow of the American Physical Society.[4]
  • Prof. W.R. Breckenridge - Professor of Zoology at the University of Peradeniya and later Principal of Trinity College, Kandy
  • Prof. Lakshman Kannangara - former Professor of Physics, University of Colombo
  • Prof. U.R. Sangakkara - Senior Professor of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya (Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist of 1971)
  • Prof. C.B. Dissanayake - Professor of Geology, University of Peradeniya, and former Director of the Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka
  • Prof. A.L.T. Perera - Professor of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • Prof. Cyril Bogahawatte - Professor of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
  • Prof. Sivali Ranawana - Professor of Livestock & Avian Sciences, University of Wayamba, Makandura and Former Director General of Animal Production & Health.
  • Prof. S. J. B. A Jayasekera - Professor of Horticulture, Former Dean, Faculty of Agriculture & Plantation Management, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Makandura, Gonawila (NWP).
  • Prof. Tissa Herat – Professor of Botany – Open University of Sri Lanka
  • Prof. G.C.N. Jayasooriya - Professor and Dean, Faculty of Science, Vidyodaya[2]
  • Dr. Jana Janakiram -Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator at the School of Rural Extension Studies, University of Guelph, Canada. Project Director- Farm Management Training and Distance Learning Project in Russia, Project Director - Agricultural and Rural Development - Egypt and Distance Learning Project in Seed Technology in India
  • Dr. Kushan Tennekoon - former Associate Professor at Department of Botany, University of Peradeniya. Currently at the University of Brunei Durassalam, Brunei.
  • Dr. Madhava Meegaskumbura - Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • Dr. Vajira Seneviratne - Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya
  • Dr. Nihal Yatawara - Lecturer in Applied Statistics ,University of Curtin, Perth, Australia
  • Dr. NV ( Vishvanath) Chandrasekeran - Assistant Research Professor of Molecular Biology, Brigham Young University, Utah, USA. Senior Lecturer-Chemistry, Biology- University of Colombo. (Trinity Rugger Coloursman of 1973. Athletics Coloursman of 1974. Basketball Player and First XI Cricketer. Regular No. 8 Forward but played Fullback for the first and only time of his life in that historic second Bradby Shield encounter of 1973 at Maitland Place. Winner of the Prize for All-round Excellence in Games, in 1975.)
  • Ananda Galappatti - Medical Anthropologist and Practitioner in the field of Mental Health & Psychosocial Support in Emergencies. At present he is the Director (Strategy) at The Good Practice Group and Visiting Lecturer at Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo. He was the recipient of the 2008 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership.


  • Prof. Malik Ranasinghe - Vice Chancellor of Moratuwa University, Professor and Former Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.[5] Only instance at the Moratuwa University where one of its undergraduates rose up to be the Vice Chancellor. Fellow of the Institute of Engineers of Sri Lanka, Fellow of the National Academy of Science, Sri Lanka and Fellow of the National University of Singapore. Chairman of the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Directors. Trinity Prize for Engineering - 2004, Award for Outstanding Post Graduate Research - 2000 by the University Grants Commission and the Hiran Tillekeratne Fund, General Research Committee Award of the Institution of Engineers- 1999, Outstanding Research Personnel Award in the University of Moratuwa- 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. NAREP/USAID Award for Environment Economics at the University of Harvard- 1993, ILO Fellowship for Construction Management to the prestigious Loughborough Institute of Technology, UK,winner of the Rex Croos Moraes Memorial Award for the best student in Civil Engineering at the University of Moratuwa - 1983 and the coveted Prof. D.S. Wijesekera Award for the Best All Round Student at the University of Moratuwa- 1983 (was Trinity Triple Captain at Hockey, Basketball and Table Tennis in 1977, Secretary of the Trinity College School Officers' Guild and Library Council, 1977 and Golden Jubilee President of Ryde House in 1976)
  • Prof. C.Y. Ching (Jnr.) - Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, McMaster University. Hamilton Ontario, Canada.[6] Rugger Lion and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1975.
  • Prof. W.M.G. Fernando - formerly Professor of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.[2]
  • Prof. Lareef Zubair - Senior Lecturer, Environmental Engineering University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka. Fellow of IFS Sri Lanka. Associate Research Scientist Climate Adaptation University of Columbia.
  • Prof. Gamini Weerasekera - Former Engineering Program head Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE and Former Electronics Program Coordinator, University of Louisiana, Advisor to the Government of Sri Lanka.


  • Prof. Gishan Dissanaike - Financial Economist; Robert Monks Professorial Chair in Corporate Governance at Cambridge University and Head of the Finance Department.[7] First graduate of a Sri Lankan University to get a Chair at either Oxford or Cambridge.[8] (Trinity Ryde Gold medalist, 1982)
  • Lasantha Pethiyagoda, Faculty of Workforce Development, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia


  • Prof. Naren Chitty AM - Foundation Chair in International Communication, Former Acting Dean, Division of Society, Culture, Media & Philosophy, Macquarie University, Former Diplomat and Former Consultant to the Ministry of State, Sri Lanka.[9]
  • Prof. Wimal Dissanayake - Honorary Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. S. Walter Perera - Professor of English, University of Peradeniya and winner of the DSC Prize for South Asian literature[10]
  • Prof. Chelva Kanaganayagam - Professor, Department of English; Director, Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Toronto[11]
  • Prof.J.L.C. Rodrigo CMG - formerly Professor of Western Classical Culture, University of Ceylon, Peradeniya, and Barrister.[2]

