Mystery 6

Mystery 6
Mystery 6
Mystery 6.jpg
Format Mockumentary
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 6
Original channel M-Net
Original run March 30, 2006 – May 4, 2006

Mystery 6 was a Korean horror mockumentary that first aired March 30, 2006 featuring popular boyband Super Junior, with Donghae as the central character. The show consists of hidden cameras, interviews, as well as a narrator "documenting" the group's journey in investigating the truth behind a former tenant's death in their apartment. The show is hosted by Kang Won Rae.



Episode 1: Black Eye

Super Junior appear on the show voicing concerns over Donghae's strange nightmares, and that they had caused him to become increasingly weak. Donghae explains his dream as seeing a ghost hanging over him. Special guest Harisu also tells of a ghostly encounter she had in Japan, and had visited a psychic to learn more about the ghost. Seeing that this was a similar situation, Super Junior allow security cameras to film inside their dorms in the next 6 weeks. In the first week, a strange figure appears in the CCTV in a corner sitting beside Donghae's bed.

Episode 2: Cursed Diary

A radio broadcast reports the murder suicide of a man and his family, at the same time a girl cowers in her room while writing in her diary. A dark figure barges into the room and kills her with a golf stick. Donghae abruptly wakes up from the nightmare. The manager tells the weakened Donghae that his schedules have been canceled in order for him to rest. Meanwhile, Heechul, Leeteuk and Kangin visit Siwon on the set of Spring Waltz, passing a strange little girl in the street. Kangin, Sungmin and Ryeowook return to the dorm. At their room, Sungmin go to bathroom and find Donghae unconscious on the bathroom floor. Then Kangin carried him to his room. As Donghae rests with Kibum (who trying soothe him by holding his hand for a while), the other members find a diary that belonged to a teenage girl while clearing out the former tenant's belongings. In her entries, it is revealed that she had suffered nightmares just like Donghae, and eventually it got worse. In the QTV, the ghostly figure appears again, this time standing up.

Episode 3: Evil Spirit

Donghae is distracted at dance practice. To cheer him up, the members have a freestyle dance session. Eeteuk suggests they seek professional help to determine why a ghost is haunting Donghae. An exorcist is called in, and she informs Donghae that the spirit is very evil and vengeful. To cheer him up after hearing the bad news, Kangin takes Donghae to the gym. Reading the later entries in the diary, the girl Park Gayoung has more violent dreams, and blames it on her father. She writes that she starts seeing and hearing things. Super Junior rehearse for a live performance of Miracle, but because of eerie ghostly noises from the music, they are forced to instead lipsynch. They are informed by their manager that Gayoung was murdered by an intruder. Shindong, Eunhyuk and Kangin make kimbap for Donghae, while Sungmin and Ryeowook go to the recording studio. Suddenly, the power is cut off and Sungmin is briefly trapped inside the recording booth. When the power returns, the crew take a picture for the technician's birthday. Doing this, they capture the figure of the ghost standing behind Sungmin in the photograph.

Episode 4: Forbidden Journey

Despite everything, Donghae becomes more and more depressed and isolated from the other members. He takes a moment alone and calls his mom. Eeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong take Donghae to a hypnosis therapy session, and the hypnotist puts him into a trance. Donghae writes down what the ghost is saying to him, the members try to interpret the scribbled words. The mother of Park Gayoung is tracked and she tells how her husband had killed Gayoung and himself in a drunken rage. She also revealed that a boy who lived there before Park Ga Young moved in had also died under mysterious circumstances, while in the Philippines. He had been smoking and found out his girlfriend liked someone else. He took her with him on his bike and got into an accident only killing his girlfriend. Super Junior travel to Thailand for a concert. That evening while relaxing by the pool, Eeteuk and Eunhyuk see Donghae drowning in the water.

Episode 5: Witch Hunt

Eeteuk jumps into the water and saves Donghae as Eunhyuk frantically watches. They are able to revive him after Eeteuk performs CPR, but Donghae is visibly distraught by the accident, saying he felt as if his legs were being dragged down. The next morning, Sungmin and Siwon tell that they also saw ghosts in their sleep the night before. Super Junior go for a day out in Thailand, visiting a zoo and trying out Thai boxing. Later, Ryeowook asks the manager to find Gayoung's mother in order to take another look at the diary, only to discover that she has disappeared. Gayoung tells how a classmate named Lim Joomi had committed suicide, and that she is haunting her. On the internet, a photograph is posted of Joomi, and her reputation as a vicious bully resulted in receiving horrible comments by netizens. This abuse ultimately led to her suicide. In the diary, Gayoung writes that the ghost begins telling her "Will you die too?" Looking back at the scribbled note Donghae had written during his trance, it is revealed to be the same words.

Episode 6: Deadly Truth

Ryeowook and Sungmin are guests on Kangin's radio show, but minutes before broadcast, Ryeowook suddenly disappears. When he is found, he is trapped inside a cubicle with an unknown force pressing him against the door. After getting him out, they barely make it in time for the broadcast. More research on Lim Joomi's death leads to finding out that the rumors were spread by her former friend Yang Jihyun. With a hidden camera, Yang Jihyun is interviewed at her workplace, saying that she had never thought her actions would result in Joomi taking her life. Jihyun visits Joomi's grave, tearfully asking for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Eeteuk reads through Gayoung's very last entries, written just moments before her death. He finds a hidden page that had been glued together. It is then discovered that Gayoung's mother, not her father, had killed her. With Donghae still resting in their dorm, Eeteuk and Shindong frantically try to warn him by phone, at the same time Gayoung's mother appears at the door, repeatedly ringing the doorbell. Donghae wakes up and picks up the phone first before checking the door, but no one is there.

In the end, with the revelations, Gayoung's mother is put into care and Donghae stops having nightmares. The members all do a self-cam of their experiences, with Donghae voicing his relief and thanking his fans for their support. However, as he stands up from his bed to turn off the camera, the ghost is sitting behind him.


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