Human races from the Malazan Book of the Fallen series

Human races from the Malazan Book of the Fallen series

In the fantasy series The Malazan Book of the Fallen, there are many different races. In the Malazan World, the human races are divided by geographical and political boundaries. As well as this, there is a race (the Thelomen Toblakai - descendants of the Thel Akai) who do not share the same ancestral descents as the other humans, however they share human characteristics.



Humans share common descent with the Imass, along with the Barghast, Moranth, and Trell. They are the "Traditional" response to the question "what happened to the living Imass who didn't arrive in time for the ritual?" - "They eventually evolved in to humans." Humans are divided along political and geographic lines, akin to the races of Earth.

Dal Honese

The Dal Honese live in southern Quon Tali, on the Dal Hon Plains. Dassem Ultor, Shadowthrone (Kellanved), Iskaral Pust and his wife Mogora are Dal Honese.


The Daru occupy the city state of Darujhistan on the continent of Genabackis; the city was originally founded due to rumours of a treasure-filled barrow which actually held a Jaghut Tyrant. The mage Kruppe and thief/assassin Crokus/Cutter are from Darujhistan.

Faraed and Nerek

The Faraed were tribal people who lived north of Lether, trading with the Letherii until the Faraed became Indebted, resulting in conquest and assimilation of the culture. The tribal Nerek shared the same relationship with the Lether as the Faraed, and suffered a similar fate. The Nerek worship the goddess Eres'al.


The Gadrobi are an indigenous people in central Genabackis.


The Genabarii are a people in north-west Genabackis.


They are a race of soletaken who first came from the First Empire to the continent currently inhabited by the people of Lether. They are soletaken born of the Beast Ritual, the ritual for which the T'lan Imass destroyed the First Empire. The Jheck are Arctic wolves in their soletaken form. They live in the Jheck Wastelands east of the Tiste Edur lands.


The Meckros live in massive, floating cities that travel across the oceans and trade with people on land. The only character to come from Meckros as of Reaper's Gale is Withal, the weaponsmith, whose city was destroyed. A second city was found frozen in Coral Bay by Lady Envy and company. Withal also appears in Midnight Tides, after ice had destroyed his city leaving him the only survivor.


Napans are from the Napan Isles near Malaz Island, east of Quon Tali. The Napans allied with Kellanved to take control of Unta on the continent of Quon Tali, forming the Malazan Empire. Napans have a uniquely blue skin colour, and are notable for being massively muscled and unconcerned with aesthetics.

Laseen, the current Empress of the Malazan Empire, is Napan; as is Korbolo Dom, renegade Fist, and the Admirals Nok, Cartheron Crust and Urko Crust. Bluepearl, a Bridgeburner, is also Napan.


The Rhivi are a pastoral nomadic society in the central plains of Genabackis. The Mhybe was of the Rhivi, and Silverfox was raised with the Rhivi.


The Seti inhabit western Quon Tali, but have been so thoroughly integrated into the Quon culture they have effectively disappeared.

Seven Cities tribes

There are many native tribes living in Seven Cities, including the Arak (in the Pan'potsun Odhan), Bhilard (east of the Nenoth Odhan), Can'eld (northeast of Ubaryd), Debrahl (northerly regions), Dhis'bahl (in the Omari and Nahal Hills), Gral (from the Ehrlitan foothills down to the Pan'potsun Odhan), Kherahn Dhobri (in the Geleen Plain), Khundryl (west of the Nenoth Odhan), Pardu (north of the Geleen grasslands), Semk (in the Karas Hills and Steps), Tithan (south of Sialk) and the Tregyn (west of Sanimon).


In northeastern Quon Tali lies the Wickan Plains where live the horse warriors, the Wickans. They are divided into clans, including Foolish Dog, Weasel and Crow. Coltaine, Fist of the 7th Army and leader of the Chain of Dogs, is a Wickan of the Crow clan, as was veteran commander Bult, the lancer Temul, and warlocks Sormo E'nath, Nether and Nil.

Malazan Empire

Thel Akai


Thel Akai are described as "giants" standing even taller than Tarthenal Theloman Toblakai, who are their descendants. When they die, they turn to earth and soil, "returning to the earth".