School Headmasters and Principals

  • C.E.Simithrarachchi - first Ceylonese Principal of Trinity College, Kandy
  • L.E. Blaze CBE - Founder and first Principal of Kingswood College, Kandy[2]
  • Hilary Abeyratne - former Vice-Principal of Trinity College, Kandy (Cricket Lion in 1940, Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1941)
  • E.Lionel.Fernando - former Principal of Trinity College Kandy
  • Lt. Col L.M.De Alwis- former Principal of Trinity College Kandy
  • Dr. H.W.Kannangara - former Vice Principal of Trinity College Kandy
  • Colin Ratnayake- former Vice Principal of Trinity College, Kandy, and later Headmaster of St Thomas' College, Gurutalawa
  • A.H.R. Joseph - former Vice Principal of Achimota College, Ghana[2]
  • M.M. Kulasekaram - former Vice Principal of Royal College, Colombo[2]
  • Asoka Weerasinghe (Former Headmaster, Trinity College, Principal Lyceum International School)
  • Brig Udaya Aryaratne - principal of Trinity College Kandy


Industry and Commerce - Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers

  • Cecil Balmond - Chairman of Arup (Europe) and winner of some of the world's most prestigious prizes in architecture and design engineering
  • Stanley ( LS) Jayawardena- Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka; first Ceylonese Chairman of Lever Brothers (Ceylon) Ltd (later Unilever Sri Lanka).
  • Susantha Ratnayake - Youngest ever Group Chairman of John Keells Holdings PLC., Sri Lanka's largest diversified conglomerate. (Trinity Cricket Coloursman in 1975 and First XV Ruggerite in 1975. Also member of the Trinity College Rugby Sevens Team which won the inaugural Philip Buultjens Trophy in 1975)
  • Rajiv De Silva - President and Chief Operating Officer of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International and Biovail Corporation, USA and Canada respectively. Former President, Novartis Vaccines USA, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics, Inc., Partner and former CEO, McKinsey & Co., Management Consultancy, the leading pharmaceutical consultancy in the USA.
  • Nahil Wijesuriya - Entrepreneur and Chairman of the East West Group, Sri Lanka (see under Media also)
  • Gilbert Paranagama - Former Chairman of Ceylon Cold Stores Ltd; former Deputy Chairman of Whittall Boustead Ltd and Whittall Estate and Agencies Ltd; former Managing Director of Ceylon Holiday Resorts Ltd; former Director of Ceylon Nutritional Foods Ltd (presently known as) Nestle Lanka and former Director of Mount Lavinia Hotel, Sri Lanka. ( Also Trinity Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1942)
  • Dr Seevali Ratwatte - Chairman - Upali Group. (See also Media)
  • Channa Daswatte - Co-founder of MICD Associates, One of Sri Lanka's leading Architects, principal assistant to Geoffrey Bawa (Senior Prefect, 1984)
  • TP (Thushara) Weerasooriya – CEO of PEO TV – subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom (Trinity Triple Lion at Cricket, Rugger and Athletics- 1986, Cricket Captain of 1986 whose team won a big match against St. Anthony's College after a lapse of 35 years, which was by seven wickets after Trinity Captain and Cricket Lion Eustace Rulach's team in 1951 )
  • Chulika De Silva- former Managing Director/ CEO and later Chairman, Reckitt Beckinser
  • Cornel Perera- Entrepreneur and founder Chairman Cornel and Co. Ltd and Cornel Supermarkets Ltd. Pioneer television importer to Sri Lanka as General Sales Agents for Hitachi Television. Founder Chairman of Hotel Developers Lanka Ltd, the owning company of the Hilton, Colombo
  • Ranjith Ellegala - Chairman - National Livestock Development Board
  • Sunil Wickramasinghe- Chairman - Milk Industries of Lanka Co. Ltd. (MILCO)
  • Ravi Balasuriya – Chairman/ Managing Director, Delmon Holdings Ltd, former Director of Ferntea Ltd and HW Cave Ltd and former Director of Sri Lanka Export Development Board and Deputy Chairman of MILCO Ltd
  • Stanley Ratwatte- Chairman- Produce Transport Co. Ltd
  • Nimal Perera - former Chairman Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI),former Charman Joint Business Forum (JBIZ), Vice President JASTECA,Former CEO Kuruwita Textiles Mills PLC, Managing Director NTS Interlining (PVT) Ltd

Industry and Commerce - Managing Directors/Directors /CEOs and Senior Management Personnel

