New Democratic Party Shadow Cabinet of the 40th Parliament of Canada

New Democratic Party Shadow Cabinet of the 40th Parliament of Canada

This is a list of members of the New Democratic Party Shadow Cabinet of the 40th Canadian parliament. Positions in the shadow cabinet were announced on November 17, 2008, and include all 37 members of the New Democratic Party caucus in the Canadian House of Commons except Joe Comartin who was running for election as Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons when the shadow cabinet was appointed.

Portfolio Critic Duration
Leader (Critic for the Prime Minister of Canada) Hon. Jack Layton 2003–2011
Intergovernmental Affairs 2007–2011
Deputy Leader Libby Davies 2004–
Thomas Mulcair 2007–
Agriculture and Agri-Food Alex Atamanenko 2006–2011
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Jack Harris 2008–2011
Canadian Heritage and Status of Women (Canadian Heritage) Charlie Angus 2008–2011
Status of Women Irene Mathyssen 2007–2011
Citizenship and Immigration Olivia Chow 2007–2011
Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec Thomas Mulcair 2007–2011
Environment Linda Duncan 2008–2011
Finance Thomas Mulcair 2007–2011
Fisheries and Oceans Peter Stoffer 1997–2011
Foreign Affairs Paul Dewar 2007–
Health Megan Leslie 2010–2011
Human Resources and Social Development Tony Martin 2004–2011
Human Resources and Social Development (Employment Insurance) Yvon Godin 2007–2011
Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Aboriginals) Jean Crowder 2006–2011
Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Northern Development and Sovereignty ) Dennis Bevington 2006–2011
Industry Brian Masse 2008–2011
International Cooperation John Rafferty 2008–2011
International Trade
Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics
Peter Julian 2004–2011
Justice and Shadow Attorney General Libby Davies 2008–2009
Joe Comartin 2009–
Labour Chris Charlton 2008–2011
House Leader Libby Davies 2003–2011
National Defence Jack Harris 2006–
National Revenue Carol Hughes 2008–2011
Natural Resources Nathan Cullen 2008–2011
Public Safety Jack Harris 2008–2011
Public Works and Government Services and Crown Corporations Pat Martin 2008–2011
Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Dennis Bevington 2008–2011
Treasury Board Pat Martin 2008–2011
Veterans Affairs Peter Stoffer 2004–
Western Economic Diversification Don Davies 2008–2011
Atlantic Gateway Jack Harris 2008–
Food Security and Agriculture Malcolm Allen 2008–2011
Finance Chris Charlton 2008–2011
Citizenship and Immigration Don Davies 2008–2011
Industry (Mines) Claude Gravelle 2008–2011
Energy (Atlantic Region) Jack Harris 2008–2011
First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Affairs (Health) Carol Hughes 2008–2011
Environment (National Parks) Bruce Hyer 2008–
Environment (Water) 2008–2011
Environment (Climate Change)
Fisheries (West Coast) Peter Julian 2008–2011
First Nations, Metis and Inuit Affairs (Urban Issues) Megan Leslie 2008–2011
Public Works (E-government) Jim Maloway 2008–2011
Industry (Steel) Wayne Marston 2004–2011
Agriculture (Canada Wheat Board) and Energy (Energy Retrofits) Pat Martin 2008–2011
Public Safety Irene Mathyssen 2008–2011
Industry (Forestry) John Rafferty 2008–2011
Canadian Heritage (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
Cultural Industries
Foreign Affairs (Americas) Denise Savoie 2008–2011
Industry (Shipbuilding) Peter Stoffer 1997–2010
Critics for Special Ministerial Responsibilities
Democratic Reform David Christopherson 2008–
Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario Claude Gravelle 2008–2011
La Francophonie and Official Languages
Shadow Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians Jean Crowder 2006–2011
Sport Glenn Thibeault 2006–2011
Critics for Policy Areas for which there is no specific minister
Skills Training and Apprenticeships Malcolm Allen 2008–2011
Digital Issues Charlie Angus 2008–
Youth Niki Ashton 2008–2011
Rural Development
Community Development
Food Security Alex Atamanenko 2008–2011
Public Accounts David Christopherson 2005–
Canada Post 2008–2011
Multiculturalism Don Davies 2008–
Vancouver Region 2008–2011
Substance Abuse Libby Davies 2008–2011
Prostitution Issues
Small Business Bruce Hyer 2008–2011
Post-Secondary Education Megan Leslie 2008–2009
Science and Technology Jim Maloway 2008–2011
Seniors and Pensions and Human Rights Wayne Marston 2008–
Housing Denise Savoie 2008–2011
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Privacy and Ethics Bill Siksay 2008–2011
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, and Transgender Issues
Consumer Protection Glenn Thibeault 2008–
Persons with Disabilites Judy Wasylycia-Leis 2008–
Caucus roles
NDP Whip Yvon Godin
NDP Caucus Chair Judy Wasylycia-Leis 2004–2009
Jean Crowder 2009–2011

The NDP does not have a leader in the Canadian Senate since it opposes the existence of that body.

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