According to Ereko, the last Thel Akai, the Thel Akai were not a war-like people, and often encouraged humans in their development. They fell foul of the High King Kallor when they aided his opponents, and he vowed to destroy every one of them. Jacuruku is the Thel Akai homeland, and upon its soil, Ereko refuses to draw a weapon. The Thel Akai's goddess is the Queen of Dreams, T'riss.

Interactions with the Malaz Empire

Ereko travelled with Dassem Ultor for a time.

Appearances in the Novels

Ereko is Dassem Ultor's travelling companion in Return of the Crimson Guard. They met on Stormwall as prisoners who defended a portion of the wall. After numerous Stormriders met their death at the hands of Ereko, they no longer attacked him. When Ereko saw the power of Dassem Ultor (The Traveller) he took him and escaped. They end up meeting Crimson Guard runaways and creates a friendship with one known as Kyle.Ereko is described as "kind and wise" by Kyle. Ereko died in Return of the Crimson Guard.


Thelomen Toblakai

The Thelomen Toblakai are an intelligent, humanoid race found in the Malazan Book of the Fallen.


The Thelomen Toblakai are humanoid, though taller and generally more physically robust than humans, with broad, flat faces. Pure-blood Toblakai stand at over seven feet tall, and disproportionately muscled enough to seem wide. They are capable of interbreeding with humans to produce viable half-breeds, but seem to have a different evolutionary descent, as marked by having four lungs rather than two. On the continent of Genabackis (where Karsa Orlong, the most prominent Toblakai comes from) the tribes of the Teblor appear to have several advantages which are wholly contained to their tribe. The Teblor heal much more quickly than humans do, to the point where bruises can be seen to visibly fade. They are also invulnerable to infectious diseases and possess a limited immunity to magic. Lower level magic does not affect them and even High level magic may fail or not have its intended effect. This may be a natural protection as a result of physiology, or possibly due to their consumption of blood-oil, a compound which may contain the magic-deadening otataral. This consumption of blood-oil may also be the cause of their rapid healing, but this is not explained as of Reaper's Gale.

It is known that certain Thelomen Toblakai can become their own Warrens; the exact abilities and circumstances that surround this are unknown. Karsa Orlong appears to be one such, channeling his Warren into the ability to ignore the structures and effects of spells, even Elder such as the T'lan Imass' Tellann. However, Karsa Orlong and his tribe's immunity to magic may also come from the use of blood-oil.


Thelomen Toblakai or their descendants are scattered across the Malazan world, and appear to exist on all continents under a variety of names - Teblor, Fenn, Tarthenal and Toblakai. They are a fallen people; once possessing high civilization, cities and books, most now live in tribes and eke out a barbaric existence breeding horses and feuding with nearby tribes. The greatest details are known about the Teblor on Genabackis through the story of Karsa Orlong. At some point long ago, the Teblor built cities on the Genabackis, but for an unknown reasons their blood became "thin and clouded." Icarium, the half-Jaghut/Toblakai, gave them rules to purify their blood, separating husbands, wives, and children into different tribes and giving them laws to live by and a new society based on the raising of horses, hunting, raiding, and fishing. Thousands of years later, the Teblor live in their separate tribes, some of which have vanished, some of which have become enslaved by nearby humans.

On the continent of Lether, the Tarthenal have been conquered and enslaved by the Letherii. They lived north of the city Letheras. Their culture is forgotten and one of the few activities they still remember are the rituals of propitiation for their terrifying gods. They had five gods, called the Seregahl, the Wrath Wielders. The gods of the Tarthenal were not worshiped to draw their attention and blessings, but instead sacrifices were performed to turn their gazes away and keep them from manifesting. When the Tarthenal were conquered, their lasts acts were to die defending their shrines, terrified not of the attackers, but of their own gods. These gods were killed by Silchas Ruin with help from the Avowed of the Crimson Guard, Iron Bars, and the Tarthenal, Ublala.

Interactions with the Malazan Empire

The Theloman Toblakai have had various interactions with the Malazan Empire. Karsa Orlong was enslaved by the Malazan Empire and transported to the Seven Cities continent, and later came across the Malazans in the aftermath of the battle in Raraku.