  • RD (Ravi) Aluwihare- former Group Director- Capital Maharajah Organisation Ltd (Senior Prefect of 1971)
  • Nimal Cooke – Group Director- Capital Maharajah Organisation Ltd
  • Mohamed Muhsin - present Director- Dialog Axiata PLC and former Director John Keells Holdings PLC
  • Dusty Alahakoon - Country Manager, Coca Cola
  • Mani Kulasooriya - Co-Founder and Managing Partner at MonVia LLC .
  • RNR (Niroshan) De Silva – Director Sherman and Sons Ltd (Cricket Lion in 1971 and Lock Forward/ Rugby Coloursman in the rugby team led by SP Samarasekera 1970)
  • Noel Aluwihare - Director – Industrial Asphalts Ltd
  • Upali Ratnayake – former Country Director- Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – Sri Lanka Chapter and later Director – South Asia - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Presently Director Informatics Institute of Technology. Incumbent President of the TCK Old Boys Association Parent Body and former President of the Colombo Branch.
  • Sanjiva Wijesinghe - Human Resources Director- Suntel Ltd and former President of the Institute of Personnel Management- Sri Lanka
  • Shiran Weerakone - Human Resources Director- Brandix Apparel Ltd
  • Malcolm Wright- Director- Hayleys Ltd
  • Andre ( AR) Tissera – CEO- Sapphirus Lanka( Pvt) Ltd and CEO- Charles Edward International Ltd. Also former Director of Blue Diamonds Ltd and Blue Diamonds Jewellery Worldwide Ltd ( Cricket Captain and Lion of 1978 and Fly half / Rugby Coloursman of 1977)
  • Arjuna Lalith Yatawara- Marketing Director, Mackwoods Ltd, Managing Director/ CEO- Mackwoods Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, Managing Director/ CEO – Mackwoods Real Estate ( Pvt) Ltd and Mackwoods Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd
  • Tikiri Kobbekaduwa – former Marketing Director Reckitt and Colman (now Reckitt Beckinser ) (see also under Governors and Media)
  • Kavan Rambukwelle - former Director of Bartleet & Co. and Head of SLRFU & Sri Lanka Rugby International
  • Prof. Malik Ranasinghe – Director- Hemas Power- PLC, former Director of the Colombo Stock Exchange and former Director of Lanka Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and only Sri Lankan Director on the Board of Lanka Indian Oil Corporation Ltd at its formation
  • Himesh Goonetilleke – Vice President Ann Taylor Inc, New York and former Vice President- GAP Inc, San Francisco (Rugger Captain of 1992, Cricket Captain and Senior Prefect of 1993)
  • Rajinder Bandaranayake – Group Finance Director- Al Bawardi Enterprises LLC, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Previously with global audit giant KPMG in Jamaica. First XI Cricketer of 1977, 1978 and 1979.
  • Upatissa Hulugalle – Executive Director of Associated Motorways Ltd, prior to delisting from the Colombo Stock Exchange. Also Financial Consultant to business magnates Upali Wijewardene and AYS Gnanam.
  • UB (Ubaya) Dissanayake - Former HR Director of Ceylon Tobacco Company Ltd, General Manager of South Asia Gateway Terminals Ltd ( Hockey coloursman 1972,73 )
  • Nalin Liyanamana - CFO, Hitachi Foundation USA
  • Nandana Wickremage - Marketing Director, Ceylon Biscuits Ltd.
  • Neville Ruwanpathirana- Former Marketing & Sales Director, Hemas Marketing Pvt Ltd (Trinity Rugger Coloursman of 1973, Captained Peradeniya University Rugger team 1978,Prefect 1974)
  • Dushantha Ranaraja- Director- Haycarb PLC, former Country Manager- Tetrapak, Sri Lanka and Vice President- Richard Peiris Exports PLC. ( Trinity Captain of Athletics, 1977, Prefect and Chief Curator of the Library Council, 1977).
  • SB (Senarath) Pilapitiya- Former Tea Director - Whittall Boustead Ltd
  • Harsha Se Saram - Deputy Group Chairman- Finco Ltd and Chairman - International Construction Consortium Ltd
  • Kosala Wickremanayake – Past President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka
  • Sinha Weerasekera- former Chairman Don Carolis and Sons Ltd
  • Barry Juriansz- Chairman – Ribbs N & L Ltd
  • Kalana Hewamallika - President COYLE/Chairman/MD - Gamma Pharmaceuticals and Arunadisi Group
  • Gihan Nanayyakkara - Creative Director/ CEO - Orient Design ( Pvt) Ltd
  • STB (Sumith) Amunugama – General Manager- Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC and former General Manager- Korea Ceylon Footwear Manufacturing Ltd
  • Janaka Kiridena – Head of Sales, Lion Brewery PLC and former Trade Marketing Manager- Ceylon Tobacco Co PLC . (Vice Captain and Rugby Lion in 1977. Rugby Captain, inaugural Canon R.S. De Saram Shield winning captain in 1978. Represented Sri Lanka Colts XV as a schoolboy vs the visiting Dubai Exiles XV)
  • Ashan (AD) Ratwatte – Head of Sales – South Asia – Novus International Ltd. Former Marketing Manager CTC Fertilizer Ltd and CIC Fertilizer Ltd. Rugby Captain and Lion of 1983. Had the unique distinction of being awarded the much coveted Bradby Shield by no less than the donor of the Shield- former Royal College Principal Edward Lawrence Bradby himself, after the 100th encounter at Longden Place in 1983.
  • Pradeep Liyanamana Deputy Chief, Connecting Regional Economies Project – Srilanka, Nathan Associates Inc.USA
  • VKB (Vijith) Amunugama – General Manager – Printcare ( Ceylon) PLC
  • Shamal Boteju - General Manager, Downstream Business Development, Agro Harapan Lestari SDN. BHD., Malaysia
  • Jeremy David- General Manager-( Marketing)-Alpha Industries Ltd ( Member of the Finco Group)
  • Aruna Ranaweera - Lead Transmission Planning Engineer at Midwest ISO, Indiana USA.
  • Ranil Herath - President, DeVry University, Canada
  • Manilka Jayathunga - Head of Marketing at ANC
  • Asoka Herat- General Manager Leema Embroidery Pvt Ltd, Former General Manager- Ranliya Garments Ltd (Trinity Cricket coloursman of 1965 and 1966, first XV ruggerite of 1966)

