Whore Angels

Whore Angels
Whore Angels

Theatrical poster for Whore Angels (2000)
Directed by Mototsugu Watanabe[1]
Written by Takao Nakano
Starring Shiori Kuroda
Nao Nishifuji
Shōko Kudō
Cinematography Masahide Iioka
Editing by Shōji Sakai
Studio Shintōhō
Distributed by Shintōhō
Release date(s) December 29, 2000
Running time 62 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Whore Angels (ピンサロ病院3 ノーパン診察室 Pinsaro Byōin 3: Nōpan Shinsatsushitsu?, lit. Pink Salon Hospital 3: No-Pants Exam Room), aka No Pants Angel: Underwear Heaven (ノーパン天使 下半身天国 Nōpan Tenshi: Shitagikan Tengoku?), No Pants Night Life: Suck! (ノーパン風俗 しゃぶる! Nōpan Fūzoku: Shaburu!?) and New Nurse Buddhist Cross Festival: Five Secret Consultation Techniques (新人看護婦大卍祭 5人の(秘)診察テク Shinjin Kangofu Dai Manji Matsuri: Go-nin no Shinsatsu Teku?), is a 2000 Japanese pink film fantasy directed by Mototsugu Watanabe. It won the Silver Prize at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony.



Komasa is a female drifter works at a pink salon-- a shop specializing in fellatio-- called "Hot Lips". On the way to work one day she rescues a female stranger from an attack by an evil-looking man. Monroe, the stranger, kisses Komasa whose wounds received during the fight are then healed. Monroe takes up employment at the pink salon, where it is learned that her supernatural powers cure every man on whom she performs fellatio of all ailments. Monroe's miraculous healing powers lead to the shop's increased popularity. Eventually it is discovered that Monroe is actually an angel and that the man Komasa rescued her from is the devil, bent on subjugating the living. Komasa vows to fight to save Monroe and life on earth.[2][3]


  • Shiori Kuroda (黒田詩織)[2][1]
  • Nao Nishifuji (西藤尚)
  • Shōko Kudō (工藤翔子)
  • Mariko Naga (奈賀毬子)
  • Rira Mizuno (水野里蘭)
  • Shin Yamazaki (山﨑信)
  • Jimmy Tsuchida (ジミー土田)
  • Shūetsu Tōkaiki (十日市秀悦)

Release history and awards

Whore Angels, or Pink Salon Hospital 3: No-Pants Exam Room in its original Japanese theatrical release, is the third entry in Shintōhō's popular Pink Salon Hospital or Whore Hospital series.[4] Director Sachi Hamano inaugurated the series in 1997 with Pink Salon Hospital: No-Pants Nurses (ピンサロ病院 ノーパン白衣 Pinsaro Byōin: Nōpan Hakui?). The series continued with director Sachio Kitazawa's Pink Salon Hospital 2: No-Pants Female Doctor (ピンサロ病院2 ノーパン女医 Pinsaro Byōin: Nōpan Hakui?) (1998).[5][6] Whore Angels, the English title for the third release in the series, was followed in 2001 with Sachi Hamano's return to direct Pink Salon Hospital 4: No-Pants Nursing (ピンサロ病院4 ノーパン看護 Pinsaro Byōin: Nōpan Kango?).[7]

Whore Angels in VHS release as New Nurse Buddhist Cross Festival: Five Secret Consultation Techniques, part of Interfilm's "R" Series.[8]

Mototsugu Watanabe is a pink film director with a cult following known for his eclectic, wild scenarios with stylistic influences from the pop-culture world of the Japanese idol. Sexy Battle Girls (1986) is considered one of his more representative films.[9] He filmed Whore Angels for Shintōhō and it was released theatrically in Japan under the Pink Salon Hospital 3: No-Pants Exam Room title by this studio on December 29, 2000.[10] At the annual Pink Grand Prix, Whore Angels won the Silver Prize for Best Film of the year.[11]

After its initial theatrical run, Shintōhō has re-released the film theatrically twice: on September 10, 2004 as No Pants Angel: Underwear Heaven and on January 9, 2009 as No Pants Night Life: Suck!.[12][13] It was released in VHS home video format in Japan on August 24, 2001 as part of Interfilm's "R" Series under the title New Nurse Buddhist Cross Festival: Five Secret Consultation Techniques.[8][14] The U.S.-based company Pink Eiga has plans to release the film on DVD for English-speaking audiences under the title Whore Angels.[2]





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