Bellurdan Skullcrusher is a Thelomen Toblakai mage in the Malazan army. He appears briefly in Gardens of the Moon, and is mentioned in House of Chains as the High Mage who forged the otataral-quenched long-knife bought by Kalam. The weapon in question proves that Bellurdan uses an Elder Warren, as the knife was invested, an impossible task with human Warrens due to otataral's magic-deadening properties.

Appearances in the Novels

The tribes of the Teblor and the character Karsa Orlong are the most prominent descendants of the Thelomen Toblakai in the Malazan series. He appears in Deadhouse Gates, House of Chains and The Bonehunters. Karsa is a phenomenal combatant, incredibly swift, decisive and vicious. He occupies (unwillingly) the position of Knight of Chains in High House Chains of the Deck of Dragons.

On the continent of Lether, the fallen Tartheno play a role in the events surrounding the conquest of the Edur. A half-Tarthenal criminal is instrumental in preventing the five Tartheno gods from escaping the Azath house and saving the Avowed Crimson Guardsman Iron Bars.

The Thelomen mage, Bellurdan Skullcrusher, appears in Gardens of the Moon, battling Anomander Rake, grieving his slain lover Nightchill, and finally dying at the hands of the Cadre Mage Tattersail only to have his soul shifted into Silverfox body. He claims that the Theloman have Jaghut blood in them.

In Memories of Ice, it was revealed that the Toblakai traveled with the mortal Imass who were not in time for the Ritual. Those Imass and Toblaki eventually evolved into the Barghast people who live on Genabackis.