Plantations, Broking, Exporters and Importers

  • Siri (RS)-Wijesekere - First Ceylonese Chairman of Forbes and Walker Ltd
  • NKH Ratwatte(Naresh) - Chairman- Finlays Tea Estates Lanka ( Pvt) Ltd, Chairman- Hapugatenne Plantations PLC, Chairman - Udapusselawa Plantations PLC,Director -James Finlay Plantation Holdings Lanka Ltd. (Opening batsman, cricket and rugby Coloursman in 1970)
  • Himendra Ranaweera - Deputy Group Chairman, Dilmah Teas, MJF Exports Ltd. (Cricket Captain and Lion in 1965, centenary president of the Trinity OBA Branch)
  • LD ( Lalith) Ramanayake – Executive Vice President – John Keells Holdings PLC, Sector Head- Plantation Services and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for John Keells Holdings PLC. Triple International at Golf, Squash and Badminton. Trinity Cricket Lion in 1970 after having the distinction of scoring a century (100) as a Fresher at the annual big match against St. Anthony’s College that year. Also Lock Forward and Rugby Coloursman of the team of 1970 led by S.P Samarasekera)
  • Malin Goonetilleke – Secretary General of the Planters’ Association of Sri Lanka - the umbrella organisation of the 23 Regional Plantation Companies and second oldest private sector organisation in Sri Lanka after the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.
  • D.V. (Dan) Seevaratnam - CEO, Watawala Plantations Ltd, former Deputy Chairman- Kahawatte Plantations (Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1969)
  • Jayantissa Ratwatte - Former Director John Keells Holdings Ltd, Main Board Director /Head of Plantations-JKH. (Rugger Lion in 1960)
  • Roshan Rajadurai- Director/ CEO -Kahawatte Plantations PLC . (Senior Prefect, Hockey Captain and Hockey Lion in 1982. Captain of the Trinity Hockey team which won the all island schools hockey championships in 1982 which had a record six hockey Lions.)
  • Sunil Poholiyadde- CEO - Kegalle Plantations Ltd and Namunukula Plantations Ltd.
  • S.K. Nillegoda – CEO- Kurunegala Plantations Ltd
  • P.S. Dinesh (Dinesh Sevarajah)- Managing Director/ Chief Financial Officer- Dilmah Teas Australia Ltd. Former Director Eastern Brokers Ltd, Sri Lanka. (Trinity Cricket Captain in 1979. Cricket Lion, Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1978)
  • Vish Govindasamy- Managing Director- Watawala Plantations PLC
  • Suren Sinnadurai- Finance Director- Sommerville and Co Ltd
  • NJ (Naren) Dambawinne- Managing Director/ CEO- Mercantile Produce Brokers Ltd (Opening batsman/Cricket Lion in 1978. Holder of the record for the highest score of 130 for a Trinity batsman in the Big Match against St Anthony's College in 1978)
  • Lal Alawattegama – Director – Asia Siyaka Ltd
  • Parakrama Dasanayaka- Director (Operations) – Bogawanthalawa Plantations PLC.
  • JK (Kenneth) Congreve- General Manager (Manufacture) Lankem Tea and Rubber Ltd- Managing Agents for Agarapathana Plantations Ltd and Kotagala Plantations PLC( Hooker/ Rugby Coloursman in Ravi Balasuriya's champion Rugger XV of 1977. Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist of 1977)
  • Manik Weerasinghe - CEO- Maturata Plantations PLC
  • Mahaz Salim- General Manager - Kurunegala Plantations PLC
  • Sunil De Alwis- Director- Lalan Rubbers PLC
  • Suresh Navaratnam - former Deputy General Manager- Balangoda Plantations PLC and now Superintendent - Delgoda Estate, Kalawana ( Agalawatte Plantations PLC)
  • Mahen Madugalle-General Manager-Plantations- Lankem Tea and Rubber Ltd- Managing Agents for Agarapathana Plantations Ltd and Kotagala Plantations PLC. Champion Motor Racer and National Champion in the SLA up to 1050 cc category in 2009.
  • Mahen Ratwatte - Director- Tea. George Steuart and Co Ltd
  • Priyantha Hapuarachchi Finance Director,George Steuart (Teas & Marketing) (Pvt) Limited
  • Samantha Dodanwela- Director - Tea- Mercantile Produce Brokers Ltd
  • Jayantha Ratnayake - Director- A. Baur and Co Ltd
  • Amitha Nugawela - Chairman/ Managing Director- Allied Horticultural Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd (Trinity Hockey Coloursman in 1973, 1974 and 1975. Represented Sri Lanka Schools XI at Hockey Nationals.
  • Nalindra Perera- Manager - Tea- George Steuart and Co Ltd
  • Stephan De Run - Mills Manager - A. Baur and Co Ltd
  • Upula Senanayake- Research and Development Manager- Unilever, Japan
  • Kingsley T. Alagaratnam - Manager- Leaf Tea Sales- Finlay Tea Solutions US Inc
  • Rohith Peiris - Director Production - Sorwathe Tea Company, Rwanda, Africa - A subsidiary of Tea Importers Inc, USA

