Sino-Japanese Friendship and Trade Treaty

Sino-Japanese Friendship and Trade Treaty
Sino-Japanese Friendship and Trade Treaty, 13 September 1871. The treaty was signed in Tientsin, by Date Munenari and Li Hongzhang.

The Sino-Japanese Friendship and Trade Treaty (Nisshin shukō jōki (日清修好条規?)) was the first treaty between Japan and China It was signed on 13 September 1871 in Tientsin by Date Munenari and Plenipotentiary Li Hongzhang.[1]

The treaty guaranteed the judiciary rights of Consuls, and fixed trade tariffs between the two countries.[1]

The treaty was ratified in 1873 and was applied until the First Sino-Japanese War, which led to a renegotiation with the Treaty of Shimonoseki.

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