Character Description Appears in
A'Karonys a High Mage of the Malazan Empire GotM
Amby Bole a retired Mott Irregular and shareholder of the Trygalle Trade Guild. Brother to Jula Bole. TH
Ammanas another name for Shadowthrone, ruler of the Warren of Shadow and King of High House Shadow GotM, DG
Antsy Malazan Sergeant of the 7th Squad of the Bridgeburners GotM, MoI, TH
Apsalar a Malazan soldier of the Bridgeburners, 9th Squad; formerly known as Sorry GoM, DG, HoC, BH
Aralt Arpat a Red Blade DG
Bainisk a youth worker in the Darujhistan mines. Friend of Harllo Younger. TH
Barathol Mekhar former Red Blade turned blacksmith. Cousin of Kalam Mekhar and protector of Chaur. BH, TH
Baria Setral a Red Blade and brother of Mesker Setral. DG
Baruk High Alchemist of Darujhistan and Mage of the T'orrud Cabal GotM
Baudin a prisoner who is a companion to Felisin and Heboric; a member of the Talon DG, MoI
Bedek a Daru; adopted father of Harllo Younger. TH
Bellam Nom a Daru youth of House Nom. Trained as a duelist under Murillio. TH
Bellurdan Skullcrusher a Thelomen Toblakai High Mage of the Malazan Empire. A fractured piece of his soul later becomes part of the Dying God. GotM, TH
Ben Adaephon Delat a Seven Cities Mage in the Bridgeburners, 9th Squad; also called Quick Ben GotM, DG, MoI, HoC, BH
Beneth a crime lord in the otataral mining camp of Skullcup DG
Bidithal a High Mage of the Whirlwind DG, HoC
Blend a retired Bridgeburner and partner in K'rul's Bar. Lover of Picker. MoI, TH
Blistig Malazan Commander of the Aren Guard. Later a Fist of the Bonehunters. DG, HoC, BH
Bluepearl a retired Napan squad mage of the Bridgeburners and partner in K'rul's Bar. MoI, TH
Blues Corporal in the Sixth Blade of the Crimson Guard GotM
Buke a caravan guard on Genabackis MoI
Bula an innkeeper in the otataral mining camp of Skullcup DG
Bult a veteran Wickan commander and Coltaine's uncle DG
Calot Malazan Cadre Mage in Onearm's Host GotM
Challice D'Arle Daughter of Darujhistan councilman Estraysian D'Arle GotM
Chenned a Malazan captain in the 7th Army DG
Chert an unlucky bully in Darujhistan GotM
Circle Breaker an agent of The Eel in Darujhistan GotM
Coll a drunk in Darujhistan GotM, MoI
Coltaine a Wickan and Fist of the Malazan 7th Army in Seven Cities DG
Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas an officer in Leoman of the Flails' company HoC, BH
Cotillion Companion of Shadowthrone and Patron of Assassins; also called The Rope GotM, DG, HoC, BH
Cowl a High Mage in the Crimson Guard GotM
Crokus Younghand a young thief in Darujhistan GotM, DG, HoC, BH
Cuttle a Malazan sapper DG, HoC, TBH
Dancer the old Malazan Emperor's chief advisor; supposedly assassinated by Laseen NoK
Dassem Ultor First Sword of Empire; supposedly killed outside Y'ghatan, Seven Cities TH
Derudan a Witch of the T'orrud Cabal in Darujhistan; uses the warren Tennes GotM
Duiker Imperial Historian of the Malazan Empire DG, MoI
Dujek Onearm High Fist of the Malazan Armies in the Genabackis campaign GotM, MoI
The Eel a master-spy in Darujhistan (See Kruppe) GotM
Estraysian D'Arle a councilman of Darujhistan and rival of Turban Orr GotM MoI
Febryl a High Mage of the Whirlwind DG
Felisin Paran a Malazan noble-born; younger sister of Ganoes and Tavore Paran GotM
Felisin Younger Sha'ik Reborn's adopted daughter DG, HoC, BH
Fiddler a Malazan sapper in the Bridgeburners, 9th Squad GotM, DG, HoC, BH
Fingers a soldier in the Sixth Blade of the Crimson Guard GotM
Gamet a guard for the House of Paran and veteran GotM, HoC
Ganoes Stabro Paran a noble-born officer in the Malazan Empire; of the House of Paran GotM, MoI, BH
Gesler a corporal in the Malazan Coastal Guard DG, HoC, BH
Gruntle a caravan guard on Genabackis; later Mortal Sword of Treach MoI
Hairlock a Malazan Cadre Mage in Onearm's Host GotM
Harllo a caravan guard on Genabackis MoI
Heboric Light Touch an exiled Malazan historian and ex-priest of Fener DG, HoC, BH
Hedge a Malazan sapper in the Bridgeburners, 9th Squad GotM, MoI, HoC, BH
Irilta a regular at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan GotM
Iskaral Pust a High Priest of Shadow and Magi of High House Shadow DG, HoC, BH
Jorrick Sharplance a Crimson Guard officer GotM
K'azz D'Avore a prince and Commander of the Crimson Guard
Kalam Mekhar Malazan Corporal of the 9th Squad of the Bridgeburners; and ex-Claw GotM, DG, HoC, BH
Kallor The High King; the second-in-command of Caladan Brood's forces. Immortal from the time of the Fall of the Crippled God, cursed never to ascend. GotM, MoI
Karsa Orlong Tribal Warrior from Northern Genabackis. HoC, BH
Kamist Reloe a renegade Malazan High Mage, now a mage of the Whirlwind DG, HoC
Karpolan Demesand a High Mage for the Trygalle Trade Guild DG
Kellanved the founder of the Malazan Empire; supposedly assassinated by Laseen NoK
Keneb a Malazan captain in Seven Cities DG, HoC, BH
Kesen Malazan first-born son of Captain Keneb and Selv DG
Kimloc a powerful Tanno Spiritwalker DG