Shipping, Freight Forwarding and Logistics

  • Nimal Maralande - former Managing Director- Aitken Spence Shipping Ltd PLC, and former Chairman of Ceylon Association for Ships Agents (CASA)
  • Rohan Perera - Former Managing Director of Aitken Spence Shipping, former Chairman of the Ceylon Association of Ships' Agents, and now Managing Director of Zim - Australia in Melbourne, agents for Zim Integrated Shipping Services of Israel. (see sports as well).
  • Elsworth Glen Vanlangenberg - General Manager- Inchape Shipping, Melbourne, Australia. (Rugger Captain and Lion in 1966. Cricket Lion in 1966. Bradby Chief Guest in 2006)
  • Pushpa Amarasekera- Managing Director- Delmege Forsyth & Co ( Shipping Ltd – and former Chairman of Ceylon Association for Ships Agents (CASA)
  • S. Mohanadas- Chief Operating Officer - Dart Global Logistics Group/ DGL Holdings Pte Limited. Group Director M&C Aviation Companies. Vice Chairman - Sri Lanka Freight Forwarder's Association (SLFFA).
  • Anton Anandaraj- Managing Director/ CEO - India - Dart Global Logistics Private Limited
  • Chris Halangoda- Managing Director/ CEO – Asia Pacific Logistics Ltd
  • FCS Jayewardene – Ships’ Chief Planner and Head of Operations- CMA- CGM Shipping Lines, Malaysia former Line Manager- Aitken Spence Shipping Ltd (Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1988 and President of the TCK OBA Colombo Branch).
  • MH (Mohan) Bibile- Operations Manager- Freight International (A Member of the Arabian Holdings Group), Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Operations Manager- Finlay Cold Storage Ltd, Colombo ( A member of the Swire Cold Storage Group of Australia) and Stock Controller- British Petroleum/ Associated Motorways Ltd in Sri Lanka. Logistics Manager of the Brandix Washing Plant, Sri Lanka. Winner of the coveted British Petroleum Health, Safety and Environment Award for Asia and the Middle East in 2001. (Rugby Coloursman/ centre three quarter of Ravi Balasuriya’s unbeaten Trinity Rugby XV of 1977)
  • Roberto Wijemanne-Director- Colombo Logistics Terminals (Pvt) Ltd and former Shipping Manager- May Department Stores Inc

Banking, Finance and Financial Services

  • Chandra Wijenaike- Director of Hatton National Bank PLC, Founder Chairman of Central Finance Co PLC., and Deputy Chairman of Nations Trust Bank; all leading blue-chip companies in Sri Lanka
  • Stanley Jayawardena - former Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka
  • Harin de Silva - Managing Director, Merryl Lynch - Global Markets & Investment, NYC
  • Eranjith Wijenaike- Managing Director / CEO of Central Finance Co. PLC.
  • James S. Mather- Deputy Chairman and former CEO of Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd, and former partner of Ernst & Young.
  • Duminda Hulangamuwa - Partner, Ernst & Young and Member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.
  • Asanka Ranhotty - Vice President : Deutsche Bank AG, Colombo. Secretary General - Association of Professional Bankers of Sri Lanka. Secretary - Chartered Institute of Bankers London: Sri Lanka Chapter. (Secretary of the Old Trinitians Rugby Scrummage, Athletics Lion and Ryde Gold Medalist- 1991)
  • Ravana Wijayaratne - MD, Sinhaputhra Finance
  • Govindasamy Ramanan- former Managing Director/ CEO HNB Securities ( Pvt) Ltd
  • Dudeepa Ratwatte - Head of Global Markets Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC and Former CEO of First Capital Asset Management, a subsidiary of First Capital Group, Sri Lanka.
  • Ranjit Bibile - Former Head of Corporate Banking at Deutsche Bank AG Sri Lanka, Head of Corporate Banking- Nations Trust Bank PLC, subsequently Vice President, Director and Head of Corporate Banking at National Development Bank PLC.
  • Jeevaka Weeratunga- Former Director- Central Finance Co PLC
  • Tharanga Gunasekera - Head of Marketing, Group Communications and Corporate Sustainability. - Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation
  • Kapila Jayawardena - former Country Head and CEO of Citigroup Sri Lanka and present Group MD/CEO of LOLC one of the largest corporates in Sri Lanka, former President of the Bankers Association of Sri Lanka.
  • Deva Ellepola- Joint Managing Director of Acuity Partners Ltd, General Manager/ CEO HNB Stock Brokers Ltd. Former President of the Colombo Stock Brokers’ Association (Hockey Lion in 1982 where the Trinity team was All-Island School Champions)
  • Sabry Marikkar – former Managing Director- John Keells Stock Brokers (Pvt) Ltd and now Chief Operating Officer- Asia Securities (Pvt) Ltd
  • Nandalal Ratnayake- Managing Director- D& N Tea International, Vancouver, Canada. First XV Rugby Player of 1975
  • Dushanth Wijesinghe – former Director (Research)and Chief Operating Officer Asia Capital Ltd and Chairman – Proactive Investors (Pvt) Ltd (Rugger captain of 1984)
  • Chulantha De Silva - Director, Asian Equity at Credit Suisse Group, NYC, USA.
  • Ravi Rambukwella- Marketing Director- Central Finance Co. PLC
  • J.R.P.M.Paiva - DGM HR and Administration, Hatton National Bank
  • Nugent Kapuwatte - Head of Leasing, Personal Loans and Factoring - Commercial Bank PLC. (Captained Kandy Schools Hockey XI at the Sri Lanka Schools Hockey Nationals which emerged Runners Up.. Represented Ceylon Schools Hockey XI vs the visiting West Pakistan Youth Hockey XI in Youth Tests. Trinity Hockey Coloursman in 1970 and 1971.)
  • Ranjith Nugapitiya – former General Manager ( Recoveries) Central Finance Co. PLC
  • Wijayananda Dambawinne- Deputy General Manager and Head of Treasury- Sampath Bank PLC. (Hockey Coloursman in 1982. First XI Opening batsman in 1981 and 1982)
  • Jeremy Stephen Muthumani - Senior Change Delivery Manager - Asia Pacific - Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Hong Kong. (Cricket Captain in 1983. Prefect 1982 and 1983)
  • Senaka Ekanayake- Senior Assistant General Manager-Fleet Management Services -Central Finance Co. PLC
  • Anil Goonetillake- Senior Assistant General Manager- Marketing – Central Finance Co. PLC. Incumbent President of the TCK OBA, Colombo Branch
  • Channa Jayawickrema – Brand Manager- Central Finance Co PLC
  • Ravi Amarasekera- Senior Manager - Customer Relations - Hatton National Bank
  • Sanjiva Tennakoon- Senior Assistant General Manager- Sales – Central Finance Co PLC
  • Lalith Weerasekera- former Assistant General Manager (Recoveries)- Central Finance Co. PLC and now General Manager, Summer Fashions (Pvt) Ltd, Haldummulla
  • P.D. (Pandula) Aluwihare - Deputy General Manager and Head/IT Sinhaputhra Co PLC. (opening batsman and only cricket Lion of 1977)
  • Duminda De Silva- Marketing Manager - DFCC Vardhana Bank. (Rugger and Athletics coloursman and Basketball Lion in 1992. Also represented Sri Lanka at Rugby as a Lock Forward.)
  • Primal Perera – former Manager- Kandy, Kaduwela & Colpetty – Hatton National Bank.
  • Samsheer Jaleel- Manager- Kohuwela Branch- Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
  • CB Batepola- Manager- Avissawella Branch-Hatton National Bank
  • Dushantha Alawattegama - (Former) Senior Manager - Sampath Bank PLC and now with Hong Hong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Birmingham. Now Managing Director - RANSU Group. United Kingdom