Korbolo Dom a renegade Malazan Fist leading an army of the Whirlwind DG, HoC, BH
Kruppe a regular at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan GotM, MoI
Krute of Talient an agent of the Assassin's Guild in Darujhistan GotM
Kulp a Malazan Cadre Mage of the 7th Army DG
Laseen Empress of the Malazan Empire DG, BH
Lenestro a Malazan noble on the Chain of Dogs DG
Leoman of the Flails a leader in the Whirlwind and a bodyguard to Sha'ik DG, HoC, BH
Lim a councilman of Darujhistan GotM
List a Malazan corporal in the 7th Army DG
Lorn Adjunct to the Empress of the Malazan Empire GotM
Lostara Yil a Red Blade DG, HoC, BH
Lull a Malazan captain in the Sialk marines DG
Mallet Malazan squad healer in the Bridgeburners, 9th Squad GotM,MoI
Mallick Rel Chief Advisor to the Malazan High Fist of Seven Cities DG, BH
Mammot a High Priest of D'riss in the T'orrud Cabal, and an eminent scholar in Darujhistan; uncle to Crokus GotM
Minala a Malazan refugee of the Whirlwind and sister of Selv DG, BH
Mincer a Malazan sapper in the 7th Army DG
Mebra a spy who operates a large network from Ehrlitan, Seven Cities DG
Meese a regular at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan GotM
Mesker Setral a Red Blade and brother of Baria Setral DG
Murillio a courtier in Darujhistan and regular at the Phoenix Inn GotM
Nether a Wickan warlock DG, HoC
Nethpara a Malazan noble on the Chain of Dogs DG
Nightchill a High Sorceress in the Malazan Empire GotM
Nil a Wickan warlock DG, HoC
Ocelot a Clan Leader in Darujhistan's Guild of Assassins GotM
Panek a small Malazan child captured by warriors of the Whirlwind; he was rescued by Apt and brought to the Realm of Shadow DG
The Pannion Seer a Prophet Tyrant ruling the Pannion Domin MoI
Parald a High Mage of Darujhistan's T'orrud Cabal GotM
Pearl an assassin of the Claw DG, HoC
Pella a Malazan guard stationed in the otataral mining camp, Skullcup DG
Picker a Malazan soldier in the Bridgeburners, 7th Squad GotM
Pormqual Malazan High Fist of Seven Cities DG
Pullyk Alar a Malazan noble on the Chain of Dogs DG
Rallick Nom an assassin in Darujhistan's Guild of Assassins and a regular at the Phoenix Inn GotM
Rellock a servant to Iskaral Pust and father of Apsalar DG
The Rope another name for Cotillion, the Patron God of Assassins GotM, DG, HoC
Rudd one of High Alchemist Baruk's familiars DG
Redmask an Awl War Leader who united the tribes in the fashion of the Malazan Army. Taught by Toc the Younger RG
Salk Elan another name that the Claw Pearl uses DG
Sawark Malazan Commander of the guard in the Otataral mining camp, Skullcup DG
Scillara a refugee from Raraku HoC, BH
Scurve the barman at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan GotM
Selv Malazan wife of Captain Keneb DG
Sha'ik Prophetess and leader of the Whirlwind DG
Sha'ik Reborn The reborn Sha'ik after the elder one's death in Raraku, marking the start of the Whirlwind DG, HoC
Shadowthrone Ascendant and ruler of the Warren of Shadow; also called Ammanas GotM, DG
Shurq Elalle a skilled undead Letherii thief MT
Simtal a powerful noblewoman in Darujhistan GotM
Sormo E'nath a Wickan warlock DG
Sorry Malazan soldier in the Bridgeburners; possessed by the god Cotillion; now known as Apsalar GotM
Squint Malazan bowman who shot Coltaine at the Fall outside Aren DG, HoC
Stillis Captain of Guard for Lady Simtal's Estate in Darujhistan GotM
Stonny Menackis a caravan guard on Genabackis MoI
Stormy a soldier in the Malazan Coastal Guard DG, HoC, BH
Sulmar a Malazan captain in the 7th Army DG
Sulty a serving woman at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan GotM
Surly Empress Laseen's old name when Commander of the Claw NoK, GotM
Talo Krafar an assassin of Jurrig Denatte's Clan in Darujhistan's Guild of Assassins GotM
Tattersail a Malazan Cadre Sorceress in Onearm's Host GotM
Tavore Paran a Malazan noble-born of the House of Paran; sister of Ganoes Paran and Felisin Paran GotM, HoC, BH
Tayschrenn a High Mage of the Malazan Empire NoK, GotM, MoI, BH
Temul a young Wickan lancer under Coltaine DG, HoC, BH
Tene Baralta an officer of the Red Blades DG, HoC, BH
Tholis a High Mage of Darujhistan's T'orrud Cabal GotM
Toblakai a Thelomen Toblakai bodyguard to Sha'ik; real name is Karsa Orlong DG, HoC, BH
Toc the Elder a Malazan who disappeared during Laseen's purges of the Old Guard
Toc the Younger a Malazan scout in Onearm's Host; an agent of the Claw GotM, MoI
Topper Commander of the Claw GotM, DG
Travale a pious soldier of Darujhistan's T'orrud Cabal GotM
Truth a recruit in the Malazan Coastal Guard DG, HoC, BH
Tumlit a Malazan noble on the Chain of Dogs DG
Turban Orr a powerful councilman in Darujhistan and Lady Simtal's lover GotM
Udinaas Letherii Servant to Rhulad Sengar. Soletaken. MoI,MT,RG
Vaneb Malazan second-born son of Captain Keneb and Selv DG
Vildrom a city guard of Darujhistan GotM
Vorcan Mistress of Darujhistan's Guild of Assassins; a High Mage GotM
Whiskeyjack Malazan Sergeant of the 9th Squad of the Bridgeburners GotM, MoI


The series largely takes place on one planet, although there are extensive sequences that take place within the warrens (other realms or planes of existence) of magic. There are also occasional flashbacks to events in the distant past. This planet is comparable to Earth, although its size has not been revealed and it has been inhabited by intelligent races for much longer. Midnight Tides confirms that there are six continents on this planet, although the series makes frequent use of the term 'subcontinent' which makes it unclear what landmasses are considered continents and which are considered subcontinents.

The major landmasses are held to be Seven Cities, Quon Tali, Genabackis, Jacuruku, Korelri, Assail and the continent that contains Lether and the Tiste Edur empire. The discrepancy between the number of continents and the landmasses named in the series is believed to be explained by the landmasses: Quon Tali and Seven Cities, which are considered one continent, although separate. This discrepancy is caused by an error by either the writer or by the character who made that in-text statement.

Seven Cities

The continent of Seven Cities is the setting for the novels Deadhouse Gates, House of Chains and The Bonehunters, and contains the Holy Desert Raraku where significant portions of the plot and history take place. It is termed a subcontinent and only its eastern-most extent has been shown on maps in the series. It is named for the seven holy cities (Aren, Karakarang, Ubaryd, Ehrlitan, Karashimesh, Yath Alban and Ugarat), although other large cities exist such as Hissar, Panpot'sun and G'danisban. The subcontinent consists of large areas of wasteland and desert known as 'Odhans'. The subcontinent is also held to include the nearby large island of Otataral (where the magic-deadening ore of the same name is mined), which lies off the northeastern coast. The mapped region of Seven Cities extends nearly 2800 leagues from east to west and over 1800 leagues from north to south. The western part of Seven Cities has not been mapped but has been described in The Bonehunters, where it is revealed that three nations (Nemil, Perish and the Shal-Morzinn Empire) lie west of the Jhag Odhan and Trell tribe lands.

Quon Tali

The continent of Quon Tali has been seen briefly in Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates, but is more thoroughly explored in Return of the Crimson Guard. It is the homeland of the Malazan Empire and lies to the south of Seven Cities. The extensive island chain of Falari lies off the north-eastern coast. The Quon Tali landmass extends for over 500 leagues from east to west and for approximately 780 leagues from north to south (including the Falari Isles). Quon Tali is the only continent to be mapped in its entirety in the series. Quon Tali is usually referred to as a continent.


The continent of Genabackis is the setting for the novels Gardens of the Moon, Memories of Ice, Toll the Hounds and a lengthy sequence at the start of House of Chains. Genabackis is named a continent in its own right and lies to the east of Seven Cities and Quon Tali, across the Seeker's Deep (which natives of Genabackis call the Meningalle Ocean). The mapped portion of Genabackis - which resembles a very large peninsula - extends for over 600 leagues from east to west and over 1000 leagues from north to south. Genabackis' northern area is controlled by the Malazan Empire, whilst its central area is held to be controlled by a loose coalition of cities led by Darujhistan. Its southern coast does not appear on the maps in the books. However, there is mention of two important places which are found to the south of the continent. Morn, mostly known for the jarring wound seething with chaos in the thin air. And the city of Elingarth, from whence the legendary company of the Grey Swords came, the army sworn to the Boar of Summer.


The continent of Jacuruku has only appeared in flashback. This landmass is described as a 'sister continent' of Korelri. It was largely destroyed in a devastating war that took place many tens of thousands of years before the series. Prior to The Bonehunters, some fans disputed whether Jacuruku still existed or whether the entire continent had been removed from the world during events in the prologue to Memories of Ice. However, The Bonehunters confirms that Jacuruku still exists when a character reminisces about meeting people from there, and in Reaper's Gale, several characters are reported to have visited it recently.