Travels, Hotels and Leisure

  • JV (Jan) Tissera- Former Main Board Director of the prestigious Hyatt Chain of Hotels in USA, President of Travel Click International based in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Previously, Director – Room Reservations of Hyatt International. Procured first place in Global Distribution Systems worldwide. (Rugger Captain and Lion in 1979)
  • Jayantha Panabokke – Chairman – Mahaweli Reach Hotels Ltd
  • Sudharman Vijendra Ranasinghe - Oberoi Hotel School of Management, New Delhi batch top and Gold Medalist. Food and Beverage Manager of the former Lanka Oberoi, Director (Operations ) of the Aitken Spence Hotel Chain in India, Food and Beverage Director of the seven star Conrad Hilton in Brisbane, Australia. (Rugger Captain in 1976 whose team had a record 329 points for, from the first five games including the yet unbroken series records of 54/7 vs St. Peters, 84/0 vs Ananda, 57/0 vs Thurstan and the highest ever score by any school against any school of all time of 118/0 vs Vidayartha but paradoxically lost the two Bradby Shield encounters- by the then series record- 0/36 and 6/25. Basketball Captain in 1975. Athletics Coloursman in 1975)
  • Jayantissa Kehelpannala - Executive Vice President and Sector Head- Sri Lankan Resorts- John Keells Holdings PLC ( Also triple coloursman at Rugby, Athletics and basketball and Senior Prefect in 1981. Former President of the Colombo Branch of the TCK OBA. Current Vice President of the Old Trinitians Rugby Scrummage)
  • Ajit Wijesekera - Chairman- Union Apparel ( Pvt) Ltd and owner of the Blue Water Hotel at Wadduwa
  • Bin Sadoon- Director- Front Office of the West Inn Harbour Castle Hotel, Toronto and a member of the prestigious Starwood Hotels Group. Also former Director- Front Office-Sheraton Gateway Hotel- Toronto International Airport;Former Director (Rooms)- Jummairah Beach Hotel- Dubai and former Front Office Manager-Le Royal Meridien- Abu Dhabi
  • Mohan Panabokke – Chairman/ MD Unique Road Hauliers ( Pvt) Ltd, Unique Quality Food Caterers Ltd and Director – Mahaweli Reach Hotels Ltd
  • Ravi Obeysekere - Executive Chef- Sheraton Mirage Resort and spa, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and former Sous Chef Ramada Renaissance, Colombo (now Cinnamon Lakeside) First XI Cricketer in 1971 and 1972
  • L.U.B. Dissanayake - Former Marketing Director- Hotel Ceylon Intercontinental and former President of the TCK OBA- Colombo Branch
  • LT (Lakshman) Perera - General Manager, Grand Park Hotel, Singapore (five-star). Previously General Manager-Amara Singapore and Amara Saigon Hotels. Former Food and Beverage Director at the prestigious Shangri-la chain in both Sydney and Manila. Also former Founder Director (Operations) - Cinnamon Grand, Colombo. (Captained Trinity Under 12 and Under 14 Cricket whose team had two subsequent icons - Ranjan Senerath Madugalle and Susantha Chaminda Ratnayake)
  • Niran Ratwatte – former (Operations) Manager Triton Hotel and now General Manager- Ramada Resort, Kalutara.
  • Jeevaka Weerakone - General Manager, Heritance Kandalama
  • STB (Tikiri) Ellepola – Assistant Vice President at Aitken Spence Travels Ltd, Assistant Vice President of Aitken Spence Conventions and Exhibitions Ltd.; Vice President, Sri Lanka-Maldives Business Council. Secretary and Treasurer of the Old Trinitians Rugby Scrummage and Treasurer of the Trinity College Cricket Foundation. Triple Captain at Cricket (1981) Rugger (1980) and Badminton (1980), Ryde Gold Medalist of 1980.
  • Prabath Harshakumar - Assistant Vice President of Walkers Tours Ltd (a member of the John Keells Holdings PLC Group). Triple Coloursman at Rugby, Athletics and Basketball
  • Prajantha Ratwatte - former General Manager of Grand Oriental Hotel and now Consultant- Unique Quality Food Caterers ( Pvt) Ltd, Kandy.
  • Ranil Wagiswara - Retired Country Manager, Colombo and Singapore - SriLankan Airlines
  • Kaushal Seneviratne - Country Manager, Germany and former Country Manager, Japan, SriLankan Airlines
  • MH (Mohan) Bibile - Group Purchasing Manager – Sonera Fushi Resorts and spa- Maldives. Head of Purchasing-Universal Hotel Enterprises, Maldives. Food and Beverage Cost Controller- Al Jubail Holiday Inn- Saudi Arabia. Member of the Special Task Force in the Maldives to rebuild the hotels in the Maldives after the 2004 tsunami and Member of the Task Force to rebuild the Al Jubail Holiday Inn Hotel in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War in 1990. (Rugby Coloursman/ centre three quarter of Ravi Balasuriya’s unbeaten Trinity Rugby XV of 1977) (See also Shipping Freight Forwarding and Logistics)
  • Roshanlal Perera ( P.R ) - General Manager – Heritance Tea Factory , Kandapola.
  • Nath Wijesundera - former General Manager- Mout Royal Berjaya Hotel and later General Manager- Tristar Apparel Ltd
  • Nayanaguptha Ellepola – Former Front Office Manager- Trans Asia Hotel and now General Manager – Nibbonbashi Restaurant
  • SK Wu- Former General Manager, Flower Drum and presently Proprietor- Suki's Wok
  • Rajitha Seneviratne- Director- Brown Tours Ltd- GSA for Thai Airways International and Country Manager Austrian Airlines