The continent of Korelri lies relatively close to Quon Tali to the south, and Malazan armies led by Greymane are active upon it. Although often mentioned, Korelri has not appeared directly in the series as yet. Korelri consists of two subcontinents, named Korel and Stratem. The Korelri continent is said to have been badly damaged in the downfall of the Crippled God, leaving hundreds of small islands along its coasts and many lakes in the interior. Night of Knives and The Bonehunters reveal that a powerful race of sorcererous beings known as the Stormriders dwell in the sea between Quon Tali and Korelri, and Korelri is defended from them by a massive fortification stretching along the north coast, known as the Stormwall. Malaz Island is apparently quite close to the northern coast of Korelri, as the water separating them is referred to as a strait. In Gardens of the Moon it is noted that Stratem was once home to the K'Chain Che'Malle.


The continent of Assail has been mentioned several times. It lies between Genabackis and the Letherii continent and is held to be the most dangerous and hostile part of the Malazan world. The Crimson Guard mercenaries and some T'lan Imass are known to have present engagements there. The Malazans know of the existence of Assail and the Wrecker's Coast along its shores, but the Empire has chosen to make no incursions there due to the extreme danger of the land. It is known that the continent is dominated by a human leader (or possibly several human leaders) [Memories of Ice, pg. 878] whose armies are powerful enough to destroy T'lan Imass forces. Little else is known of it.


The continent of Lether is the setting for the novels Midnight Tides, Reaper's Gale and Dust of Dreams. It lies on the other side of the globe to the Malazan Empire. The mapped portion of the continent seen in Midnight Tides extends for over 600 leagues from north to south and for nearly 700 leagues from east to west. The map in Reaper's Gale is significantly larger in scope, but does not have a scale.


Warrens can be both an access point to power and a physical realm, though some do not appear to have a linked realm. The Warrens that exist as physical worlds come with complete geography, history, and ecosystems of non-sentient and sentient races different from the Malazan world. As well, some Warrens manifest with variations in different parts of the human realm, resulting in a certain duplication of purpose (i.e., Meanas and Rashan, both essentially being Warrens of Shadow). Warrens may also in some ways mirror or reflect the circumstances and physical properties of the Malazan world. Warrens also exist as the realms of Gods only accessible to priests instead of mages, though the distinctions between the two types of Warrens have not been clarified. Warrens link to each other, and mages can move between them given sufficient knowledge and mastery of magic.

Formal name Other names Other names and attributes
Aral Gamelon Path of Demons Open to humans; allows the summoning and control of demons; related to Hood's Path
Denul Path of Healing Open to humans; allows treatment of injuries and diseases
D'riss Path of Stone Open to humans; allows petrification of wood and passage through solid stone, the flesh of Burn, the Sleeping Goddess
Hood's Path Path of Death Open to humans; allows animation of corpses, communication with spirits and control over demons; also the Warren of the God of Death
Imperial Imperial Warren (aspect unknown) Open to humans; formerly Kallor's Empire, made into a warren by the Elder god K'rul to contain the destruction of a continent
Meanas Path of Shadow and Illusion Open to humans; allows the manipulation of color and sound, also Shadow
Mockra Path of the Mind Open to humans; allows manipulation of thoughts and emotions of individuals and groups. Interestingly it is the only warren to be given a consciousness, as of Reaper's Gale, when it reveals itself to a natural talent. Whether this is unique due to it being a warren influencing the mind is not yet clear.
Rashan Path of Darkness Open to humans; allows concealment through shadow/darkness,
Ruse Path of the Sea Open to humans; priestly warren of the Elder God of the Seas, Mael; allows manipulation of pressure and summoning of underwater creatures; it's said to be the most difficult warren to use
Serc Path of the Sky Open to humans; allows travel through the air and the perception of and movement through the temperature and layers of gasses in the air; used also to manipuate the weather
Telas Path of Fire Open to humans, allows powerful blasts of fire
Tennes Path of the Land Open to humans; Burn's warren, allows the reshaping of the earth, as seen in Toll the Hounds
Thyr Path of Light Open to humans; actions uncertain, can create magic shields.

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