Aviators, Pilots and Captains

  • Upali Perera-Director (Operations)-Khartoum International Airport, Sudan. Heading the ground services operations of the airport upgrade to bringing it to international standards. Previously, Senior Ramp Manager- Sharjah International Airport.
  • Capt Nihal Jayawickrema- Formerly Air Ceylon, AirLanka, SriLankan Airlines and presently, Senior Training Instructor at Dragon Air, Hong Kong.
  • Captain Hiranjan Bibile - Formerly AirCeylon, AirLanka , Presently at SriLankan Airlines.
  • Captain Lalith Wijetunge- Formerly AirLanka, SriLankan, Kingfisher Airlines of India , Air Asia- Malaysia and presently Mihin Lanka. Also Vice President of the Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka.
  • Captain Upendra.B.U Ranaweera - Captain, Crew Resources Management and human factors Chief. Srilankan Airlines.
  • Captain Navin Imbuldeniya - SriLankan Airlines.
  • Captain S.Wickremanayake- SriLankan Airlines
  • First Officer-Rohan Moonemalle - Pilot, SriLankan Airlines and First Officer-Etihad Airways. Also a former Marine Engineer with Ceylon Shipping Corporation. Also Managing Director/CEO of Asgiriya Technologies ( Pvt) Ltd and Asgiriya Leisure (Pvt) Ltd
  • First Officer U. Stevens - SriLankan Airlines
  • First Officer M .de Soyza - Formerly SriLankan, presently Etihad Airways.
  • First Officer S. Dissanayake -SriLankan Airlines
  • Captain Ranjula Ilangantileke - Aircraft Commander - US Air Force, First Officer - World Airways

Prominent Naturalists and Conservationists

  • Jayantha Jayewardene - Chairman of the Biodiversity Trust and USAID Consultant to Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka (Trinity Rugger Captain and Lion of 1961 and incumbent Member of the Board of Governors).
  • Dr Lalith Wikramanayake - former Chairman of Environment Foundation Limited, Sri Lanka
  • Rodney Jonklaas - Naturalist and pioneer diver whom explored the reefs of Ceylon with Sir Arthur. C. Clark and Mike Wilson. This is illustrated in Sir Arthur's Blue Planet Trilogy which consists of Reefs of Taprobane, Coasts of Coral and Treasure of the Great Reef.
  • Dr Channa Bambaradeniya Ph.D - Senior Environmental Scientist, Tidewater Inc (Formerly IUCN Sri Lanka) (also Trinity U 17 Rugger Captain)
  • Michael Ananda De Zoysa - D phil - Philanthropist


  • Rev. Madugalle Sri Sumana Siddhartha Dharmasiddi - former Chief Prelate (Mahanayaka Thera) of the Malwatte Chapter, Sri Lanka[2]
  • Rev. Udugama Sri Buddharakitha Rathanapala - former Chief Prelate (Mahanayaka Thera) of the Asgiriya Chapter, Sri Lanka[2]
  • Rt.Revd Sydney Knight - Dean of the Anglican Cathedral, Diocese of Colombo
  • Rt.Revd Gnanapragasam - former Bishop of Kurunegala and Chairman of the Board of Governors of Trinity College, Kandy
  • Rt.Revd Kumara Illangasinghe - Bishop of Kurunegala, Head of the Anglican church in Sri Lanka, and Chairman of the Board of Governors of Trinity College, Kandy.
  • Venerable Christopher Ratnayake - former Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese of Kurunegala and Headmaster of Trinity College, Kandy.
  • Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana - Director, Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation, World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Ven. Bhante Dhammagawesi Thera - (while in laity Gamini Bandaranayake - formerly of British Telecom. Vice Captain and lone Hockey Lion of the unbeaten Trinity Hockey XI led by triple captain Malik Ranasinghe in 1977)


Media Barons and Heads of Media Organizations

  • Sepala Gunasena - Chairman/Managing Director of MD Gunasena and Sons Ltd and Chairman/Managing Director of Independent Newspapers Ltd - the publishers of the Sun, Weekend and Davasa. Winner of the much coveted Lady Astor Award, of the prestigious Fleet Street based Commonwealth Press Union.
  • Dr Sarath Amunugama - Chairman of Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd during the D.B. Wijetunga Presidency; former Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of State under Hon. Anandatissa De Alwis in the Dudley Senanayake Government of 1965-70. One-time Director of Government Information. Completed PhD in Mass Communication at The Sorbonne
  • Dr. Seevali Ratwatte- Chairman Upali Newspapers Ltd and one time Chairman of the Commonwealth Press Union (Sri Lanka chapter)
  • Hilmy Ahamed - Chairman/CEO - Young Asia Television Ltd
  • Nahil Wijesuriya - Founder Chairman, ETV
  • S.B. Yatawara - Director, Times of Ceylon [2]
  • Laksiri Wickremage- Chairman Derana TV
  • Harris Hulugalle- founder - Chairman, Leader Publications ( Pvt) Ltd
  • Tikiri Kobbekaduwa- former CEO, Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd.


  • BHS Jayewardene- former Editor of the Ceylon Daily News and Editor in Chief, Editorial Director - Associated newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. Asiaweek Staff Correspondent in Colombo
  • Ajith Samaranayake - Editor, Sunday Island, Editor, Sunday Observer Editor in Chief of English publications at Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. First holder of the joint record for the youngest-ever Chief Editor in the Sri Lankan media at 36 years in 1990. Described by media giant Reuters as one of the three best editorial writers in Asia. The best-ever Parliamentary Lobby Correspondent in the history of Sri Lankan media. First winner of the Trinity Media Prize. Both English and Sinhala Editor of the College Magazine, Captain of English and Sinhala Debating teams, Chief Curator of the Library Council and Deputy Senior Prefect in the centenary year in 1972.
  • Arjuna Ranawana - Editor-in-chief of the Daily News; Editor in Chief,Sun; Staff Reporter, and within the first batch of print media journalists to be trained in television journalism, Rupavahini News Editor/ Producer, SLRC Presidential Reporter, Asiaweek Regional Editor in Islamabad and later New Delhi (overlooking Bombay, Islamabad and Colombo) and Kuala Lumpur. News Director– MTV, and Director of the College of Journalism of the Sri Lanka Press Institute. Currently , News Manager - Omni Television- Alberta, Canada
  • Bandula Jayasekara - Former Editor in Chief of the Daily News, Director of Information – Ministry of External Affairs and now Director-General of the President’s Media Division
  • C. Drieberg - former Editor of the Ceylon Observer[2]
  • H.A.J. Hulugalle - former Editor of the Ceylon Daily News,[2] author, Ambassador to Italy & Greece and former Head of the Ceylon Information Department.
  • A. E. Moreira - former Editor of the Times of Ceylon[2]
  • R.B. Tammita - former Editor of the Times of Ceylon[2]
  • C.J. Staples - former Editor of the Ceylon Independent[2]
  • Dr G. Wijeyewardena - former Editor of The Sun[2]

Desk Editors

  • T.B. Marambe – Sports Editor- Times of Ceylon. Cricket Captain, Senior Prefect and Ryde Gold Medalist in 1938.
  • Ruwan Godage - Features Editor of the Daily News
  • Brian Thomas- former Sports Director and Sports Anchor- MTV, Cricket Commentator- ESPN and now Media Manager - Sri Lanka Cricket.
  • Rangi Akbar- Deputy Editor- (Sports) - Daily Mirror and Sunday Times
  • Bandula Molligoda- Sports Editor – Dinamina
  • Wilson Gnanadass – former News Editor- Sunday Leader and Special Assignments Editor – Nation on Sunday
  • Ranil Prematilleke- former Sports Editor-The Sunday Leader and now Legal Consultant to Wijeya Newspapers Ltd
  • Ravi Ladduwahetty- former Business Editor- Daily News, founder Deputy Editor- Daily Mirror Financial Times, Deputy Features Editor Daily Mirror, Founder Associate Business Editor of the The Nation, Presidential Reporter- The Island and Daily News, Parliamentary Lobby Correspondent, The Nation, former Sri Lanka Country Editor of Asian Tribune. First Sri Lankan Associate Member of the Commonwealth Press Union and second Sri Lankan Member of the Commonwealth Journalists Association.
  • Eustace Rulach - Sports Editor Ceylon Daily News (Cricket Captain and Lion 1951 when Trinity last won the big match against St.Anthony's College Kandy, 35 years prior to Triple Lion Thushara Weerasooriya's team in 1986.)
  • Anosh Ahamath- formerly Editorial Staff- Sunday Times – later Agence France-Presse (AFP )- Colombo
  • Mohan Samarasinghe - former Daily News Journalist, later Reuters - Colombo and former Media Attaché – Sri Lankan High Commission in Canada

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